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On the wings of Victory.; Jonny, Weiss
Topic Started: Jan 26 2016, 05:27 AM (639 Views)
Cutie Honey
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A small plane was making it's final approach on Kaneshima island's runway. There was no roar of jet engines to alert the travellers waiting in the terminal, just the soft hum of propeller blades as the Japan Airlines operated DH3 touched it's wheels to the ground and made a tight but uneventful touchdown on the tarmac. Following instructions of the ground crew and flight control it taxied up to the gate with a slow ponderous pace as the gates funnel was being prepared for the extension procedure.


Inside the airports small singular terminal, the bell preceding an announcement chimed across the hall as the small electronic arrivals and departures board updated the status of one of the few commercial passenger flights arriving today to having safely landed.

"Attention all travellers, Domestic Flight JAL72341 arriving from Narita International Airport has just landed and will momentarily begin unboarding at Terminal 1 Gate A. Flight JAL72347 returning to Narita International Airport will begin boarding at terminal 1 gate B in 45 minutes, all passengers please keep your boarding passes at hand and have a safe flight."

The plane manoeuvred into final position as the ground workers extended the terminals funnel towards the door and started unloading the passengers luggage as soon as the plane had come to a full stop. Inside the plane a flight attendant was listening to her headset next to the planes outer door, waiting for permission to open the door.

The red headed young woman sitting in one of the seats closest to the door was watching her as the fasten seatbelts light finally went of. She had not looked down for but a moment to unbuckle her belt and the flight attended had not yet moved to open the door. Neither had she heard it open in that small moment where her attention had been diverted. But it must have opened somehow as an intense smell of garlic hit her nostrils, it actually reminded her of home with a small hint of nostalgia. But it wasn't the smell that told her the planes door must have been opened. It was the appearance of a tall fair skinned and raven haired gentlemen that crossed eyes with her the moment she looked up.

Or rather his orange tinted sunglasses were turned her way but something about the man's appearance said he was looking through rather then at her, his attention focused on more important things then a single teenager from a foreign country. His blood red coat, audacious hat and white gloves did not give him exactly the look of some kind of airport official but he slightly inclined his head to whisper at the flight attendant before briskly stepping past her with a spring in his thread that seemed almost predatory in it's elegant grace.

Pyrrha wasn't quite sure what the man had said to convince the flight attendant, that had moments before seemed as stunned by his appearance as she was, to let him pass. Instead the stewardess was wearing a professional smile but glancing as often as she dared at the back of the gentleman now passing between the rows of seats with a blush etched on her face. He sniffed at the air once or twice as he went along like he was looking for something. With a hint of amusement she wondered what exactly he would be able to smell through the penetrating cloud of garlic that wafted out behind him as he passed but it didn't stop him from looking for whatever it was he was doing.

He had nearly made it to the end of the plane and the row of seats before she realised she too was staring and turned around in her seat abruptly to stare back at the door. Where next to the stewardess this man stood once again talking to her. Pyrrha had absolutely no clue how he managed to get from the back of the plane to where he had started in the mere instant she had turned around but after whispering something else in the flight attendant's general direction he took of his hat with a flourish and bowed at the woman slightly before putting his hand on the door latch and pushing it open, he made a gesture with his arm as he spoke in an archaic form of japanese.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, your plane has now been cleared for disembarkation. Have a pleasant stay on our humble island."

He replaced his hat on his head and stepped out of the door. The stewardess still slightly pink in her cheeks cleared her throat as she fought herself for the words to come out in a professional manner.

"Please exit the plane in an orderly fashion starting with the front row of seats, thank you all for choosing Japan Airlines, we hope you had a pleasant flight and will consider us again in the future!"

Pyrrha stood up promptly and carried her carry on luggage with her as she hurried towards the door, first out of the plane there was a long tunnel leading from the plane towards the gate and the flight attendant had not been talking for long enough for a normal person to disappear down it quite yet. But of the red coated gentlemen already no trace remained. Feeling a little embarrassed she expected otherwise she gave a small embarrassed laugh to herself. Why had she even expected differently of this place? Shaking her head slightly she proceeded down the gate and towards the terminal wondering exactly what other kinds of unexpected things would be waiting for her here...
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Akakios was holding a sign.

A sign that he had written himself actually, as one of the few people at Senki Academy that, apparently, spoke and wrote in greek. Thus the Vice-Principal had approached him for his assistance, in welcoming another student from the birthplace of democracy, and himself. He knew the name above his head to be famous, vaguely, though it was actually kinda funny that the face beside his own seemed more excited about the prospect than he was. Then again, the acclaim that surrounded Pyrrha Nikos, the so called 'Invincible Girl', had come in large part from the London Olympics. Olympics that he hadn't had the time to really watch, due to beginning his training at the sanctuary, so that he might become a Saint. When all of Greece had reached out to praise a heroine that they called an Olympian, he had been training to receive the favour of the Olympians.

So the tales of her successes hadn't been quite so astonishing.

"You're definitely sure that's her plane, right?" Akakios asked of the girl beside him, though the question was half to check if he really was so required to keep holding up the sign. That could get tiring, no matter how much training one endured.
The flight - JALwhatever - had arrived from Narita International, which was supposedly where Ms Nikos had entered the country. It had been the case for Akakios as well actually, so that made some sense. But Narita was also one of the common destinations here, so who in the world really knew, eh?
...Well, Weiss should have. That was what Akakios was counting on at least.

Of course, even without her, they'd discover the answer soon enough, as a shuttle bus could be seen driving down the runway. When it pulled up, Akakios could just about see through the glass of the Terminal's walls, and saw the girl that was apparently the driver. He'd seen her on his arrival as well, and it still confused him how young she was. Still, he could recognise her routine of thanking the travellers for using their airport, wishing them a happy stay in Kaneshima, and then letting them off into the terminal itself.
"Well, which one is she?" He ultimately had to ask as he looked about. He had thought that just 'whichever one wasn't Japanese' would be good enough, but there were actually quite a few people who were evidently of European descent in amongst the passengers. So then, who was 'Pyrrha Nikos'...?
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Weiss had also been approached by the school regarding the welcoming of Pyrrha Nikos. She'd accepted the request in a heartbeat, of course. Aside from being a world class athlete, the red haired girl had worked closely with the SDC as well. Not to mention that like Weiss, she was also a part of the cast and crew of the RWBY animated series.

Needless to say that Weiss was very excited to hear that such a familiar face was coming here.

"Flight 72341, yes. I'm sure that's her flight."

She pulled her up phone to double-check, opening up a file containing the flight details and scrolling through it. She'd glance up and down from the screen every so often, making sure that they were in fact at the right Gate. Then everything was confirmed when the announcement rang through the speakers.

"Wait a second... You don't know what she looks like?"

Weiss stared at him in disbelief, tempted to ask if he'd been living under a rock. Sure, Pyrrha was popular in Mistral. Popular enough that the SDC would often hold vieiwng parties whenever Pyrrha was competing at some televised event. But in Greece, where she presumed he was form-- As far as she knew, she was a hero there!

"Here they come. Make sure you hold that sign up high." But before he could even do so, Weiss reached over, grabbed the arm holding the sign and pushed it up high. She stood on the tip of her toes, scanning over the sea of people emerging from the tunnel. Then, she spotted the familiar red-haired woman amongst the crowd.

"Pyrrha, Pyrrha! Over here!"

....Did they even need that sign?
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Cutie Honey
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The red haired girl waved somewhat awkwardly at that rather enthusiastic greeting. While the other passengers on the flight moved into the gate without a second look, probably having gotten used to Pyrrha's eccentric style of dress on the way here. Some of the other travellers still waiting at the gate threw some curious look at the tall foreigner dressed in bronze armour. Her smile matched the somewhat awkward look on her face as she did her best to ignore the looks she was getting as she moved over towards the unfamiliar red haired boy and the white haired heiress who was rather vocal about shouting her name through the entire terminal and raising the sign spelling it out high above their heads.

Some of the looks she had been getting turned to whispers, she noticed, when Weiss called out her name. A few people either seemed to recognise her or maybe she was looking to deep into their behaviour. All it was doing for Pyrrha however was make her uncomfortable enough that she wanted to leave as soon as possible. So as she approached the two people obviously here to pick her up she smiled apologetically at the both of them as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Miss Schnee.."

she started to say before realizing that she should probably speak in Japanese now hat she was actually here. She had been studying diligently and though she was still pausing occasionally to think of what words to use she seemed to be doing remarkably well at speaking a foreign language.

"No, sorry, I mean Weiss-san. I did not realize you'd be comming to pick me up yourself. I'm sorry to trouble you and your.."

She paused a moment as she looked towards Akakios and seemed to be debating what to say before smiling again with a slight blush on her cheeks as she felt the embarrassment of already tripping over her words.

"..Friend by standing out this much."

She put down her carry on suitcase onto it's wheels and pulled out the extending handle that rolled it behind her as the luggage carousel that carried the suitcases from the flight up into the gate to let passengers collect their belongings started to turn and spit out suitcases through it's plastic flaps. She looked towards Weiss and Akakios with a a relieved smile as she motioned towards the revolving band of luggage.

"Shall we get my suitcase and depart the airport? I'd love to get to the school as soon as possible before we draw to much more attention."
She was quite used to it by now, but she did not want to inconvenience Weiss who herself probably did not want to draw to much attention to who she was either. Rather, she assumed the white haired heiress did not, but then again she did not exactly seem concerned about drawing attention to herself either. As for Pyrrha, she really wanted a cup of coffee and to stretch her legs a bit, the stop over on Narita had not exactly been that long and after flying all the way here from Greece and transferring flights she was quite in the mood to walk off the stiffness in her legs from sitting still for so many hours. Besides any excuse to get away from prying eyes was quite welcome too.
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"Why should I?" Akakios asked back when Weiss wondered aloud as to how he could not recognise Ms Nikos by sight. Of course, then she realised that the bus was there, and got quite insistent about making sure he was prepared.
"I am, I am!" He protested as Weiss forced one his hands high in holding the sign, yelling the sportswoman's name.
"You don't need to hold my hand!" He also tried to tell her, but it seemed like before they could really do anything about it, Senki Academy's latest student had arrived.

Akakios blinked. She was... tall. And exposed, right at his eye level.

"Uh..." He stared a bit, only managing to break off when, funnily enough, the stranger stared back at him, making him jump. He reflected her blush with one of his own, glancing about several times as he lowered the sign, and tucked it under his arm.
"M-My name's Akakios." The boy introduced himself, before kneeling down to pick up, and sling over his shoulder, the rather large box he had brought with him. A certain someone had badgered him into not having it one whilst they waited, after a few too many sudden turns had almost knocked her in the back. With that solved now, he felt he could carry it once more... though he made a quite deliberate choice to keep himself turned towards Weiss all the same.

"Getting to the school is probably a good idea. That way, you don't get lost for hours like I did." On the other hand, that was how he had met Weiss, so it wasn't all...
Hm, jury was still out on that, he supposed.
"Though, I'm sure we'll still attract attention wherever we go." Akakios then lightly gestured at Pyrrha... and her hair.
"I mean, none of us looks like we're native, do we?" Two redheads and a platinum blonde. Yeah, that just blended in real easily.
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Luckily, Weiss soon realized just what she was doing - That she was drawing the attention of pretty much everyone coming from that plane. Soon she would notice the passing glances and hushed whispers too. Maybe they did recognize her. She was wearing her bronze armour, after all. The young heiress herself learned early on not to wear her white combat skirt dress that others may have recognized, if she wanted to lay low.

"Ah- no need to apologize. We're not bothered at all."

So she says, but a glance at Akakios seemed to show otherwise. Weiss smirked after seeing his flustered reaction to her. "I agree, getting to the school sounds good. We should get you settled into your room."

When Akakios slung his box she instinctively stepped well back. There were many close calls today, and not just with her. "As long as you don't bump into anyone on our way there again, We'll be fine."

She walked over to luggage retrieval once Pyrrha mentioned it. She carefully watched each one slipping through the flaps, checking the tags for Pyrrha's name. "Is this one yours?" She called over, though the tag have her name on it. Better to be sure, though. Weiss tried to pick it up, but compared to Pyrrha she wasn't as... Athletic. So she struggled a bit in reaching over and lifting it off the belt, but she managed to get the job done.
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Cutie Honey
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"It's nice to meet you Akakios, I m Pyrrha... well you have the sign so you probably know already."
She waved at him as he made his introduction and laughed in an awkward sort of manner as she pointed towards the sign he had been holding, she wasn't quite sure how to continue the conversation after the rather obvious conclusion that at this point the entire terminal probably knew her name with Weiss yelling it so enthusiastically. Not that it quite mattered at this point, rather to her it seemed that Akakios awkward attempts not to look at her after he had introduced himself really meant he had no more interest in talking to her.

She lowered the hand she had used to wave at him awkwardly and sunk into a slightly dejected mood as he, at least to her perception, went on to ignore her. Despite Weiss's assurance that she had not been a bother to them as they had to come pick her up she only managed a smile she didn't really feel as she replied courteously.

"That is good to hear, I wouldn't want to be a bother but maybe we could just... stop for coffee on the way to school?"
She tried to make the suggestion sound neutral, but she really did feel like she wanted something to keep her awake after that flight. And to be honest she did somewhat dread getting to school and being left alone in a foreign country where the closest thing to a friend she had was someone she occasionally had worked with in the past. Weiss was always friendly enough but well Pyrrha wasn't quite used to having personal relationships at any rate, was that enough to call someone her friend?

"I'll try not to."
She said with a small chuckle as Weiss made her remark about not bumping into anyone, she had not been there earlier and so did not realise that remark had not been meant for her but for the boy swinging his large box around on his shoulder. As Weiss went to retrieve her bag and Akakios complained about them standing out, or rather he remarked on their exotic appearances, Pyrrha took it as him being inconvenienced by Weiss and herself pretty much standing out because of being well known. She ran her hand through her hair and sweatdropped. She wasn't quite sure what to say and really didn't want to upset him any further.

"I'm sorry... Maybe I should have worn something less conspicuous."
Whatever went on in her mind, she still managed to sound calm and self assured despite her insecurities. Maybe that was why people didn't seem to notice it most of the time. She laughed it off as Weiss struggled with the heavy reinforced suitcase that had two very roust locks on it. She picked it up with minimal effort after Weiss had struggled with just getting it of the belt and made sure to check the locks.

"Yes, this is the one. Miss Winter was kind enough to arrange for the paperwork to bring my weapons on board the plane. I'm sorry it's so heavy."
She did have a habit of apologising a lot didn't she. Holding up the bag he thoughts drifted towards how the two had came to the airport and she assumed the most likely option to be through public transportation or with a car. Not really looking forward to having to sit down even more she looked over between Weiss and Akakios with a questioning look.

"Do you think it would be alright to walk back to school, or do we stand out to much? I could change into something else if you think it will help. I didn't bring very many clothes with me but I saved up some money to buy things over here. Is there a clothes store in this Airport?"
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"Maybe. But then, its not like you're supposed to be hiding either." Akakios noted to the Olympic medallist, though he didn't really think he was complaining about what she wore either. He then watched as Weiss struggled with the weight of the suitcase, and he might have stepped forward to assist her, if Pyrrha herself hadn't went and done so first.
"You should probably work out more." Said the boy with the box on his back, shrugging in such a way that it almost seemed... smug.
Though, any smugness shifted slightly at the remark that Pyrrha made regarding certain... belongings, in her possession.
"Careful not to pull those out in public. Or a delinquent'll yell at you like they did with Weiss." Akakios gestured at the corporate heiress, only vaguely hinting at the more general issue. Then again, Pyrrha had said she'd gotten all the paperwork sorted out, so...

Other matters then.
"You can wear what you want, its fine. Besides, don't think you'd want to go changing in the toilets here." Seemed like an awkward, and rather unnecessary process really - though admittedly, he wasn't too sure if there was a store here for that sort of thing in general.
"If you want that coffee though," He drew the question back to Pyrrha's earlier mentioned desire, "There's a fast food joint that serves it as part of their breakfast menu, and..." He pulled out his phone to check the time.
"...I'll go and order them right now!" Well, looked like there wasn't long left for the menu to still be in effect. Akakios turned sharply and suddenly on his heels, putting Weiss at risk from the box on his back. The boy ran and soon turned around a corner, pulling out his wallet as he went.

If and when the other two caught up to him, he'd be in the queue.
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"Excuse you, I work out enough!"

She scoffed at him, and tightened her grip on the suitcase. It's not like she was out of shape! How could he say that to a girl like her?

But it was a thinly veiled lie. For when she When she lifted the suitcase off the conveyer, she was surprised at it's heavy weight. Her arms wavered and she almost lost her grip on it. It was as if someone had stuffed cinder blocks in there- and she wondered just what on earth Pyrrha had packed in there. But shortly after her struggle, the taller girl had come over and picked up it up with seemingly no problem.

"That's so nice of her. It's a bit heavier than mine."

She chuckled softly; it was quite the understatement on her part. Her Myrtenaster felt as light as a feather compared to Pyrrha's weapons.

"I-I was just scolded a tiny bit, not yelled at! Don't listen to him."

Just before she could respond to the notion of coffee, the red haired boy had already turned around and dashed off. He'd turned around so quickly that Weiss actually had to lean backwards, narrowly avoiding the box from smacking her. She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. She'd already lost track of how many times she told him to be careful with that thing. At this rate, it wouldn't surprise her if he actually did bump into someone again!

"Say, what brings you all the out here, Pyrrha? It was a nice surprise to find someone I know transferring to the same school. Oh- Let's catch up to him. Let me help you with that." She said, reaching her hand out to take her carry-on suit case before leading the way to the coffee store.

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Cutie Honey
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And off he went, ostensibly to get them coffee, factually to get them coffee even. Of course to Pyrrha who wasn't quite aware of the breakfast menu cut off time it just seemed like he took the first excuse to get away from them that presented itself and she hung her shoulders in a dejected manner as she watched him remove himself from the conversation. She wasn't quite sure about what he meant about Weiss getting scolded by a delinquent but she could quite imagine Weiss getting herself in trouble if she had indeed brandished her Myrtenaster in public.

She had to chuckled in response to the white haired heiress's continuing indignation at being told to work out a bit as she handed over her rolling carry on case to Weiss even though she would have been quite fine carrying her luggage by herself. She did appreciate the gesture but hoisted up the case containing her weapons once or twice before giving her a look of appraisal.

"Maybe a little bit more working out wouldn't be that bad for you Weiss-san, my weapons are not THAT heavy."
She said it in a quite serious manner, as she set the pace to follow after Akakios. She was walking rather slowly possibly for Weiss's benefit or maybe to give the red haired boy some time since while he seemed eager to get away from they had to meet up with him at some point to receive that coffee he was getting, and right now her thirst for some caffeine was overriding her intention to give him some of that space he seemed to be wanting. She had not yet answered Weiss's final question either and she seemed to be thinking about it somewhat.

"Well... my country is not doing so well financially so I talked it over with my teachers after they received the JCP invitation to send a student here and they decided I would be the most suited person to present. They seemed to think it would not be a bad idea to get some new experiences in another country and I rather liked the idea of getting away from home for a while. "
She said it quite modestly, as if she still wasn't quite sure why they had chosen her to begin with. Perhaps she did in fact not even realize it any more that it was a big thing to have such expectations placed on her. To Pyrrha it had just been a place to start over and maybe finally be regarded as just like everyone else for once. The biggest deal to her wasn't the expectations others placed on her but the expectations she herself placed on going to school in a new country amidst people who all had superior abilities so she could for once just be another face in the crowd.

It had not taken them at all long to walk out of the terminal as they talked and walked after Akakios. When she spotted him he was already standing in the order line and rather then join him there Pyrrha sat herself down in one of the booths in the fast food restaurant and placed her locked suitcase under the table as she waited for Weiss to get herself seated too. As they had walked over she had not mentioned it yet but now as they sat down she looked at the white haired girl curiously and smiled slightly.

"So, am I going to hear the story about how you got scolded by a delinquent or why your so friendly with someone so soon after coming here?"
So... even Pyrrha wanted to talk about cute boys now...?
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There was, of course, not really much one could do whilst waiting in line, especially if one was waiting in line without anyone to talk to. Akakios glanced over his shoulder, and thankfully found the two young women in his sights, meaning he hadn't simply been abandoned. When they took their seats though, a realisation had quickly dawned on him, looking back and down in front of him.
How did they like their coffee?!
Would Weiss even like coffee? Pyrrha was the only one who'd specified anything!
There were a few people behind him now, so he couldn't leave the line.
And fat chance that he'd yell across the restaurant, when Ms Nikos seemed so concerned with untoward attention.

So then, what could he do? The boy shuffled forward with these thoughts, but nothing clever really came to him. What to do, what to do...?
Then, he paused, blinked, and looked up towards the counter. Where all the condiments - including sugar - were quite visible to see. Milk would be more of an issue, but he had a plan there. Something so utterly amazing, and it was...!
"One milk, two coffees please." To just make it his order when he got to the front of the line. If it was necessary, he could share. If he wasn't, then he got to have his milk. A win either way!
So after paying, he got the drinks in a cup holder, picked up a couple packets of sugar, and was soon on his way back to the girls, several people behind him expressing gratitude that the great big box was no longer a threat.

"Here. Wasn't sure how you'd like your coffee, so I got all the bits and pieces." Akakios explained as he placed the drinks and packets down, removing the box from his back and... took a moment to think...
Before he sat down and shimmied in alongside Pyrrha.
He'd wait until someone did or didn't take the milk, and then, start finishing it off for himself, with a grateful sigh.
"So, what are you two talking about?" Akakios asked, since he had seem some brief chatter from his earlier shoulder glance.
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A small pout formed on her face, briefly casting her gaze to the ground as she poked at her biceps. They were...quite squishy, if she were to be honest. She had a slender build, but didn't really have well-defined muscle mass. Partly because whenever she got into trouble, she usually did rely on dust and glyphs to get out of it.

"Planning to stay out of the limelight for awhile then, I take it?" She asked as she wrapped her fingers around her rolling suitcase's handle. "I'm sure you'll gain some...interesting experiences here." She chuckled once more, recalling that her first encounter with fellow students did include some rather...unique individuals.

She'd take the seat across from Pyrrha, leaning into back into the soft cushions and crossing her legs as they waited for Akakios to bring their coffee. But she shot straight up and fixed her posture when Pyrrha asked about Akakios and the delinquent incident.

"F-Friendly? Am I being that friendly to him?"

She gave a small shrug, then looked up as she thought about and recalled the details of their meeting.

"We just got caught up into an...altercation, of sorts. Akakios got his butt kicked by a delinquent, and I tried to save him- But their boss broke it up, and I got s-scolded. For trying to use Myrtenaster."

She lowered her head and clasped her hands together.

"Please don't let let Winter know!"

If her older sister ever found out that Weiss brandished a live weapon against a fellow student, even though she didn't intend on actually harming her, she'd definitely receive quite the earful from her.

"Oh, thank you." Said Weiss, quickly lifting her head up when Akakios brought the coffees over. She liked it with a bit of milk, but no sugar, so she did end up adding some of the milk to hers.

"Oh, you know. Just catching up with each other."

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