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Kickflip Into Gear; Open
Topic Started: Jun 5 2018, 07:42 AM (158 Views)
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It was supposed to be an average Sunday, though average might be subjective. It started early in the morning with a phone call, roughly at eight in the morning to be more precise. Madeline picked up the phone to one of her friends that she had gained at Kaneshima High, the two sharing the US as their points of origin.

"Hey, wake up! I need you to do some shooting!"

"Shooting? What do you mean?"

"Shooting some raw footage! Today's perfect and there's nothing else to do, right?"

"Ugh...you do know what time it is, right?"

"The early bird gets the worm!"

"Fine, fine. Just give me ten more minutes and I'll get up."

"Alright, but you better not flake on me!"

Click. Madeline placed the phone next to her and went back to relaxing for a bit, having not even opened her eyes after seeing who it was that was calling her. As she lied there, she mentally prepared herself for what she was getting herself into, or rather, what she was getting dragged into.

A minute or so passed before she fully opened her eyes, sitting up and stretching out her muscles. Before leaving the comfort of her bed, she plugged in her phone to let it charge while she got ready.

It wasn't until a half an hour later she found herself downtown where she was to meet her friend. Madeline stood there for a bit, looking around to spot her friend but to no avail. As she began pulling out her phone to give her friend a text, the sound of wood against a metal railing could be heard coming towards her.

"Finally you showed up!"

The girl said while grinding a rail down towards Madeline, landing next to her after hopping off the rail.

"I said I was coming, didn't I?"

"Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Here, the camera's in the bag."

As she spoke, she began pulling off her satchel and handed it off to Madeline. It didn't take long to find the camera the girl was talking about, seeing as it wasn't the smallest thing in the bag.

After some explanation, Madeline began recording shots of her friend doing tricks off of the rail. There were times when she came close to riding out into the road, thankfully not too much traffic was seen from either lane.
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While most people would be asleep at this hour on a Sunday, one would be able to find Isaiah knee-deep in his morning run through the city in a plain black tank top and red basketball shorts.

Truly, the boy did not know the meaning of a rest day as he ran through the streets at a medium-level pace: not slow enough to be a jog, but not quite fast enough to be considered a sprint. He was about a half-hour into his run, having worked up a decent sweat, but his breathing still remaining steady.

One of the pros of running through the city in the early morning would be the fact that there weren't too many pedestrians out, or traffic for that matter, that Isaiah had to worry about weaving through, which gave him the opportunity to set a much faster pace than he usually would for his runs.

With that in mind, the boy broke into a sprint, determined to test the limits of his body. He could feel the wind whip through his body as the now-enhanced athlete became a blur through the streets of downtown. After sprinting across a few blocks, Isaiah slowed down to a stop, putting his hands on his knees as he allowed himself to regain his breath.

That was when he heard the sound of a skateboard rolling on concrete nearby.

Perking up in curiosity, Isaiah looked around to find the source of said sound, hoping that whoever it was wouldn't mind a spectator, since now was as good a time as ever to take a break. Walking towards the noise, he was pleased to find a familiar face in Madeline, despite only having met her one other time, who seemed to be filming a skater. A friend? Maybe a client?

"Yo, Mads!" He called out cheerfully, waving towards her with a casual grin, "Fancy seeing you again. This ya line of work?" Isaiah made sure to stay clear of the area Madeline was filming as he glanced between her and the girl performing various tricks with her board.
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"Oh, hey!"

She said after hesitating for a second, attempting to remember Isaiah from a couple of days ago.

"Nah, I'm just filming for a friend. Though I probably should charge her."

Madeline said after turning a bit towards Isaiah mid way through.

"Did'ja get that?"

"Hm? Oh, uh...yeah! Nice moves!"

She said to her friend, trying to make it seem like she got it but easily got seen through.

"Come on, ya gotta pay attention!"

Madeline rolled her eyes, turning her head slightly towards Isaiah to look at him with a raised eyebrow, giving him an example of why she should get paid for doing what she was doing.

"Hey, who're you? You from the US, too?"

Her friend asked, turning her attention to Isaiah once she realized there was someone else there besides Madeline and herself.

"Tha' names Erica, Erica Sparrow."

Erica said, extending her hand out towards Isaiah for a handshake.
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"Heh, back home that cost me a lunch from my boys if I wanted them to film me shootin' hoop."

Isaiah chuckled at Madeline's response to her friend's frustration, raising his hands apologetically as he realized his sudden entrance probably distracted her from getting that shot her friend was complaining about.

Turning towards said friend, he offered his own hand in response, grasping hers firmly. "'Sup. I'm Isaiah, Zay for short." Letting go, he replied to her earlier question, "Yeah, I'm from the States. You're from there too, huh?" The way Erica framed that question made it seem that way, at least. He turned back towards Madeline in mock offense.

"Yo, you got a U.S. posse that ya just ain't lettin' me in on?"
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"Not really. There's only a couple people I know that're from the U.S.."

Madeline said, shrugging with her left shoulder.

"A'ight enough chit chat, time to do some more filmin'."

Erica said, kicking the side of Madeline's shoe to get her attention before skating off. Madeline attempted to hold the camera in place, watching Erica as she began skating to make sure it was at least pointed in her direction.

"Do you skate?"

Madeline asked, looking to him after making sure the camera was recording for Erica's next couple of stunts.
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Isaiah shrugged in response. He figured there could only be so many Americans on this island, he just found it funny that the first friend of Madeline's he meets also happens to be American.

Making sure he was out of the way of Madeline's shot, he watched as Erica went back to skating while he stretched out his limbs from his run. After a moment of watching, he acknowledged her question after admittedly zoning out for a bit, "Hm? Oh, nah, not quite my speed. I don't do too well when it comes to objects and balancing on 'em...what about you? You skate too, or do you just film your skater friends?"
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"Nah, skatin's not my game. I prefer baseball, which I'm sure you're aware of."

Madeline said, looking over to him as she kept the camera focused on Erica. She was hoping he'd recall the other day, though it should be no problem considering it was when he first met her.

"I used to play a little softball back in middle school back home but I prefer real baseball."

After speaking a bit more, Madeline went back to make sure the camera was lined up properly for the shots, though the next thing she'd see is Erica landing from a high drop.


Erica said as she fell to the ground, landing on her rear with her skateboard rolling off a little bit by only a couple feet or so.

"You alright?"

"Forget about that, did ya get the shot?"

"Uh, yeah, of course. What else is there to film?"

"Whatever. I say we should move locale; something a bit more exclusive."

Madeline sighed, knowing what Erica meant due to the amount of emphasis she put on the word exclusive. Maddie, closed and shut off the camera for now, saving the battery and tap for when they were actually filming. Though, she was thinking about letting the battery run and use it as an excuse to quit filming.

"You wanna come along? You can help me hang myself."

Madeline said, though speaking a bit quieter on the latter half. Whether he came along or not, Madeline began following Erica albeit a little further behind considering Erica grabbed her board and began skating to the new location.
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"Ah, right, the docks. Yeah, I played some baseball back home with my friends, but that was more for fun. I'm more of a basketball guy myself."

He recalled the day they met, when he had unwittingly showed her his powers. It was rather embarrassing, looking back on it, but it was a relief that Madeline didn't treat him any different for it.

Isaiah jumped a little at the sound of Erica's fall. He had stopped paying attention to her skating in favor of his conversation with Madeline, so the fall took him by surprise. "Whoa, you good?" he asked with concern. She seemed to brush it off, however, so he didn't say anything further.

He blinked at Madeline's offer. The way Erica made it sound, he thought she was hinting for him to leave, but that may not be the case if Madeline's inviting him to tag along. Isaiah shrugged in response, "Eh, why not. Got nothin' better to do today."

Walking alongside her, he studied her demeanor. He didn't hear her muttering, but she gave off the vibe of not wanting to be here. "Err, you don't look all that psyched to be doing this, so why're you letting her drag you around to film her? That is, if you don't mind my asking," he said, lowering his voice so Erica couldn't hear him ahead.
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"Ah, basketball. I played a little back in middle school, not my kind of scene,"

Madeline said as she looked towards Isaiah, recalling memories of middle school and the kinds of trouble she got into back home.

Thankfully Isaiah agreed to come along, Madeline not wanting to be alone and bored while filming. It's not like she didn't want to film anyone skating, it was just the fact that Erica was a bit of a handful for her to deal with.

"Well, I don't have anything else to do and I promised I'd do this in return for a favor."

She said while walking alongside Isaiah, out of range for Erica to hear. It was a very low form of blackmail, except Madeline agreed to the circumstances; so it wasn't really blackmail.

"It's nothing too serious, just some filming."

After a couple minutes of walking, the two would find Erica skating around in a construction site, one with walls and barriers which were clear indicators that the contractors didn't want anyone but employees on the site.
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Isaiah shrugged. "Eh, different strokes for different folks and all that, I guess." He recalled when he first picked up a basketball in his early preschool days. The rest, as they say, is history.

His head tilted at Madeline's explanation that she was doing this for a favor. "Hmm, is this more of a "spot me for lunch" kinda favor, or somethin' a little shadier?" he asked with a slightly mischievous smirk. He couldn't really be one to judge if it were the latter, he had asked more from curiosity. He himself had participated in a few sketchy favors around the block back home for various reasons. Nothing too serious, but it'd still be a bad look would he have been caught by authorities.

Isaiah looked around at the construction site that they entered and that Erica was currently skating in with a reserved expression on his face, seeing the various barriers and restricted signs. He wasn't really a stickler for rules, but he also wasn't looking to get in trouble with authorities either.

He would not put it past his mama to fly overseas just to knock him upside the head.

"Do they not keep much security around here on the weekends?" Isaiah asked cautiously, looking back towards Madeline with a bit of worry on his face.
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"More like the first one. Like I said, nothing too serious; just a favor I owed in return. I'm a girl of her word."

Madeline was quite proud of being known for her word, even much so that she smirked when she said that last line. Of course, keeping your word to various people could also be a hindrance than a blessing, especially if one's not keeping track of who they owe favors to. Thankfully Erica isn't really one of those types of people, or so it'd appear.


She said as she looked around at the venue Erica chose, seeing her skate around and grinding around pipes that were lying around. There didn't seem to be much security, or rather any to be exact, possibly due to it being lunch.

"Ya know were not supposed to be here, Erica."

"Whaddaya mean? It's open season!"

"Yeah except this season's a bit more hostile than the rest."

"Yer just bein' a chicken. Jus start filmin' and leave the skatin' to me!"

"Ugh...Fine but I'm filming from out here."

"You know, I suddenly remember you weren't at school that day. Hmm."

Without saying a word, Madeline made her way into construction site, climbing over the barrier with the camera in hand. She began recording Erica, watching her with a furled brow and a look of dissatisfaction on her face.
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"Hmm, I'll keep that in mind," Isaiah said thoughtfully, filing away that particular piece of information. Being so far away from home on his own, it'd be nice to have someone he can rely on for a favor or two. The only other person he could think of that he was close enough with to ask favors from was Mikaela, and...well...

Isaiah shuddered at the thought. He could think of five different ways that could go wrong.

He looked between the two girls going back and forth, before following where Madeline went. He kept his head slightly downwards on the off-chance that the site had cameras, even though the list of 6-foot black men in Kaneshima was probably pretty small to begin with. Nevertheless, Isaiah chose to err on the side of caution as he eyed the closest exit routes, should security show up.

He watched Erica skate in silence for a few moments before he became restless, asking Madeline while still watching, "So...it probably ain't my business, but what'd she mean by that? About not being at school and all that?"

He figured if it was too personal, Erica wouldn't have said anything about it in front of him, but he could be wrong. He shrugged it off. Worst case scenario, she'd just shut him down and they'd continue on in silence.
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"Don't worry about it. Not something I want to talk about right now,"

Madeline said, declining to clarify what Erica meant. It also seemed to put her in a bad mood, considering she was frowning a bit while filming Erica skate around. Silence continued to fill the air as Madeline stood there, contemplating various options on how she'd be able to exit the extortion Erica has over her. As far as anyone on the outside could tell, Madeline was thinking as she filmed.

A couple minutes pass by until the sound of something breaking was heard from the area Erica was skating around.

"Whoops, hopefully they didn't need that."

Erica said, looking at the box of broken light bulbs that were knocked to the ground. The box was on the floor with a bunch of bulbs fallen out, knocked off from a shelf that Erica used to grind on.

"Oh well, they can get more."


Madeline didn't say anything, still upset about Erica extorting her for her cooperation, though aware that she did break the bulbs.

"I know what this place needs; a ramp!"

Erica quickly pushed down a door that had been leaned up against a wall, letting it land against a low counter.


There were no protests from Madeline as she silently recorded everything, an idea coming to mind that brought a smirk to her frowning face.
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"Oh...cool, then."

Isaiah wasn't entirely able to keep the awkwardness out of his reply as his eyes darted between Madeline and Erica. She did assure him that this favor wasn't anything too serious, but he wouldn't have been able to tell that from one glance at Madeline's expression. He cleared his throat awkwardly, beginning to sense the building tension in the air.

He jumped at the sound of light bulbs breaking on the cement. He was nervous enough as it was hanging around in a restricted area, so Erica breaking equipment on said restricted area didn't do his nerves any favors. His eyebrows raised as the skater went for the door.

"Hey, uh, maybe we shouldn't push our luck--well, okay, it's a ramp now..."

Isaiah muttered the last part, once again checking the nearest exits worriedly. Yeah, his mother would definitely have some choice words for him were she to catch him hanging around here.

"Yo, your friend's makin' me a little jumpy breaking those light bulbs and doors, so I'm gonna...uhh, what's with that?" He was ready to make himself scarce with how Erica's been nonchalantly damaging property, not wanting to be made guilty by association; however, the mischievous look that formed on Madeline's face gave him pause. They had only met the other day, but Isaiah can count the list of people he knows on this island with one hand and still have fingers to spare. As such, he felt obligated to ensure that one of the people on that very short list doesn't go and do something that can potentially land them in trouble.
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Erica began skating off of the now fallen door, doing tricks off of it and grinding a nearby saw horse. Madeline continued to film while Isaiah spoke to her, hearing him out without speaking herself.

After a couple of minutes recording Erica, capturing all of the good moments of Erica defacing private property. It'd soon become apparent what Madeline was doing, especially when she went into the camera and began sending the video to a certain location on the internet. She'd do this from time to time, making sure the video sizes weren't too big or she'd be taking too long to upload.

"There, how were those shots?"

"They were great, I got it all."

"That's what I wanna hear."

Erica took a second to look over the footage, smiling as she played back the video to see the shots she liked. Shortly after, the sounds of footsteps could be heard approaching the area.

"Oh crap, someone's coming! We gotta bail. Quick, out tha window!"

Erica quickly jumped out the nearby window, landing on her feet before skating off with the most haste. Thankfully it wasn't too high up, especially considering they were on the first floor of the building.

There didn't seem to be enough time to escape by the time the individual appeared, leaving the two to hide somewhere nearby and out of sight. Madeline quickly ducked behind a counter, placing her back against it and bringing her legs and knees into her body to keep herself from getting spotted easily.

If one were to look at the entrance they came in from, the figure was standing there and looking in. It wasn't too dark to make the figure out, the person turning out to be a silver haired woman with a unique look to her. She looked rather tall, taller than any average woman. However when compared to Isaiah, she'd just just a couple inches shorter than himself.
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It seemed that Madeline wouldn’t explain herself any further, so Isaiah had to settle with standing back and observing, though a small frown formed when he saw what exactly she was doing with the footage of her friend. He was really starting to doubt if “friend” was the appropriate term now, however. While he generally disapproved of airing someone’s laundry like that so publicly, he had no idea what exactly was going on between the two of them, and so chose to remain silent on the matter.

Just as he was about to explain to Madeline that this was getting a little weird for him and was about to announce his departure, he heard Erica’s exclamation and subsequent exit. Just as he was about to make a break for one of the exits he identified earlier, he heard the footsteps get closer. More than likely, he would be spotted if he made a break for it. Following Madeline’s example, he quickly looked for a place to hide.

In situations like these, he cursed his tall stature. Less hiding places he could fit into. Making a snap decision, he hid himself behind one of the columns of the first floor, making sure to pay attention to the sound of the person’s footsteps in order to adjust his position accordingly.
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The woman looked around from the entrance to the site, looking down and seeing footprints leading inward. It was a bit hard to notice but the woman was no ordinary individual.

It wasn't much longer until she found herself in the doorway of the unfinished building, examining the room and seeing several misplaced objects including the broken light bulbs.

Her footsteps picked up again after examining the room, walking towards the fallen door. To get a better look at the damage done to the door, she crouched down and examined the scratches. When suited with her findings, she stood back up and grabbed the door with one hand with ease.

Madeline looked over as the woman moved the door to a nearby wall, watching and trying to see who she was. There was a bit of familiarity when she examined her from the back, only recalling a few other silvered haired women as she watched.

Once the door was placed against the wall, she continued to face away from the two as she stood in silence before speaking.

"I know you are there."

The woman said, remaining faced away from their general locations. A second after speaking, she'd turn around to face the other way. She stood silently to see if they'd emerge from their hiding spots. Madeline wasn't going to come out, she figured the woman was bluffing.

If they continued to hide despite the woman informing them that they knew they were there, whether it was a bluff or not, their phones would begin to ring; regardless if it was on silent or not.
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Hearing the sound of the footsteps proceed towards the direction opposite to him, Isaiah risked peeking past the column he was hiding behind to get a better look at the newcomer. From what little he could see, it seemed to be a female…and a tall one at that, almost rivaling his own height. He could not glean much else, however, as she was a fair distance away with her back turned to him. He looked towards the window that Erica had previously jumped out of, trying to decide if he would successfully be able to make a break for it.

Isaiah quickly perished that thought when he glanced over at Madeline, who wasn’t able to make it out as well. It wouldn’t sit well with him making an escape not knowing if the girl would be able to make it out on her own. Growing up in an urban community had instilled him with the principle of never leaving anyone out to dry when it came to authorities. He had only met Madeline twice now, but she seemed pretty cool up until now; he figured she didn’t deserve that.

Isaiah straightened out when the woman called for them, looking to Madeline to see if she’d make a move. Seeing her remain in her place, he looked straight ahead of him, weighing out the options in his mind. He doubted this woman would simply leave if neither of them answered, but he figured that she doesn’t know that there’s two of them yet.

Mind made up, he made a few hand signals to Madeline that he was going to come out, pointing at himself then in the woman’s direction, before pointing at her and towards the closest window to escape. Hopefully she’d get the message.

“Hey!” He exclaimed with a nervous smile, coming out of his hiding spot, although he made sure to position himself further away from Madeline’s position, hoping to keep the woman’s attention on himself. “I was just passing through, didn’t see the restricted signs. I was out on a run, but I’m kinda new to this island, so I may or may not have gotten lost,” he said, sheepishly scratching his head. Hopefully the woman wouldn’t inquire further than that, as he was racking his brain for more convincing explanations to his half-made up story.
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