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Once upon a time...
Topic Started: Jul 19 2018, 05:13 AM (65 Views)
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Once upon a time, there was a shrine.

In that shrine, there was a dragon. The dragon had served the shrine's family for centuries, protecting, guiding, and instructing the people that inherited it. And into that shrine came a young shrine maiden. She was not of the main family, but she was adopted into the family because of her power. The maiden grew in strength and beauty, but she was always unhappy there. She always felt alone.

Her only friend was the shrine's guardian, the dragon. And in time, that friendship blossomed. It became love.

But it was a secret love, until such a time as it could no longer be a secret. When the shrine maiden's shame came to light, she was cast out, and the dragon was released from the shrine's service. It left the city of Kyoto, never to be seen within its borders again. The woman took up residence in the city and had her children, a boy and a girl who she loved very much. And even though she lived alone and had suffered much disgrace, she did her best to raise them and never spoke ill of their father.

This is not her story.

Once upon a time, there were three children in Kyoto...

No. It is not yet time for that story.

Once upon a time, a girl died.

Only a handful of people knew what truly happened on that day, and those people did not speak of it. Her death was ruled as accidental, and in fact, none of those who were present had ever intended that it come to pass. But intention was irrelevant. The fact of the matter was, the girl died. She left behind a brother, and a mother who had raised her alone. The mother, unable to bear with her grief, took her son and left Kyoto for the countryside. It was there that they met with someone the boy had never known before.

His father.

The boy's father was a dragon, who could sometimes take on the guise of a man. It was in the guise of a man that the dragon met them. He shared the woman's grief, and explained that he had been instructed, by the power of a command he could not disobey, to never set foot in the city of Kyoto again. He took the boy and his mother to a quiet countryside town, to a house on a hillside where he could care for them.

The mother, you see, was ill. It wasn't an illness of body, but an illness of mind. The loss of her daughter did something to her, made her unable to function without losing herself in grief. In time, she recovered some of her senses, becoming almost her old self again. But that only lasted as long as she wasn't reminded of her daughter.

And so the girl's name became a secret, a secret held between the boy and his father.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who hated his father.

He lived in a quiet countryside town with his parents, on a house on a hillside. His mother was a nice woman who the people in town spoke of fondly. She helped manage a store. His father worked 'in the city' and was rarely seen in town, but those who did know him spoke fondly of him. Truly, the townsfolk said, they were good people.

It was a shame they had such a son.

The boy had never forgiven his father for abandoning his family when they needed him most. The boy had, within himself, so much resentment over the loss of his sister, a resentment that quickly became hate. And so the boy hated his father, but because he could do nothing at home without upsetting his mother, he took out his hatred the only way he knew how.

He became a troublemaker at school, a delinquent. If asked, he wouldn't have said that it was his resentment that drove him. He would have said that it was the other children. They made fun of him because of how he spoke, because of his hair, because of the things he liked. Because he did not respect his father, his father could not control him. Because his mother could not bear heartache, she did not even try.

Ordinarily, this might have sorted itself out on its own. The boy was not malicious, after all, he was only angry. He was not evil, only defiant. He might have eventually realized that his anger was misplaced, might have become a productive member of society regardless. But there was one problem.

The boy had magic.

He had been born with some of his father's power, and none of his father's restraint. Where his father had power over rain, and weather, and storms, the boy had power over fire. More than that, he had his father's strength, strength that no human should have. And he had the ferocity of a dragon.

It became clear that if the boy continued on this way, his father would not be able to continue to cover up for him. His secret, his family's secret, would be made known to the town. So when talking to him failed to deter him, his father decided to send him away. To a place called Kaneshima, to a school called Senki Academy. To a place where the boy could live according to his nature, away from his family.

A place where perhaps the boy could find himself and let go of his anger.

That was his father's hope, at least.

Once upon a time, a boy came to Senki Academy.

He was full of anger, and hatred, and regret, and the memories of things that were forbidden.

He remembered a time when there were three children in Kyoto...
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