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A New Arrival; Open
Topic Started: Mar 9 2018, 12:01 PM (112 Views)
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Japan, a truly timeless place where ancient traditions are fused with the modern lifestyle that it is today with its neon-lit street-scapes and traditional buildings, it really depended on the destination; they almost look like a sci-fi set of some sort from whats been seen in pictures and videos. The destination for Dante however was Kaneshima, an island off the coast of Kyushu. A place which he had never even heard of until recently, he didn't even have a clue what was there. All he knew that he was going to be attending some sort of school which had began to ponder on thoughts, he'd never been to school and was he too old to be attending school, unless it was like some sort of college of university, but what were they even like?

It felt rather odd going into this completely clueless, his foster parents didn't really give much in terms of an explanation. All he knew is that many strings were pulled for him to even attend this place, the fact that he'd be missing out a year due to his age which meant Dante would have a lot of catching up to do. Usually Dante wouldn't be nervous about such things but even this was starting to damage his usual composure, he didn't have the best history with people in the long run and began to wonder if this place would be any different? Dante hadn't interacted with people his age and soon he would be surrounded by them and living with them. Things were definitely going to change for Dante but would it be for better or worse, there were just too many questions on his mind and not enough answers.

In terms of getting to Japan and getting to the island wasn't bad at all, after his foster parents had departed and left him to his own devices, Dante now had the task of finding his way to the academy, not an easy task. He didn't really have much clue of where he was going, he also stuck out like a sore thumb with his appearance and nationality alone. Wearning a standard attire of a simple black short-sleeved t-shirt, a pair of dull-faded blue jeans and a pair of black and white hightops, his long shoulder length locks of brown and grey breezing in the mind. There wasn't anything particulary noticable about him apart from the very-large and somewhat seemingly oversized backpack upon his back.

It seemed like it'd be a long walk to even reach the academy from where he was left off, so with that in mind, Dante began his first steps towards his new life. He wasn't sure how to feel or react, it all felt a little empty if he were honest with himself, it felt like he was stranded all over again in a sense. None the less, he was stronger now, strong enough to stand on his own two feet and keep moving forward regardless of what may come his way. Now with all of that in mind, it was actually time to start moving and making his way towards the academy, following any directions or signs that he could find. Which was starting to be some what of a pain having no idea where he was going yet that didn't stop him from continuing onward.

It wasn't before long til Dante found himself standing before the great gated entrance of the school and it's surrounding brick walls.
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