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Lamentations of a Side-Character; Closed
Topic Started: May 8 2018, 10:33 PM (64 Views)
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Summer break will be coming up in a couple months.

So what has this girl accomplished in that time?

She was brushed off by a strange wolf spirit who seemed unphased by her attempts to get closer to him. She burned down her dorm room.


Exploded at Nickle and Chizu, nearly strangling the latter. Not surprisingly, they have not called her back since she left her number with them.

Oh, and she became the manager of the boy's basketball team which has so far consisted of unappreciated grunt work and locking a random student in a closet. The former, strangely enough, has led to more pointless rumors than the latter. The bronze girl sighed, moreso for her own mental expression than any actual need to breathe.

So far it doesn't seem her second chance at a high school experience was going any better than before. She'd lost her opportunity to her own better half. A girl who, despite being devoid of empathy and murdering several people, was also cute and energetic, meaning those who knew them both only had fond memories of her. Only forgave her.

That was the sort of fate this universe had in store for her. What would it take to form her own story? For a world that had forgotten her crimes to notice her as her own person?


Maybe if she set the roof on fire.

Producing a match from her pocket, she flicked the tip against the stone of the entranceway and held the flame to the concrete floor of the rooftop.

It was blown out immediately by the wind.

For a moment she merely stood there, watching the smoke get carried away by the wind. Life really was unfair.
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...It definitely wasn't her who sneezed.

No, it was someone who for some reason, somehow, was above her.

Literally. Someone was sitting above the entrance to the rooftop. A guy, in fact. Short, messy black hair, smells like the countryside, wearing a typical black highschool uniform that definitely did not belong to the school he was at.

The boy wiped his nose on his sleeve, the yakisoba bread held in his hand threatened to spill its filling.

It did.
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I lurk because I care
A sneeze. And it definitely wasn't her who sneezed.

Knocks tucked the nub of the match in her pocket, flicking it a bit to make sure it wouldn't burn a hole in her pocket. Her eyes rolled up with her head to get a look at the source of the sound only to be greeted with...

A facefull of yakisoba.

She stood there silently, seemingly unphased by the event, but her tail flicked at the air like an annoyed cat.

"Why... yakisoba?" Came her cold, uninterested voice. At least it could have been something less messy and maybe a bit tastier. Bánh mì, maybe, or...

On second thought...

Knocks fumbled around in her pocket for a second match. Maybe she'll set this person on fire instead.
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Looks like he noticed. "Aah- Sorry, sorry!" The boy panicked for a moment, flailing his free hand about while fumbling around himself for something. "Wait wait, I have something here, wa-"

He fell face first with a smack onto the roof floor.


He got up quickly enough though. Along with that, he pulled out a large sky blue tea towel that he apparently had in his uniform. "...Ah... uh..." For a moment he hesitated, holding the towel in his hand as he shifted left and right, before finally just smushing the girl's face with it to wipe off the food. "Wait, it'll... come off... probably,"
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I lurk because I care
There were panicked sounds of fumbling and awkward apologies, something which Knocks was intimately familiar with, but which she always felt a bit awkward receiving. It seemed silly to apologize to someone who didn't matter.

"Thud...?" The loud smack of object against rooftop distracted her thoughts for a moment and she wondered if he had fallen just then. If so, hopefully he had not died, but if he had, she would probably see fit to bury him and least. However she could not be sure of anything as her vision was yet still blocked by buckwheat noodles.

Which is why it was a little bit of a surprise when she felt his hand against her face, or rather his hand holding a towel. She had to question his technique, though...

It wasn't like it was unpleasant or anything, but she should probably put a stop to it.

"Fifs ishmt wping." No, that wasn't intelligible at all.

Knocks stopped his hand at the wrist with her own, taking extra care not to hurt him. She carefully moved the towel away from her face and looked at it, then him, with her freshly uncovered eyes. The poor towel was stained rather substantially trying to take on such a mess and she still had some smudged into her cheeks and resting on her nose.

It was quite sad...

"You've stained it..." She said gently, looking at with a blank expression which belied that same sadness. "Maybe... would you let me try to clean it?" Laundry wasn't exactly her area of expertise, but there wasn't anything stopping her from learning. It was the least she could do, given the towel's valiant efforts. When she thought about it, it was really as his fault to begin with...

So maybe...
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