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[Arcadia War] World End Crisis: Distortion; CLOSED: Shad, Jessica, Yukina, Tommy
Topic Started: May 29 2018, 08:54 AM (96 Views)
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With a thunderous crash and the shattering of glass, Hiroyuki hurled forth from what most knew to be an abandoned dance hall. It had gone out of business some time ago and was one of the few locations on the Broadway that was still waiting to be purchased and repurposed by new owners. The Blood Mage had considered using it as a location to stage the final struggle against Yamato Hotsuin, the current Commander of the enigmatic group known as Arcadia.

But that plan had failed. Tumbling and rolling uncontrollably, Hiroyuki skidded into the center of the street just beyond the building causing a wave of gasps from passerby's while several cars skidded to a halt to avoid running the teen over. Wincing in pain Hiroyuki rose wavering as he stumbled about trying to keep his footing. Everything had gone all wrong and he really only had himself to blame. But hadn't his plan been foolproof? Perhaps, but he had forgotten to account for the biggest fool of all: himself. The reality of the situation catching up to the blinding pain, Hiroyuki's eyes widened as he glanced around realizing the crowd the scene would draw.

A wave of energy exploded from within the empty dance hall as two more figures shot forth landing on each side of Hiroyuki: the ghost girl Hanako and her trusted if odd ally the yokai Aka-san. It was for them and others supernatural creatures that Hiroyuki had picked this current conflict with Arcadia. But it was worse than that. If Yamato's plans remained unchecked, the interaction of it all threatened to harm even innocent students at the school with no knowledge of what was going on.

Spoiler: click to toggle

"No more of your little games, Hiroyuki," Yamato charged as he strode out from within the site of their initial conflict, "Or are you considering more pathetic begging like before?" The imposing figure of Arcadia's Commander was encased in a burning blue aura of energy. It was the accumulated energies of the Hotsuin Clan ability known as the Dragon Stream. By rerouting the ley lines throughout Japan, Yamato had gathered them here in Kaneshima to conduct a ritual of sorts meant to cause a wave of destruction designed to only target supernatural beings.

Hiroyuki's ploy to interrupt and cancel the ritual was now broken. Though some of the power had been siphoned off, it had not been enough and now it was all accumulated within Yamato himself causing the gap in their strength to grow into a vast and endless chasm. Even if the others, his friends, were still fighting valiantly it was all worthless now. "No," Hiroyuki replied thoughtfully as he mustered the strength to speak, "But I'm not going to accept this either. None of us will. They're still out there fighting. And as long as I know that... I'll still try... I'll-"

He was going to say something meaningful and thoughtful. This was it. He was at the end of everything and there was no going back. Either he would die at the hands of Yamato or pull out victory somehow, but the public nature of the conflict would certainly put all of Hiroyuki's checkered history forth for judgment among the school. Either way... it felt unlikely that his time on Earth would continue. There was that still. One last little trick he had been plotting out. But before he could utter further, Yamato snapped his fingers opening a vast series of swirling portals.

They appeared to be the same ones as what Arcadia generally operated to travel around swiftly. It seemed with the accumulated power of the Dragon Stream, Yamato's control was expanded greatly. With a flash of light, one by one, the portals began to dump people through. Rather than simple gates, it seemed Yamato was using these to forcefully draw people to be present. Namely, the remaining active horde of Arcadians that were in the city and spread out in small areas around Hiroyuki's location was his fellow Daybreakers members.

He started to move to help or warn them, it seemed everything had happened so fast many of them were still in mid-combat. But they along with Hiroyuki were brought to a halt as an explosion of blue flames from Yamato spawned a horde of the dragon-like constructs the man favored. As it had been done before, these creatures sought out all of them: Hiroyuki, Jessica, Shad, Yukina and Tommy coiling around each person and restraining their movements in an impossible crushing grasp.

"I'm sorry," Hiroyuki shouted to the other four with tears streaming down his face.

"Didn't I warn the lot of you about not trusting this demon spawn?" Yamato mused confident in his control of the situation, "He's lied to you all once again. Your little trick... it relied on one stone to act as the master and regulate the others in canceling the Dragon Stream. I imagine he left that out because I can't imagine you would all be so stupid as to risk everything on him. I suppose you can imagine what happened."

Amid the chaos, the ranks of Arcadians began to join up into one group surrounding the members of Daybreakers and Yamato in a circle. Makoto and Fumi departed their now ended battles to take up a stance of leadership with the main group. Most of Daybreakers other yokai allies were present as well most importantly Kurohime and the three Kamaitachi Siblings who were all equally as restrained as Hiroyuki and the others. The one wildcard to the situation was another of Arcadia's leadership, the blonde haired Otome who calmly stepped forth past Hiroyuki's group as two others rushed to flank her on each side.

Spoiler: click to toggle

"You can't continue this," Otome pleaded with an air of sincerity and concern, "Look around, Commander Hotsuin, this is insanity. SERAPH could just as readily see this as some sort of terroristic attack and mobilize. Do you intend to drag Arcadia into a fight against the whole world?"

Spoiler: click to toggle

"I have to agree, the Earth Division leader's conclusions are quite sound," Ice Dog added his support while adjusting his glasses slowly.

Spoiler: click to toggle

"We ain't no bad guys," Black Dog barked from the other side of Otome, "Or at least we weren't supposed to. The way I see it now... things are looking pretty black and white."

"A shame," Yamato concluded with a sense of resignation, "Then you can share their fates I suppose."

"Listen to yourself!" Otome countered as she placed a hand over her heart, "We are supposed to defend and protect people. Not execute children on a busy city street."

It was a harsh assertion, but also the truth. If Yamato continued unchecked that was exactly the direction things were going in. As the two continued to debate and argue the situation, Hiroyuki ignored things to call to his friends. "Look, I've got one more thing," Hiroyuki called to them without concern whether their enemies heard, "Was hoping to not have to use it because it may be dangerous. I just need to get free so I can cast..."

But despite that request, there was nothing they could do. Struggle as they might, the Dragon Stream not only restrained them but it seemed to dull their ability to utilize any powers they might have. Yukina, strangest of all, even found herself back in control. There was simply no overcoming Yamato's grasp with his vast increase in power.

But what bothered Hiroyuki more than this was the fate of his beloved Broadway. This was a catastrophe and right now random passerby's were being subjected to Yamato's orchestrated insanity. Had they really come so far only to fail?

((OOC: Know I didn't leave everyone much to do. Giving a round for reactions/establishing everyone then we will get the ball rolling proper.))
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"Huh....cute trick. If I wasn't tied up, I would have to say you really are terrified to get in close proximity to me." Shad chuckled, not even bothering to struggle as he proceeded to lean forward with his shoes, his feet touching flat surface as he rendered his body to stand up despite the fierce grasp the dragons had on his body. "No idea what lies you're referring to, given I was in the place I needed to be and my stone was triggered. Heck, that lady you sent after me basically sent me to the place I needed to go, so in a way, she was helping our cause."

"Heck, even found Excalibur during the clash...which reminds me. What the heck have you done with Sagi and Kaldia, you dementedly, perverted emo-goth!" He said, his own magic aura bursting heavily around him as he began to rapidly drain mana from his surroundings for the sake of combat. "For if you hurt even a hair on their heads, I am going to pour a gallon of freaking horseradish down your throat! Once I destroy these pitiful low-level binds, of course. What? You no longer can create giant fists without getting your skin cut?"
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Jessica was also draining the power around her as well, but not as neatly as Shad. She was just glad she was not forced to change back.
She managed to mask the pain in her face by turning her expression into a savage grin.
Without her weapons that were still in her bag, and not with her during her capture, she had limited weapons.

"Otome, yes, he does intend that! Don't you see that he's insane? He's ridding the greatest drug of all, Power!"
Addresing Yamato, Jessica said to him "What lies did Hiroyuki tell us? You accuse him of lying, but won't say what they are. His parentage, prehaps? Got news for you bud, I never asked.
"Why do I fight you? A couple of reasons. One being that the ritual you plan may kill most supernaturals on this island, including me! Still, you might only wake up and piss off Asura. I know for a fact you will anger 3 of the 4 guardian Celestials, since they have kids here."

Pausing for a bit. "Don't worry, I made sure that Seiryuu knows exactly who is to blame, and that info will be passed around. I even included evidence. Sure it may be discredited for now as being unbelievable, but when people come searching for answers, guess where they will go.
"There will not be the great war you desire. People will not praise you for leading them against the rampaging monsters you stir up. No, instead people will remember you as a madman who rose to power and should have been stopped well before now."

. . . . Jessica was doing this for two reasons. One was to tell him and the other Arcadians just how screwed they would be if he actually went ahead with his his plan (in addition to getting it out to the public via any surrounding cameras or mobile phones live steaming events).
The other was more subtle. She was stiring him up so he could loose focus and control by attacking him the worst way she could: through his pride.
If he lost control, it would distract him, and possibly turn other Arcadians against him.
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It surrounded her, pressing in on her and smothering her. Yukina couldn't think from the force of it, the sheer amount of pressure. It was as if she was asleep, as if she was dreaming. She heard the vague impression of roaring, felt the fleeting touch of fear. Her own, or another's...?

And then that rage receded, pulling away from her like the tide. It left her bereft, drained, barely conscious, and...

...in control?

Yukina groaned, opening her now violet eyes from where she hung limply in Yamato's vines. What had happened? The last thing she remembered was waking up this morning--no. Fighting on the beach. She remembered fighting the Ice King on the beach...and then...

Did they...win?


She lifted her head, turning it slowly from left to right. This wasn't victory. This wasn't what victory looked like. But the exhaustion in her bones confused her. If they hadn't won, why had she stopped fighting? She didn't think her...passenger was the type to give up control like that.

It felt oddly empty on the inside of her head. She tried not to think about how that left her feeling bereft, tried to swallow back the empty, hollow feeling inside of her. At Hiroyuki's words, she tried in vain to struggle at the vines, but she felt so weak.

Was this the limit of her strength?

Even if she were stronger, she thought, it wouldn't do any good.

Even if she were stronger...

She should just give up. Except, if she gave up here, she wouldn't forgive herself.

She didn't waste breath on words. She'd said enough of them, and her head was still spinning. But she did grit her teeth, trying to open her hand from within her bindings, trying to summon the sword into it.

She didn't think it would work. The last time...the last time she had lost control like that, she hadn't been able to summon the sword for several hours. But this was hardly a normal situation. She felt exhausted and dizzy, but it wasn't the bone-deep weariness that the last episode of possession had left her with. Something had stopped her passenger from continuing the fight.

Maybe that same something had left her just a little bit more strength to continue it on her own.
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"There's no place for words now," Yamato rejected Jessica's arguments without a single consideration, "I told you all what would happen if you continue to oppose me!" The Dragon Stream aura began to flare with greater energy.

At the same time, the constructs grasping Daybreakers would begin to burn with that same energy causing a searing sort of pain as if they might be burned alive. Hiroyuki winced against the force and his vision blurred. He had already allowed himself to be severely beaten around by Yamato to set up his original plan. The others looked to be in better shape. A dark cloud fell over his heart as he realized that he would be the first to fall.

"Let the purge commence!" Yamato declared triumphantly as he threw both arms out to each side causing a spell circle to take shape behind him forming out of the Dragon Stream itself. This was to be it then. They had front row seats to the very ritual they had hoped to stop. Not all of those present were supernatural in nature. What would Yamato make of them after the fact? Well, it didn't do Hiroyuki any good to worry about it in the end.

But suddenly the spell circle ceased its automatic writing and began to fade as Yamato lowered his arms and snapped around. He seemed to be glaring around the periphery of their area. When had it happened? The gathering crowd of onlookers had vanished and become replaced by a pale white mist. "Something's happened," Yamato mused as he turned to face in the direction of Makoto.

Spoiler: click to toggle

"Steel yourselves," Makoto addressed the remaining Arcadians though her voice seemed to waver with uncertainty. She had placed everything in Yamato's hands. She lived to serve, in a sense. Hadn't she resigned herself to that? To assist him in any way and see his ideal world realized. But what they were about to do...

Spoiler: click to toggle

"Indeed," Fumi mused as she tapped at her cell phone, "It appears all of us in this area have been cast into another space."

"Elaborate," Yamato commanded with just a single word as he paced about as if searching for the source of this new development. The searing force of the constructs abated somewhat as Yamato's focus became forced elsewhere. Not that it weakened their grasp any, unfortunately. Even as they struggled, no momentum could be made. Yukina could glean a sense of the sword, but it did not appear. It was as if the Dragon Stream itself was clogging up and jamming whatever unnatural connection they had.

"A pocket reality, of sorts," Fumi answered as if that should have been obvious, "Much like the Dark Realm is formed at the intercession of Makai and our world. A realm of its own, but existing at the grace of its original sources. This one was created... by spell... or perhaps ability..."

"Who could do something like that? We thoroughly researched Daybreakers and all their allies," Makoto questioned as she joined Yamato in the quick motion of darting around with her gaze trying to find some new side to the equation.

"That's the fun thing about information," Fumi chided with a laugh seemingly impressed by this turn of events, "There's always more to learn. Perhaps SERAPH? We're allied, but it's not like we know the full extent of their capabilities. Or maybe even the city itself... perhaps some sort of defense system to prevent collateral damage. Not a bad idea I-"

"ENOUGH!" Yamato glowered in frustration before shouting as if to the heavens, "Go ahead! Show yourself and let us be done with this distraction!" Who could be strong enough for such a feat? In one action they had delayed Yamato's ritual and secured the Broadway from any disruption or harm.

As if on cue from Yamato's demand something started to happen. The ground that covered the gap between Yamato and where he held the members of Daybreakers began to crack. As the tear in the very ground itself began to grow there seemed to be a broiling red light emanating from within. At the epicenter of this phenomenon, the pavement exploded skyward opening a portal-like chasm into a crimson abyss.

From within a large object began to ascend. It appeared to be a massive throne constructed of all manner of skulls. Many were humanoid in shape and others, more frighteningly, were of a more demonic origin. However, whatever awe this imposing throne cast was quickly lost before it had even finished its ascent.

"W-wait," Ice King spoke up as he adjusted his glasses in stark confusion trying to examine what he was seeing more clearly, "That's... fake..."

"The hell!?" Black Dog chimed in as he placed a hand above his eyes as if to focus.

"Foamcore and paint. You can see a few spots where they missed," Ice King concluded with puzzlement, "There's not a single real skull on there. Who would-" But his words were cut off by a sudden and thunderous laughter.


"No... it can't be," Hiroyuki shot up with a bit more strength that he seemed to have as his face turned a pale white and he shouted at Yamato, "If you're gonna take me out then just do it already! I don't want to live to go through this!"

"What do you know?" Yamato shot back with a question rather than granting Hiroyuki's wish. Yamato's answer came not from Hiroyuki, but the source of the change in Daybreakers fortune.

"BWAAAAA-HA-HA~" The girlish laugh grew louder as the throne completed its ascent from whatever abyss it was escaping from. Seated on one arm was a blonde haired demonic looking woman who happened to be the source of the cheerful laughter. Seated upon the throne itself was a seemingly unassuming regular looking guy. However, the moment most of the gathered Arcadians took sight of him their eyes shot wide in surprise. Hiroyuki bowed his head in defeat. Yamato Hotsuin could only sneer with disgust.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Spoiler: click to toggle

The Former Commander and Founder of Arcadia. The greatest student ever to abandon the Tower of Fang. Wizard of the infamously destructive Fairy Tail guild. Once a teacher at the legendary Hyakuji High School. Currently one of the world's most wanted criminals for heralding the Void's invasion of Earth.

Hiro Tsukasa had joined the fray.

"Tsukasa! I knew this would all come down to you," Yamato scoffed as he shook his head slowly, "You had to be pulling the strings. It's the only answer that ever made sense. But your boy couldn't finish the job so you had to see to it yourself."

"Hardly," Hiro Tsukasa replied with an indignant tone as he rose from the throne and took Yuki's hand helping her down from its arm, "I've moved on to bigger fish. Maybe you haven't heard. I upgraded into your final boss. I'm a Demon Lord now." Smiling ear to ear, the demon-girl Yuki nodded in agreement with this statement.

"Whatever," Yamato shouted back balling up and shaking a fist at the ever overconfident wizard, "I'm not going to stand around and listen to you run your mouth. I have the accumulated power of the Dragon Stream behind me. Let us battle!" He didn't realize at the time, but his mounting frustration was drawing more and more of Yamato's attention. The grip of the constructs upon everybody present was loosening more as if rope were untying itself.

"Again," Hiro shot back cooly as he threw up both hands in frustration, "I'm not here for you today, Hotsuin. Whoever picked a fight with you... I expect them to have the will to see it through to the end." Saying this, he turned to gaze towards Hiroyuki. But the father's gaze was meant with only an angry death glare in return. However, Yuki hopped to the side of Hiro and began to wave cheerfully and call out to Hiroyuki forcing the boy's anger to soften slightly.

"No, I'm here for the Fire Division," Hiro concluded as he turned and began to pace in the direction of the gathered Arcadians with Makoto at their head, "I went back and forth over what I wanted to do and I decided that I just can't let this stand."

"Get to the point," Makoto demanded as she took a step forward making her intent to protect the other Arcadians clear.

"Oh come on," Hiro playfully slapped himself on the forehead before pointing towards Yamato, "I know I failed you all... as a leader in Arcadia and for many of you as a teacher and a mentor. I've pretty much always set a bad example at almost every turn possible. But even I taught you all better than this. If nothing else you should have learned from my mistakes. Yamato's become a stark raving lunatic who is either beyond control or under the will of somebody... or some thing. How is that not obvious? Isn't he your precious Yamato, Makoto? You of all people should have done something by now."

"I-I," Makoto wavered unsure how to handle such an outburst.

"It's not an easy thing hopping over here," Hiro explained shaking his head slowly, "But I figured if I have to put a little heat on us... I might as well make the most of it and beat one single lesson into Arcadia before washing my hands of it!" Makoto tensed up preparing to move forward into combat. However, in a flash, Yuki had floated forward directly in her path.

"Sorry~" Yuki apologized sweetly before holding forth her right hand revealing a mounting glow of energy in its palm, "No hard feelings, okay?"

Makoto would recognize that glow from anywhere. It was the Former Commander's signature spell. Rather, he hadn't created it but its use had become synonymous with the man: Dragon Slave. A wide beam of purple and pink energy exploded from Yuki's palm engulfing Makoto and sending her soaring backward as the blast cut a swath through the crowd. Makoto, along with a section of Arcadians, stopped at the edge of the pocket world they were in as if hitting an invisible wall. Though shuddering with pain, it was clear the spell had been toned down to simply knock out opponents rather than kill them.

But Hiro Tsukasa had vanished. The rest of Fire Division began to glance around hurriedly. There was another flash of light as Hiro appeared in the center of their midst materializing right in the middle of casting the spell himself. The mad wizard slammed the Dragon Slave into the ground causing a circular sphere type blast that sent another horde of Arcadians soaring through the air. Again, though battered and bruised, nobody seemed to grievously injured.

Unusually in harmony, Hiro and Yuki began to laugh together as they systematically began to take on and disable the entirety of Arcadia's Fire Division. Not a single member, even the veterans, seemed to pose any considerable force to oppose them. "Typical," Hiroyuki scoffed while shaking his head, "He always has to show off whenever there's a crowd."

However, as he shook his head, Hiroyuki felt himself slipping through the construct's grasp. Realizing what was going on, Hiroyuki began to struggle and slipped completely free. Hiro Tsukasa. Father. It was a complicated issue for Hiroyuki. But there was no time to worry about that. Regardless of how or by who, they had been given an opportunity and Hiroyuki intended to capitalize on it.

"EVERYONE!" Hiroyuki called out to his friends, "Break free now! While he's distracted! Keep Yamato busy, I need you to buy me a little time!"

"Don't think so!" Yamato growled in complete frustration as Hiroyuki's words drew his concern back to their group. He had intended to force Hiro into a fight, but no... no... Hiroyuki's group needed to come first. Wouldn't dealing with Hiroyuki force Hiro's attention anyway? He outstretched a hand and began to draw forth more power from the Dragon Stream.

"SCREW THAT!" Black Dog rushed in towards Yamato engulfing himself in flames as he drew back for a single strong punch.

"I'm sorry, Commander Hotsuin. Consider this our resignation until Arcadia comes under more reasonable leadership!" Ice King reinforced as he summoned forth a blade of ice and vanished in a puff of green smoke. He reappeared behind Yamato unleashing a flurry of slices.

Gritting his teeth, Yamato was forced to abandon the focus on keeping Daybreakers trapped. Drawing up more of the Dragon Stream, Yamato crafted a spherical barrier around himself to repel their attacks. At the same time, he formed two new tendril-like constructs and sent one soaring out and around to slam into the two renegades striking them down and sending them skidding along the fractured ground.

"Alright, Hiroyuki," the blood mage addressed himself as he ran back to put a little distance between himself and Yamato's current position, "Never tried this in a practical sense so don't screw it up." Drawing forth a small knife, Hiroyuki cut deep into the palm of each hand and then began to walk about allowing the flowing blood to form a circle upon the ground.

Then, finishing the frame, Hiroyuki began to walk inwards creating a series of complex patterns. He was crafting a spell circle of his own, but one geared to work with his only proper manner of casting magic: Blood Sorcery. Whatever it was going to do, it seemed important enough to the boy that he completely ignored Yamato. This task required all his focus. He would simply hope and pray that his friends could succeed.

The entire situation had devolved into complete chaos. However, within that swirling maelstrom, an opportunity had emerged. It was still a victory won at the cost of facing down Yamato directly in combat, a seemingly unlikely path. But it was the only way forward now. It would have to make do...
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"Ah, that's better...for a second, I felt like I was back in Tibet. Idiot jerk tried to set me on fire because he thought I was part of the protests due to my head shaven and wearing monk robes since I was in disguise for infiltrating a cult." Shad sighed a breath of relief, just as he felt like he was yanked into a pocket dimension with mist all around him. He held back the slight need to vomit due to the sudden shift, but at least he could still sense mana all around him, keeping his power stable.

Of course, his calmness didn't last too long as he spotted his mentor and former teacher come out of nowhere...with that girl whose name he kept forgetting. What was her name again? Whatever. Shad was agape at his timely arrival, but disagreed with what his teacher was saying. "Hiya, Hiro-sensei!!! I have no idea what you're talking about since you've been a great leader to us and kept us alive throughout so many missions, but I'm glad you're alive and well. Though after this, I do hope you can tell me what happened with Hyakuji and why you blew up the bookstore/maid café, since Spike kinda clubbed me in the back of the head with his bat despite being unreversed when we beat him during the invasion."

"Also, demon lord? Are you helping out in preventing the Demon World from crashing into our own by defending the seals from the Mazikin? Because I told Yamato here about it, but apparently he wants the Earth to be annihilated by the planetary collision since he didn't tell anyone else in Arcadia." He said calmly, the restraints generally weakening until Yamato fully released his hold. "Of course, given you made us teleport from the street, which was full of cars and benches and such, I'll have to make do with this. Sorry in advance."

(OOC: Cue battle music, it's quite catchy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2XmQsGXNTA )

With that, the two white goopy rope tendrils burst out of his hands as he walked over to the throne and flung them straight into it. Then, with a mighty heave of grunts, the gigantic fake, but rather heavy, fake throne was lifted upwards as weightless set in, followed by a series of spiraling footwork spinning around and round with it, taking precise aim at Yamato as he was distracted by it...then released it like a massive boot upon a fire ant to utterly smush Yamato hard and fast. "MOUNTAIN BREAKER!!!"

'And if that doesn't work....well, it's a good thing I've seen Yamato enough times to know his Arcadian Robes well enough.' He thought, gathering large balls of mana into his palms should he need it.
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Jessica seemed to take a little bitlonger then Shad to break free of the hands grasping her.
Still, she washeading for a fight.

And she had to jump clear when Shad brought the thrown down, thinking "Doesn't that idot think about debris?!"

Still, she used the attempt as a distraction to try to get behind Yamato, and to try to used her powers to disintigrate the shield he had a bit without him realising it.
If there was an opening, she would stab him with her star sword, if it could reach him, but blast him if it couldn't

She really had to focus because the energy around this place and that she was touching was making her body spark as pain flowed through her.
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Yukina screamed as the construct began to burn around her, sending searing heat across her skin. She kept struggling, writhing as she tried to break free, but the pain drew the screams from her throat regardless--terrible, raw, high-pitched screams. She couldn't think of the last time she'd felt this much pain, didn't think it had ever happened, didn't remember--

The pain stopped suddenly, leaving her hanging limp in her bonds. She breathed hard, dark hair falling in front of her face. It was tempting to just let unconsciousness take her again, but she fought hard to stay conscious, gritting her teeth against the pain. She could feel the sword in the back of her mind, but it wasn't taking shape beneath her fingertips. Her throat felt raw from shouting. Her limbs felt weak.

She wanted this to be over. She shouldn't have come here. She wanted this to be done.

But no one had forced her to come out here. She'd come out here because she thought there was something she could do. And everyone was still fighting. Hiroyuki was still fighting, their companions were still fighting--that stranger on the skull throne who had just arrived was still fighting. Everyone was fighting, so what was Yukina going to do? Was she just going to sit on the sidelines and let everyone else do the fighting for her? Was that what she had come here to do?

No. No, no, no, no!

She wouldn't allow it. She wouldn't let it end like that.

Because at the end of the day, even if she had come late, even if she was still weak...

At the end of the day, she was still a Daybreaker!

At Hiroyuki's signal, Yukina wriggled free from her binds, stretching out her hand as she dropped to the ground. She almost hadn't been expecting the sword to come, but red mist erupted from her palm regardless, her fingers closing around a solid hilt.

Don't think, she told herself, hurrying towards Yamato at a run. Don't think, just strike. You can't afford to think. It's just like kendo.

As the Ice King attacked with his flurry of strikes and Black Dog threw his punch and Shad and Jessica closed in with their own attacks, Yukina came at Yamato as well, bringing her other hand up to the hilt of her sword. She opened her mouth, letting out a sharp kiai as she swung the blade. Two powerful cuts in quick succession, a downward diagonal kesagiri quickly transitioning into a horizontal cut.

The sword sliced through the air, the wind moving slightly in the wake of the strikes.

Hopefully, it would be enough!
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