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[OniHunt] Nandato?!; [Closed]
Topic Started: Aug 9 2018, 07:40 PM (81 Views)
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The tiger-like roar washed the school from end to end in predatory decibels. Windows rattled, dust and loose debris fell from shelves and ceilings, and even a few student's glasses cracked suddenly. Outside the building, birds fled in flurries of frantic chirps and feathers, cats ran mewling for cover, and neighborhood dogs barked wildly at the foreign sound. And, if one listened closely, the familiar thunder of a distant car crash could be discerned beneath the din. No one was hurt, but everyone was stunned.

"You heard me, Ishida!" Came the decidedly quieter, but still shouted, response. "This is gonna be your last strike at this school. Once I give this report to the board, you'll be out of here and back to where you came from before the thought can penetrate that dyed hair of yours!" The noisome sound of their argument easily penetrated the closed door of the faculty office in which the argument took place. Just as he finished, the door swung hard and wide and a cascade of yellow hair and fury stormed through it. Gritted teeth and flared nostrils, Yoiko Ishida looked when more enraged than usual.

And for good reason.

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"Hey Ishida, don't look so glum!" he called after her, "I'm sure if the Yakuza won't hire you as an enforcer, they won't mind having you dance in one of their clubs!" An uncouth smirk followed his words and he folded his arms to watch her leave. However, the degrading statement seemed to stop the delinquent youth in her tracks. Her fists shook and her nails dug into her palms.

And she snapped.

"Takushiro Enbo..." she growled, "You smug old bastaaard!!" Yoiko spun on her heel, shouting a string of obscenities in a dialect that could barely be called Japanese. As she turned, her fist turned with her and raised to strike! Would Yoiko Ishida really strike a teacher?!
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Another female student was walking in the hallway. She had been asked to stop by after class so... she reluctantly came by. She could just get yelled at now instead of doing it later. Well, she was supposed to be dealing with that, but she was distracted before she made it to the office.

Takushiro Enbo had appeared before her. Hearing the bastard judging one of her fellow students so harshly kinda pissed Tenshi off. A sharp glare filled her eyes but the girl being talked to reacted herself. Seeing Ishida snap actually calmed her down. After all she was more likely to punch this bastard herself than try to calm Ishida down.

"Kick that bastard's ass!" Tenshi was thrilled to see this guy get a beating. Since she heard that Ishida was already getting kicked out of school there was no reason to hold back.
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A third student was also walking in the hallway that day. Shiromizu Yukina could barely see what was in front of her, her vision obscured by the pile of workbooks that she had volunteered to bring to the faculty office (or at least, she had been too polite to say no when a teacher caught her eye and asked her to do it after class that day). She wasn't very tall, and, without the advantage of her sword, not too strong either, so it was a bit of a challenge taking them down the hall from the first year classrooms without dropping them or bumping into anything.

Still, she had to admit, it was easier than it might have been when she first arrived. Maybe all that kendo practice was doing something after all.

Slowly and carefully... she told herself, taking small steps forward so that she wouldn't slip on the tile. Slowly and carefully...

The sound of a familiar shouting voice made her slow careful movements come to a screeching halt, two of the workbooks flapping to the ground from the top of the pile. The pile itself swayed precariously, and Yukina had to rock back and forth to keep from dropping the whole thing entirely. Her eyes widened and she looked to the right. She could have sworn she had just heard--

"Yoiko-san?!" Yukina said, trying to process the scene in front of her.

Her roommate was standing there, and--

--was she actually going to strike a teacher?!

"No, Yoiko-san, you can't!" Yukina said. "You'll get in trouble! Please stop!"

Her gaze darted from her roommate to the pile of notebooks she was carrying and back. In that moment, Yukina decided, if Yoiko moved forward she was going to drop the notebooks and get between them. It would probably make a big mess, but she couldn't let Yoiko do this. She just couldn't!
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The old proverb went "To attract a tall Russian named Viktoriya one mustn't ask, instead, wisdom says that one must only act for oneself, and if it's interesting, she'll come." So would say someone as self-centered as the person herself at the very least. And true to her own words, she was innately interested in large conflicts that played out in her surroundings.

With that said, the audible "what" that rumbled throughout senki was more than enough to attract her attention. And knowing this, she strolled calmly towards the source, arriving right in time to hear the rough summary of what was happening, and seeing a teacher implying that a girl would be of little use other than as an object to look at.

At that moment, the silver-haired girl felt her blood boil, and she understood exactly why the girl was attempting to punch the teacher right after. Seeing a couple of other interlopers arriving into action, and some reasonable commotion, Viktoriya decided to take matters into her own hands.

Her eyes glistened deviously while she closed in on the teacher to one side, using her long natural strides to quickly get within perfect striking distance without actually appearing suspicious about it. In an instant, her left foot would teleport from the bottom of the floor, to the teacher's hip, and back immediately. At most, one would notice that an object appeared to blink in and out of view.

She had performed a kick, not meant to damage, but to push away. By aiming at the hip, even someone with reasonably good balance would find themselves getting moved to one side unless they had prepared themselves beforehand to not be moved in the first place.

If the teacher managed to get shoved away after all, he'd find that he had safely escaped any attempt at actually being punched. That would only be the first step in her plan to shift the blame from student to teacher. It was a way to utilize witnesses, or non-witnesses in this case, lay the groundwork before inevitably having the curtain fall on the teacher's actions. Manual karma if she had to say so herself.
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