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Must Read: The Rules; Ver.1.00.01
Topic Started: Dec 29 2015, 07:16 PM (2,754 Views)
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Keep Calm and Cheeki Breeki
Before you get around to posting on the forums of Senki Academy, it is important that you read through and understand the rules of the forum before proceeding. Any failure to comply by the rules will result in disciplinary action being taken against the offender - ignorance is no excuse for not following the site rules; so read carefully! Staff and member alike, we are all subject to the rules that govern this site, except for the forum owner who reserves the right to change any of the following rules without prior notice.

1. General Site Behaviour
2. Roleplaying
3. Characters Slots
4. Character Upgrades

1. General Site Behaviour
1.1 Be respectful to the staff and fellow members. Now, we don't call for you to be all cuddly and buddy with everyone, but at the very least be civil to one another. This means no flaming, trolling for the sake of getting responses, or making any form of OOC hate speech. (i.e. racism, ageism, sexism, etc.)

1.2 Please keep OOC drama off our boards! Any disagreements or disputes between members should be settled in private (i.e. PM, email, IM, etc.) to avoid turning the boards into a war zone. If no peaceable solution can be achieved, you may then ask a member of the staff to mediate as a last resort.

1.3 Please do not spam. Keep the appropriate messages on the appropriate boards and areas. If you are unsure on where your post should belong it never hurts to ask a member of the staff. Any posts that are deemed inappropriate will either be moved to a more appropriate location, or if it's of a wholly inappropriate and offensive nature it will be deleted by staff.

1.4 Any disrespectful behaviour should be reported to the staff ASAP. Returning any flames or hate speech in kind will only make you another offender; remember that two wrongs do not make a right, so sit back, enjoy the game and let the staff deal with the offender.

1.5 All Zetaboards terms of service apply on this board.

  • This includes abiding by content guidelines. The "LSV" box that's incorporated into the banner is a content rating system that's based on the RPG Rating System. At a rating of 2-1-2 for language, sex and violence respectively, please ensure that the contents of your posts on this site (be they OOC or IC) falls within PG-13 guidelines. A basic rule of a thumb would be whether you feel the contents of your posts are safe to read at school, your workplace, or in front of your parents and/or children?

2. Roleplaying
2.1 Godmoding is a strict no-no. No matter how good a character is, s/he cannot expect to dodge or shrug off every attack thrown at you, and neither can you hit your opponent every time. In short, Godmoding is the act of "Playing Superman", essentially playing your character as unbeatable/invincible. Examples of Godmoding include, but are not limited to:

  • Disregarding, and/or severely downplaying power limits and/or weaknesses: While we certainly don't forbid characters from occasionally surpassing their own limits due to circumstantial conditions (i.e. adrenaline rush from near-death, imperilled loved ones, heroic willpower, etc.) please note that these feats should be done with discretion, and sparingly. As well as within reason - i.e. having a character who can normally throw a car throw a bus when pressured is okay, but having the same character throw an A380 airliner would be too much.
  • Excessive amount of combat actions: While the concept of the passing of time is vague in roleplays; aka. a single post can cover anywhere from a minute to hours depending on the poster, for intents and purposes of resolving combat generally a very short span of time passes in each post. We're talking about a space of several seconds, perhaps no more than 10-15 seconds tops. With this in mind, it would be prudent to bear in mind how many combat actions a character can perform in a single post. (i.e. shooting, diving for cover, reloading, using a medikit, etc.) Ergo, unless a character is inhumanly fast it's impossible for him/her to snipe three enemies from an opposite rooftop across the street with a rifle, then ride a zipline towards the enemy-occupied building to crash through a window and mow down five goons with a pair of handguns - all within a space of 10-15 seconds.
  • Overpowered/Godlike Characters: While they're certainly fun for sheer escapism/wish-fulfilment value, they're not exactly made for a collaborative storytelling medium. Roleplaying should be about character growth, not power growth; and while a character's powers form part of their story it is no excuse to have an invincible, godly character because of "story". Please refer to this thread to better understand what is acceptable and what isn't in the Senki Academy setting.
2.2 Auto-hitting is also against the rules, but NPC's are exempt from this ruling and may be auto-hit unless specified otherwise by the NPC's owner. Note that controlling another character to make your attacks hit is also a violation of the forum rules.

2.3 Killing of another character without the owner's due permission is not allowed! You can however, kill your own character at any time you like. The exception to this rule are plot characters that you happen to be DMing. If you intend to kill off a plot character, please have it cleared by the admin before going ahead with it.

2.4 While users are free to run their own plotlines, any major world-changing plots need to be run past the staff before it can be started. For example, if you wish to blow up Sydney, check with the staff first, for two reasons. Firstly, the staff has the final say on whether it's even okay to go ahead with it; and secondly, if you blew up Sydney and no one knew it happened, did it really happen? To put it in short, any plot that has the potential to cause drastic changes to the setting's status quo will need to be run past the staff for approval before they can be run. If the staff doesn't approve of it, then it never happened. Examples of plots of such a nature include, but are not limited to:

  • Destruction or massive alterations of any real-world location (i.e. cities, towns, landmarks, etc.), regardless of its size or importance.
  • Destruction of any location on Kaneshima that is listed under the IC location subforums list.
  • *Destruction of any unmarked public location (i.e. not listed under in-depth description threads or location subforums - essentially a throwaway place) that is larger than a medium-sized building; for example, an office building or apartment complex. Even if said locations are unmarked, throwaway targets, their size alone meant that their destruction will not go unnoticed within the greater setting. Clandestine locations (i.e. a hidden base in the middle of the Himalayas) whose existence are unknown to the public are exempt from this rule, unless said location also possibly exists in real-life. (i.e. Area 51)
  • Killing any major figures that exist in the real-world, (i.e. politicians, celebrities, etc.) or characters listed under Senki Academy's "Who's Who" list - aka. faction/organization leaders, city authorities, Academy staff and other characters that play "important" roles in the setting.
  • * = Note: It may be possible to engage in such destruction so long as one is willing to face the potential consequences of their actions. Circulating threads through Kaneshima Media may garner leniency in this regard, as an IC means of reporting of ongoing incidents. Similarly, if a character must face the consequences of their actions - up to and including being wanted by the police. In this approach however, one must realise that they cannot simply flee at the first signs of said consequences, or there will be consequences, OOC if they cannot be approached IC.
2.5. While controlling another character's actions is generally not allowed, exceptions can be made if a storyline - be it a personal plot or a site event - is being held up due to one or more players being inactive, the DM (the topic starter or a staff member) may take control of the inactive players' characters for the sake of moving the plot forward. However, this may not be abused to allow the DM to kill or severely maim the controlled characters, nor force blatantly out of character actions and behaviour.

2.6 In most cases, a member is required to have an approved character in order to roleplay on Senki Academy, however there may be special cases whereby we will allow a member with no approved character to roleplay as an NPC character in a character plot. If you would like a friend, who has no approved characters, to roleplay in one of your plots, please first seek the permission of a member of staff.

3. Characters Slots
3.1 All users are entitled to a total of five player characters. Additional character slots may be earned through actively posting. For more information regarding additional character plots, please refer to section 3.2 below. Note that Plot-Important Characters do not count towards the character limit, but can only be gained under special conditions - i.e. such as character auditions for special IC roles such as Academy instructors/teachers, city authorities, etc. There is no limit to the number of RP threads one can join/start with their character(s), but that is provided that you can manage them well and work them into your character's personal continuity.

  • Note: Members with characters on Hyakuji may transfer their characters to Senki before January the 31st 2017. From February the 1st 2017, character transfers will no longer be accepted. Regarding character transfers from Shin Hyakuji, please refer to this set of special rules on transferring characters from Shin Hyakuji High School to Senki Academy.
3.2 Additional Character Slots
In addition to the base five characters each member is entitled to make, additional character slots can be earned after reaching a certain number of posts. A member will receive an additional character slot for reaching the following number of posts.

  • 100 posts - Sixth character slot.
  • 200 posts - Seventh character slot.
  • Every 200 posts after the 200th - An additional character slot. For example, at 400 posts, a member will earn their eighth character slot and at 600 posts, their ninth character slot.

4. Character Upgrades
At Senki Academy, we have created a system that allows members to claim upgrades for character under three categories. This system works on a yearly lifespan (January the 3rd ~ December the 31st), allowing a character to claim an upgrade from each category once per year. Details of the three categories of upgrades can be found below.

However, before being able to claim any category of upgrade, there are certain requirements that a character must satisfy before they qualify for an upgrade.

  • A character must be at least 6 months old to be able to qualify for an upgrade.
  • A character may only claim from each category once per year.

4.1 Yearly Upgrades
Yearly Upgrades take place every year during January the 3rd to March the 1st and mark the start of a new year under our upgrade system. During this period, members may give all of their characters that qualify for upgrades one upgrade.

4.2 Unscheduled Upgrades
Unscheduled Upgrades are upgrades that take place at various times throughout the year and allow a member to claim an upgrade for one character. These upgrades will be announced by the staff and a character may claim a maximum of one Unscheduled Upgrade per year. Once announced, members will have up to 28 days to claim the upgrade.

4.3 Character Upgrade Plots
Character Upgrade Plots are personal plots that can be created for the purpose of upgrading a character. A character may have up to one Character Upgrade Plot per year. If you would like to run a Character Upgrade Plot, before starting the plot, please send a PM to Mayu sending this application. Once you have received the staff's approval, you may start the plot. Once the plot is finished, please inform a member of staff so that we may review the plot. If there are no problems, you may add the upgrade into your character profile and the staff will approve of the upgrade.

  • Character Upgrade Plots may only be created between March the 1st and December the 31st.
  • A member may not have multiple Character Upgrade Plots running at the same time.
  • Only one character can claim an upgrade from each Character Upgrade Plot.
  • Your character may use their upgrade in the Character Upgrade Plot if the timing is appropriate.
  • Your character may not use the upgrade outside of the Character Upgrade Plot until the plot is finished and the staff give their approval for the upgrade.

Last but not least, and possibly the most important rule of them all - Have fun!
Edited by Mayu, Dec 25 2017, 01:18 PM.
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