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DOMINIK; OP Midboss; 400th Post
Topic Started: Apr 5 2018, 02:57 AM (235 Views)
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Gender: Male
Age: N/A

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 170lbs.
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Occupation: RIVAL




"I don't blame you for staring"

Dom's defining characteristic is his complete obsession with himself. He views himself as a physically flawless specimen and a perfect, unbeatable fighter. Any evidence to the contrary runs off his ego like rain off his back. Challenges to his views don't seem to have any effect on him either and he seems just as incapable of anger as he is empathy.

He has a strange fascination with other people, and will often mimick their postures or behaviors in order to make his emotions seem more convincing and although he loves to manipulate people, he's not terribly good at it yet. He doesn't seem to view others as separate beings from himself, but more how someone playing a video game might view NPCs. Fun to interact with until you get bored and start coming up with creative ways to kill them.

Although he'll pretend to, Dom doesn't appear to feel remorse, pain, or sympathy for anyone other than himself, and even then only slightly. Genuine emotions or acting in ways that are anything other than totally selfish seem to confuse him and he appears genuinely interested in exploring the concept when the chance arises.


"When you imagine an elephant in your mind, where is the elephant really?"

DOMINIK is a creature known as an AMALGAM, an entity composed of certain concepts that have been given physical form. The recent establishment of the Fabricated Weapons Project in many countries around the world has led to an increased fascination with things that don't exist physically in this world, but which have a profound effect on it nonetheless. Several weapons having been created with the imprint of AMALGAM concepts from weapons of myth or legend have led many to consider the project a success, but in reality the science is still in its infancy.

Until recently, only inanimate concepts had ever been successfully imprinted into the physical world due to their simpler nature, but DOMINIK is something different. A byproduct of research done by the French arm of the project, he was created entirely by accident. His pattern is actually a combination of many separate AMALGAM, primarily based on the original subjects the project was designed to study. His pattern was initially captured and stored in a digital format until a purpose could be determined for such a creature.

However, the pattern was lost when an unknown virus infected the team's servers.

Where DOMINIK obtained a body, the nature of the virus that captured him, and his motivations appear still unclear. However, newly restored, he returned to the project headquarters with a plan of his own, and despite objections from researchers, the project leaders are choosing to follow it cautiously.

For now.

For the time being, his nebulous plan took him on a brief sojourn to Hyakuji City and more recently, Kaneshima island...

Powers and Abilities:


As an AMALGAM, DOMINICK is unique l, being a fusion of 26 different patterns, each based on one of the original subjects that form the foundation of the Fabricated Weapons Projects. As his existence continues to solidify in physical reality, the abilities of those individual patterns will begin to make themselves known. As of right now, DOMINIK has access to [2] of these patterns.

C - Celestis, the Diviner

The ability to visualize the choices of a rational, free agent before they themselves have conceived them. The paradox this ability creates collapses the infinite number of choices available to the target to the single, correct one with 100% accuracy up to one minute in advance, but the time varies randomly. Only one target can be selected at a time and changing targets has a one turn cooldown. Targets acting entirely on instinct or under the control of a secondary agent can't be targeted.

Note: While the language of this ability suggests it can alter the will or choices of other PCs and the character may play it off this way ICly, it will be no different functionally than ordinary foresight.

J - Jugeris, the Expanse

The ability to control the flow of his physical and mental expression of time. From a functional understanding, this operates similarly to the abilities of a speedster, though without the potential hangups associated with actually moving at incredible speeds since he only appears to speed up to those outside of his own existence. Measured from the outside, DOMINIK can reach speeds of up to 260mph at their peak. This ability can be active for five consecutive posts before requiring a two post cooldown.

Note: While this has the aesthetics of super speed, being more localized chronokinesis it does not confer any additional power through momentum or other such enhancements typical of speedsters.

Jūryoku Taigaa

An AMALGAM or Fabricated Weapon that manifests and controls gravitons. Also known as BALMUNG, it is a actually a fusion of two concepts into a single weapon. In its normal state, the blade of the sword is broken and it is half of its normal length and sits at about 1.5 feet. The graviton field it controls is contained in a thin, two-inch coating around the blade which quadruples the weight of anything its in contact with, allowing it to hit with much more force than an ordinary sword. This field does not affect the weight of the sword itself nor can it affect whoever holds the hilt.

Jūryoku Taigaa has one other form as well, known as its Bankai, or second release, called Wild Tiger Emperor. The broken longsword becomes two short swords with 15-inch blades and the graviton field surrounding it is dispersed, creating a circular field with a 50-yard radius around the swords which doubles the weight of anything around it while halving the effect of gravity on the wielder. Both swords must be held to maintain the effect of Wild, but holding even one will make the holder immune to the field's negative effects.

Jūryoku Taigaa's Bankai state can only be maintained for six posts before requiring a two post cooldown.

Note: The gravity altering strikes of this sword don't actually increase the force of the attacks themselves, but are designed to collapse the defenses of the defender by rapidly increasing the weight of whatever object hey're blocking with.


Jūryoku Taigaa - Two legendary swords conceptually merged into one. It's full power is unknown. See Above

Skull Memory - A Gaia Memory that once belonged to someone. Currently inactive
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I'm gonna bump this right here~
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So, after this has been left too long, some general thoughts:
History will need to at least address how and why exactly DOMINIK arrives on the island. While you may perhaps wish to be telling that as part of the story or whatever, without any guarantee of that we would like to see at least some coverage for that transition.

As for the abilities:
Celestis needs clarification, desperately so. It's unclear if this is merely meant to be basically your character predicting everything another character will do, in line with their own separate post, and thus can be prepared to react to what they do - but ultimately not actually dictate it - or if it is in fact meant to be controlling what another character can do by saying 'sorry I just wiped out all other choice for you'. As you might guess, one is much more troublesome than the other.

Just to make sure: Jugeris also doesn't give him any of the momentum or force associations of 'genuine' super speed, right? Since it's just a change in how time works.

With regards to the gravity sword, several have noted that its mechanics and intended effect don't actually align. Namely, if the sword makes something else heavier on contact, then the strikes of the sword itself aren't being made heavier. It just makes the other person's object heavier. Meanwhile, it would be good to make sure as to whether or not this effect is somehow intended to stack with multiple strikes.

As for the bankai, it's... generally alright, but needs clarification as to whether the field's measurement is radius or diameter.
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Relevant changes have been made
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