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[Obsidian Steel] An Invitation to Dance; Kenbutokai Saga - Prelude (Closed)
Topic Started: Jul 2 2018, 01:15 AM (263 Views)
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Why now of all times? That was what Zamari wondered as he meandered along the forest path. He kept his hands tucked in his pockets as if he were calm. In truth, he was far from it.

When he found the note attached to the door of his dorm room he anticipated that it could be about any number of things. Though he had little interest in romance he certainly would have preferred a love note from a secret admirer or a request for money over what he actually received.

A challenge. One in which the stakes were presently unknown. Zamari hated the unknown passionately for there was no way to plan for it.

"This little island truly is wondrous. Don't you agree, Eriza?" the red-haired man stood in the midst of the Dueling Circle with his two companions, a blindfolded woman, and a yellow cloaked warrior. Neither of them was as talkative as he was which certainly brought him some disappointment. "Come on now. We can chat a little before they get here. Won't hurt your concentration a bit. Arth?" he let out a sigh before conceding defeat. "I need to keep better company. Where is Tetsunobu when you need him? He should have been here already."

The yellow cloaked warrior only glared at the red-haired man out of his eyes before turning his gaze back to the forest trail ahead. Any second now they would be coming. At least that was what he anticipated. Formidable challengers. Not only that but those with unique weapons and fighting styles to present to them. The trio wasn't there on a vacation no matter how much his "friend" insisted on sightseeing. No, it was business and he wouldn't accept any distractions from their objective.

"The dreaded Many-Faced Sword."

The red-haired man raised an eyebrow when he heard Arth mutter. Those were the first words he had said all day. Maybe if he pressed him a little harder he would be willing to keep on communicating.

"Please do tell us more, Arth. You seem to know more about it than any of us."

Sadly, his efforts were to be in vain as Arth went back silent. He was only interested in doing one thing and he didn't necessarily need their help to do it. He never understood how he always got shafted with tagalongs but after a while, he just accepted it as fate.

And if he had anything to say about it fate would be rid the world of this accursed Many-Faced Sword on that very day.

"Look there." Eriza pointed up the trail to signify that there was someone incoming.

"It's about time. I told them to be here on the hour. Not a second late."

The red-haired man wore a welcoming smile on his face as their invitees shuffled their way into the Dueling Circle. Once they had all arrived his smile briefly morphed into a frown.

"Seven." his disappointment returned. "We will have to make due with this. Sadly, I was hoping for more." his accent would easily identify him as British to those who were able to pinpoint it. He couldn't hide it if he wanted to. Just like he couldn't hide the sword that hung from his back.

He hoped that they all came prepared for a fight because he fully intended on giving them one. Of course, they need not rush into the melee just yet. Exchanging pleasantries was always, well, pleasant.

"My name is Callum Byrne and these here are my friends, Eriza Hirata, or as you do it in this land, Hirata Eriza, and Arth as he simply calls himself. We have a fourth, Tetsunobu, but he's a little tardy. I do apologize on his behalf." he gestured to the blindfolded girl and the yellow cloaked warrior who stood on opposite sides of him. "In case you are all wondering we are the ones who left you the notes telling you to meet us here. In case you are still in the dark, it would be my pleasure to inform you of our designations as sword enthusiasts."

Eriza unsheathed her katana for all to see while Arth lifted his cloak to reveal that he had been concealing a large blade of his own all along.

Callum flicked his hand to signal to his companions that they needed to stand down for the time being.

"You lot have the honor of showing us where Kaneshima Island stands in the world of swordsmen. Well, that is if you agree to our conditions that is." he extended an open hand to the seven that stood in front of them. Before any could reach out he closed it and strengthened his grin. "What do you say? Interested?"
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The fey girl walked through the woods. They were nothing like the sacred woods of the celts, but they made her feel at home none the less. She had been invited to a match, and sparing was one of her favorite pass times so of course she would arrive. Last Breath was on her back, her helmet under her arm. She came fully prepared to give each fight her all. All the training with her father, combat with the knights, she had learned many a human and fey fighting style and all of it would be important for this.

When she arrived, she noticed she wasn't the only one invited. It seemed 7 others had come while 3 stood in the middle of the circle. "In all honesty I've been looking forward to see what the people of this land and time can do, though I shan't be holding back in combat. Blair Sampson, pleasure to meet you." Her heavy Gaelic accent would be very apparent.
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Among those who were to come was a tall man with quite a bright attire. However nowhere in sight was his weapon, he kept it concealed within himself. One hand rested on a non-exist katana at his waist, another held a book about Japanese weapons, as he had been pursuing answers for Zamari since they last met.

Should he meet eyes with Zamari, he would give no sign of recognizing him, knowing that it is for the samurai's best. He didn't address nor chat with anyone until introductions began, focused on his reading. However had someone attempted anything, they would see he wasn't actually distracted and was both quite nimble and, if someone made the mistake of going too physical and aggressive, his strength would show.

"Tokage Haru is my name. Retired Military Commander, Historian, just answering to a call of a fellow of mine, but that's classified. Present your conditions, if you may. Whether I'll stay or leave depends on it.", the tall man spoke, eyes trained on them, the book shut with a loud clap and put away with one hand, as the other still rested on the sword that was not there.
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Emerging from the woods behind them was a rather wistful smile and a mess of shaggy hair. His gait was light and he seemed to carry nothing on his shoulders but a broken sword. He had hoped one of the people he was looking for might be here, but even if they weren't it might be...


DOMINIK whistled to himself as he eyed the group one by one though his apparently closed eyes. So far no one here looked capable of distracting him for more than a few minutes. Even if that were the case though, if he got bored he'd just kill everyone. People fought so much harder when they were trying not to die, after all.

Holding up a carefree hand, he waved and grinned broadly at the group. "O~hayo☆" He announced cheerfully.There was no point in introducing himself to this bunch, but he'd think about it if anything changed.
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Yukina had no idea what she was doing walking through the woods.

It had started when she found the note inside her shoe locker. Not slipped under the door to her dorm room, where she might have ignored it, assuming it was one of the constant stream of challenges that her roommate Yoiko got. But inside her locker, resting on top of her shoes, looking for all the world like a letter a girl might send to a secret admirer.

She'd taken one look at the letter and wanted to throw it away. Yoiko was the one who got called out to secret challenges. Yoiko was the one who answered shady calls to go out into the woods, not her. She had fully intended to throw it away. Her eyes had tracked from the letter in her hand to the nearest trash can, and she was about to take a step when she felt it run through her.

A flash of defiance, almost like a growl, bubbling up from deep inside her. It stopped her foot from moving.

She tried again, pressing her lips tightly together.

Another growl, this time accompanied by a sensation, a feeling so real that it was difficult to separate it from her own. Challenge--she had been challenged. She needed to rise to the occasion, to prove she was better.

It was a thought so alien to her that it scared her. Her fingers dug into the envelope, but she didn't try to throw it away again. And now, at the appointed time of the challenge, she found herself walking to the Dueling Circle with the others, feeling slightly sick.

I hope you're happy... she thought to herself, focusing her thoughts inward at the place where her 'passenger' rested. I hope you're proud of yourself...I'm going to get killed here because of you.

There wasn't a response. There never was, except for the fact that her fingers were itching to get a hold of her sword and she was almost completely certain that those feelings weren't hers. She remembered what had happened during the winter training trip with a breath, and slipped her hands into her pockets to calm them as she tried to pay attention to what was happening.

She really wished she were anywhere else.
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THUMP! On top of one of the pillars, a lone sleeping bag shifted in mid-roll before plummeting several feet to the ground, landing with a heavy grunt of pain. "Ow....." Shad groaned, slowly unzipping the sleeping bag already dressed in his usual mage robe attire, holsters by his sides seemingly carrying normal knives at first glance. "When I heard there was a duel today, I thought we were doing it at night. Wanted to rest up before starting if anything." He yawned, stretching briefly as he began to stand up without much a care in the world, awhile studying his opponents briefly.

"Shad Hornswell, specialist in Mammoth Swordstyle and current wielder of Excalibur." He said calmly, though technically the style part something he came up with on the fly, awhile pointing to the long-nosed Britain sword-spirit, watching the group on one of the pillars, with a bag of popcorn, "He's going to speculate since if I use him, it would be over really quickly."
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A faint rustling could be heard amidst the nearby trees as the canopy of one tree shook slightly as if a weight suddenly landed amongst its branches, followed by another tree rustling, before Nicole jumped down from said tree in a shower of leaves, landing in a three-point stance; the haori draped over her shoulders flaring out like a cape before flapping down lazily as she stood back up, the lightning warrior first eyeing the strangers that'd gathered at the duelling circle, followed by her fellow Senki Academy schoolmates.

"Well, certainly quite a party we've gotten here," Nicole remarked as she swept a leaf off her head, the martial artist dressed in her usual casual attire of a maroon-coloured camisole and light blue capris with a pink haori draped over her shoulders like a cape. "Name's Nicole Ryuko, of the Ryukomon Dojo and successor of the Ryuko-style kenjutsu and kenpo," Nicole added, placing her hands together as a gesture of respect.

"I hear your challenge, so lets hear your conditions," Nicole remarked as she performed a flourish with her right arm, causing the overgarment draped around her shoulders to flap dramatically once again.
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As they all stood in the dueling circle Callum did a recount to make sure he had an accurate number, pointing at each of them as he did so. "Yep, seven." he smiled as if satisfied. "Would've liked eight so we can each have two but I'm sure Arth won't mind fighting solo."

The yellow cloaked warrior gave a nod of confirmation to Callum's words which was all the permission that he needed to continue. "An interesting bunch we have here. I picked you all specifically because of your...specilaities." he spread his arms out as if he were desiring a hug from them. His demeanor was oddly friendly for someone who they were about to clash with. "I know many of you may be wondering exactly what we want from you. Trust me that will all be revealed in due time. For now, just entertain us as visitors to this island." he lowered his arms and lifted a single finger to be pointing people out. "And as I mentioned earlier there will be some stipulations to make sure this little gathering doesn't get too out of hand. Two on one matches. We'll pair two of you together to fight one us. Your turf so we'll give you homecourt advantage." he was a very friendly chap. Perhaps a little two friendly.

"I'll take her," Eriza said, pointing to Yukina, "and him." next she pointed to Shad.

"Arth, who do you have in mind?" Callum asked as if he already knew the answer.

"It is clear as day who my opponent will be." he stared at Zamari coldly before stepping forward. "You are the one who carries the Number One Headband. Let's see if it is in good hands."

Zamari remained silent. So his assumption was true. They had come here looking for him specifically. Everyone else was just dragged in purely out of opportunity.

"With that being settled I will make my choice." Callum chuckled. "The proclaimed successor to this Rykuo-style sounds like my fancy. Then there's you tall fellow." he looked to Haru as his second opponent.

So with that, the majority of the matchups had been decided on the fly. However, two still remained.

"Tetsunobu needs to get here soon or we will be facing a conundrum." Callum rubbed his chin. "I'll need to have a serious talk with him about his tardiness."


A loud thud would strike all of their eardrums as dust obscured their vision. When it cleared, they would all see what was presumably a man encased in red samurai armor standing in their midst, orange hair draping down his shoulders.


"So you've arrived...finally." Callum groaned. He directed him to DOMINIK and Blair. "Those are your two."

"What!" Tetsunobu roared in protest. "I wanted my chance to pick!"

"Sorry, pal. You have to be punctual to all meetings for team benefits." Callum wagged his finger disapprovingly before turning back to the group. "So if everyone is satisfied with their matchups we will proceed. Whoever does the most damage in five minutes wins. And Please, no matter how intense it gets, do not interfere with the other matches. That's cheating. Cheating is rude."

Each of the four drew their swords. Callum's was a longsword, Eriza bore her katana, Arth had his triangular guardless sword, and Tetsunobu's bore a large and serrated blade.

Callum gave one last smile. "Since we are the challenging party we will give you first blood. May the best emerge victorious."


For clarification and quick reference, I will list the rules of this challenge here.

1. The challenge will only last five rounds. Declared passage of time for each round is a minute total.

2. Interfering with another match will be considered an automatic disqualification for both you and your partner.

3. I plan to post either when everyone posts or every two weeks. Whichever comes first. If you do not post before the two week period is up then I will assume your character remained idle for the round. Do not worry for I will simple focus on their partner for the next post.

Thank you for your participation.


Zamari vs. Arth

Haru & Nicole vs. Callum

Yukina & Shad vs. Eriza

DOMINIK & Blair vs. Tetsunobu
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Dom considered the groups carefully, a bit disappointed it wasn't exactly as he was expecting. Still, that didn't mean he couldn't have some fun one way or another. His closed eyes rested on the small elf-eared girl with whom he'd been paired. "At least I've got such a cute girl for a partner, it makes the fighting much more exciting, wouldn't you agree?" Bouncing his broken sword on his shoulder, his gaze shifted to his armored opponent.

"Two on one, eh? That's pretty bold. Try to make it interesting for me." He said with a long, snake-like smile. He muttered a single syllable under his breath as he fell into a fighting stance, aiming his blade at the armored giant.


Time slowed about his person. To others it would seem as though he had suddenly sped up to a tremendous degree, but that was technically inaccurate.

The flow of time, rather, the universe, had slowed down in relation to his own chronology. Functionally identical, but metaphysically distinguishable. In a blur, the boy vanished, charging the enemy straight on, sword raised to strike.

That, however, was merely a feint.

Just before he struck, he disappeared again, now just to the side of his opponent, a swing from below looking to put a test wound in his side. He'd see what this thing was made of before taking it apart.

The hunt was on.
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Blair took careful not of her partner and foe. Her foe was fully armored but seemed to possess much more mobility than she normal saw in full plate armors. Her partner has clearly not human. Her natural dullahan senses assured her of that. Though what he was, was still a mystery. Still two on one put the odds in their favor numbers wise but skill wise remained to be seen.

As she looked over her foe the strange boy immediately rushed their target, using some form of enhanced speed or spacial distortion. She wasn't quite sure. But with a sigh she donned her helmet and drew Last Breath, its weight familiar and peaceful in her hand. She had fought her father and fully trained knights. She fought a sea monster. One mysterious man couldn't be that bad.

She twirled the sword in her hand, then dashed at her foe thrusting her sword forward. The blade shot forward from her hand, extending past her foe's face. With a smirk and in a single motion, she twisted back, rotating the blade to a right angle and pulling the shaft back into a handle. A decapitating strike right from the start and should it fail would either drag the man to the ground, or drag her to his face neither would be an oppurtune location for him. If it hit of course.
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Yukina really didn't want to do this, and yet, as the match-ups were decided and she found herself facing off against the blindfolded girl, she couldn't deny that a part of her actually did. A part of her that wasn't her own, something other. She supposed there was no point in fighting it. After all, she had already made her way out here. So, when the groups broke off to start their fight, she reluctantly turned to face her opponent, standing beside Shad.

She tried to ignore the howl of gratification she felt from somewhere inside her mind at this response.

"Um," she said, offering Eriza a quick, awkward bow, "Let's have a good match."

She stretched out her hand as she straightened up, summoning her sword into it. Yukina caught the hilt in both hands as it appeared, bringing it gently to a stop in a chudan stance. She took a brief moment to gather herself, her eyes fluttering closed as she drew in a deep breath.

She'd drawn her sword. No time for hesitation.

She opened her eyes and charged, rushing at Eriza with surprising speed from the right. Yukina raised her sword, attempting an overhead strike. She wasn't entirely convinced it would work, but coming at Eriza from the side meant that Eriza would have to turn towards her to deal with her, which would leave her partner an opening if he wanted to take advantage of it.
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"So, 2-on-1, with one exception, five minutes match, no interfering, most damage dealt wins?", at Callum he rose an eyebrow, and he briefly glanced at who his partner would be. "She looks like she got a good head between her shoulders. I shouldn't worry much about her but I'll back her up however she needs.", Haru smirked a bit more.

"Sounds interesting... Plus what I heard of this dueling circle, seems the best place to hone my skills with Tamahagane.", from the non-existing grip of a sword, an actual sword formed, still sheathed, constructed out of a matter that existed everywhere in the universe. Assuming a pose adequate for Iaijutsu, he took a deep breath and focused on Callum.

His plan? To observe Nicole's action. Were she to make the first swing, he would attempt to follow her attack on Callum or parry his, depending on which came first. And it would be then that sparks would trail his sword, and its properties would reveal: repulsion, the blades wouldn't clash with his own, forced away by something that caused those sparks.

More importantly, that thing was LONG, and he wielded it with ease! Thanks all his physical training...
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(OOC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lsn2tT5yTc )

"Not sure how I feel about using this...but it should give me a idea of if I need to improve. Target: Two Rose Knifes. Original size: " L, " W, " H, Expansion. 9' L, 1' W, 4' L. GROW! TUSKEN!!!" Shad roared, suddenly launching two spinning knives from the long sleeves of his robes into the air, then with a flick of his hands fired brilliantly blinding beams of light that engulfed the knives, turning them into giant thick meat cleavers similar to the size of a certain Shinigami's when he was just starting out. "And of course..." Clapping both hands over his head, he opened his palms as twin whips shot forth. wrapping around the enlarged handle before bringing the large swords down towards him.

"Now it's a party!" He laughed, twirling the two large blades in both hands until they were faded by rapid rotation of spinning, as he ran straight towards Eriza with a running leap. "Decapitation Cycle!" He said, grinning as to Eriza, due to any strike against the blades coming down upon her in their circular motion would result in being shredded, even in the center, as Shad would use the other sword to guard if need be. Of course, this was due to the fact he could change the gravity of the blades to make them rather heavy and rather difficult to damage once his turn ended. (OOC: In other words, think it like Zoro's Three Thousand Worlds coming down at your character, but with two rather big swords)
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"Right, so it's the two of us against you huh?" Nicole remarked as the one called Callum selected the lightning warrior and Haru to be his opponents. "Well then let's get the show on the road," Nicole chorused as she placed her hands together, before spreading her arms out and making a circular motion, a faint buzzing sound filling the air as a cloth pouch that was hanging from her belt seemed to open on its own, releasing a cloud of a fine black powder that floated into the air that seemed to move with the lightning warrior's hand gestures.

Bringing her hands together again with a clap, the cloud of iron sand would begin to coalesce together into the shape of a daikatana; a phantom copy of Nicole's signature sword Kaneryuu - formed of iron sand held together by electromagnetism and lightning-infused ki. But very much tangible as Nicole took up the semi-translucent, ghostly-looking blade and swung it around a couple times, making a faint humming noise with each swing as it crackled intermittently with violet-coloured arcs of electricity.

Nicole would glance over at Haru as he got into his stance, but seeing how he didn't seem to be making a move just yet... "So, ladies first eh?" she giggled before she lowered her sword, placing it at hip level in a stance that could be identified as Waki-gamae by kendo practitioners. "Ikuzo!" and with that the martial artist would close the gap within a few fleet-footed strides, lifting her sword as she advanced appearing as it she would be attempting a roundhouse swing with her weapon the moment she came within reach...

Only to turn out to be a faint as Nicole abruptly ducked and lunged straight at Callum as she came within the striking distance of her blade, attempting to slam her shoulder against him in a bodyblock manoeuvre to try and knock him backward, and follow it up by a half-spin and swinging her sword upwards in an uppercut slash motion.
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Shad & Yukina vs. Eriza

Eriza, because of her blindfold, was unable to see. At least, that wa what she wanted her enemeis to think. The truth was Eriza could see rather well but her method of sight was different than how most human beings thought of it. I feel you, I hear you, I smell you. energy flowed all around her and she had it organized in distinct colors. She recognized Yukina as pink and Shad, for some reason, as green. Apart from these colors she could make out nothing else, the entirety of her surroundings being blackened out. She took no note of the other matches going on. For Eriza it was only her, Yukina, and Shad. That was how she preferred it to be.

When Yukina came at her from the right, Eriza didn't turn towards her. Her hearing enhanced, she heard her footsteps incoming and based on the way she felt the air shift she was able to anticipate the overhead strike. Jumping sideways, Eriza swiftly avoided Yukina and when she finally turned it was to face Shad. Having to initially dodge Yukina did shorten the amount of time she had available to first think of a way to deal with Shad and to second execute her plan.

I didn't think he would dual wield. she had to admit that she underestimated her opponent in that regard. Trying to meet him straight forward would indeed be suicidial as her own sword would not be able to bypass both his blades. I wonder how fast he can change directions. Eriza lowered her stance to a near crouch and zipprf underneath Shad's running leap, slashing at his feet. Unfortunately, she was unable to entirely escape injury as doing so meant accepting slashes to her shoulders which she felt. Thankfully, the rules of the Duelling Circle meant that she would escape any actual injury though the pain persisted.

At the end of the round, Eriza now stood behind Shad and Yukina and although her shoulders were indeed "injured" she still intended to face them, raising her katana. As long as I can percieve them I will be fine.

Haru & NIcole vs. Callum

Callum kept his sword raised and watched carefully as Nicole charged him with Haru backing her up. He did have some concern about Haru's blade due to its length and was a bit surprised at Nicole's speed. When her roundhouse swing neared him, he prepared to counter it only for her to duck and hit him with her shoulder. Smiling, Callum slid backward and anticipated that she would follow up with another attack. Therefore, he swung his own sword downwards to meet hers and block the uppercut slash.

"Looks like I made the right choice. You're a very clever young lady." there was a bit of sarcasm to his compliment as he promised to follow up with a surely insulting line. "But not smart enough." Callum, knowing that he still had Haru to worry about, had to act fast. As their blades clashed the temperature surrounding the two of them slowly started to rise until they started to sweat and steam started to rise off of Callum's blade. "The Ryukomon style eh? Well, I'd like to introduce you to my Geyser Style."

The steam rising off of Callum's blade started to wrap around hem both, leaving both him and NIcole enough room to maneuver around their immediate area and continue to engage each other. Callum was creating a wall of sorts to keep Haru at bay for the time being while he thought of a way to deal with Nicole. Wanting to break their clash, he aimed a kick at her leg to distract her before he attempted to jump back.

Blair & DOMINIK vs. Tetsunobu

From Callum's perspective, it was for the best that Tetsunobu be matched with DOMINIK and Blair. After all, none of them were human...at least not entirely. Besides, out of the four on their side, Tetsunobu was the best at taking hits. With DOMINIK's speed being far beyond his comprehension as a human, Callum knew that whoever was matched up against him required a high level of endurance that only Tetsunobu could supply. When DOMINIK appeared in front of him in his initial charge Tetsunobu cocked his head to the side in surprise. Unable to react fast enough, he uttered an "Oof!" as DOMINIK's attack successfully struck him along the side. It was then that they would get to see what was truly inside of the resilient Tetsunobu as his attack only managed to scratch the surface. Metal. Underneath his armor was metal. This indicated that he was potentially a machine of some sort.

"That hurt, fufu!" Tetsunobu laughed as he straightened himself up. He would retaliate against DOMINIK with a horizontal swing that was surprisingly fast and forceful for someone of his size. While it appeared that he was slow when it came to reacting his enacting was on point. That of course meant that focusing on two opponents at once would be troublesome. He figured that out when his head was flung off his shoulders by the impact of Blair's attack. It flipped through the air and landed on the ground several feet away. Tetsunobu was obviously not happy about this. "Hey!" Tetsunobu, perfectly alive, shouted. "That wasn't nice!"

Yup, he wasn't human by any means as the beheading revealed his entirely mechanical nature. Unlike Eriza and Callum he could repaired or even rebuilt if necessary so he could afford to be risky during his fight. His body appeared to be uninhibited by the absence of his head as it did not stop in carrying out its attack against DOMINIK.

Zamari vs. Arth

"Go on," Arth ordered Zamari, "put the headband on so we can get started."

Zamari remained silent as he did what he was told, strapping the Number One Headband around his head. A glow enveloped his body as his street clothes became a white kimono, a pair of dark blue hakama, and a pair of wooden sandals. Equipped to his hip was his katana, Sanzenmen the Many-Faced Sword.

"There it is. It has been so long since I have seen it." Arth remarked. "Well then you can make the first. I abide by the rules that have been set forth."

Zamari unsheathed Sanzenmen and assumed a Seigan no Kamae stance. I don't know what this guy is capable of. he felt nervous like he did whenever he went up against someone he knew was formidable. Here goes nothing. he rushed Arth straightforward, stopping midway to take to the air and descend onto him with a downward thrust of his sword.

"A futile attempt at being smooth." Arth saw straight through Zamari's fakeout and effortlessly blocked his attack with his much larger blade. Then, as if he were being met with only a feather, he pushed his own blade forward to propel Zamari back and send him to the ground. "Looks like the headband has ended up in incompetent hands again. How unfortunate."

It didn't matter to Arth because he had come there to destroy Zamari's headband.

"Will there ever be anyone who compares to him?" he started stepping towards Zamari, sword at his side. He was going to end this quickly to limit his suffering. I'll have to knock him out of the circle to prevent its effect from interfering.

Whereas the others had seemingly come for entertainment Arth had a different, malicious objective in mind.

Zamari Transformation Counter
Samurai Form: 11

Round Counter
4 Remaining
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