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You Gleeful Lot-Island Adventure; Sign Up here
Topic Started: Aug 10 2018, 10:10 AM (32 Views)
Super Hurricane

(A image of a young girl in futuristic gear pops up on screen, with a few barred doors and windows behind her. A human with a weird mustached mask is laying on the floor, with a heavy crowbar embedded in his chest, yet he groans awkwardly as if it barely bothered him)


Zzzz----"Hey! Hey! Can anyone hear this? I was trying to reach the Coast Guard, but they locked down on most audio transmissions all over, so I had to do a whole lot of backtracking and hacking to locate this SERAPH network. Whatever that is. Anyways, name's Atrex, and I don't have a whole lot of time. You know how there's all this bad stuff going down in the Polynesian islands? Like the drug dealers being shot, people getting jailed for the slightest infraction, even the senseless shootings? Well, I was one of those low-key types, though I was picked up for littering and not for being well, a Black Hat who basically stole millions from all sorts of unsavory characters. Anyways, the coordinates I'm sending you are for a small out of the way island the size of New York, not on any maps and hidden from satellites.

To put it simply, I'm on a place where all the crooks and nuts and crazies have been sampling something weird. Weird as in super goofy, acting all amnesiac and cheerful, the masked guards call it a 'Glee State' due to the water, food and even the medicine being tainted with it. Anyways, apparently this experimental place is going to be closed any day now, and all of us with it, since I was eavesdropping on their communications. Turns out you can't hide over a thousand lunatics hopped up on goofy juice without a fisherman spotting from a mile away and getting the higher ups involved in erasing the evidence.

Also, a good deal of these people are dangerous since the effects are slowly wearing off for those who are learning not to touch the Glee drugs. So are the guards (who apparently wear weird grinning masks melded into their faces, who does that?) so you'd best be careful to get a bunch of people who know how to infiltrate, disarm, take down the various watch towers, and help free all the regular innocent folks that got caught up in this nutcase taxpayer experiment. I'm sending a drone yacht to Kaneshina Island to pick you up, with the gear you may need to help save us.

-bang- -bang- Darn it! They found me! Understand me? This is important! Lives are at stake, more than you know! Find people you can trust, and get here fast! End Transmission!" Zzzzzt!

Beeep....Beep.....ARE YOU IN?......Beeep.....Beeep....
Edited by Super Hurricane, Aug 10 2018, 10:27 AM.
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