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Ivone Quintada Hayashi; Friend of the Forest
Topic Started: Jun 28 2018, 02:28 AM (72 Views)
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Profile - Student Template V1.00

Name: Ivone Quintada Hayashi
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthday: April 22

Height: 165 cm; 5'5"
Weight: 54 kg; 120 Ibs.
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Occupation: Student, Servant of Oshosi
Year: 1
Class: A

Residency: Yuri Dorms

Personality: A warm-hearted and compassionate girl, Ivone is easily interested in the well beings of others, particularly those who are unable to defend themselves such as children, animals, and even plants. She is prone to coming to the defense of those who she feels are in need, even if they do not necessarily desire her input, and is headstrong in conveying her stances on matters. Once her mind is made up it is hard for it to be changed and she is more likely to be convinced by actions rather than words alone.

Having grown up in the countryside, Ivone is fairly knowledgeable of things pertaining to nature such as various tidbits on flora and fauna. She isn't a walking encyclopedia by any means, but she has made it her duty to develop a grasp on the species that reside in whatever area she travels to. Ivone believes that humans, as the dominant species, are responsible for all lifeforms on the planet as well as the planet itself. She may not necessarily be a tree hugger but she is pretty close to it as she views mistreatment of plants and animals to be exceptionally cruel.

Ivone favors outdoor activities over those that are indoor. Hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, and swimming are all favorite pastimes of hers. However, Ivone detests hunting for sport. She is a vegetarian but does not frown upon others eating meat because she acknowledges that humans must play their role within the ecosystem.

History: Ivone was born in Brazil and is the fifth of her parents' eight children. her father is Afro-Brazillian whereas her mother is of half Afro-Brazillian and Japanese descent, making her a fourth Japanese through her maternal grandfather who migrated directly from Japan. Because of her mixed heritage, Ivone grew up fairly cultured and her residence in the state of São Paulo further exposed her to a variety of values and traditions. The small town she grew up was close-knit and besides her immediate family, she was fairly acquainted with her neighbors to the point they felt like blood relatives as well. Likewise, the expansive forest near the town was regarded by Ivone as her home as well and it became the focus of many of her childhood memories.

Within her large family Ivone was closest to her younger brother, the next child directly after her, and her paternal grandmother who lived with them. As she grew older her bond with these two would become synonymous with that of the forest, her grandmother educating her about the wilderness as well as sharing with her the legends that surrounded it while her brother's adventurous spirit was what inspired her to begin trekking into it. It was from her grandmother that Ivone learned of the orisha and particularly that of Oshosi, the deity who presided over nature. Therefore, it must have been fate that one day led Ivone and her brother to a shrine that stood secretly in the forest. A shrine dedicated to the orisha that her grandmother held in such high regard.

Hearing a rustling in the undergrowth neither Ivone nor her brother expected to see a fully-grown jaguar spring out. A jaguar hadn't been seen in their area of the country in decades so the encounter not only shocked them but amazed the children as well. It wasn't until it barred its fangs and snarled that the children realized they were in danger. Ivone, realizing that she had to protect her brother and against her better judgment, took it upon herself to stand up to the jaguar. Miraculously, the beast backed down and vanished. It was then that the truth came onto her.

When their grandmother revealed herself neither Ivone nor her brother understood what was going on. When she told Ivone that she had successfully completed her trial and earned Oshosi's grace, she was absolutely confused. As it turned out it was all the work of fate after all. Ivone's grandmother had been grooming her since she was a toddler to become her successor and take on the role of protecting the forest in her place as Oshosi's enforcer. Apparently, the forest had its fair share of mythical propeties - plants and creatures that were highly coveted by poachers. For generations a member of Ivone's family had taken on the role of protector of the forest with the grace of Oshosi empowering them. With her time running neigh, Ivone's grandmother selected her to be the next in line for the role. However, she was not yet ready to fully take on the responsibility. To do so she would have to first reconnect with her Japanese roots.

In the months following the jaguar incident Ivone started to experience changes within her self. Her grandmother had become her personal mentor and began guiding her through these changes. In the midst of all this, Ivone learned things about her grandmother that she could not even imagine. How she was able to communicate with plants and fire arrows with deadly precision. While Ivone could not yet perform any such feats, she did discover that her accuracy was sharper than it was before and that she herself did have a potency for archery. The day she materialized her gift from Oshosi, a bow crafted from her soul, she was told that it was time for her to leave their town behind and not return until she had fully awakened her strength. Unsure as to what this meant, Ivone nevously boarded a plane destined for Kaneshima Island.

Powers and Abilities:


Spirit Bow and Arrows

Bird's Eye View


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  • Training Bow and Arrows

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What's in a name anyways?
Jun 28 2018, 02:28 AM
Powers and Abilities:


Spirit Bow and Arrows

Bird's Eye View


  • Everyday Items
  • Training Bow and Arrows

Looks fine; accepted and enjoy.

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