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I am "End"; Levia Caras
Topic Started: Aug 2 2018, 11:28 AM (88 Views)
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What's in a name anyways?

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Posted ImageGeneral Information
Real Name:
Levia CarasKanji:
-Common Name:
Heir Apparent
The Third

Basic Information
170 cmWeight:
60 kgBlood Type:
18Date of Birth
January 17thPlace of Birth:
Bucharest, Romania
Mini Profile
A craftsman hailing from Europe- an Enchanter in training, Levia came to Kaneshima in order to observe the many mythical items and enchanted armaments which pass through the city.

A serious and goal oriented person, Levia is aloof at best and harsh at worse. Naturally loquacious, the young man is not barred from sharing his opinion. In possession of a colorful diction and a straightforward demeanor, Levia can make even the softest words tinged with edges. Diligent, vigilant and critical, he detests wasted time and idleness, preferring to always keep himself busy with one thing or another, even forcibly if may be. His fervor is at a level where it might even be suspicious, where he can seem laxed one moment before whipping himself into a frenzy. A driven individual, Sara tends to develop tunnel vision when dealing with matters, unable to acknowledge other people's perspectives or inputs. This lends a certain amount of stubborn thickheadedness; a perpetual relentlessness, though one born from desperation instead of passion. A person of strained patience and mind, bordering paranoia; their one tract mind tends to land them in trouble when they find themselves pulled in multiple directions, getting trapped in bouts of indecisiveness. In that sense, despite their appearance of cool bravado, Levia is naturally childish and naive, more of an idealist than a realist.

Naturally distrusting of orators and smooth talkers and is sensitive to his effeminate appearance. Has a sweet tooth, and is most likely to skip vegetables.

Further Information
Journeyman Enchanter
Residence:Bracer's Guild Residence
Affiliations:The Mage's Association
The Violet Court
Relatives:Hampner Caras (Father)
Calantha Caras (Mother) -Deceased-
Ronove Caras (Uncle) -Deceased-
Vivienne Caras (Aunt - Head of Household)
Frederich Wilhelm-Caras (Uncle)
Lyle Caras (Cousin)
Lorea Caras (Cousin)
Colette Caras (Cousin)

Voice Actors
Japanese/Singing VocalNabatame Hitomi 「生天目 仁美」

  • Dessert
  • Fires
  • Stained Glass
  • Blood
  • Flirts
  • When things get too complicated
  • Decidedly Heterochromatic
  • Immaculate Sheen
  • Too Many Zippers
Natural Enemy:
  • Edda Caras

A Bilogue on Blades

If wishes are formed from hopes and hopes are the differences from reality, it shouldn't be surprising that such thing then leads to dissonance. After all, if perception drifts against reality, friction is caused. Regardless, what is caused in return is misfortune, on a grand cosmic scale- you may even call this a form of diffusion. In order to overcome the difference, work must be done and paid, thus ones' wish is made from the sacrifice and consumption of the wish of others, with the excess result being proportional misery.

So why would Edda choose the vessel as a blade? Let us perform another reduction of terminology, a dive into concepts, symbol and representations.

Why would one make a blade? To impart force, to impose will. A blade is never the ends but always a means; no one forges a weapon without the intent to use it. The blade is the simplest and purest form of violence, if violence be taken to mean work. If the world may be called the status quo, then the edge may be termed an agent of enactment; a force which dips, cuts and weave into the very weave which binds all of us. Cut and sculpt enough, reality can be molded to conform to one's desires.

The blade is agency. The dividing edge between what we may call hopes and dreams and the indifferent reality which surround it. In a perfect world, things such as hopes, desires, the components of what makes wishes would not exist. Similarly, in a perfect world, there would be no reason for a blade, as not one would need to wield one.

Taken this way, a blade is the vessel for a wish. The vehicle which transposes the line from what remains hopes and dream and the unfeeling world.

And that wish run through each one of you, just as it runs within you.

Loved by Flames

His whole life was behind a blurred window. Once, he had forgotten when, it was open. Voices, he still remembered what those were despite not knowing their name. He still remembered what they sounded like, and it continues to haunt him in this darkness.

Here, there was but two things, interwoven.

All there was was this flower, and because of this flower, there was him.

He was human, he thought. At least, he held the form of one. He knew what people were like; the window had shown him once upon a time. Smiling faces, vibrant blonde hair and outstretched arms; Two arms, each with a bud which splayed into five stubs each. When he was near the flower he could see himself; pale immaculate skin wrapped around in flesh; he too had digits though stubbier and smaller than those he remembered.

However, when he drew away, those disappeared.

Thus, he tried to stay near the flower at all times. Around it was everything and everything beyond was nothing; nothing for him. If he strayed too far, he would disappear as well.

Words, he had heard them before and he recognize what they meant if not what they were called. But these were the first words meant for him, uttered and spoken for him alone.

"It is warm here," they said.

"No it isn't." His voice surprised himself; its sound foreign to him. He had never spoken before, there was never anyone to listen. Or, maybe it was because no one ever taught him how to.

He held his hand against the flower.

"See? Not warm at all." He watched as the flower's petals bled onto his skin, tinging them their colors.

Then, just as quickly, something yanked his hand away. The blonde hair child stood, holding his hand.

"Your hand is warm."

An expression he had not seen before appeared on the child's face.

"I'm sorry."

Sorry? For what? He could neither tell or comprehend the strange child's words.

This was his secret garden, mute and lame.
Within bloomed but one immaculate flame
A flower which drew two from the deep
Without lie but a singular name.


  • Everyday Stuff
    (Everyday necessities of modern day life ranging from toothbrushes to money.)
  • The Seal of Jehannam
    (A nondescript suitcase of aged leather. Carries the faintest smell of charcoal, its skin ranges from warm to boiling at the touch. Its marred in splotches and scars, which seem to swim and dance based on the humidity, lighting and even perspective.)
  • Water Bottle
    (For quench both one's thirst and rebellious hotplates.)
  • Veil of Condensed Mana
    (Made by Al himself, used for when you need a quick pick up and bargaining with uncooperative microwaves. Made by condensing pure mana from the leyline that runs beneath the forest.)
  • Rusted Crest
    An ornamental crest pressed in silver, wear and rust. Tarnished beyond recognition, rent, bent and twisted, Levia views the thing with a mixture of disdain and contempt, yet some ounce of sentimentality prevents him from discarding the item altogether.
  • Anima I Evighet
    At first glance, the Anima known as I Evighet possesses the form of a sheathed sword, somewhere between the length of a short sword and bastard sword, following most strongly XIV of the Oakeshott typology. Design wise, the sheathe seems to follows a jian, albeit longer and wider than most. A golden eyed pommel and sapphire grip topped with gold wing guard eventually bleeds into a dark crimson sheathe, reminiscent of aged leather. Rivulets of wavering ruby line its surface, the whole passage separated by two bands of the same. Finally, a cord of gold is affixed at both the mouth and at the halfway point, hanging loosely to serve as a harness. This cord also binds the blade to sheathe, unraveling only when certain conditions are met.


The Seal Of Jahannam
Abode of Sibling Devils

Posted Image
"They call themselves angels, but I find that divine flames and hellfire burns the same."
The only hand I can offer is my own, for God's is not one you can grasp.

A magical briefcase, created from a combination of Al's crafting and Cicero's sorcery, it is a gratuity given to Levia to aid in his hunt for Ronove Caras and the other Anima. A Mystic Code, the briefcase is a closed system conceptually enforced by a manifestation of Laplace's demon. In other words, the Code acts as a house for a Reality Marble, cut off from the world at large and safe from the directive of its corrective impulse. The Marble acts as a separate space and is exceedingly crowded; Al claims that its state is analogous with cramming the mass of the sun within the space of a house. Thus, the insides are in a constant flux of high pressure; a vat of condensed plasma held just at the breaking point. Both its makers agree that the Marble inside is expanding, no doubt due to the influence of the two spirits housed within, and that the suitcase will need to be replaced with a more suitable container within the next few months.

For Levia, he only cares that it provides it's function; an impromptu magical furnace to complete his work.

The fires within the bag burn seventy times hotter than any flames of Earth, giving it a mean temperature of one hundred forty thousand degrees Celsius, hotter than the surface of the sun. Thankfully, due to the properties of the briefcase, its entropy is almost completely contained: holding the briefcase is completely indistinguishable from any other bag in terms of weight or heft, though it carries the distinct smell of charcoal.

Though Al had intended the Seal to be an entirely closed system, entropy does leak out of the briefcase in the form of heat, usually relative to the mood of the spirits inside. This can range from lukewarm to such a degree as to spontaneously ignite touching flammables. The bag itself is seemingly indestructible, but only due to its impeccable craftsmanship.

The suitcase may be opened and locked remotely via voice, though require several lines of incantation and commands to do so.

Additionally, the Seal, or more specifically the spirits who reside within it, are able to impart a singular blessing. So long as it is within approximately twenty meters of Levia's position, it grants the young man the ability to place the following enchantment from his hands.

This item has been tempered, ignited and baptized. Fed to deific flames, ruby veins christen its surface, giving off an undulating sheen. Mild warmth permeates at the touch, but invokes an unnatural coolness to those who behold it. An anxiety, as if something held just at the cusp of release.

This item's efficacy, as determined by its ability to perform its function, has thus been drastically increased; if such a thing could be quantified it would approximate an increase by a factor of five. However, in exchange, upon performing a singular action, this item will rend itself into the dust.

Timeless things had always had a fondness for the beautiful expression of the ephemeral; these flames are no different in that regard.

If the item in question is a being of suitable sentience and flesh, set it aflame. Additionally, Levia may use the resulting pyre to unbridle the blade of I Evighet.

If the item in question is or is part of a tree, set it aflame. Levia may use the resulting blaze to forge the bulwark known as Osning.

Imperfect Demonition
Ontology of Cursed Craft

Posted Image
Words have power.

Every utterance, nuance, even tone and enunciation uttered may be turned and used against you. Words are the foundation of which information is projected and wishes are formed. They are what make up thoughts and piece together our consciousness.

In that sense, wouldn't the greatest words be names?

Blood begets blood and this speaks of lineage as opposed to sanguine fluid. In similar vein, spark and smokes gives rise to undulating flames. Having shirked Edda's influence, Levia now stands at the cusp of this trinity, growing ever more lucid of the lineage he has inherited and the curse that it entails.

As a family of magi, several distinctions set the Caras apart from their contemporaries. First, their lineage is one without a Magic Crest, making it impossible for them to pass on their Craft across generations. Thus, despite being a line that could be traced back for centuries, they are both minor and removed from the politics and struggle of the Association. The second is the Anima, an armament worn by each member. Each is unique, crafted through a method known only to the current head of the house, bestowed and inherited by all who bear the Witch's blood.

Being the heir apparent, Levia too has awakened to Edda's power as a Planet Terminal.

Simply, broadly and inaccurately stated, the young man now has the ability to craft Anima, the heirloom weapon(s) utilized by those of the Caras household. However, the process for doing so and the final product is different in nature from the method employed by the family for eons. Whereas the Anima is crafted over a lifetime, Levia may do so nigh instantly for a price, though the end result is the same.

"I Evighet"
Threnody of Eternal Return
Posted Image
No longer will I place faith in either miracles or prayers.
If your eyes are truly dyed red, I will right them with my blade.

Levi's Anima, though originally without name or form. After the events of the red night, like himself, it too had finally came to its own.

Despite being blunted along both sides, the sealed blade of I Evighet still serves as both a weapon and Mystic Code. Being hardy by design, the tip of the sealed sword is sharpened, allowing it to function not too indifferent from that of a shovel. While its property as one render it a durability far exceeding its make, capable of standing up against other enchanted weaponry and modern ones without so much as a nick, at a glance it seem to confer little else.

That is because, in actuality, the Anima exists in a sealed state, requiring specific inoculations to release its true purpose.

Anima I Evighet requires four components be brandished: a soul, a flame, a body and a death. Meaning, in order for Levia to demonize the edge and blade, he must first kill and cremate an individual. Additionally, the requirements of a soul bars most artificial lifeforms and homunculus as well as ancient cadavers. A death must be swift, before the fissure between body and soul grows too disparate.

With these components, melded with flame, Levia is able to draw I Evighet, causing it to consume the pyre and form another weapon in its empty sheath. This requires an auditory command from Levia, either of an armament he wishes to craft or, in the case of blades, a number ranging from ten to twenty two, coinciding with the Oakeshott typology.

The specifics of this Anima is variable, depending both on the quantity of the flesh and the quality of the soul. More physical matter of a greater creature would result in a grander flame, and thus, a more wicked weapon. Similarly the properties of the "soul" also bleed into the Anima, granting the wielder the skills and expertise the deceased held in life. This diffusion of experience only occurs whilst Levia has the weapon in hand however.

Note that this is a process that tends to only effect beings of sufficient sentience and presence; for example, a mundane dog undergoing this process will yield nothing more than a mundane blade. The variability of this weapon is therefore almost physically limitless; it can take the form of a blade, saber, hammer poleaxe etcetera, limited only by available mass.

Ken of Euthyphro's Horn
Posted Image
There will come a time where I will give up this body for you.
No matter how much it is ruined, that is an oath that will be kept.

Aside from the variable Anima known as I Evighet, Levia is also able to craft another bearing the name Osning. However, unlike every other that graced the Caras' crypt, Anima Osning takes the form of a shield. Similarly, unique to itself, Osning holds no form before being forged.

When evoked, the above representation form Ambient mana, glowing a dull green from Levia's knuckles to his elbow. The size of the shields are dependent on the price paid for them; the age, girth and "mystical" elements of the sacrifice tree would increase the efficacy of the bulwark. Roughly equated, a shield's maxim may reach the same size and mass as the trunk and canopy of the tree it consumed.

Of which, despite their abstract appearance, the symbols do in fact hold mass, capable of physical interaction. In terms of defensive property, it performs similarly to belt armor. However, Levia is able to interact with them as if they were near zero mass objects. In relation to interactions with any other entity, they can be considered to have the same mass as the tree from which it was demonized.
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