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[PLOT] A Desperate Gamble; IC Recruitment - Open
Topic Started: Apr 4 2018, 07:07 AM (1,306 Views)
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The rapid chime of the school bell would have brought relief to the students of Senki Academy, and even those of Kaneshima High School. After all, the end of the school day meant freedom to pursue their interests with the remainder of their waking hours. To go to clubs for practise, to go out on the town for shopping and for recreation; to play video games in the comfort of their dorms until the sunset, or simply go to bed right there and then. But in almost all instances, they would not desire to bring their schoolwork - or even their school uniform - with them on whatever escapades were to fill their afternoon, and so for whatever reason, however long it took, at some stage, the students would come to the dormitories.

And she was waiting for them there.

"There you are!" The panicked stranger with two reddish-brown bunches of hair suddenly yelped, having been perched atop a sofa in the lounge of the Yuri dorms. She wore what little was left of what appeared to be a school uniform - that of Academia Beluosus, in fact. Indeed, those that had attended that particular field trip might recognise this young woman before them as none other than Jacqueline Howlett. Jacqueline - or Jackie, as she had come to be known by some of those here - leapt from her perch, running up towards any familiar or friendly faces that she could find in whatever crowd lay before her, whether they were female - as was most likely - or male - as might have been visiting.
"You've gotta help me, please!" She begged them, over and over again, like a lost puppy unsure of where to turn.

If and when someone managed to ask the most pertinent question of the situation - namely, what was wrong - Jacqueline would seize upon it - and the collar of the unfortunate person to ask - with quite a sharp grip, her nails dug in tight.
"My friends! They got Corina! A-and Beileag! N-Nurin too!" Jacqueline was upon the verge of tears, her chest rising and falling with hasty, desperate breaths.
"I-If we don't go back to Vegas soon, they could die!"
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"Tighter please~ It is almost hurting~", the victim of such a tight grip seemed to be enjoying it a little too much, a redhead with elven ears and golden eyes, her clothes a little bit revealing. This was known by most as Kaede, privately she was Nova. But regardless of the pleasant pain she felt, the redhead listened to their plea.

Jacqueline wanted help? IN VEGAS?! "I'm a lot young to go there... But I think a small gamble once in a while won't hurt, right? Plus I really wanted to fly there with my own wings!", Kaede demonstrated excitement with the idea of going Vegas.
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Even though he knows he got invited to be here, and that curfew for the dormitory is still way off, it still feels a bit awkward to be walking into a girl's dorm.

More so when there are still other female students in the go-home club going in and out of the building, giving him odd stares and amused giggles every now and then.

Couldn't she just come to his place instead? Itsuki thought to himself with a sigh. Sure, it'd take a lot more time to walk there, but it'd be a lot less awkward for him.

One step into the building, having to go through the lounge like everyone else, and he was already stopped dumbfounded.

There was a strangely familiar looking girl making small noises in the lounge, strangling another of the dorm's resident. But the one causing the ruckus was not a student of this school, let alone a citizen of this country.

That was one of the students of Beluosus Academy whom he had met while on the student exchange program. Though that's kind of stretching it, he barely had very much time to really get to know any of them.


That said, she really doesn't seem like she's in a good condition, though. "...Uh, H-hey, um... Jacqueline?!" The young man called out after taking a deep breath, running over to the panicking wolf girl, taking off his school uniform to immediately drape over her unsightly state. "What are you doing here? What's going on, are you okay?"
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"What are you doing here?"

That was the first thing that Edie said as she recognised the tattered uniform almost instantly. It had not been a kind night to her, the night when everything went wrong. Bad memories, which she frankly wanted to leave behind and purge forever, flowed through her again. Her voice, bitter and contemptuous, was filled with all of the traumas of that awful night, especially the fact that she had almost lost a close friend. Not normally one to hold grudges, she had tried to come around to forgive, but couldn't bring herself to.

She gave Jacqueline a cold stare as she took to handling her, trying to get her off Kaede. But then she heard Jacqueline's plea, and her grip, and look, softened considerably.

"And why?" she asked. "After all that we've been through under your auspices and the suffering we had to endure for it. I almost lost one of my friends to Corina and her machinations. How can I guarantee that the same fate won't befall us?"

"And Vegas? Sin City? Are you out of your mind? How did you even end up there in the first place? I'm...no, we're not making a decision without it being an informed one, so you'd better tell us the full details."
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Most students tended to return to the dorms after a day at school...but not Tyra. To return to the dorm rooms one had to leave them in the first place but that was not the BoW. She didn't feel like going to class today and had, surprisingly, decided to stay at home to catch up on some HOMEWORK of all things. It was annoying and she hated doing it but even if she got her homework wrong...Tyra realised she could at least get her teachers to leave her alone. Thank god she did, somehow, well enough on her exams to pass if not excel. Anyway, having wrapped up the last of her really pressing homework for some of her more pushy teachers...Tyra found herself bored with little to do.

That was when she heard a commotion coming from the hallway which would hopefully provide a good chance for some fun. Jumping from her chair Tyra charged to her room's but stopped before opening it. She heard the voices and the name mentioned which brought her pause. What on Earth was that dog brain doing here?....ah fudge it! Only one way to find out! Tyra would charge out of her room and march into the corridor eyes resting upon Jacqueline. Amazed, astounded and down right shocked by the presence of the werewolf Tyra's lips curled into a toothy grin. The next thing anybody would know is Tyra charged down the corridor and attempted to throw her arm, the clawed one, around Jacqueline neck pulling her into a head lock. With a smug smirk the BoW gave her "friend" a noogie.

"So what brings you here pup? Something about going to Vegas? Ah sure I'll come along! Anything to get me out of this boring ass dump! I doubt any of these goody two shoes would be able to save your damn friends anyway!" She laughed heartily before, for just a few moments, cracking a soft smile that implied she actually felt some sort of happiness at seeing the werewolf. The issue was...happiness for Tyra was not necessarily the same as happiness for others. She stopped giving the werewolf a noogie but instead gently pat her on the head with her clawed arm taking a great amount of care. "hehehehhe....I've never met a dog that didn't want to rip my guts out you know...." Tyra seemed to forget just what exactly the situation was as she affectionately continued to pet the werewolf's hopefully soft hair. A wide grin was spread across the BoW's face.
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“Didn’t need to be an oracle to see this eventuality,” a deadpan voice remarked from behind Edie as Andromeda approached - the Amazon regarding the werewolf with a cold stare as she folded her arms over her chest. While she hadn’t had any interactions with Jacqueline, she remembered the face - wasn’t she one of Beileag’s (and by extension, Corina) friends?

Next to the Amazon stood Nicole, who regarded the werewolf with a sympathetic look, with an undercurrent of caution - after all, was she not associated with Corina, the vampiress who started the whole mess to begin with? Who put a friend of theirs in mortal danger? “I… almost predicted something like this was gonna happen,” the martial artist added.

“With the whole Helldragon thing and all, I told Corina before we parted, that there would be consequences for messing with forces she didn’t fully comprehend,” the lightning warrior commented, her voice calm but stern, essentially like a rebuke or admonition. “But perhaps, it might be through this that she may see the error of her ways.” To be fair, whatever predicament Corina may have gotten herself into Nicole didn’t know if it was in any way related to the incident in the woods, but it was pure conjecture and joining of dots on her part, that Corina must’ve somehow let her newfound power get to her head.

“Still, isn’t Academia Beluosus a signee of the Joint Campus Project and all?” Andromeda chimed in, recalling offhand that AcaBel was one of the institutes of learning that signed up with the JCP. “I mean, if that’s the case shouldn’t this fall under the purview of SERAPH?” Afterall, if a student of a JCP-affiliated institute has run into foul play, it sounded only logical that the issue be referred to people behind the JCP, which would be none other than SERAPH.

“Ah yeah, I was saying… that as long as there’s a chance Corina might see the error of her ways it’s unbefitting of a follower of Xia Dao to leave her to her fate,” Nicole chorused, expressing her willingness to assist Jacqueline - and besides, from what Andromeda told her of Beileag the kelpie seemed like an all-around good person, and Nicole for one certainly didn’t relish the thought of such a kind and gentle soul having to deal with something as crushing as losing a friend.

“But Andromeda and Edie-san are right, there’s too much that we don’t know to simply throw ourselves into the fray,” she remarked, casting a glance at Edie. “And besides, wouldn’t the professionals at SERAPH be better trained and equipped to handle this sort of situation?”
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“The Красная aрмия will never abandon a comrade in need!” Hearing the commotion, Katyusha had come to investigate on top of her trusty stead. She had no idea who Jacqueline was, but judging from how her classmates were treating the girl, it seemed like she was a friend. “Isn’t that right comrades?”


A rousing cheer came from her little soldiers riding in various pouches on Iosif’s back, and the little Russian girl nodded in approval. “We will rescue your friends from the fascists in no time!” Another cheer. Morale seems high among Katyusha’s little troop. “So who are we dealing with?”

Was it okay for her to agree just like that? Probably not. But it’s been a boring few months for her, and she was really itching for some action.
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"Jackie? 'zat you?" Came the voice of a familiar, blonde-haired brawler. "The hell's going on, you lose a fight or something? Y'look messed up." Yoiko swaggered over, hands in pockets as she brushed past the other students to get a closer look at the wolf girl.

"Look, I don't know what's going on, but if you're in some kinda trouble, you know you've got my help. It's the least I can do after, er..." Yoiko flinched internally, recalling her own actions from that night. "Well, you know..." She scratched her face awkwardly, realizing this was the first time since they left the academy that they'd had a chance to talk about it. Yoiko felt a reluctant sense of relief that there seemed to be more pressing matters at hand.

"Whatever it is, I promise I'll only punch the bad guys this time, ya got it? And maybe Tyra..." Yoiko's eyes drifted towards getting mutant rival. She really didn't like the way she fawned all over Jackie like that. She wasn't the only one who cared about her, after all...

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It had been a simple plan for Yuudachi, the self-proclaimed "Magical Girl"; Finish classes for the day (preferably without her brain melting out of her ears, or so it felt like), get changed, and then practise on her drums for a while. A simple plan. An elegant plan. A perfect plan. A plan with no possible way of being foiled, defeated, or otherwise halted... Or so the blonde thought.

Oh, the first part was easy enough to achieve; Class had ended without a hint of leaked grey matter, and the red-eyed blonde had sped off like an excited puppy after a stick. Racing to her dorm room on the ground floor of the Yuri Dorm, she was able to complete part two of the plan and get changed, swapping her school uniform for a red skirt with a white stripe a centimetre above the hem and a black T-shirt with a large, white square on the front and a black design on said square.

The third part, however, was less-successful. While she had been able to start drumming, playing songs many would call "hard" as a warm-up, the teen had found her concentration foiled by a commotion in the Dorm's lounge.

Leaving her room to investigate, Yuudachi was confronted by an unusual sight, one that left her rather perplexed and puzzled.

"P...Pooi~ What's, like, going on, poi~?"

So, there she stood after voicing her question, with her drumsticks held in one hand, and the other leaning on the wall as she swept red eyes across the gathering with the aura of a lost and confused puppy.

At the same time, another teen was viewing the scene with some confusion. This one, bearing a head of hair that on first-glance seemed like a streak of rebellion; The right side of the teen's hair was strawberry ice cream-pink, against the chocolate-brown of the left side of their hair (though closer inspection would reveal a white "skunk stripe" in the pink). The rather distinctive hair colour, combined with a rather horrific scar right across the figure's throat, meant that it could only be one person; Amanda "Neapolitan" Nottford", the dimuative (former) fashion model.

Having entered the lounge behind Yuudachi, the small teen, clad in her tradmark not-quite a pants suit, knee-high 3-inch heels (bringing her tiny frame up to a mighty four-foot nine inches), and (bizarrely for a dry day) a closed parasol, stared bemusedly at the scene in front of her.


Rather than a voiced note of confusion, the former model had to let her expression and body language do the talking for her, having been rendered mute some time ago by a disturbed, and obsessed fan who had left her with that distinguishing scar.
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Jacqueline was the last person that Yukina expected to see when she returned to her dorm after a day of class. For a moment, Yukina stood in the hallway, blinking, trying to reconcile the image of the girl in front of her with the now-familiar setting of the Yuri Dorm lobby. She had been on her way to her room to get her kendo club uniform, but the sight of the girl surrounded by students had stopped her.

Thoughts came to Yukina slowly, in fragments as she tried to understand the situation.

Jackie was here. In Japan. In Kaneshima.

And she wanted--no, needed--help. She wanted to take them to Vegas.

Yukina's head was spinning. Life had just started to feel normal again since their return from Academia Beluosus, and she had already resigned herself to the fact that she wouldn't leave the country again for a while. But so soon? Las Vegas? America?! Just the thought made her feel a little faint.

And yet...

She looked around at the crowd that had formed around Jackie, taking note of familiar faces. Yoiko and Tyra, ready to go as usual. Nicole and Edie, who were much more reserved. Classmates and everyone else that she hadn't met. Ordinarily, she would have been siding with Nicole and Edie, but...

But Jackie was asking for help. Jackie needed help. Yukina couldn't just turn her away.

"Um...I don't really understand what's going on," she said. "But you need help, don't you, Jackie-san? I-If...you need help, I'm willing to help you. But you have to tell us what's happening."

She wondered what had happened to her in the nine months since arriving at Senki, wondered why volunteering to help came so naturally to her now.
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"I'm going." Reina said walking over. "I never did get an explanation out of that girl and she's going to give me one if I have to beat it out of her."

She looked over at Nicole and Edie as if anticipating their displeasure at her statement. "Hey I know how it goes, but she wasn't exactly forthcoming before and I hate the feeling of being used like that without even knowing why."

"Besides..." Reina added, "I'm only gonna do it if she tries anything funny. Only if she throws lightning or tries to hypnotize someone, honest."

Kiku peered around the crowd and tried to push her way through to Jackie. "You said that they're in trouble?" she asked, "I'll help you too. But you have to tell us why they're in Vegas of all places."
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Mikaela was on her way back to the dorm, seeing as there wasn't anything else for her to do today. Then again, she didn't have anything in mind to do anyway so she figured she'd probably just spend her time reading some manga or watching videos.

By the time she entered the lobby/lounge, a group of people had formed and naturally Mikaela was curious. She wouldn't speak up, however, only watching from a pocket she could find open to see who everyone was speaking with.

She looked up at those that were there, looking at their faces to read their expressions to figure what sort of mood the conversation was in. From what she could hear from all the talking, as well as their faces and tones, it didn't sound too good.

Nonetheless she'd decide to stick around and see what happens, considering it's better than sitting around and watching videos or reading. Until then she'd silently sit back and watch.
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Oh, no. Was this going to be the start of another mess? Shelly felt like screaming and running out of the building once she saw Jackie, but there wasn't any time for her to react before the big news was dropped on her. What? Why were they- Who even-

"AAAA!! What's Vegas?! And how do we save Beileag from there?!"

Luckily, the presence of her new roommate helped her calm down somewhat. Rushing over to Nicole, the young mage tried to keep herself from shaking her friend's shoulders and yelling about danger. It was one of those high-stress situations that felt even worse than an actual threat to her wellbeing, and that was quite an accomplishment.

"Bring SERAPH! Bring everybody! Oh my gosh, I can't believe this is happening!"
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"...N-No!" Jacqueline emphatically refused the request that escaped the redhead with an apparently fetish. The Beluosus student looked down as though her hands were dirty, and desperately tried to wipe them down on whatever part of her clothing wouldn't fall apart from the force, a heavy blush upon her face.
"...O-Oh!" She suddenly chirped up upon realising that someone was offering her their coat to cover her. "T-Thank you... um...?" She drift off however, once she actually got to the see the face of her charitable donor. Jacqueline tilted her head in confusion; both from who this was actually meant to be, but also why there was a boy in the Yuri dorms.

There was a face that Jacqueline did recognise, but one whose evident opinion of her had kept the werewolf from answering or acknowledging immediately. But then their look had softened, and Jacqueline's quivering lips fell apart as she answered them.
"I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry!" She answered them loudly, tears in freefall from her eyes. "Corina wouldn't really have killed anyone, I swear! And she's the one in danger this time!" Jacqueline's anxieties were all boiling over, faced with the task of convincing people who might have such entirely good reason to be doubtful of her motives. She was clutching her hair, liable to pull it free from the roots, just to have some other outlet for all this stress...!

Then someone else decided they had too much fun driving their hand right across her hair instead.

"Wahwahwahwahwah!" Jacqueline flailed within Tyra's grip, her desperate mood now swung entirely towards getting free of this torture! Fortunately, Tyra soon freed her, and while Jacqueline did try to form a pout on her lips, the subsequent petting made that all too impossible, and were she to have a tail - too early in the day for that - it'd be wagging along.
"Ehehehehe..." She enjoyed the gentle strokes for all they were worth, before remembering just why exactly she was here, and pulling herself away from the simple pleasure.
"M-My friends are in trouble! If we don't go soon, they might-!" Jacqueline tried to exclaim, only to be cut off by a new, joint arrival.

The condescension drew Jacqueline's happy-go-lucky facial features into an unusual and unsightly snarl, the corner of her lip rising as to reveal a sharpened fang.
"Don't... you... talk about her like that!" The werewolf girl suddenly snapped, leaping forward at Nicole, her arms stretched forth like claws. If someone didn't step in to stop her, she'd... fall flat on her face, tripping over the edge of the coffee table along the way.
"Ugh..." She grumbled. "If we're really 'messing with forces we don't fully comprehend', then SERAPH wouldn't be happy about the fact we already have three Helldragons, and were trying to get a fourth..." Jacqueline turned her head away. "They'd try to take the power away from us..."

It was in that bitter air that a rather diminutive Russian made her appearance, and stirred such a confusion as to break that bitter mood entirely.
"T-They didn't seem like fascists." She answered, while blinking. "But they do seem pretty bad..."
So then, with Yoiko's subsequent assurance that she would only punch the bad guys, Jacqueline gave a thumbs up, surprisingly unafraid of their appearance, despite Yoiko's obvious discomfort. Indeed, it was Yukina turning up that once more had Jacqueline unnerved, voicing the prior sentiment of a stranger as to be informed of what exactly was happening. Needing to find herself a seat, Jacqueline used the edge of the coffee table, signalling for all others - including the duo that had just pushed their way through the crowd, one of whom with blue hair seemed to strike Jacqueline as familiar, while the other was another small one - to gather around.

Once all were gathered, she began.
"So... like I said, we already had three Helldragons, and everything was fine. The seals didn't have any issues, and the immortality spells feeding off them seemed to be working. So we decided to work on getting our fourth..." Jacqueline's eyes shot to Nicole, a silent and determined counter to whatever they may have been thinking.
"Turns out, one of them is buried in Nevada. Under the 'Monaco Casino' specifically, in Las Vegas. So we teleported into the country, and then into the casino, and..." Jacqueline had her hands up in front of her, shaking slightly. For once it seemed she wanted to cry, but now, no tears fell. Only a weary sigh escaped her lips.

"There were so many people there. Didn't care that we were kids. Took us by complete surprise and... well, only Valentina, myself, and Esi - that's another friends of ours - got away." She finished, though only momentarily, as one frustration couldn't keep itself down. "I said if we don't go back soon, they might die... but honestly... I don't know if they're even still..."
Again, there were no tears. Merely a lack of will, as Jacqueline collapsed her face into the palms of her hands.
"They're my best friends... Without Corina I'd still be alone. We only ever even wanted that stupid power so that we could stay together forever!" Jacqueline's voice rose to a fever pitch as she yelled at the floor, before striking her head upwards with a single plea, her face twisted in distraught.

"Please, save my friends!"
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"Sounds pretty serious..." Yoiko said, stroking her chin thoughtfully. "I don't really understand the part about the dragons or hell or whatever, but if the girls are in trouble, it can't be helped." She held a triumphant fist in front of her face, her muscles shaking excitedly as a violent grin passed over her lips. An aura of dangerous excitement enveloped her person, her knuckles aching with anticipation of all the noggins that needed knocking.

"Alright! I'll beat every gambler and gangster in Vegas if that's what it takes! And if I happen to miss a few tests I'll just consider it a bonus!" And with any luck she could dodge the counselor and avoid taking make ups...

Yoiko took a step over to Yukina and threw her arm around her roommate's neck, grinning broadly. "Isn't that right, Shiromizu? You're coming too, right? We can fight dragons and hit the buffet after! Maybe play some cards if I can find the fake ID Ada made me, it's gonna be great!" Somehow she'd already forgotten this was supposed to be a rescue mission and started thinking of it as a vacation...
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Oh great. It was that jumped up little loud mouth of an upstart. Tyra shot a glare at Yoiko but whatever bad mood she was getting into was appeased by the Werewolf's oddly cute behaviour. Sadly whatever cute moments were transpiring soon passed ended quickly as Tyra pulled her hand back and smirked. "Now tell us what's wrong puppy but I think I have the just of it already." At this point Tyra's motivations changed from helping Jacqueline out to simply pursuing a chance at a good fight while also being able to get out of this boring ass school. From what little Tyra knew about Vegas it sounded like a right fun place to get involved in some mayhem which was the real reason Tyra was interested in helping.

"Eh? SERAPH? Pah sod those guys you don't need them. You've got me after all. Bahahahaha" However before following through to the obvious conclusion of picking Jackie up and marching off to the airport the BoW rounded on the werewolf. "So what's all this rubbish about Helldragons and power?" Tyra had no understanding of why the others, Edie to be precise not that the BoW gave a damn about her, seemed to be even the slightest bit worried about falling getting killed. "I don't even get why ya worried about losing a friend. People die all the time bahahahaha." Tyra may have laughed and made light of it but there was a certain tinge of regret to her voice however it wasn't for the reason one would assume.

That was when Tyra heard Jacqueline's explanation and her face contorted in rage sharpened teeth exposed. "....Immortality spell?" The seething rage beneath her voice escaped as a bloodthirsty snarl and the next thing anybody knew Tyra would march towards the werewolf, attempt to violently pick her up off the ground...and then pin her to a nearby wall. "You stupid dumb-ass piece of crap. You may not realise this but I am almost one hundred years old. Immortality fucking sucks. Don't waste your time with it you stupid dog breath or I swear to god I'll break you." To hear Jacqueline and her friends talking about pursuing immortality had inflamed Tyra's rage so very much hence why she punched the nearby wall so hard a crack formed.

"But fine I'll save your dumbass friends but you better forget about all this immorality crap." With that, the BoW released the werewolf from the wall scowling at her. "Now how'd the heck did you even get to Vegas to start with? Or should I just rob a plane off the airport?" Tyra was honestly annoyed by the hysteria present in Jacqueline's voice. "Jesus christ can you quit panicking already? I get it your friends are in danger and you want us to save them. That's why I've not stormed off to do something bold." Even though she was still frustrated with the Werewolf's stupid pursuit of immortality ,the BoW was still going to hang around and drag Jacqueline's stupid ass friends out of the mess they got themselves into.
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Kaede walked about after Jacqueline released, giggling a bit at how flustered the werewolf girl got. The power? What power? This intrigued the redhead, even as she came to the rescue of Jacqueline when she tripped over, with a wing stretched out like an arm that hugged her from the fall, feathers of fire that were more than comfortable, inviting, harmless...

"Now, now... No need to get your feathers so ruffled.", apparently the redhead loved referencing birds, "I'm with you, SERAPH might be a bad idea, they might even punish hardly for such transgression. I don't know them, to be honest...".

As the explanation reached its critical point, the reason why Nicole's words upset Jacqueline, the deal with the Helldragons... Kaede felt a violent intent coming from somewhere nearby. The target was obvious. Without thinking much, fire coated her and she grew a little more, turning into her demonic self and prying Jacqueline from Tyra's reach, while aiming to whack the behind of the hothead in a punishing manner with the aid of her dragon-like tail.

"You break her, I'll restore her, then proceed to break and repair you for a thousand years to come, and I can do that in my sleep!", this warn directed to Tyra was reinforced by an apparition of a monster bird, Hraesvelgr, that screeched at her. It was only for a moment that it appeared, before her focus went back to Jacqueline, letting her finish.

Unlike the delinquent... Demon Nova was patient. "Immortality can be both a blessing... And a curse. To never be able to have an afterlife, to see your mortal friends perish around you and be powerless to save them, to want death and be denied of it. It's an eternal unrest, you don't want, you don't deserve the torment it will bring... Please, do not pursue it so desperately, uhm... er...", why did Nova stop so suddenly?!

"I just realized... I don't know your name. ... I'll say mine first, OK? I'm Nova Kae-De Suzaku. And the other me is Suzaku Kaede. Nice to meet you.", she addressed the werewolf girl, with a friendly smile.
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"Whoa, easy there I meant no offense against Corina," Nicole backed off as Jacqueline attempted to lunge for her after the martial artist made her remark about Corina, although it turned out to be largely unnecessary as the werewolf simply tripped over a coffee table that was right between them. The lightning warrior almost mouthed "that can't lead to anything good" as Jacqueline told her their story, about how they'd apparently managed to gain immortality by releasing the Helldragons and feeding off their power via an esoteric spell, but held back her comments so as not to agitate the werewolf any further.

"She's trying to put together a rescue party to help her friends, that's that short of it," Andromeda remarked, noticing the arrival of Yuudachi and Amanda - who appear to also seem to have been attracted to the commotion, as the Amazon gave them a brief rundown on why the werewolf came to them asking for help.

"So, I guess trying to get SERAPH or the police to help is out of the question," Nicole commented as Jacqueline explained why they couldn't simply call SERAPH for help. "Well, I can't say I agree with her actions still, but I'm not about to allow someone to lose a friend," the martial artist continued, her voice burning with determination.

"So here's that - you've got an ally in me, Nicole Ryuko, we'll get her out of those thugs' clutches," she continued.

"Да, Beileag is good товарищ - so I'm in this for her sake," Andromeda chorused, slamming her hands together in a fist catch before giving the knuckles of her clenched hand a good crack. "Besides, since a fellow русский has decided to pitch in we gotta stick together," the Amazon remarked as she gave Katyusha a firm pat on the shoulder - seeing how a fellow Russian has wanted in on the action, Andromeda couldn't help but feel a drive to stick together to ensure her safety during this mission.

"Кроме, they must be strong, so they'd be worthy opponents," the blonde warrior added, glancing at Tyra then at Yoiko - somehow, she was thinking between the three of them this might turn into sort of a body count contest to see who can take down the most thugs - though with Tyra the Amazon would have to make sure she didn't use any disproportionate or lethal force.

"Question though... how are we going to cross the Pacific to Las Vegas anyway?" Nicole chimed in, wondering just how are they going to get all the way to another continent; then again, if Jacqueline had her means of getting here by escaping Vegas then perhaps it was a simple manner of using the same method?
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Hinata ran towards the ruckus that was being caused in the dormitories. It sounded like someone was in trouble a great deal of people were already rushing to the scene. What had been happening? Was someone hurt? Hinata raced down the corridor, turning the corner and sliding slightly as she came to see the crowd was already quite large before she had arrived.

Hinata looked around the crowd, trying to spot a face she recognized. She found some comfort in spotting Edie and went to go stand next to her. Hinata was still realizing that she was still quite new to the school and didn't quite know everyone. Trying not to look too awkward and out of place and like she belonged, she shuffled into the crowd next to Edie and nudged her friend and silently waved hello, as she was still trying to listen to what was going on.

Hinata listened as best she could, but did not understand half of what was being said or about who. She was getting the gist that there was a much larger scheme afoot, but it looked like a lot of the others in the dorm were willing to put themselves forwards to help.

She plucked up her courage and chimed in, "I-I'll help too! I don't really know you that well, but I'm here to help out anyone I can! I don't like seeing people in peril! I'm Hinata Seika and I'm here to help!" She grinned, feeling embarrassed but smiling confidently through it anyway to reinforce her proclamation.

Besides, there was talk of Vegas! That at the very least would be fun to see. She turned to Edie and shot her a thumbs up, "Wanna see what Sin City is all about?"

Hinata stopped short of saying anything further when she heard a girl, Nicole, mention how they were getting there. Hinata scratched her cheek and walked toward Nicole, "That's a good point actually. But didn't she," Hinata pointed to Jacqueline, "Say that she'd teleported into the country? Couldn't we do the same?"
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Helldragons? Seals? Spells? Those were things that Katyusha had no knowledge of. The magically inclined can deal with that, she was just here to help a friend of a friend save their friends from some shady people. It didn’t sound too difficult, how tough could some people running a casino be? They must be fattened and weak from sitting on their mountains of wealth. This would be a good chance to knock them down a peg.

“Да, товарищ! United we can take on any foe!” The little Russian was confident about their odds, perhaps overly so. But with a comrade of the motherland by her side, not to mention so many other conscripts volunteers joining them, it was hard not to be optimistic. “Let’s not keep your friends waiting any longer! You said you teleported to the country, you can do it again, right?”
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