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Lesser Mortal; Under construction
Topic Started: Apr 12 2018, 11:41 PM (298 Views)

Name: Coel Ferron
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 13 stone
Coel has pale skin with messy black hair, a light stubble and dark blue eyes, which sometimes have a glint of red in them. He is in good shape and well toned and usually wears t shirts, a spiked bracer on his right arm and just below that a silver chain with a rustic Scythe talisman with small etchings on it, this was given to him by a rogue reaper. jeans and black steel toe cap boots. Sometimes he wears a long black jacket.

Demonic assemblence his skin becomes darkened, his muscles and body look as if the have deteriorated and make him look dead. His eyes turn blood red, the same aura from malice rises from him likes steam. His teeth sharpen like that of a wild beast. Small bone like spikes protrude through the skin of the back of his hands right to the knuckles, there are larger ones on his elbows, shoulders, spine and kneecaps.

Occupation: Vintage Treasury

Residency: Above Vintage Treasury

Coel tries to keep himself and is sceptical of the people he encounters due to his time spent in the Burial Grounds. At stages his mind tends to wander as he is focus on other matters. Thought he does not mean to he is often pushing people away. Even with his problems he is great dealing customers, people bumps into and can be quite pleasant. During certain situations his thoughts can be rather sinister of what is happening around him and how to deal with it. When it comes to a fight he can be fairly intense and will not hold back, if he was to be pushed to a certain point he could snap, causing him to use far more strength then register to brutalise whomever opposes him.

During his Demonic assemblence his attitude changes rather sharply he becomes aragant, loses all consideration for others, has a rather wicked way of speaking to people and enjoys playing with his opponents. And has the desire to destroy all other demonic beings.

Having lead a relatively normal life Coel was and average person, until an accident cost him his life. After having experienced life after death Coel's memory is foggy and he cannot remember parts of his past. He can remember the moment of his death and waking in the morgue with an unsettling feeling that sent shivers down his spine, the terror of what has yet to come caused him to run.

The last few of years have been spent trying to discover what exactly happened to him and eluding the reapers that have hunted him ever since he woke up in the morgue. But his search has been fruitless and has only raised more questions, such as the appearance of Malice the Scythe that manifested during an encounter with a demon possing as the curator of an art museum that desired to devour him. Or the continuous appearance of a little girl in a gothic style dress that offers him a contract that only requires him to open a door to initiate, thought the terms will not be revealed until he agrees to open the door. The trouble with this is that only people that been offer a contract will be able to see her or those with a very keen sense of observation.

At one stage a reaper had caught up to him and banished him to a desolate graveyard for reapers known as the burial grounds, he was trapped there for over a year. Whilst there he could not use any of his abilities nor Malice so he was left to the defend himself with the Scythe from a reaper statue. He eventually learned the secrets of the crypt and even found a way to escape his binds, even weild them and eventually escaped the crypt itself.

For the last several months he has work in the the antique shop know as Vintage Treasury, a rather unique store that has the strangest quality of moving it's location. Here he work's along side the stores manager whom very rarely speaks to him, scouls at him with a look that can only be described as contempt and usually tells him what he's supposed to do by passing him notes. She is a witch that sells potions on the side and has a keen insight to antiques. The owner of the shop very rarely shows his face.

Powers and Abilities:
Demonic assemblence: This is a transformation connected to the dark energy that flows through Malice by channeling that energy almost like a possession he greatly alters himself. Once he begins to change nothing short of killing him with stop it. Apart from the drastic change in his appearance and attitude his strength, speed and reflexes increase three fold, Making him strong enough to easily lift a large person with one hand and able to move up to 20mph. He also gains a great hunger for the life essence of everything around him. If he were to hold this form for any more than 10 posts he stands to lose control and rampage or even lose consciousness.

Devour Essence: He can consume small amounts of energy from the air with a radious of.4 metres. and beings to heal himself at an accelerated rate, heal small wounds pretty much instantly and larger wound in a few minutes, given an hour he could reattach a limb. It is also greatly enhanced during his demonic assemblence and at this stage it capable of killing people if not used carefully and doubling the radius a which he can consume and how fast he heals. This can be avoided by staying out of his range and by controlling one's breathing with small and spread out breathes.

Due to his work in Vintage Treasury he knows a variety of different seals that can be used on objects even buildings, he is even capable of breaking same seals he creates. Thought he is still learning and is unable to handle advance seals. These seals can be used to conceal magical items presence, to place barriers, repel magic creatures. The strongest seal he can create is a blood seal to create a stronger barrier, but he is not capable of breaking them.

Malice: A Scythe that was forged from his hatred and desire to live, it is essentially a part of him, it has a dark purple aura that surrounds and rises from it like larger ragged ribbons. It can manifest in phantom form or physical and will appear upon command. Malice is capable of cutting though steel. He is capable of throwing Malice and it will return to him. It is even capable of creating a projectile that slashes with the same intensity getting cut cut by the scythe itself through it is effective up to 5 metres..

Renegade Chains: These 6 sets of chains were once used to bind him to a crypt known as the Burial Grounds, but upon his escape he reversed their bind so that they where bound to him instead of binding them, he is able to move them as easily as a flick of the finger. This allows to attack furiously from multiple positions at once, and he does not even had to touch them and is capable of doing this up to 15ft. When he is not using them to wrap themselves around him, they can also manifest. and can use them to bind others for short periods of up to 3 posts using and up 9 posts with all six, the bind cannot be broken with magic but with extreme strength one could temporarily shatter them. Their bind cannot be broken with magic but with extreme strength one could temporarily shatter them. If he is rendered unconscious they binds will hold, but they are not capable of offence.

He is a somewhat decent fighter and is capable of taking a lot of damage for example he has been impaled on multiple occasions, he has had cracked rib, shattered bones and severed appendages but still refused to stop battling. And is not bad at weilding a scythe and has had some experience with swords.

Stone Scythe (Unlike Malice it has no ability and cannot be summoned, but is a durable as the strongest metals.)
Renegade chains
Scythe talisman
Keys to Vintage Treasury
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Maou here and I'll be looking over your profile.

Let's start with the small stuff. The personality could be fleshed out a little bit, give it a couple more sentences so it'll help potential players know what sort of character he is. Something like; 'Is he talkative?' 'How does he treat friendships?' 'Is he responsible?'. Stuff like that, nothing too much.

Now, into the heavier stuff; History X Powers.

You mention in the powers section, as well as the equipment section, that Coel is in position of Malice, yet in the history it doesn't reflect how he came into possession of the scythe, (At least it's not apparent to me and I could be wrong.)

As for the Demonic Assemblence, what causes this transformation into the demonic form and how long does it last? Can it be interrupted? At what range can he start absorbing life essence from individuals? Is there a limit on how much he can absorb from an individual and is it enough to kill them?

The latter half of Demonic Assemblence, the part where he can still consume life essence while in normal form is a bit more, troublesome, for the lack of a better word. I'm going to recommend an upper limit to the amount of strength he can gain from absorbing energy, and so I'd like to see this in the form of describing what he can do with that strength; How much can he lift and throw comfortably?

Also, the accelerated healing needs some detail as well. What sort of wounds are we talking about? Give an example of the 'accelerated' part of the healing, i.e., how fast?

We're almost done, just a couple things left.

The Renegade Chains. If there's going to be any sort of binding, how long do they last? Is is possible for someone to break free of them early if they happen to be magical, in possession of some sort of tool? What I'm asking is if a character who has an ability or the means to free themselves, is it possible?

As for the fighting ability, I can accept that considering he was banished to the shadow realm for a year.

I'll continue to look over the profile even as you make changes or ask question to make sure if there's anything missed I can address it.
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Round two, let's see where to go from here.
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Alright, so first off are the time limits that are listed throughout the powers section of the profile. If you can translate them into the amount of posts it would equal, it'd help in understanding just how long things should/could last. For reference, most posts typically are anywhere from 3 minutes or less, unless stated otherwise.

Next is the Devour Essence ability. There are a couple things here that need to be addressed; one being the ability to potentially kill people without any sort of known defense against it, and the 'doubled radius' that is mentioned without an initial base to start with.

As for the Seal Knowledge, I'd like some clarification on what sort of seals he knows in particular and to what extent. Same goes for being able to break seals. Is he able to break the seal created by a shrine maiden, or a god/goddess?

Malice has a projectile that slashes through the air. I'm gonna need the range of the projectile as well as its effectiveness.

The Renegade Chains have the issue as stated early on; convert the standard units of time into post count. The length of time they bind someone is also on the 'kinda lengthy' side of time it takes for them to release someone. Also, from what I'm reading, he's able to manipulate them from up to 15ft? How does he do this and if he is unconscious, does he lose the ability to control them?

Finally, define what you mean by 'take a lot of damage' that's listed in your final ability. Oh, and what is the Scythe Talisman and what does it do?
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