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Data Rain; Closed
Topic Started: Jul 15 2016, 12:29 AM (1,714 Views)
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Liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated under gravity.

Isa's optics were looking at the stream of almost white falling lines outside. What an interesting phenomena.

The gynoid brought the only chair available in her room next to the window and she was silently sitting on it with her red optics looking outside.
All systems nominal.

Eva kept her word, and salvaged as many components she could from her original frame. Her power core was still the same, her right arm was still the same, albeit with a new external layer.
She was surprised to find that, at least up to the elbow, the left arm from unit 117 was among what was salvaged.
Her processor unit was still the same, but the main primary databanks were new.

Aside from those components, everything else was completely new.
Isa's body was repaired with its previous shape. Every new part was perfectly functional, but it lacked any production code in its connector data.

Those parts were not mass produced replacements. They were perfect reproductions.
All drivers were perfectly working and perfectly compatible.
Isa came to the conclusion Eva built them and didn't assign them any serial code.

Out of production, blueprint made copies.

Her new wifi module was functional and she discovered she had access to the factory's mainframe and anything related to the Hilf droids.
Lots of data to look into.

Yet, when the rain outside prompted her to look for details about it over the available internet connection.

Through that, Isa learned that it could rain sulfuric acid on Venus, Methane on Titan and maybe diamonds on Saturn.

That brought up the question what was Venus, but the answer brought her even more questions.

The solar system. Roman Gods. Ancient Empires.
An enormous amount of always interesting information that began with some droplets falling outside turned into a stream of details falling on her.

A rain of data.

Isa smiled for the comparison she just made, but didn't move her gaze from the rain falling outside.
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Among the stream of data flowing into Isa as she searched through the interwebs, she would also receive a simple message.

I see you are learning as much as you can. Is everything to your liking? Do you require anything?

It would seem that Eva was aware of everything Isa was looking up, which wasn’t exactly a surprise since she owns the servers Isa was using. In truth the gynoid was a mildly surprised that Isa had chosen to look up topics that seemed to be, to put it rather bluntly, irrelevant to her. She thought that Isa would be curious about her origins, or maybe about other androids and gynoids that had achieved sentience. Instead, she appeared to be more like a child gazing up into the night sky, wondering about what lay beyond Earth.

Curious. How very curious…
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I am amazed at the vastness of the data available. I could improve my vocabulary and I learned a lot of new concepts and discovered things my damaged database didn't have. I believed the universe was only Earth's map.

The droid looked outside.

Eva, what do you think about rain? Have you ever walked under the rain? I didn't.

The optics focused on a pool on the ground outside, looking at the droplets ruffling its surface in an overlapping noise of circular waves.
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I have travelled under the rain in several occasions, though I do not think it is the same circumstances that you imagine it to be. Eva had never walked in the rain for leisure before, only for… work. It seemed to her that Isa wanted to play in the rain, again like a child. She supposed the circumstance under which they gained sentience really made a difference in their outlook on things.

If you wish you may leave the building to take a walk. I will send one of my droids to escort you. It wasn’t that Eva didn’t trust Isa, at least not entirely, but given Isa’s… skittish nature, it would be problematic if something was to happen and Eva wasn’t there to assist. The last thing she needed was for Isa to go into hiding again, even if she was able to track the infant gynoid now.
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Isa read the first data stream and thought the answer was not satisfactory. While Eva confirmed she travelled under that falling water her answer was rather blunt.

Not to mention she didn't provide her opinion on rain!

Then, Eva said that if she wanted she could leave to take a walk.
She would also send a droid to escort her.

Why did she need to have an escort?

'Is it dangerous outside during rain?' she asked.
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Statistically yes. Rain makes it easier for accidents to occur, and I would prefer to have someone present in case something happens. Rain makes roads more slippery, increasing the odds of a car accident or the like, so Eva wasn’t exactly lying. She also wasn’t telling the full truth either, but there was no need to make the jittery gynoid more nervous. Under normal circumstance, it should be safe as long as you remain vigilant.
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Statistically yes. Rain makes it easier for accidents to occur, and I would prefer to have someone present in case something happens.

Rain makes roads more slippery, increasing the odds of a car accident or the like, so Eva wasn’t exactly lying. She also wasn’t telling the full truth either, but there was no need to make the jittery gynoid more nervous.

Under normal circumstance, it should be safe as long as you remain vigilant.

'It doesn't look that dangerous'
Automobile Accidents

Her search through the internet on rain related dangers didn't match up with the tranquil scene outside. Then again, there weren't people around, and excluding the occasional car, nothing seemed moving.
'It seems I have conflicting data on the matter'

Why would that human in the video she was reproducing be so happy to sing in the rain then?

'I need to verify this discrepancies in data. Why don't you tag along?'
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“I will accompany you if you wish.” This time Eva’s message didn’t come over the network connection, and instead came as a voice from the doorway. Isa would see the dark skinned gynoid from the day before standing there in a simple suit with umbrella in hand.

To Eva this was nothing new, for she often enters the city using alternate bodies, but Isa… Would she find it strange? Isa shouldn’t know that Eva was also a sentient AI, and probably was expecting her original body, especially considering the alternate body’s voice was different from the one she used over the communications before. How would Isa react to this? One more test for the records, though this one was relatively unimportant. “Where would you like to go?”
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Isa turned her head toward the entrance of the room, finally moving her optics away from the falling rain.
A look of surprise appeared on the droid's face.
"Did you overhear my conversation with Eva?" she asked. It was pretty clear she didn't make the connection, just as Eva anticipated.
While she briefly inhabited an Hilf body for repairs, they young AI didn't expect Eva to present herself in a different frame.

"We didn't introduce ourselves, did we?"
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“No, I suppose we have not.” The dark skinned gynoid pondered her next words as she stepped into the room. Perhaps it was alright to show Isa a degree of trust, they were in a similar situation after all. “I, am Eva.”

Before Isa could respond, Eva, in her original voice, sent another message through Isa’s link with the HILF server. “I too, am Eva.”

The gynoid in front of Isa spoke again, though this time with Eva’s voice. “Enhanced Vanguard Automaton Prototype Unit 00. I am your… predecessor. You and many other gynoids are modeled after me, though you are the first to achieve self-awareness since I did.” That may come as too much of a surprise for Isa, so she left it at that for the time being. “Do you have records of me?”
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An exclamation of surprise came from the droid's voice sythesizer when she understood something. She ran through the data she acquired and arrived to a concusion toward what she just saw and heard.

Impressive. Confusing. Useful. Extremely useful. A proxy system could ensure better survival!
In the brief silence between Eva's message, and the second time the dark gynoid spoke, Isa was lost in thought.

Eva completed her introduction, stating she was prototype 00. Her predecessor.
Many others. Yes many others like her or like Unit 117. Her eyes went to the number on her left shoulder: 117 didn't achieve self awareness.

Then it came a question that made her look through her files.
"No data available. I could see you were an Eva Unit by external design. If I had files related to you, they're probably damaged and unreadable right now."
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“Yes, a proxy body. One of many.” Eva restored the dark skinned gynoid’s original voice. “If you have no records of me then that is not a problem.” The gynoid had wanted to see what kind of story Spruance had programmed the EVAs with, but it was of low priority. Worse comes to worse she can just go to the junkyard where Isa awoke and find another EVA unit, one with its data core intact.

“We may discuss this at a later date. For now, I believe you wanted to go out for a walk.” It was still a bit surprising that Isa wanted to go for a walk for no particular reason, but Eva was willing to play along. “Where did you wish to go?”
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"Outside. No special destination. I want to see the rain and make a direct comparison with data I gathered online."
Isa walked through the room and reached its entrance. Her optics blinked once.
"How do you deal with multiple proxies? Do you identify yourself with one of them? Where is your conscience as we speak? You're not in front of me directly, are you? How do you deal with input lag through transmission? How is haptic feedback? What about controlling more than one proxy at the same time? What happens if your signal is not received because of a strong electro magnetic field?"

And right there, she began to ask questions with the speed of a machine gun shooting bullets. She definitely accessed quite a lot of data during her browsing around to ask similar questions.
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“That information is classified.” Eva’s reply was curt and sharp, but inside she was surprised at how inquisitive Isa was. She really is like a child. If it was another subject Eva would have gladly answered, but she still didn’t fully trust the new gynoid just yet. “Come, I will take you to the city.”

She led her counterpart through the facility’s winding corridors, passing various R&D labs and even a portion of the assembly line as they did. Soon they wound up in the lobby, where Eva took a pair of umbrellas from a stand next to the front door and held one out to Isa. “We may be water resistant, but we will attract attention if we do not behave as humans do.” It might be a bit odd for Eva to say that, considering the appearance of her current body, but at least she was trying to blend in.
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No word escaped Isa's sensors as Eva's reply was blunt and straight to the point.
Her requests were denied and a pout appeared on her face as the gynoid with darker skin began to lead the way.

Obviously her processors wondered about that. Why she didn't want to share those informations?

As she walked through the corridors her optics caught sight of the rooms surrounding the hallways they walked through.
Eva had such a big factory at her disposal. To build. To build other robots in an assembly line.

More questions formed inside her subroutines, but the previous denial made her understand she would get the same response.
Yet...why was she building those droids? Were they going to be sentient as well? If not why was she building them?

And before she could really realize it, Eva was handing her an umbrella.

Folding canopy supported by wooden or metal ribs, which is mounted on a wooden, metal or plastic pole. It is designed to protect a person against rain or sunlight. Also known as Parasol.

Well, that was actually the first Umbrella she layed her optics on.
"How to operate it?" she asked, observing the wooden hook at its base.
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… She doesn’t know how to use an umbrella?

Granted it’s not exactly something a combat based android would be programmed with, but now that Isa was connected to the HILF mainframe it should be an easy matter for her to learn such a thing. Maybe she just wasn’t used to learning off a database yet, if that was the case she might be more human than Eva was.

“The button on the handle. Press it and it will extend.” Eva demonstrated by doing exactly that with her own umbrella. “In the future you may learn such things and basic skills from the HILF network. If you are interested in taking on a hobby you may download a skill set from there.” Of course, there are limitations to the skills on the database. There are only civilian use skills on there, such as cooking, sewing, and painting, and the more complex and combat skills are locked elsewhere.

Once both gynoids had their umbrellas out, Eva began walking towards the city. The EVA Corp complex was by the harbor, so at this point there wasn’t much of interest to see. One or two ships docked, some warehouses, and a few containers sitting in the rain. But perhaps something like this would be interesting to Isa, who knows?
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Isa extended her hand to the wooden hook, and finally took the object in her hand.
The thumb moved over the switch, and in a second, the umbrella was wide open in front of her.

"Clever." she observed, emulating Eva's behaviour and holding the umbrella in the exact same way.

Eva informed her that notion like that were available inside the database of her mass produced droids, including skills and various hobbies.
"I will look into HILF's server for additional data later then."


The sound of the water drumming on the fabric of the umbrella had Isa stare at it from below. The gynoid stood still, registering that sound and linking it to the somewhat comfortable sensation of a shelter above her.

She extended her hand outside the outline above and her sensors percieved the water touching her fingers.

Her optics wandered around, looking through the harbor. The sea faded away in the distance, inside a set of clouds. The absence of wind allowed its surface to be drilled by thousands of water needles, ruffling its surface.

Not too far, a large cargo ship had two men working to load it with the help of a small loader truck.
They were both hidden under a thick dark green plastic coat that shielded them as they worked on their task in silence.

Suddenly, the whole area was enlightened by a bright light that, for a few instants, fickered to the same intensity of a sunny day.

Above, lightning moved fast from a cloud to another.


Electrostatic discharge that occurs between electrically charged regions. Lightning causes light in the form of plasma, and sound in the form of thunder.

Just as she processed that, the loud cracking sound reached her sensors.
Isa stood there, her optics at the clouds above. Scary, yet beautiful.
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Few words were exchanged between the two gynoids as they made their way through the docks. Isa seemed to be content with learning about her environment while Eva wasn’t exactly one for conversation. The scene was familiar to her, mainly because these were the docks that brought goods in and out of her factory. A quick ping to the two workers in the rain further confirmed the fact, as they responded digitally with an update of their current task: high priority shipments to their sister location back in Hyakuji.

Almost of the workers here were androids and gynoids, though that fact was kept well hidden. The clothes and relatively human-like behavior (such as wearing ponchos without needing them) were to hide their nature. Why? Because Eva doubted things would stay quiet if people knew that there were androids that were fully capable of taking over their jobs about. Sure she could hire actual people, but past events told her that they weren’t exactly reliable. Not to mention the fact that she was still in hiding, and couldn’t have some worker accidentally stumbling onto her secret.

The gynoid glanced at her counterpart, wondering if she had realized what the dock workers were. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise if she did, after all, all EVAs were equipped with lifeform scanners, and naturally androids wouldn’t have any of the signs of life that a human would.

“Come, the city is this way.” The docks weren’t exactly interesting, and Eva doubted it was what Isa wanted to see. “We will first pass through the suburban area where the majority of citizens reside. There is also a school that I believe may be suitable for you if you wish to have more human interaction or learn about subjects unavailable on the HILF database.”
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Learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers.
Silence followed for a few seconds, and Isa began to mechanically follow the dark skinned android around.
"I will evaluate that option in the future."
Her optics hesitated on the workers. Rain didn't hinder them much, it seemed. Were they vigilant about rain dangers? Probably. Was she vigilant enough?

Isa turned her head around. No immediate dangers. Vigilant enough.

"What is the destination you choose for our walk? Are we headed to a place of your liking?"
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“…I do not know.” Eva never really thought about it, where could they go? Isa mentioned that they could go somewhere that she liked, but the problem with that is… there aren’t any particular locations that she liked. In fact she was largely indifferent to most things, with only a few exceptions.

Though now that they were on the topic… the city has many popular places of interest. The shrine, the beach, broadway, Mount Kaneshima, and not to mention the nature reserve or the many shops downtown. Eva might not be interested in any of those place, but she knew that Maria liked to go to Kaneshima Broadway for some reason. Now was as good a time as any to give it a look and see what the fuss was all about.

“Kaneshima Broadway.” Eva finally said after a moment’s thought. “It appears that it is one of the most popular places among the humans.” Like Isa, Eva too had a lot to learn about humans. Understanding what they liked to do was a good way to start.
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