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Pursuit: A Ghost Without The Shell; Semi-Open, PM to join, Staff of course has auto-join (specially Sophia)
Topic Started: Aug 16 2016, 09:38 AM (290 Views)
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Recently one of the trips inside the puzzles of Pandora's Box returned a shocking surprise: The mind-scape in there was completely different, it was reflecting a data-scape. The many doors were now data streams, and within there... The truth unfolded before Ezan. But something would be needed... Something which a ghost lacks...

And Ezan needed to find it.

It has been a short while since he had ever made a lengthy stay, when he came in to make sure Isa would be alright... Ever since, he kept coming to check her. But no, this time it wasn't about her. This time it was about a friend in need... A ghost without the shell.

"Eva, you there? I need a little help from you.", Ezan was a little pale and his voice carried an unusual nervousness. We know what shook him that much, but she was yet to find out...
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Ezan's progress, before he could enter the building, would be stopped short by a man stepping in his way.

Or rather, it is a HILF. An M series, only one of many stationed at the EVA Corp factory.

"Citizen," It said in a professional monotone voice. "You were about to enter a restricted area. Kindly turn around and leave the premise,"
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Ezan didn't respond right away. Instead, he approached the HILF, studied it carefully and then stepped back. "I think this kind of shell would be ideal for... !", seems he realized he was thinking out loud...

"Restricted area, huh... ?", was he playing dumb or sincerely being oblivious. With an annoyed sigh, he looked away a little and scratched behind his head.

"What a drag, just when I need to look for a decent body for an advanced alien CPU I find it she's not here... Then what else? Where else? I can't order a body for him online..."

Seems he was about to leave, having turned around and slowly making his leave. "Maybe I could find that other place, maybe they have a better shell for him."
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