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The Winged Folk; Semi-Closed: Zamari (PM me to ask to join)
Topic Started: Apr 27 2018, 07:44 AM (540 Views)
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As the days gradually grew warmer, it did reflect a bit in the Celestial Realm: The house of self-proclaimed Celestials, beings of wild origins, but humanly desires. The seasons there began to change to a degree, winter was coming to Suzaku's domains, while summer was starting to shine towards the sea of Genbu. Ginryuu guessed they needed to let their lands mature a bit, and letting the seasons cycle would be best.

In turn, this caused an amusing development within Nova's territories: Snow was building up on the mount, the bird people whose original purpose was to protect her memories and thoughts have been showing more and more unique traits, and lately a festival was an idea they had out of the blue. When the town's mayor came to the castle to inform Demon Nova of this development, he would find her seated on the gate of the high tower, nest of the Vermilion Bird.

The excitement was such it reached Kaede herself, who was on the realm of humans at the time. Perched on a tree branch among many others in Mount Kaneshima, Kaede quickly pulled out a leaf, bit her fingertip and wrote a message with blood. Chirping loudly, a Japanese White-Eye (Zosterop Japonicus), responded to her call. "Find Zamari Wells and give him this, here's what he looks like:" describing Zamari to the little bird, she rolled up the leaf carefully and delivered it for the White-Eye to carry to Zamari, while Nova herself would rush to her bedroom.

Once Zamari were to be found, the bird would land upon his shoulder, chirp low and pass him the message:
Yuri Dorm, 404, Nova.
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Fran saw Nova was very excited about something, but in a happy way. Nova did not tell Fran what it was, but headed to her room.
Whatever it was, Fran figured gate-crashing the party may be interested.

And if she was going to go, why not bring along someone who had to right to visit Nova, and could confuse people which way to travel out of a room with only one exit: James.
Worst comes to worst, he'd take most ofthe blame.

She called James and told him "James, Fran here. Nova's up to something, and since she's pretty happy and excited, we may want to check it out ourselves."

James was very interested, and put aside the corset he was embroiding skulls into, and asked "So, what are you really up to?"

Fran chuckled. "I'm her room-mate. It's my right to be able to join in any non-sexual fun she has in the dorms, and to embarrese her."

James smiled. "Well, I do need to check out how her race is going. Part of my duties and all. If it just so happens to be when something fun is going or, or at an amusing time, like someone she wants to meet is there, then all the better."
Thinking a bit he wondered aloud, "One slight problem: what should I wear?"

Fran laughed and hung up.

Soon enough Fran andJames were there, and entered the portal to the Celestial Real. This should lead them to Nova's room, but if they see nothing there they would head to her territory, taking in the sights and sounds as they did so.
Considering the last time Fran was here the bird folk tried to kill her, she was oddly relaxed as she was familiar with minions created to kill their master's foes. Felt a bit home like for her.
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It was the last thing that Zamari expected to receive on any given day. Sitting underneath his favorite tree on campus, he was nose deep in a book titled Creatures of the Sky which was about, obviously, beasts capable of flight. The book pertained to those that were mundane such as birds and bats, those that were considered prehistoric such as pterodactyls, and those that were fantastical such as dragons which interested Zamari the most as he was trying to gain a better understanding of such things. When the bird landed on his shoulder, surprising him, he found it oddly fitting as the encounter fitted the subject matter of the book he was reading. The message that bird bestowed upon him gave him confusion. Who from the girl's dormitory could have business with him?

Zamari arrived at Yuri Room 404 with not many expectations. He kept the book that he was reading tucked underneath his arm with the full intention of reading it at some point later in the day, the sooner the better. "Hey!" he called out after knocking on the door. "Someone sent me for me, Zamari Wells!" he sounded impatient. It wasn't part of his plan for the day to come to the Yuri Dorms and he hoped that whoever summoned him had good reasoning for doing so.
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In her rush, Kaede has failed to notice any guest who entered uninvited, but was one trusted in being welcome. From uniform to casual clothes she went, the cold wind of the realm in where her dorm was didn't bother any yet, if anything it was quite an welcome chill. As the redhead went to the living room and caught up with James and Fran, she did look a bit surprised. "Ah- You two. I was supposed to go and fetch Fran, THEN call James, so you caught me by surprise.", with a nervous and adorable laugh she directed her voice to them.

Surely, soon enough the guest she waited for knocked on the door. Answering the door to welcome Zamari, first thing one would be able to note is how the door connected two worlds: in the realm of humans the sun still shone strong, while the sun in the garden opposite to the door he would come in shed a golden, lazy light, as if going into a slumber.

"Zamari, sorry for the rather cryptic message. But please come in, James and Fran have come as well. I will inform the urgency.", allowing him in, the bird who delivered the message flew past Zamari's ears and landed onto Kaede's shoulder, chirping gently before flying out into the open past the garden.

But what was the rush? Once the door was locked behind Zamari, it was time for her to reveal. "A festival. Snow has piled up in Mount Kurenai and they noticed dad and all others have been starting a season cycle inside the Celestial Realm. The moment they noticed, the mayor of the town was inquired for suggestions on what to do now that fall, and consequently winter, draws near and threatens the crops."

"After a brief meeting with the others, they decided a festival was a good way to warm up and tally the supplies, making good use of excess that could spoil during the winter. And as such, the mayor has come to inform my Demon Self, who then informed me."
, at least this wasn't a serious matter, but why did it make Kaede rush so much?

"They are developing to be more independent, the protectors of my thoughts and memories, originally just an image of an army of ferocious Garudas, they now have found the desire to celebrate the changes of the nature of this world.", there was both pride and joy in her tone.
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Fran and James both quickly greeted Wells when he arrived, but were soon caught up in what Nova was telling them.

When Nova told them about the festival, James smiled.
"You are proud of them, and this is the perfect chance to tell them while they are gathered and in a good mood. Tell them something like 'I am proud of you, my children.' Use the chance to keep your ties with them."

Fran asked something more practical "Will they have enough supplies for the winter? We need to see what can be spared."
Then she smiled, "I think we have a chance to teach an entire race how to party! Let's not mess this up!"

James thought for a bit, "Call in Felinia and Yume. Felinia as she has a small sub-domain with music, and has experiance organizing events. Yume to help her. Also, this festival is created by their individuality, and sense of community. Domains Felinia and Yume will be going for.
"We have a chance to make this harvest festival a true Holy Day!"
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Upon entering the garden, the last thing he expected to see upon entering what he assumed was a dorm room, Zamari was met with the familiar face of Fran who he worked with at the Bracer Guild and a new fellow who he wasn't familiar with. After they exchanged their pleasantries he turned his attention to Nova who he had only recently met. There were some obvious concerns that they needed to get off the table before he could proceed with any of what was going on here.

"What?" Zamari asked after struggling to comprehend everything he just heard. Now he was no stranger to traveling to alternate worlds considering that he had one confined to his sword but this was all so sudden. "I don't remember you telling me about this when we met." maybe she did but in all honesty, it wasn't something that could be entirely digested all at once. "This is next level." again, the shock he felt was ironic coming from someone who had their own strange world to themselves.

"Anyway, exactly what do you want me to do?" Zamari was still confused as to why he was invited to take part in this festival. Maybe it was because of his experience with the Inner World. He figured that Ezan must have told his girl about the whole Tokinaga situation. Zamari didn't know if that made him qualified with help with festival preparations but it seemed that he was to be along for the ride regardless. Then again, he did help to throw a festival in the Inner World as well so the experience wasn't all that foreign to him.
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"M-M-My c-c-c-children?!", her face grew redder with each stutter. Took a bit long for her to catch her breath after her nervousness was shown. Seems the comparison with her being the mother of an entire race, or Goddess of such, was still an idea she wasn't comfortable with.

But soon enough she did answer Zamari: "Ah, yes, this is kind of a pocket dimension to house animals who developed humanly desires and powers that were once mistaken with that of the Four Gods. If you feel a bit stronger here it's due to the mana concentration in the air, which also reduces the gravity here. The planets in the sky are representations of the real deal, a little too close but harmless."

"As for mom Yume and Felinia, I haven't had time to call them yet, but they must have noticed something is up by now. Gonna call them in a few, but for the time being you can appreciate the fresh air in the gardens."
, then her eyes went upon Zamari specifically.

"You know, Ezan told me it all, the adventures There. But that is beside the point. The point here is to show you another's world. Or, in my case, territory. What I will show you is what my mind, for lack of better word, 'birthed' once I informally took control over a land in here that belongs to myself.", Kaede explained him.

"Now, now, I will make the calls to moms. Fran and James can show you the surroundings, but when it comes to getting there I will take you personally, unless you would rather walk kilometers there.", that said, she would soon just do as she just said and inform Felinia and Yume about the festival that would be bound to happen.
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Nova's embarresment was delightful for James. Fran was impressed at how easily he managed to shock her.

Fran let her wings out, as she went outside.
James told Nova "Your desire or not, you are their mother who gave them form and who cares for them, even if their birth was not by normal means. Neither was yours, remember?"
Smiling slightly and kindly "When you accept this, you will be able to be closer to them in their hearts, and yours. They look up to you as their mother, and that is something you should not seek to lose."

Then he joined Fran outside.
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The Four Gods? Zamari imagined that something along those lines was previously mentioned to him. If so, he had forgotten all about that as well. He didn't understand much about Nova and the complexity of her situation but he was along for the ride regardless. When the Inner World was brought up he was prompted to comment. "Word gets around fast." guess she would want to check it out for herself one day.

Anyhow, the opportunity to experience the world of another did intrigue him. Odd how they both were cursed and were both connected to another world that was personal to them. On some level, Zamari wanted to believe that his meeting Nova was of no coincidence. He wasn't all that big on concepts such as fate or destiny but there were one too many similarities between the two of them for him surpass the possibility entirely. What interested Zamari the most was what Nova said about what her mind birthed once she took control over a territory that belonged to her. The Inner World belongs to me. What happens if I conquer it? would he unlock something extraordinary for himself?

"Let me know when you are ready." Zamari then followed Fran and James outside. He wasn't all that big on initiating conversation but as it was apparent that they would all be hanging out for the day he figured it was best that he get to know them better. "So how long have you two known her?" he asked them in regards to Nova. It had to be the easiest way for him to break the ice, discussing the most obvious commonality between them all.
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As she made the calls, her priority was Yume first:

"Hello, mom!"
"Oh, if it isn't my little angel! How has been your day so far?"
"The usual up to minutes ago, dad is going to help prepare the orphanage for a charity event."
"Usual of Suzaku, being fatherly to children that aren't of his blood. Ah- Why did you say "up to minutes ago"? did something happen?"
"Yeah, the Toriningen are setting up a festival, they asked my demon self for her opinion on it and her thoughts reached me."
"A festival?! That is great! Unfortunately right now I have my hands a bit tied. You know, owning the Foxhole."
"It is alright, mom. I understand how important the Foxhole is..."
"However there is a few hours late at night when I will be free, so I should drop by the festival."
"The festival will be going on for days. Probably a week."
"Hm~ Here's to hoping that there's an special event in the last day~"
"There might be, and they are very eager to see the outcome themselves."
"Got to call Felinia and tell her to come too. Or are have you already called her?"
"Haven't called her yet, going to right after you."
"I see~ Well then, I won't hold you on the line any longer. See you tonight, my little angel Kaede~"
"See you tonight, mom~"

And shortly after, it was time to make a call to Felinia to inform of the festival as well, with equal joy in talking with her.
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Fran shrugged. "I've known her for almost a year. She's also officially my room-mate, but is better then many I've heard about. At least I don't have to worry about her having her boyfriend over.
"She helped teach me to fly, and in exchange I taught her what I knew about Demonic Deals, since sheis part Demon. It helped explain why I would not just accept her lessions for free."

James smiled a bit. "I've known her since she got here. Try to figure out the deeper meanings behind her full name: Nova Kae-De Suzaku.
"You'll hear me talking about her possibly becomming a Goddess of these people, the Toriningen, encouraging her to become that. I'm serious about that. I want her to become their Goddess.
"We have the chance to shape the developing religion and culture of an entire race. I want to make the most out of it."

Felinia got her phone call from Nova and grinned. She would be going there. She liked the idea, and was worried what James might be planning!
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Zamari gave a nod to both of their responses. Now he was going to share with them how he knew Nova as it was only fair. "Guess I'm the new guy around here." a fact presented in a joking format, though as usual, his joke failed to roll off the tongue well due to his natural seriousness. "I'd say that it hasn't even been a month that we've known each other. Met in the school's dojo. Turns out her boyfriend and I are well acquainted." with that being said he and Nova were bound to meet eventually.

What James said about encouraging Nova to become a goddess of the people did peak his curiosity. Therefore, he decided to comment on that specifically. "That sounds like an admirable objective." c'mon Zamari becoming a god was so much more than that. "A goddess of the people. I wonder exactly what that entails." he wasn't all that religious himself but did not see that as a reason to not agree with James. If it came to it he intended to do his part to help out as well.

The subject of Demonic Deals, on the other hand, was not one he wanted to delve deeper into. Demons were one thing that he knew existed but were apprehensive about encountering because of what he was taught through religion despite his being secular. But if Nova was a demon of some sort then did that mean that they weren't all bad? Guess I'll have to find out the hard way.

Unable to figure out how to continue the conversation on his end he stood and waited for what came next. At this point, until he himself fully understood the role he was to play, he was only along for the ride.
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Calls done, all that was left was to take the party there. Stepping outside, Kaedestretched a bit and explained: "Well then, Fran and James are familiar with the way there. As for you, Zamari, I hope you like flying~". Shortly after those words, Kaede was covered in her healing blazes, turning into a monster bird and lowering herself so the samurai could climb onto her back.

"Hold tight, it is a bit windy today. Another thing: don't be weirded out if at first they sound like birds. It's my presence that allows them to be understood by others. If we are all set...", providing with a few final words before they were to take off, Nova would be the one to lead the group in this flight, with Zamari on her back.

The sky that was once golden was gradually fading to a calming darkness, stars and moon would shed a light glow upon the lands below, and in the distance the likeness of Mount Kaneshima would be seen, and on the road leading up the mount it would be seen: a medieval castle and its town, light and colors visible from a good distance.
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Kaede flew off, and James turned to Fran. "I think she forgot about the fact we've been warned not to use strange magics here."
Fran shrugged. "Might as well see the sites."

Walking there, Fran tried to Shadow Walk a bit. If the Shadow Plan wasseperate from the Celestial Realm even there, it would be very interesting.

James was thinking about something, and that was partly to distract him from the fact the high magic levels there were irritating him.

After a bit he swore.
Fran turned to him, and did not need to ask the question on her face. It was clear she wanted to know what was going on.

James ground out "I need to check something. I'll have to talk to Nova, Felinia, and maybe even Suzaku latter. Don't ask for now."

Well, that was a mood killer!
They walked on in silence that was not quite as relaxed before. Eventually James calmed down. "My plans are sometimes made on the fly, and there was one main problem with making Nova the Goddess of Toriningen, but that is no longer an issue, if I'm right. I just need time to sort things out.
"Meeting them should help me figure out this problem."

Grinning "Besides, I want to teach them all about trickery, Role Play and a few other things. I think Nova will remember me for centuries to come, and curse my memory for this festival!"
Fran just shook her head. This guy was crazy, and she had to be crazy for looking forwards to it!
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"Alright." Zamari was apprehensive about climbing on Nova's back but did so anyway. It wasn't like he had much of a choice on the matter at that point. This wasn't his world so he clearly did not know his way around at all. "I've only flown twice before." and one of those trips ended with a helicopter crashing on Mount Kaneshima. With that in mind he wasn't too eager to fly again.

"In the world of my sword there are spirits of all kinds." Zamari found it unlikely that anything in her world would weird him out on a level that anything in the Inner World already hadn't. "I know a bird spirit or two myself." and he wasn't sure if he was exactly glad to be Meimu's acquaintance after what happened with his staff during his last visit.

When Zamari saw the medevial castle and its adjoinng town he was intrigued as he was reminded of the Wandering Spirit Town. "Does the castle belong to you?" he asked Nova. While it may have sounded like he was joking he was entirely serious. This was supposed to be her world so to an extent he assumed everything belonged to her.
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"Heh, you haven't flown on the back of a monster bird. So this is a first. That plus the fact this atmosphere is more comfortable for those who seek to fly.", even with the light chuckle she gave, there was no shaking in their flight. While it was surely windy, there were no sudden changes... "The weather is considerably gentle despite the fact we set the seasons in motion here."

Hearing about the world of his sword, the bird spirit, Nova pondered for a moment, before replying "No wonder Ezan was so excited about being there. So much variety awakens his adventurous spirit.". The lizardman she dates is certainly the kind to put his life on the line for the adventure of a lifetime...

With what seemed like a small smirk, Nova would respond to his question, but not before faint chirps could be heard from the town. "Yes. The entirety of this mount, which I called Mount Kurenai, belongs to me, within the domains of Suzaku. The castle is an important portion of my memory given shape, holding all my memories of a past long gone and recent."

"When my territory first took form... It was a terrible land, suffering, decaying, all a result of lies and wrath. But when I conquered my wrath, regained my real body, this place took onto a new life... And the ever growing green, the lively town, and the strong castle you see are all done by my mind."
, she flew lower so he could hear the voice of the bird folk...

And would be able to understand them. They were exchanging ideas and instructions, excitedly displaying their excitement over a seasons' change festival, and upon sighting Nova they called her "Lady Kaede" and informing her that "Demon Lady Nova is over at the castle's library room talking with the mayor."

It was interesting: they looked like birds in every aspect, but possessed clawed hands and wings sprouting out their back. The many colors and variety... Some boasted of flash tail feathers and rainbow-like patterns, others were the simple bark-brown with a short tail.

They showed traits of being in good spirits, health and wealth. There was no one poor, no one rich, everyone even armored soldiers working hard to make the perfect setting. And as they flew over to the castle, someone called out: "Lower the bridge! She's here!". At the large tower, what was a drawbridge was lowered, and within it a large nest could be seen, as well as a birdman that would be mistaken for peasant, but surely worked there as he manned the drawbridge lever.

Landing within the nest chamber with Zamari, Nova lowered so he could come down, and be approached by the birdman: "Ah, Lady Kaede's guest. Welcome to our humble land in the Crimson Mount. We have words of two other guests coming soon. Hah, where are my manners: Cobalt Jay is my name.", and no wonder, he was a cobalt-blue Steller's Jay.
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Walking to the castle and community, James told Fran "I plan to teach them jokes, pranks, and trickery as a whole. But I'm going to have to be careful to teach them where to draw the line. I don't want to teach them to harras and bully others. This will be entertainment at first, but plant the seeds of an plan of mine. I'm telling you this because you may be interested in helping me."

Fran was serious. James was trying to recruit her for something that would possibly tick Nova off and thus the people all around them.
"What's the plan?"

James grinned. "I'm planning to hit the Demi-Godhood level for a bit. I'm going to need followers. There isn't much competition here yet, so I'm going to try to get a following of those who wish to learn about trickery from me.
"However, it will be easier with help. Also, you may be able tp provide a distraction. Maybe teach them a few things, or arrange quick competitions of skill, like flying for speed, an obstical course or other things.
"That will keep Nova, Yume and Felinia distracted for a bit, and make my lessions on slight of hand tricks, and jokes all the less noticable."

Fran nodded thoughtfully. It could work.

Soon enough they approached the community.
What will things be like, and what kind of food are they cooking?
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No, he hadn't flown on the back of a bird before nor had he been anticipating it. It was funny how his days tended to take such drastically bizarre turns. After receiving confirmation that the castle indeed belonged to Nova, Zamari remained quiet for the remainder of the trip so he could process the information and make the necessary comparisons to the Inner World. There were huge differences between her world and his own. Her world actually belonged to her whereas his world more or less belonged to his sword. His world fought against him whereas her's welcomed her. Zamari couldn't resist it. There was a speckle of jealousy there.

The birdfolk reminded Zamari of Meimu who qualified as a birdman despite being a tengu, something rather specific. Just like Inner World he was able to witness as the beings of Nova's world existed within their own society and lived their own lives. This spawned a myriad of questions. First and foremost, were they capable of procreating unlike the spirits of the Inner World? Second, how exactly were these birdfolk connected to Nova? Could they exist without her? After they landed he would soon get his own chance to encounter them up close and personal as he was suddenly introduced to one Cobalt Jay.

"Zamari, Zamari Wells." he gave his usual bland introduction, sizing the birdman up as he did so. From what he observed he was able to make another distinction between his world and Nova's. The Inner World had a rigid hierarchy between the strong and the weak, the haves and the have-nots. That did not seem to be the case here as individuals from all walks of life seemed to be cooperating fully. That should make all of their preparations play out easily. Should being the key word.
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Letting Zamari introduce himself in few words, Cobalt Jay formulated a conclusion before Kaede spoke of it: "The quiet type, I see. Be at home here, Zamari Wells." Didn't take long until he Cobalt Jay pulled the lever, causing the bridge to rise and close the nest room, torches ignited at the corners to repel the darkness.

"Cobalt Jay is also the Chief Servant here. All maids in and servants in this castle, from cook to janitor, follows his instructions. Demon me choose him at the town after observing him evenly split groups for a variety of tasks, but back then he was just known as Bluejay. The idea of naming him Cobalt Jay was mine.", passing a torch to Cobalt Jay, the three would leave the nest room and walk down the stairs.

There was talk and sounds echoing the halls and spirals staircases, the maids and servants within the castle exchanging thoughts on the event, concern about small maintenance that was required here and there, and much, much more.

At least above all, there was no screaming or shriek, nor a sorrow's weep. Even if most of the path was dim, dust and cobwebs were nowhere to be seen.

The door to the library didn't stand out much from the many other doors, wooden, an iron ring for grip and a traditional mechanical lock. But the inside was different, a truly large room, two floors with many shelves and a large table in the middle, where a man with the features of an African Gray Parrot could be seen seated with a red devil woman that had features of the demon bird that Zamari was on earlier. But soon he was standing to make his leave and, passing by, he gave a respectful bow to Kaede, Zamari and Cobalt Jay.

Now the demoness fixated her eyes on the guest, the chief servant and her other half. "Oh, so here is the bearer of the demon sword.", a slightly mischievous smirk, but she had shown zero hostility. Her presence being no different from other people...

"I have fulfilled my duty as it can be witnessed. May I hear my next orders?", Cobalt Jay bowed to the demoness, who made a gesture for him to rise up. "Your next orders are to gather the other servants after they finished their duties and get dressed for the festival. Thank you, Cobalt Jay.", a happy sigh followed those words, and the chief servant was soon making his leave.

"Speaking of the festival... What are the details, my other self?", Kaede stepped to the table and gestured Zamari to follow. They were to take seat next to the demoness. "It's more than just the change of the seasons that inspired them, apparently. Lately I noticed the books on fauna and flora shed ashes and revealed new data, which means more animals and plants are appearing in out territory and giving our toriningen have started to hunt and harvest these new resources. More interestingly is... There was a test done between me and the mayor earlier today. This test was to see if he were capable of telling what I was thinking would be ideal for the festival, and if I could tell what they were doing without seeing myself.", Demon Nova spoke, her eyes going between Kaede and Zamari.

Kaede looked curious and thus inquired: "What happened? Did you read their mind or did they read ours?". Following a headshake and another, the demoness responded: "No, not at all. I could not read his thoughts, nor could he read mine. This confirms a new and relieving development. And James' teasing was correct: We are pretty much the mother of an entire new race that is developing in our territory."

The villagers were hanging colored lanterns, setting up stalls for games and food, all based on observations of multiple cultures, meat and vegetables were on the menu, and a flag featuring a crimson bird was flying to the wind above the marketplace. But what did they use for currency? Coin-shaped gems of different colors.
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James and Fran were stunned, but thinking of different things
James was thining about the cultures they had merged, and the mere fact they had organized this. It said something about their individuality and community. Very good things.

Fran had spotted the coins, and wondered where they came from. Being able to shape coins like that would be very useful. Then again, could they survive leaving the area.

James looked around and had an idea, with great potential, but surprised even him. What if other Celestials followed Nova's lead, and made their own races?

The full importance of when he was there for pressed down on him, with all the responsibility that came with it.
They had to develop safely. Not too fast in order to avoid shattering their minds and community, and yet not slow enough to encourage stagnations.
This festival may be a milestone, but the first of the race as a whole.
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