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Return of the Eightfold Queen
Topic Started: Mar 11 2018, 09:55 AM (56 Views)
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Name: Morganna Iori Flameheart
Gender: Femme
Age: 22

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120lbs.
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Occupation: Queen of Fincayra


Morganna is a strong perceiver, collector of details and nuance. Ever aware of her surroundings and always probing her environment for new details, she is rarely unaware and keenly tuned in to the attitudes of others. Far from standing out, Morganna uses this ability to blend with the background and observe, always gathering new data and expertly concealing her own until she's prepared to reveal herself. Her manner and decorum is almost always polite and refined unless she becomes genuinely annoyed.

Once involved, her presence is unmistakably noble and she holds a quiet, piercing charisma that causes others to take her words seriously. Her will is ironclad and once she's decided she needs something, she'll move heaven and Earth to attain it. Despite her often cold and even paranoid disposition, Morganna cares deeply about her friends and country and these things, first and foremost, are her primary motivators. She would sacrifice herself in a heartbeat if she were convinced it was the best course of action for her subjects.

When angered, Morganna's justice is swift and brutal. Because of her past, she does not treat threats with a soft touch and mercy is rarely given unless circumstances prevail.


Hyakuji History

While attending Hyakuji High, the queen-in-exile began cultivating the skills and connections required to attain her birthright, studying magic under the likes of Hiro Tsukasa and gaining allies such as the Frostfire and
Fainscastle clans. Inevitably, circumstances on her country forced her to return early and execute her plans with what she had. Morganna was successful in her mission, but not without a cost. Forced to push her magical abilities to their limit, she could not continue to contain the octade eye within herself without risking death.

In order to preserve her family's power, she removed the magic from the eye and placed it within a vessel, rendering her unable to use magic on her own. The vessel itself was quite fragile and its magic is unstable given the sheer mass of magic contained inside it, but using it was enough for Morganna to maintain the appearance that she still had her power and keep the people's faith in the monarchy. However, despite the managing of the military overthrow, the Fincayran royal family was still thinned beyond repair and Morganna would not be able to hold her throne without a well thought out plan for the future.

The first thing she would need to restore would be her powers. And so, leaving the country under the guise of diplomatic and trade talks in various countries, a Morganna lookalike gave her the chance to slip off to her real destination. The country that seemed to have a knack for gathering enigmatic sources of power, Japan. However, rather than visit her old haunts in Hyakuji, a new city caught her attention. A small island undertaking the same noble experiment Hyakuji City once did...

Powers and Abilities:

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  • Orb of the Octadians

    Once the gathered powers of generations of Flameheart Magi, it has been removed from Morganna's right eye and placed into a golden shell. The sphere is no less powerful than it was when it was a part of her, but the false shell it inhabits is not so. Utilizing its power, Morganna can boost any one of her skills to the limits of human perfection. If she should use it while cooking, her food will bear some of the best flavors ever tasted by man. If she uses it while fencing, her sword fighting skills would eclipse the masters of today, etc. However, it cannot increase her strength or speed and all abilities can only be boosted to the maximum capable by humans.

    Because the orb, however enchanted, was not meant to contain as much power as it now does, it can currently only be utilized in this way and only for a period of ten turns before the destruction of the orb becomes a very real risk. After a period of five posts it can be used again.

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  • S-Class Butler Training

    Morganna's parents were murdered when she was still very young and she was raised by her family's butler, the eldest and most trusted member of the Phantomhive family of servants. It was he who trained her from a young age to be capable in every art an S-Class Butler would need. Despite his passing and her ascension to nobility, Morganna has let none of her training go to waste. The arts taught by the Phantomhive family are vast and encompass every skill a servant or trusted associate might need in nearly any situation.

    This includes any jobs that the staff of a typical wealthy family might have such as cleaning, culinary, or wait staff. It also includes business and finance, fine arts and literature, sports and survival skills, even a few varieties of self-defense. It would be difficult to list all of them, but Morgan is undoubtedly a master of most, if not all of these skills.

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  • Magical Knowledge

In her attempts to find a method to restore her family's power, and as a continuation of the magical training she began under Hiro Tsukasa, Morganna has devoured any and all information of and about magic she's been able to get her hands on. With her country's resources and her family's own libraries and connections, she's managed to amass a considerable body of knowledge on many varieties of magic.

While presently unable to use any magic herself after severing her circuit to detach her eye, the information she's accumulated is still immensely helpful in identifying types of magic and understanding their strengths and weaknesses which she does with relative ease.


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  • A Gun

    A standard .38 Webley
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