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Beginning A Hood's Life; Semi-open. Ask before joining. Corruption and Legacy
Topic Started: Jun 22 2018, 06:29 PM (270 Views)
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James looked over the info he had gathered again while waiting for Able to return to their dorm.
He had a large pile of folders on the table before him, and what was in them told him a story he really did not want to believe.
He was looking over the information tosee if he could hopefully spot something wrong with it.
His appearance clearly showed his focus, and his desire not to believe what he was seeing.

When Able came in, he would be able to easily see James was worried about something.
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Abel breathed deep and slow, careful not to move the parts of his body wrapped in bandages. The soreness in his ribs had waned, but he could still feel a twinge of pain if he moved too quickly. His hands were tightly wrapped as well, burned by the use of his own sword. Though he was quite accustomed to this nuisance, he'd pushed himself further than usual that time. Kaneshima was... dangerous. Carrying his gloves with him from now on would be wise. He couldn't afford to get caught unprepared like that again.

He sighed, putting on a brave face as he fiddled with the key to his dorm room, the convenience store bag slung over his elbow rustling as he did. The door opened quietly, save for Abel's soft, plastic rustling and he slid inside with a half-hearted greeting.

"G├╝ttentag, sorry for being gone so long." Actually he wasn't sure if James had even noticed his absence. He supposed their relationship hadn't gotten quite that far, yet. Although they had both pledged to assist one another in their personal struggles. Rather then clarify things, it seemed to have put them in a strange place instead. He put that out of his mind and set the bag on a nearby desk and began dispensing the contents. "I've brought snacks and drinks from the vending machine. I wasn't sure if you preferred coffee or juice or what so I got..."

He noticed then that his roommate appeared rather engrossed in something else other than Abel's own return. The young paladin tilted his head curiously, setting a wandering eye on the paperwork. Though he couldn't read it from where he stood, he could tell just by the look on James's face that it was important. Abel smiled and made his way over, offering a canned coffee with an outstretched hand. "Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up. You look troubled, friend. Would you like to share you burden with me?"

For now it was best to ignore his own pain. No better way to do that than to take the pain of another on yourself

Or so he'd found.
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James looked at Abel and said "Damn! I've seen mummy's in museums with less bandages then you have right now! Let me help you with that shopping."
Helping put the stuff away, he got some juice, and said "If you were not so set against magic, I'd recommend you to a part Celestial who could heal you up in virtually no time at all!"

Afterwards, he looked at his folders and said "I've been tracking something I found traces of online. Something I know you would be interested in, and I hope my findings are wrong."
focusing himself, he asked Abel, "What do you know of the legend of Robin Hood? Both the actual story, and the story behind the story."

Abel would not like where this would head, so it was probably best to lay the ground work carefully. With his current condition, it would be best not to work him up too much.
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Abel started, pressing his glasses against his face to hide his embarrassment. Why was the focus on him now all of the sudden?? "D-Does it look that bad?" He said, avoiding James's worried expression. The injuries hadn't been severe exactly, but they weren't minor, either. Still, he'd tried to make it so no one would worry about him too much. Not when everyone else had problems of their own to deal with.

He'd salvage as much of that as he could.

"I-It looks much worse than it is, I promise. These sorts of injuries are easy to recover from. Ordinary medicine should be more than adequate." Of course, he'd always had a bit more stamina and endurance than a normal person, too. Recovering from things like this was somewhat commonplace with all the training he did.

"Knowing you, I'm sure whatever it is must be serious." He said with interest and concern. Something to do with magic, no doubt. "I've heard of Robin Hood, of course. Both the modern and classic stories. Are..." He secretly felt a twinge of excitement which showed briefly as a twinkle in his eye. "Are we going to Sherwood Forest?"


Abel actually really liked old tales like that...
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James just shook his head. He did not believe Abel for a moment about his health. He knew people faking their conditions too much not to notice the tell-tale signs. Things like a small wince caused by movement, being extra careful when moving, favouring a limb, breathing changes, the look of concentration on a person's face when they try to focus on not showing pain.

"No, we are not going to England. Nothing there I know of right now, and you are in no condition for it."

Now for the story of Robin Hood "You will notice there are differences in the stories. It isall part of how the story grew and evolved.
"It was originally a short story in around the 1300s I think, called 'A dinner with Robin Hode" Hode was another way to pronounce Hood. Robin Hood was in those times a name gives to robbers and bandits in general, like an unknown person is a John Doe.
"The narrator describes encountering some good natured bandits and dinning with them, and the bandits clam they only robbed the rich. That was it.
"Other things were added. Most recently is having an Arab amoung his friends. Before then was him shooting an arrow in half. That was introduced when the first movie version of the story was mage to give it an element of cinimatic magic, placing him above all other archers. Before then is around 1500s I think, with Maid Marion added as a love interest.
"However, it was not all just to add flavor to the story. It was influenced for a time by rival claiments to the English Thrown who oppossed John's heirs after he became king on Richard's death.
"It was also propaganda used against different ethnic groups at different times. He is seen as fighting against the rulling Normans, and yet he would have been of Norman descent himself.
"Then was the matter of the Magna Carta. Propaganda against a single king rulling over all England."

Nodding slowly. "Yeah, it's pretty messed up when you think about it. And if you think anyone in England really cared for Richard, guess again. He is estimated to have only spent 6 months of his reign, and possibly his entire life, in England.
"The politics of it most recently I know of was introducing a Muslim helping Robin. That was added to prevent hatred against Muslims. After all, otherwise people would see this hero of theirs as being anti-Muslim."

He paused for a bit to let that sink in. "I think someone made a Fabricated Weapon based on his bow."
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Abel listened intently as James spoke, mostly because he himself had an interest in Robin Hood from childhood. Though he wasn't sure what the evolution of the Robin Hood stories had to do with the predicament at hand, it was certainly interesting. Russell Crowe just didn't do it justice. That said, Abel could never outwardly idolize a figure who unrepentantly stole from others simply as a matter of course. So he quietly pressed his glasses against his face and bore his disappointment silently upon learning they would not be visiting the forest from his fairy tale childhood.

The more pressing matter was what James said next, and Abel's countenance fell serious. "Another Fabricated Weapon?" He said darkly. It couldn't be a coincidence. "So it's finally starting. The war my Father in Heaven sent me here to fight." He thought back to before, what was it that person had said then? If this was really happening, he couldn't necessarily afford to shoulder the coming battles on his own. Still, asking others to put themselves in danger for him felt... wrong. In the end, he should rely only on the power of his Heavenly Father. His power was sufficient for all things.

"I was approached recently." Abel said, placing his thumb and forefinger on his chin thoughtfully. "A boy claiming to be the wielder of the Fabricated Excalibur approached me not long ago. He challenged me for my own sword, but I managed to talk him into allying with me instead. He's seeking Fabricated Weapons to challenge a mysterious enemy who's killing wielders and those studying them. It's possible one of them has the bow..." Abel grit his teeth. He still didn't know much about this situation or the weapons in general. It was frustrating to say the least.

"He seemed to know a lot about Fabricated Weapons and he said he'd tell me more soon, but I've been a bit... preoccupied with other things..." He said, referring to the source of his wounds. It couldn't be helped. He would do whatever he could to help Rei, but this situation couldn't be ignored either. He'd just have to tackle everything at once, by himself if necessary. "Do you know anything more about the bow or its wielder? We'll have to act quickly. Whoever has it is either in immediate danger or dangerous themselves. We can't afford to hesitate."
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James raised an eyebrow and laughed. "Excalibur? I know someone who sometimes weilds the sentient sword by that name who claimed to be the one Arthur used. Maybe we should introduce them?"

Being more serious he got back on track. "The original holder of the bow is dead. Same with the band of merry men he had gathered around himself. Right now the bow is in the hands of a violent criminal gang who is using it to rob rich people, killing them.
"The worst part is that the bow itself may be influencing the minds of those around it. Before the original user robbed rich criminals and corrupt people, giving the money to charities. Robbing the rich to give to the poor. The current user is robbing any rich easy target just for the cash, and passing it onto the poor via hookers, drug dealers, black market goods and more.
"The first user gathered up a group of followers who fit the discriptions of the main followers of Robin Hood. Known current associates of the current holder also fit the discription.
"People seem to fall under the influence of both users easily, and they were good with disguises"

After a pause, he added, "Now, remember this legend was bassed on rebellion, anti-establistarism, anti-authority and anachy, although thrown in a good light. Just imagine I am right about it influencing people's minds, and then what the bow can do if it was in the hands of a communist terrorist group, or some other organization that had long term plans."

Shaking his head. "I pray to anyone who can help me that I am wrong in this. It would mean that there would be a lot of people acting with their minds messed with, and not making their choices of their own free will. Possibly not even the current holder of the bow!
"I am willing to show you how I came to these conclusions."
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Abel smirked uncomfortably imagining the boy he'd met before being introduced to anyone. He didn't exactly come across as the social type...

"It's probably better... if they didn't meet.."

It seemed just as likely he'd try to kill someone who had a useful weapon like that. Of course saying that, he did back down fairly easily once Abel offered to help him. Maybe he wasn't as bad as he seemed at first.

James continued, with Abel at rapt attention as he recounted the horrid events surrounding the newly discovered weapon. "It seems like whenever I hear new information about Fabricated Weapons it concerns only the death of innocents. They can't be allowed to continue being wielded by unworthy men. I will help you retrieve the bow, but I must ask that when we find it, I need to be allowed to find its true owner. I hope you don't think I'm asking too much, but if it really is a Fabricated Weapon, then that much is my ordained mission."

This could be the start of his true gathering of the weapons. If he could accomplish this mission, it would set his soul at ease. "If you think it's important, I'd like to know whatever you do about it, but it seems to me that time is of the essence, so the sooner we can begin our hunt, the better."
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James was serious and went to his stack of folders.
"I was online, trying to find unusual events. I came acrosss a news story on a forign language site. I could not read it, but the picture grabbed my attention."

From the top of the stack, he removed the first folder, and opened it. Inside was a copy of the news article up the top, including the picture.
It showed the aftermath of a fight in which 6 security guards had been knocked out without injuries. The armoured truck they had been driving had been stolen.
One interesting thing was in part ofthe picture, it showed the robbers had used arrows. One arrow was embedded in a wall, and it was split in two by another arrow.
That part was blown up and was a picture in it's own right in the folder.

James was serious. "That is only ever from one story. Normally the grain of the wood would make the arrow split unevenly and towards a side. That means it would not go all the way.
"Seeing that I looked into the article and what I could about who was robbed."

The next part of the folder came into play. The people who had been robbed was small casino, owned by shareholders who were known to be fronts for a local crime family. The casino was also being investigated for laundering money and beinga way to pay bribes to officials.

James got a stack of other folders. "I looked for and found other cases where such split arrows were found, and I found them. I'll sum them up: each one was used against criminals and the corrupt.
"Next I looked for a common pattern. Something that would explain a group of people traveling all over the world, and that fit with the Robin Hood mythos.
"Archery competitions was the answer."

He handed over a folder showing a map of locations and times ofthe attacks, and nearby archery competitions
"Then I looked for a skilled competitor who was at all of the competitions. It took a while because Robin Hood is also a skilled disguise artist. I was lucky this guy used alliases he considered amusing. Things like 'Archie Robinson'."
The next folder showed competitors and the names they used. It also showed their final rankings.
If you knew what to look for, you could tell the winners were all the same person.

"I checked where the money went. It went to charities, donations to the poor. Things like battered women's shealters, homeless shelters, institutions for the disabled, drug rehabilitations programs and other things."
There was a folder showing that as well

Then he was grim.
"I knew there was something odd about those arrows. Remember how I mentioned the grain of the arrows being a problem when it came to split them? I felt the need to learn more about them.
"On the Dark Web I found others interested in these robberies. I got in contact with one group they had robbed. I won't tell you who they are. I managed to swap info with them. They were surprised the money went to charities and it was not their rivals.
"I managed to get a few police reports their brought cops had given them."

Another few folders had all the information.
It included closeup pictures of the arrows.

"Notice the grain in the wood? It runs straight from one end to the other. Not just that, but it happens in every single arrow. These arrows are not natural. Yet they are wood. I think they are created as part of the bow.
"Looking for these unique arrows led me to a disturbing find. I know who the original owner of the bow was, and what happened to him. I gave this to the crime group to satisfy them."

Another folder was handed over.

It contained the information about a young man from England who served in the English army, and went to the middle east as part of the military action there. He was allowed to return home. It seemed his father had been framed for white collar crimes andthe family home and lands had been seized. The father could not take it any more and died. The first use of the bow was to hunt the people who framed his father and exposed them for framing him.
It tracked his movement through countries, which matched where the crimes had been committed.
Finally it led to Japan.
There had been an archer competition there for western style archery a few years ago, and he tried to compete in it. He and his group of associated had been in the wrong area and were killed by a large gang. The guy's girlfriend lasted longer, but she would have preffered death.
Hehad used arrows to kill quite a few gang members, but was taken down by a bullet to his head from behind.

James grimly nodded. "As far as the crime groups know, this is the end of it. I only wish it was."

The fact there was a fair stack of folders remaining should tell Abel there was more, and not much good!
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Abel nodded seriously as he followed James' train of evidence, considering each piece thoughtfully and how it fit in with the rest. No matter how you looked at it, his logic certainly seemed to fit. Whatever the case, it was a grim tale, one which offended his good conscience deeply. "While we can't rule out the Fabricated Weapon idea, let's not leave out the possibility that some other unique ability might be at play. I didn't imagine there could be one like this, but if it's true then they're much more dangerous than I imagined..."

If a simple bow could bring so much death, how much more Excalibur? Or even Joyeuse? "If the group who now hold the weapon is still in Japan, then we have no excuse not to intervene. Do you have a plan of approach already in mind?" He couldn't afford to be stupid about this. Though his natural inclination was to barge in and face the enemy head on, facing an armed gang without a plan would be foolish. Especially if one of them really did have such a weapon in their possession. Who knows what else it might be capable of...
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James shook his head.
"I had considered it was a power tied tohim, but it's not. The bow changed hands. Good or evil are all based in intent and how and why things are done and used. Those folders I gave you showed the bow used to help thousands."

Looking at the stack of unopened folders, he could only sigh. "I can see how and even possibly why this works. If the weapons are made based on the mythos behind the real ones, or infused or connected to the mythos, then whoever made it might have tried to infuse not just the power in the weapon, but part of the mythos of how and why it was used. This could have been designed as a safety measure.
"A weapon of a hero would be considered to lend itself to heroic actions. Unfortunatly, things get lost in translation. If the weapon joins with it's user, then when they are linked, it could bestow other abilities as a side effect of the connection. Maybe influence the user's thoughts."

Pausing for a bit "Each mind works differently, and when there are totally different cultures involved, even more so. The bow can be used for good, but the user needs to have a way to vent the urges safely."

Going to the stacks, he said "I have not pinned down their base yet, and you are in no condition to fight them. I have IDed the general area. It's a forrest near some rich areas. The gang is going after rich people, including tourists, with attacks on different places.
"Right now the gang is spending it's money on self indulgence. A few smaller gangs have joined up, establishing lesser encampments. Estimated total fighters is around 40, at a low guess. Hanger ons who may aid them areat a low estimate of over a hundred in the surrounding areas. Thisincludes those who will act as lookouts for them. A known low level arms dealer has been seen in the area, and they have hit places with hunting rifles.
"You need to recover, and learn how to play a role that won't stand out. Ineed to find out more.
"If I go to the authorities with this, then others will know about the bow. We can't risk it being used like this again."
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Stealing, under any circumstances, is a sin, but Abel knew this was the time for action, not hermeneutics. There could be no doubt that the present holder of the bow wasn't using it for any sort of good. "If it comes down to it, I'll have no problem dealing with a few thugs, armed or not. But you're right that in this state I could be a liability... if there's any way I can help, I'll lend you my strength.

Was it possible he could be right about the Weapons? Were pieces of heroes, fictional or historical, infused with them somehow? If so, then that meant his sword...

Well, he'd seen no evidence of anything like that so far. If he had a sudden urge to secure Christendom for the sake of the bishop of Rome, he might just throw himself on that sword instead...
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James told him, "You need to rest while I do my research. When you are a bit better, I will teach you a few tricks about infiltration.
"However, if you wish to help, there is one thing you can try to do:contact whoever you got your sword from and ask them if anyone tried what I mentioned. Hopefully this will warn them not to try it if they haven't already.
"If this is a Fabricated Weapon, I hope the method used was just a trial run and not used elsewhere."

He clearly shuddered and said "One person's hero is anothers Villian."

Pausing for a bit, he went over to the folders, and look through them until he found one specific one.
"These people have been getting smart. They have managed to keep some people alive and forced them to give access to their bank accounts, which were then drained dry before the victim got killed. It goes into numbered accounts.
"If I can get the laptop computer they are using, I may be able to retrieve the money, and use it to help the needy. I want you to try to set up a numbered account for me to put funds into. I won't be touching the money I put there. You pass it out as you deem best."
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"Infiltration? It sounds so... duplicitous." He admired James's practicality and utilitarianism in situations like this. He was driven and seemed to put success in protecting others and removing threats above all else. It was a practical philosophy, but Abel wasn't sure it would be a simple matter for him to emulate it. In the end, he operated off a much stricter set of rules than the average person...

Still, he'd try to learn as much as he could. God has brought them together for a purpose, and that purpose was clear.

"Honestly... I don't actually know that much about where Joyeuse came from. My father gave it to me, but he didn't make it. I think it was a friend of his... I guess I could just..." Talk to his father? That didn't seem likely. The way things were now it was impossible. "Well... I'll see what I can find out regardless." It had been at least 48 hours since he last spoke to his mother, so she'd doubtless be calling him soon anyhow. That was as good a place to start as any.

He went silent at James's last proposition. After brief consideration, he nodded. "That I can actually help with. I appreciate you putting your trust in me, I'll do my best." If they had been as busy as James said, that could add up to a lot of money. No telling what it might be used for left in the hands of criminals.
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James saw Abel's father was a major issue for him, "I don't know what the problem between your father and you is, but family should not be split. Only when someone has done something truly unforgivable should such a rift occur. Make peace with him. We shall be going into battle, and if we fall, then peace shall avoid him, as it would escape you if he was to die before you made peace with him.
"The longer it goes on, the harder it will be to talk with him.
"If you do not wish to talk with him about what caused the problem at first, then talk about something that concerns you both. I think he would like to know that you are taking a stand to help protect people. He might even be proud of you.
"Maybe mention I am helping you, and talk about me? I don't mind.
"If you don't try to mend things with him, then the pain in your heart will only grow. I've seen people haunted by past regrets and seen it poisen them, and others to turned to Role Play in order to escape from the regrets of their life for a while."

Now for the tough part "He might not wish to make peace with you yet, but keep the offer open. Does not the Bible have passages where people have been split apart from others, yet offer them a chance to make peace, and it is joyous when they do?"

He was silent for a moment and said "When you have done so, and can focus, I will teach you what I can."

Time Skip for 2 weeks

James works on clothing, adding armour, and weapons. He prepares crude rockets using fireworks, remote detonators and a range of warheads.
Some could only safely be assembled where they would be fired from.

Even get's some venom from a Sydney Funnelweb spider, which kills only primates. Since the spiders are only found around one city on another continate, odds were good the criminals would not know how to treat the venom.
He also made sure he and Abel would have doses of the anti-venom!

He would help Abel armour some of his clothing, and even get an old, plain white van, which was then painted with designs that were then rubbed down to seem as if they had been there a while.
He would give training to Abel. In addition to infiltration, but also some fighting tricks, like throwing knive and spikes, dagger play and a few tricks about fighting multiple enemies
(First rule is: Don't! Make them come at you one at a time by positioning yourself in the right ways!)

After the weeks were up, James would tell Abel, "I think we can go next weekend. I've got an idea of their pattern. I even managed to find someone they have locating targets. I tipped them off to a high ranking yakuza boss who is going on a holiday to a hotspring in the area. I think he is there is meet someone from another group. His group owns the place outright in order to prevent information leaks.
"After the surprise attack, the gang will be holding a victory party. Booze, drugs, and groupies will be there. They won't pay too much attention to a few others joining in."
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Abel smirked, a bit forced but he stifled the brunt of those feelings he felt welling up at the mention of his father. "You know you're very observant, James... I respect my father a lot, he's a great man. He's not the one who did something wrong, I was." That was as much as he felt like saying. To say he didn't want to make up with his father was... wrong. It was more like he was too ashamed of himself to do anything about it. Maybe one day he'd be the prodigal son, but not today.


He learned a great deal from James during those two weeks, and making homemade armor was probably among the best. After getting knocked around by that demon the other week, he regretted not learning about it sooner...

Thankfully his body had mostly healed from those same injuries and by the time they were nearly prepared to begin, he was nearly 100%. "If it's that soon, I'll be ready by then. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous, but compared to facing down demons, a bunch of thugs feels like a bit of a relief in a way." Of course, guns were ever bit as dangerous as an ogre's fist, maybe moreso. Not to mention that person who has the Fabricated Weapon might be there.

He couldn't afford to let down his guard even slightly...
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James nodded. "Just keep in mind that Ogres have to get close to hit you, and you are not likely to encounter many at once around here.
"Friday we leave after classes. You can do homework while I drive. Don't ask about my liscense. Latter on you can drive while I rest.
"Just make sure you have your equipment ready to go thursday night."


Friday, Abel would find James in a female form. Purple hair and strange clothing. If he noticed anything about the storage room, hewould notice that it seemed less crowded.
The question of where the stuff went would be answered when they got to the van.
James would grin a bit crazily, "You don't want to have an accident with this stuff on board! I'll be using the name Bec for now.
"There is a box of surgical gloves in the front glove box for easy use, and I just liked the idea of someone actually putting gloves there for a change."

Motioning Abel into the van with his gear, Bec told him, "If you want to know what I have in the back in those boxes, well, I have some home made rockets with a range of warheads. Some I have to assemble on site. The rockets are triggered to be activate via remote detonators and have some holder to let me aim them at targets in advance.
"When these babies blow, there will be poisoned gas, shrappnel, mini-bombs and in a few a personal mixture. Imagine Thermite and Napalm mixed together and spread over a large area. It's amazing what you find online.
"That's in addition to personal weapons."

Yeah, Abel would have a very good reason to worry.
Oh, the liscence was real, and James just disguised himself as the woman in the picture on it
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To say Abel was a bit uncomfortable at the sight of James in drag would be an understatement. Even though he already knew about most of his roommate's more eccentric... activities (hobbies?). It was still off putting to see it in person. Everything about it went against his moral compass and God-given understanding of the natural order. Perhaps even more unfortunately, this was probably the least unsettling issue sitting before his eyes at present.

A van full of explosives. He was almost certain that was illegal in nearly every country, including Japan. To say nothing of identity theft and unlicensed driving...

Peculiarly, he wasn't sure which of these bothered him most.

Actually, yes he was.

"I'd like some assurance that we're not going to be killing anybody... including ourselves." He said with a stern expression. "I can... overlook most of these things as part of your methodology, but that's a lot of things which could easily kill several people, intentionally or unintentionally." Whether he meant to or not, it seemed like this sort of thing could easily go awry. Even so, with a resigned sigh Abel climbed into the van, relying as much as ever on the goodness of God for his protection.
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'Bec' was serious.
"These are things I prepare not because I want to use them, but because I hope I don't need to. As I said before, at least some of these people are probably under mental influence, and I do not wish to kill or even seriously harm those who do not chose to follow evil of their own free will.
"However, if it comes down to me or them, then I will try to make sure no more innocents are harmed.
"In the meanwhile, they can be very good distractions. Aim something at where they store their transport, and they can't chase us. Chlorine gas can be seen, and most people would avoid going through it. Blow up a bridge we have to pass over and they are stranded.
"If they are too scare to hang around and fight us, then we will have won. Victory is achived by two ways: make the enemy unable to fight you, or too unwilling to fight you. If you have them scared to face you, and corner them, they can be more dangerous because they have nothing to lose. Give them an opening to flee, and they'll run until they collapse in exhaustion."

For the hanger-ons, he added, "If we can put fear into the hearts of those who have tainted themselves by encouraging the murder of innocent people, even while under mind alteration, we may be able to scare them into changing their ways. I would rather save souls then reap them.
"However, I fear there will be one death: the man with the bow. The only alternative I can see is if I try to take the bow, and absorb it. I do not want to risk that."

Nodding slowly as she drove, "I mean to put something worse then the fear of God in them: the fear of me. They may not believe in God to fear Him, but they will have no choice but to believe in and fear me! There is nothing like facing death to make people realize how big they stuffed up and regret choices they made.
"If you get them to that point, and offer them hope to make things right, they will accept it. Some may latter change back, but others won't."

She'd let Abel think about that.
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Abel felt a twinge of regret having already buckled his seatbelt.

More than that, unfortunately, was the grim ache of responsibility. He hadn't started this mess, but he was a part of it now. Moreso than that, a Fabricated Weapon was involved and it wasn't as if he had a choice about being involved at that point. It might not be easy, but Abel wouldn't allow anyone to die today if he could help it. So long as God was with him, if it was His will, he would succeed.

He smiled weakly, balling his fists in discomfort.

"I'm sorry, James, but if you truly understand what I mean when I say my will is bound to Him, then you know it can't be that simple. I can't in good conscience agree with your reasoning or your methods to an extent... but our missions are connected, there's no escaping that. So I'm working with you, and I've learned a lot since we began, so I'll see this through with you and I hope we both come out of this better for it." He had little doubt, however, that James would come out of this alive.

He didn't seem the type to leap into anything he didn't have the means to get out of. If only Abel could say the same.
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