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Oi; Read on ;D
Topic Started: Apr 28 2018, 08:42 AM (209 Views)

Hello everyone!
So I just came across this site, it's name sounded familiar, and I joined :D
Thing is, I found I already have an acc
I think I remember the site sorta, not much tho
Never spent much time ig >.<
I've no idea if this is my first welcome thread, sorry
Don't think I've a char here already
Will start making one soon
If I already have, I'm sorry >.<
If I make a char before I figure out I already have one, can I just keep the new one? Thx ^^
((Yep, awkward in a way ._.)
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Oh wait I just say my sig, I've a char ig
Sorry guys
Will start using him
Is this still alive btw?
Forgot to ask in first post
Sry for misunderstandings and stuff >~<
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What's in a name anyways?
The site is still very much alive, though a bit slowed today, probably because of exams and the onset of the week's end.
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Couple days late, but hello! and welcome!
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