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Enigmatic Features ~ A Tying of Knots; Closed
Topic Started: May 9 2018, 07:55 AM (121 Views)
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I lurk because I care
It took longer this time than the time before. Finding a room, that is. They said before that they would take her appliances, but it seemed they were bluffing. Rather than that, something extraordinary seemed to be occurring. Something that both frightened the small girl, and left her with a halted feeling of excitement.

In this room, unlike her last, there was a second bed.

Upon enrollment to Senki Academy she had once had a roommate. They didn't hate each other, but to be frank she barely seemed to notice her and when she did, it was mostly for mundane things. It wasn't long before that girl requested a room change because she didn't like staying with girl as strange as Knocks. That was not entirely surprising, but why didn't she at least try to say something? The silence was what hurt the most. That room wasn't around anymore, but those memories were. In this situation she couldn't stop herself from thinking about it in an obsessive and cyclical fashion.

Moving was easy, most of her possessions were stolen from others to begin with. What wasn't confiscated when the fire was looked into was hidden well enough.

Most importantly was figuring out how to get that giant thing into this closet. This configuration had two smaller closets rather than the one large one room before. It might be impossible, but she'd need to find a way to scale it down.

Knocks stepped into the closet, her tail the only part sticking out from the doors as it waved carelessly behind her.

In reality, all of this was just to put the bigger question out of her mind. Exactly what kind of person would be staying with from now on?

The very question put a knot in her non-existent stomach.
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A step, a step, and another step.

Haia took the time to look up from her feet and cast a cold glare around her. All of these people, what good were they? All of these powerful people, some of them with animal parts, some of them looked like damned robots, some of them looked like they were some kind of monster-people.

Haia, however, was just a normal girl. A normal girl with a decent amount of strength packed up in a tiny body, and the ability to spontaneously create weaponry.
But nothing changed the fact that she was a human. Just a human. All of these freaks, what good, what good? She could bet that she would be made fun of just like always, she could bet that she would be weaker than mostly everybody here. How boring, how disappointing.

Haia let out a gentle huff. Today was her first official day inside of this building, her first official day that once again freedom was locked away, however this time there was no abuse to return home to... But more importantly, there was no escape from the abuse the lie in wait here. This was home now, and she had no escape from it.

Whatever, whatever, whatever. She played the words over and over in her head; Whatever, whatever, whatever.

Now step step stepping through the dormitory hallways, and now she would turn her head to read the numbers passing by.
115... 116... 117..-Heh... 118...
The door was open though, which she only seemed to realize not when she read the number, but when she noticed a giant metallic object sticking out of her closet..?

Her head tilted, Haia softly stepped over to that tail, examining it and the half-shadowed body inside her closet, before a little idea popped into her head.
A symbol appeared in each of her hands, and she gained a cat-like smirk. Tip-toeing back a bit, she would smack the two instruments together to create a loud clang. A swiftly as they appeared the symbols were erased from existence and Haia was plopped on her behind, hands folded on her lap, a stolid expression on her face... But yet she let her eyes wander, tracing the details of the room before a dead, amber gaze met those of the other girl in the room. No, no, she would not speak. Only stare, stare out of the corner of her eyes. This person had to be worthy of attention.
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I lurk because I care
Engrossed in her anxiety over the question, Knocks failed to notice the answer casually stroll in the door. Her normally inhumanly sharp senses devoting all its run time to the dimensions of the closet and an endless show of what ifs and scenarios about who or what might soon occupy the same space and time as she did. Would something like that be enough for them to maintain some kind of closeness? Or...

A crude hail of noisy brass suddenly invaded her brain space, driving out any other thoughts trapped inside.

Though her face didn't display any reaction, her tail stiffened straight like a surprised cat before quickly shrinking and wrapping itself around her leg meekly. The small bronze girl spun on her heel to face the rest of the room. She'd been careless, caught up in her thoughts like that. Her cold gaze came to rest on the probable culprit, who's own expression, nearly as stiff and dead as her own, seemed focused anywhere but on her.

A prank, maybe? She didn't recognize the noisy assailant, so that seemed unlikely. Moreover, how had she done that just now? Some sort of audio mimicry or...

No, more importantly, was this person...?

Knocks' mouth opened and closed inaudibly, unsure of the proper course of action. She wanted to be annoyed by it, rage internally at that person's prankish smile, or cocky attitude, but there was neither. It was simply nothing.

Utter, terrifying indifference. Just like before.

Who didn't acknowledge someone in these kind of circumstances? Was it because it was just her? What could she say to...?

"T-Thank you." The words seemed to erupt from her mouth before she could properly consider them. However cold her tone was, there was always that hint of something more. In this case, a bit of fear, and perhaps just a smidgen of cautious optimism. "I was probably too engrossed in what I was doing just now... so thank you." What kind of reaction was that to someone doing that to you?

The desperate kind.

"Would you happen to be...?" She hesitated to ask. If it was merely a prank from a random student, would the answer to that question shatter the illusion? Perhaps, and she had fearfully considered this, there was no roommate at all, and the second bed truly meant nothing at all.
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Those words seemed to involuntarily slip from the girl's lips, with a tail curled around her leg. Oh... Ohhh..! How pathetic! Jesus Christ how pathetic she looked! Smudges of pink began to appear on her cheeks, her mouth trembling, her eyes falling half closed. She liked this person, she liked them already. She hadn't met a new plaything here, maybe this would be her chance?

As quickly as the expression came, it was gone and Haia raised a fist to cover her mouth, clearing her throat.
"Are you a first year?" Was all that left her open mouth. No introduction, no answer to her unfinished question, no. She wasn't interested in any of that.

A follow-up would come soon after, then.
She tilted her head, expression bordering blankness once again. Her amber-brown eyes almost seemed to be as black as her hair, as if she harboured no soul.
A leg kicked up and folded over her other, crossed - and there it was, a hint of something in those empty eyes. A little flash, a miniscule spark. She could feel her heart beat a little faster the more her eyes wandered over this girl's form. Something about her was different, something new. She already seemed weak in the social department, maybe mentally or emotionally as well? Oh, oh she could have fun with that... But did she even like the girl?

That was a new question. Did she like the girl? No point bullying a waste of space...
So she leaned forward, hands crossed over her knees.

And Haia said no words. Why waste time saying anything. If she wasn't interesting, there would simply be no point.
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She asked a question like that without any sort of introduction, leaving her feeling even more tense. Was this some sort of interrogation? Was she being judged? Who was this person and why did she have this sort of thing attitude? There was a strange and heavy feeling of concealed expectation about her which weighed down on the small girl's already considerable anxiety. The way this stranger carried herself, it was like Knocks was invisible until she somehow said the right words, or made the right move.

Still, there had been a flicker just then. She was sure of it. A brief moment of recognition, small as a starburst in an empty galaxy and as significant. Though she had no beating heart, Knocks felt a familiar tightness in her chest, a timid viper cautiously unfurling in her ribcage just as she'd felt that day with Chizu and Nickle. It was hope, dangerous, venomous hope. It was enough for her tail to slowly unravel from her leg and slide demurely across about her feet.

"Y-Yes, sort of... So, then you are--" She answered, her timid grammar giving a glimpse behind the deadpan tone. Her tail flicked like a nervous cat as she spoke, and the tip unwittingly snagged an object from under the bed. The place where the remainder of her treasures were kept. The sensation cut off her words and her eyes flicked immediately to the strange thing that that had been. Knocks' expression did not change, but her gaze seemed fixed upon it and her words seemed to fail.

By all appearances, an ordinary waraningyo. A strange thing to keep under one's bed, maybe, but to Knocks it was so much more. Like the rest of her collection of abandoned things, it shared her story. They were kindred, connected by a certain sense of being lost to the world, and for a moment that melancholy crept into her waking thoughts at the sight of it. However, she seemed to snap out of it just as quickly, as though the idea to retrieve it only just occurred to her.

"E-Excuse me, I didn't mean to-- I'll get it..." She made a move forward to pick it up from the floor where it had landed, just at the stranger's feet.
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For a moment her heart skipped a beat, feeling that doll thump against her foot. Her eyes widened the slightest bit, and a smirk danced across her lips. The girl's hand reached out to grab her item but alas, Haia's shot out to tightly grasp her wrist and hold it in place, grabbing the doll by by the back with a tight grip.
Her eyes now focused on the girl for a fraction of a second, that smirk, that brightness, all pouring down onto her for less than three hundred precious milliseconds.

Haia, tossing the doll into the smaller girl's chest, swiftly slid around her form, throwing herself to the ground, spawning a flashlight, and enveloping the secrets in brightness. A collection of different items, messily scattered under there, maybe due to that tail of hers.

Now, Haia's heart really started beating. This wasn't boring at all... She used to have dolls, and other toys, too. She felt that thump get louder, and louder, and louder. It reminded her of the good days she had, those toys. This girl interested her already. She seemed intimidated by Haia's presence, even if her face didn't reflect it. Interesting, interesting, interesting! Haia licked her lips deviously, yet another faint blush gracing her cheeks. Could this girl be the one then? The first person she met, the first person she talked to, could she already be the special one?

The young girl pulled herself away from the bed, covering her mouth and chuckling.

Tossing the flashlight away for it to slowly fade out of this realm, Haia would sit up on her knees, motionless, her back to this new girl.
"You've been here a while, haven't you? You aren't new, are you?" Something was different in that voice now, something changed. It sounded bland, but there was the slightest touch of excitement strewn throughout it.

Haia twitched, and stiffled a giggle. How interesting, indeed.
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I lurk because I care
Knocks' lips parted slightly in surprise, her first genuine reaction since the pair had met. Just as quickly as it appeared, however, it fled. Though the intruder's strength was meager compared to her own, her hand stopped of its own accord when she snatched at her wrist.


A smirk from that girl rattled the viper in her chest.


Knocks caught the doll deftly as was tossed at her and she instinctively held it close to her chest with one hand. She didn't understand. This person was being way too careless and cocky. She didn't understand anything about her things and already she was...!

But that smile just then. It wasn't friendly, but it seemed... happy about something. If she intervened now, what would happen to that smile? If she said something, would her new roommate lose interest as quickly as that smile had disappeared? She hesitated, kneeling down beside the stranger beneath her bed, stifled waves of anxiety trickling out from beneath her cold expression. She wanted to say something. Those things were special. Don't touch those. The tension built and she nearly opened her mouth to say something when the girl suddenly retreated.


She was smiling... and laughing. There was a foreboding about the shade of her demeanor. Despite the bronze bulwark Knocks' body offered against all the threats of a cold, unfair world, this stranger seemed to cut right through her usual calm and unfeeling facade. Still, she couldn't let it show on her face, no matter what. She was sure of that much...

"I've been here since the start of the year." She said plainly. "So does that mean that you're..." She seemed hesitant to say it now, even more so than before. If this person really was her new roommate...

What would happen to her?
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Haia smirked behind the hand covering her mouth, her body gently bouncing up and down in slight giggles.
"Heheh... Bullseye.." She seemed pleased about guessing right based on so little, but with the way she said some things, and the fact that she was only just getting here now, led her to believe anybody here was more experienced than her.

So, the tanned girl leaned back and let her head fall over her shoulder, giving the shorter girl a slightly tilted upside-down stare. Her mouth was slip into a wide, happy grin, her eyes curved upwards, again, in happiness. Haia was walking a thin line between joy and insanity, but she walked it well.

"Then you are my senpai."

There was no emphasis on that title, but the act of it being uttered from her lips surely had an immense impact on the girl. She felt her heart beating quickly, quickly now, quickly. Was this a good decision that she had made, was this really a good choice? Thoughts raced through her mind as she tried to process her own words. This beating heart in her chest, she didn't know why it thumped the way it did but it did, and it did it hard.

Haia carelessly reached up to the girl after turning to face her, wrenching the doll from her hands, even if she had to pry at fingers. Assuming she could get it, she would hold it up with one hand, gripping its arm.
"What's this for? Why a waraningyo? Does it mean something to you, senpai?"

Haia tilted her head, no longer focusing on the girl, but instead on her doll. She examined it with wide, excited eyes, now seeming to have more light in them. The coldness was gone from the room, there was no dead, disturbing aura suffocating the pair, but now it was being replaced by a different air...

Haia giggled softly, a little blush on her cheeks.

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"Bullseye...?" Nothing she was saying made sense and Knocks could hardly make heads or tails of this stranger's agenda. In a way she seemed to be teasing her or taking stock of some unknown quality in her. Everything about her felt invasive and demeaning. At the same time, she couldn't shake that feeling...

Someone else seemed genuinely interested in her existence.

This person who rummaged around in her things without asking and asked seemingly pointless questions about her. Who seemed to show genuine enthusiasm about... something about Knocks.

Even if Knocks didn't herself know what it could be.

It was with that in mind that she reluctantly allowed a feeble stranger's hand to take away a piece of herself. Her eyes twitched sightly at the violating sense of loss, doing her best to console herself that this person meant it no harm. It had a story, like everything else she owned, which resonated with the lonely bronze girl. It was important because someone cared about it. Because she cared about it.

Her fingers gripped the phantom of the doll as if she still held it, doing her best to keep her anxiety under the surface. A facade which was beginning to crack. "That is... it isn't anything... It's..." How to even explain it to someone else? She could only do her best to bluff and hope it returned to her safely. If she allowed it to come to harm... that kind of betrayel would be...

Her legs stiffened and her back was straight. Maybe it was better if this person lost interest after all. But could she deal with going through another roommate like that, though?
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She couldn't respond... She couldn't respond to that simple of a question - in fact, she couldn't respond to any of these questions except for a few, and Haia wasn't sure she had finished a sentence without trailing off or stuttering. The girl's heart felt like it was going to explode now, she was so excited. This little friend of her's looked so incomprehensibly cute even with that flat expression. Haia loved it, she loved how cute it looked already... So why did her heart keep pumping like this? She didn't know what to say to the girl anymore. How could she even compliment her?

"You haven't spoken clearly since this conversation started, senpai. You should speak louder when you're talking to people, it's rude not too. Don't be rude, senpai."
The tone came out rather blunt, but with a few hints of smugness. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks and she almost seemed to suddenly enjoy something very much, even with no change in the room. Her eyes were gaining something more now, something darker, something more devious that before. Haia gave the doll a teasing little shake.
"I used to keep things too, but that didn't mean I had to be so paranoid about them~ C'mon, c'mon now senpai c'mon, I'm not gonna break it or anything, stop stuttering and worrying!" She wiggled the doll a little more, covering her mouth with her fingertips.

But a little shift in those eyes and she dangled the thing in front of her little friend's face for her to grab it. Oh, how her heart began to ache to see the girl cry, it cried for that luxury! She wiggled in the spot again, before she kicked up onto her feet and began to walk around the girl, investigating her body, poking and prodding at her tail, even giving it a little tug to see what happens.

"Your body is pretty interesting senpai... -Don't take that as a compliment. I've seen interesting frogs." Haia slipped over to now sit on her little friend's bed, legs crossed. She stared expectantly at the girl.
"Speaking of that, senpai... You kind of look like a lizard or something with that tail... Heheh... Lizard-senpai... Can you climb up walls, too~?"
Now, Haia was really letting herself go. She planted her elbows on her knees, holding her chin with both hands and staring smugly at her little friend. She could go farther, but she wanted to know how the girl's boundaries worked, of course!
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Knocks' eyes opened a bit wider and her mouth fell open slightly. Was she really being rude this whole time? It was true, she hadn't said much or spoken very clearly, but she wasn't sure what she was supposed to say. This whole interaction had left her a bit confused and with the pressure mounting, it was only becoming more difficult for her to organize her thoughts, an abnormal problem for someone with a hand crafted mind.

Worse still, there was still that part of her desperate to reach out, to meet this person who was... well, interacting with her, for better or worse. Even if it felt confusing or hurtful, still...

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be too..." Before she could apologize properly, the stranger had already moved on to dangling her precious item in front of her face, and Knocks held up a small, bronze hand hesitantly to grab it. If she snatched it, would it make her mad? If she didn't, what would happen to her precious item?

Even if she said she wouldn't break it, could Knocks trust this person? When she was the one so desperately seeking a connection, could she afford to be discerning with her trust in the first place?

"Y-You can..." She had to be more direct, more firm. "You can hold onto that, a-as long as you're careful with it, please..." Even if she said that, her expression belied her true feelings. The way her toes were starting to curl, the way her face tightened just slightly. They were subtle cues, but to the keen observer they might as well have been trumpet choruses. "I would prefer... I would prefer you didn't think of me as a lizard, but if you like you can..." Was this any better than groveling? She could feel what little pride remained within in her shrivel and cry out in pain.

Her face tightened, the corners of her eyes shriveled. "You can... if you want..." Was this what it would take for her? This was her lot in life, her only means of making a friend...

If that was the case, then...
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'This is so damned easy, it's making me sad as well.'
She smirked devilishly as the thought crossed her mind, but there was one very important factor of this little girl that made Haia's bullying feel rather unsatisfying... That girl's face just wouldn't change. She noticed those hints, that body language, but the expression adorning the smaller girl stayed the same.

A hand slowly stretched out, finger raised, and it pushed itself into her little friend's cheek, squishing the soft flesh around in a teasing way.
"Jeez, senpai, what's with this face? I'm starting to think you're robot-senpai instead of lizard-senpai... Or maybe you're robot-lizard-senpai! Hahaha, that sounds even stupider! You aren't as stupid as that, are you?" She grinned sadistically as that finger pushed around a little rougher. "C'mon, senpai, that stupid doll of yours shows more emotion than you do!"

Haia retracted her hand, holding them together in front of her chest and tilting her head slightly, eyes wide, mouth a small, twisted smile. She didn't know why she was doing this, when she thought about it. It didn't make sense, but something deep inside was telling her to say these things.

She looked expectant once again; expectant of a reaction from her little friend. She had to break at some point, right? The way she squirmed and stuttered and wriggled was already intoxicating, but she needed an overdose to be satisfied. Haia wanted to see this girl hurt, but she didn't know why. Deep down inside, she quite liked the uniqueness of her friend, especially since she collected things as well... Albeit that was in Haia's past.

Unless she seriously was a robot, she had to cry at some point, right?
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She thought about the girl's words, then about the words of so many others before her. It was her own fault they saw her this way. She was right. Knocks had made herself immune to physical pain, and did her best to keep out anything else, or at least not to show it. While it worked to keep others from getting close enough to hurt her, maybe that was also the reason she was so alone. After all, how long had to been since she'd truly opened up to anyone? She could only think of one example...

Maybe it was time...

Maybe it was time she let herself experience pain again.

"I'm... I'm sorry." She apologized, her frozen eyes downcast. The prospect was terrifying, it made her missing stomach do backflips and her non-existent heart race. Would she really be able to shed this armor and be more like a human again? Could she really manage that? Slowly, Knocks touched her fingertips against each other, fiddling with them nervously. How could she put it?

"The truth is, I have a very limited range of emotion I can express with this face... More than that, I can't feel pain. At all. B-But I could change that... if you think that might help people see me more or if you might even..." In spite of her limits, her nervousness was palpable. Knocks was making herself truly vulnerable to a stranger, something that other girl might have done easily, but she hadn't done in many years. "Maybe we could be friends and not just... roommates..."

Her gaze lifted just enough to meet hers. Someone with so much personality, so much humanity. Could she ever really be like that?
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Haia began to smirk as the girl apologized, appearing so meak and defenseless. She began to open her mouth to speak another swift quip, but instead her little friend began to talk once more. The tanned girl would let her for now. After all, it seemed like a rare occurrence.

But as those words went on, Haia felt her heart begin to beat much faster than any amount of torment could achieve. It felt like the thing was going to tear out of her chest, she could swear its beating was audible to anybody within a seven mile radius. An invitation to be her friend, and the first she would have now? That was important, Haia could guess, so that's probably why her eyes widened and her face turned slightly red.
Haia crossed her arms and turned her head up and away from the girl, closing her eyes.
"Pfff! As if! Nobody could never be friends with Senpai, she's so robotic and pathetic! A-and she keeps dolls and lame stuff, too!" She spat the words quiet defensively, her body ever so slightly trembling.

"But I might feel bad if Senpai never has any friends, so I guess I can say you're my friend. You aren't, but you can say I am your friend. Is that better, Senpai?" She looked down at the girl now, turning her head back to face her little friend.
But as soon as she might open her mouth to speak, Haia would place a finger just before her little friend's lips to silence her.
"The answer is yes, it is better. My name is Haia."

Even if the girl's face was no longer red, Haia's heart still rumbled like thunder, and crashed like lightning. A friend? She had never had one of those before... So the real question was, how could she abuse it?
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