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The Mandatory Moving In Post; open (max 4)
Topic Started: Feb 17 2018, 03:21 PM (282 Views)
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Fiora stared at the doors to the building, a maroon suitcase beside her. Starting today, her life would be within these halls. She had almost no expectations, one of the few being a hopeful wish that the people were accepting of magic. A silly wish, for she knew that in a school for superpowered students, she shouldn't have any fears of disapproval.

If only she were here, she thought wistfully. Then she gently slapped her cheeks a few times.
Nope! I'm not going to mope around just because she can't come here at the same time I do. I told her that I'll be able to stay here first, and I will.

Bracing herself, Fiora clenched her fists, one hand gripping the suitcase handle tightly, and prepared to charge the entrance boldly...

... when her other hand suddenly stopped, millimeters away from the door. The outstretched hand trembled in midair, before Fiora retracted it.

Should... should I go in? Even now, fear took hold of her heart. Even when she needed it, her courage seemed to fail her.

She let out a disappointed sigh. Fiora couldn't just stay here, standing in front of the entrance of the Yuri dormitory like an idiot. And yet, that's what she was doing.
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"The deep breath before the plunge."

Agnes remarked evenly as she walked up with measured, efficiently spaced, and paced steps. For anyone else, it would seem an overtly mechanical, noticeable thing, but anyone else wasn't Agnes Lowenstein.

The artificial came off natural, beneath notice with her. Her distant purple eyes that seemed to take everything in at once rather than focus on anything in particular. Her ashen pallor. Stony grey hair. Speech precise, and cold, with few contractions (if any embraced). Her face a stoic mask that expressed very little.

This overall image, her overall demeanor, had in the last month or so since she arrived, put her into sympathies, and kindnesses of others at Senki Academy.

She was naturally 'new' to humanities. And everyone had picked up on that.

Fiora probably wouldn't have picked up on any of this...yet, but like many who'd met Agnes, one of the few non magical inhabitants, curiosity of others was the ice breaker for conversation, the most salient feature of note in the Austrian. Fiora was about to experience that aspect, full blast.

"Good day; do you need help finding your room? The 'Magical Girl' with the automatics is not present to guide you, but my familiarity with the building is adequate. Perhaps I could be of help?"

Agnes had learned to smile from a good friend. It was still a broken looking affair, somewhat shallow, but the intent behind it was genuine.

"I am Agnes Lowenstein, a resident here at Yuri Dorm, and a student at Senki Academy."
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Fiora jerked away as the stranger addressed her, covering her mouth with her hands and bringing her arms close to her body. Caught up in her own emotions, she wasn't exactly expecting someone to talk to her. Oh dear, was she being rude? She certainly hoped she wasn't.

As soon as she got over her initial shock, she dropped her hands and left them clasping each other above her stomach. Deep breaths, she told herself. She let out a quick breath to calm herself.

"Er, hello!" Her left hand let go of the other, gave a shaky wave, and swiftly went back to the former position. She gave a smile that seemed too wide to be natural. "It's nice to meet you... Agnes? I'm Fiordelise Natale, although everyone calls me Fiora. Of course, you can call me that too, hehe..."

She closed her eyes and breathed out again, trying to calm her nerves. Look. You can do this. She wouldn't want you like this.

Opening her eyes, she gave a closed smile that seemed to be more genuine. Trying again, she spoke softly, "Sorry, I guess I'm a bit nervous. Give me a while; I'll get over it as soon as I get used to this place. I suppose I'd feel better if my best friend were here, but she can't transfer yet due to some..." she clicked her tongue, mulling over it for a bit, "...unforeseen circumstances."

She shook her head, a small smirk lighting it up. "Oh well. Agnes, was it? Thank you for the offer to show me around. Would you please take me to Room 303? I'd appreciate it if you could also tell me anything you'd think I need to know."
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" I'd appreciate it if you could also tell me anything you'd think I need to know."

Agnes cocked her head to one side. Considering the remark.

"I am still addressing that subject in regards to my own person, Ms. Natale. There are many moving parts here, as one might say. Most magical, of which I am not, machinations here are beyond my scope. But I can get you to room 303, of that I am sure."

Agnes went to the door, and opened it. She looked back at Fiora expectantly., the obligatory smile dissolving into an almost poker face. The distant purple eyes focused on Fiora as Agnes' lips parted to speak to her.

"That first step. You have already taken it. That one is the one you believed in. The second is always an act of courage. It requites bravery."

Agnes presented a smile this time that was less obligatory. Less social. It was small, barely there. Kind, and understanding. Warm and human in spite of her cold appearance. Like a passing thought, it was gone. Her lips as horizontal and straight as the equator. Like it had never, ever so briefly had been.

"Welcome to Yuri Dorm, Ms. Natale; everything is going to be alright. Please come in."
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Fiora took a small step back as Agnes opened the door. She stared at the open door, before forcing her eyes into a glare and clenching her fists again in a show of determination.

Yeah. She could do this. If some stranger believed in her, then surely she could do the same?

Fiora couldn't but give a meek smile as the unemotional girl formed what Fiora could call her happiest face to date. Seriously, was she a robot or something? She had to ask her at one point, but it seemed like a rude question.

She blushed as she heard Agnes calling her 'Ms Natale.' Agnes sounded like a foreign name though. She thought only Japanese people preferred last names. Another thing to ask.

"Thank you for your faith, um, Miss Agnes. I don't really feel like a brave person, but I try."

She took a tentative step forward, before taking a few more slightly quicker steps, her suitcase following behind her. She gazed at the whole lobby, taking in the sights. "So this is my new home," she murmured. It didn't seem like much, but then again, everything was dull when compared to her former life.

Turning around to face Agnes, Fiora gave a gentle grin. "Um, you should come in as well. I feel like I have so many things to ask you! Like um, do you have any talents? Where do you come from? And, um, do you like hugs?"
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"I feel like I have so many things to ask you! Like um, do you have any talents? Where do you come from? And, um, do you like hugs?"

Agnes stepped in with Fiora, closed the door, and then took a moment to consider. Nobody had actually asked where she'd come from in quite that way. That was a complicated answer. Eyes in a thousand yard stare, she blinked after a moment, and then regarded Fiora presently.

"Where I came from was a laboratory in Hungary. I was found there, I am told, by Dr. Emil Lang after a fire consumed the lab and took the lives of all of its occupants, which included Dr. Helena Lowenstein...my creat-or...my...my mother...as I am instructed to refer to her as."

Though her face didn't show it, her break in verbal cadence was noticeable. A hard spot still. Like so many things were, and would continue to be until she wore them outside a bit more, as it one might say about a pair of new shoes. Before Japan, she was simply Subject 225. An object of frightened, curious science trying to understand. Lang only took to fatherly delusion shortly before dumping her at Senki Academy's door step. And Helena Lowenstein had struck a mold for a child because she couldn't give birth to one herself.

She was an experiment in rebellion and vanity before the face of nature. Not Helena Lowenstein's flesh and blood. Agnes found it hard to call her 'mother'. It was, in her opinion, inaccurate.

Agnes pressed on...

"I was raised in Austria. I can adjust the acuity of my senses. I can also shut them off, completely. This I have learned through experiments and training..."

That last question was an interesting one. But easy.

"I am uncertain whether I like hugs or not, Ms. Natale, but I am accepting of them. I have to be, my friend Mirth would be upset if I did not permit her to on a regular basis, or sudden whim, to embrace me."
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"Oooooooh," Fiora murmured. For the moment, at the very least, she was very interested in learning about Agnes. She thought her questions might be invasive, with her curious nature overtaking her courtesy, but Agnes did not seem to have minded it.

"A laboratory in Hungary, then raised in Austria, huh..."

Her guess about Agnes being a robot was fairly close to the truth. Was Agnes considered human? Now that was a question that was definitely invasive. Fiora didn't mind it too much though. One of her new parents' theories about Fiora's powers was that she wasn't human (although that meant that her old parents weren't her birth parents, which was an idea she was fond of actually) so she wasn't too much of a stranger to the idea.

The sudden change in her speech when Agnes mentioned her mother slightly bothered Fiora, but she wasn't sure if it was a safe topic to broach. After all, they barely knew each other. She made a mental note to revisit the topic if they got closer.

Her powers sounded cool though. Controlling the five senses, to the point that you couldn't feel them anymore if you wanted it that way? "I wonder what it's like to be like you. I wonder how you can even keep track of what's normal and what isn't."

She thought about it for a second, before using her free arm to wrap it around Agnes and squeeze her for a few seconds. Agnes felt human to Fiora. As she let go of her, she gave a lopsided smile. "I'm not sure if we're friends yet, since we've just met and all, but I hope to become closer to you eventually!"

"Anyway, we should continue our chat on the way to my room. Do you have any questions? Or would you rather discuss further about what we've already talked about?"
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"I'm not sure if we're friends yet, since we've just met and all, but I hope to become closer to you eventually!"

That struck a familiar cord. As they walked together, Agnes considered a statement she'd made that was very similar to one Sabrine La Deoux, the first person she met (besides the gun toting "Magical Girl") at Kaneshima.

The statement before that though: "I wonder what it's like to be like you. I wonder how you can even keep track of what's normal and what isn't."

Agnes shrugged. QA good question, but no easy answer. It was hard to convey not being human in the natural sense. To be more construct than conception. No one born of love should ever have to consider the realities that her and her acquaintance Mikaela had to consider.

Being parent-less. Altered. Crafted.

"Regrettably, I only know what I know, and you will only know what you know; we cannot switch the shoes, as it were, and walk each other's miles..."

She stated evenly as they went along.

"But, if you are curious to know more about me, I am willing to relate as much as I can. All you have to do is ask, what are friends for? For now though, let me inquire of you; where do you come from? Why are you here at the academy?"
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Fiora blushed as Agnes called her a friend. She felt somewhat relieved and at the same time embarrassed that she didn’t do it first.

As they walked up the stairs, Fiora thought about how to answer the questions. The first question was easy enough but the second…

Well, she should answer the easier one first. “I’m Italian,” she replied casually. “I was born and raised in Bolzano, a city in northern Italy. Some people speak German there, so I know a bit actually. I prefer Italian though. I can speak some English and started on Japanese after learning about Senki, but my favorite is Italian.”

There, she answered the first question. But the second one… How could she talk about why she was here without bringing up her living situation? She didn’t want to overwhelm Agnes with information, if that was possible.

“Well, I have magic,” she enunciated each word slowly, “but I wasn’t raised with magic. Does that make sense? Anyway, since I’m unsure how to use my powers, I was sent here to learn how to properly control them.”

That.. came out better than expected.
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Agnes nodded presently.

"Understood. Senki Academy has many outlets for the supernatural, many options. They can facilitate a learning process uniquely for your needs. They are still trying to find someone to address my conditions, my ability set, but I am currently enrolled in general education classes until they have a mentor. Math, Sciences, Grammar, et cetera..."

Looking over at Fiora, Agnes eyed one of her burdens.

"I can carry a bag if you wish."

Then Agnes regarded the levels of stairs they still had to climb.

"It is a long way still..."
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Fiora made a face. ”Wow, really? They should’ve built an elevator here. I heard that if a building has more than three floors, it shouldn’t solely rely on stairs.”

Fiora’s eyes darted over her belongings. She only had a green duffel bag and a maroon suitcase, both of them hanging on the same shoulder, but it was nice of Agnes to offer to carry one of them. Not wanting to burden her new friend, she handed over the duffel bag. ”Here you go. This should be easier to carry.”

Recalling the topic that they had been on earlier, Fiora tilted her head. ”Unique learning process, huh? I wonder what’s going to happen to me. Just how do things work around here?”

She thought about what Agnes said about her current state of education. Being enrolled in just the general subjects? That was allowed? Well, Agnes must have classmates in those subjects. ”What’s your class?” she asked before she could forget to. ”Mine’s 1-C.”

Fiora’s eyes drifted towards a pair of girls talking to each other. ”Say…" she spoke, almost unconsciously, what kind of friends do you have?” She felt nervous without anyone familiar here. She felt better after talking to Agnes, but she couldn’t just monopolize Agnes. ”They're... nice, aren't they?”
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Agnes considered all the people she'd met over the course of the last month or two.

"Nice? I would say so, or at least polite, most of the individuals I have met are kind, though be it sometimes eccentric, capable of wonders beyond my grasp."

They continued up the next flight.

"Sabrine destroyed a stuffed bear for good for me. Mirth takes me out shopping, and we buy each other things. Mikaela and I share similar backgrounds. Edie, my Kendo instructor, is very patient with me, and the strange ways in which I apply myself to kinesthetic learning processes. Then there was this young man I met in the rain on a bridge..."

Agnes had been listing names and activity in monotone, but then trailed off into silence after mentioning the man in the rain, looking a little troubled. It passed, like the kind smile. Blink, and one would miss the expression entirely.

"You will find friends, and acquaintances, make them easily in fact; Kaneshima is a friendly, be it peculiar place. But safe above all else, I would say."
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Fiora sighed in relief. Safe… she hadn’t realized just how much she had been craving the word. After all, she felt safe at her new home, with her best friend and her family. However, losing a home in the process had been taxing for her. Hopefully, this “newer” home would feel just as welcoming. She had only met one person, but if they were as nice as Agnes, then she shouldn’t have anything to fear.

Fiora managed a small smile. ”Thank you for the reassurance.”

She couldn’t help but wonder about how Agnes had reacted earlier, while talking about her friends. If she recalled correctly, it was about a man she met while it was raining? ”Although… was the young man you mentioned nice? You seemed hesitant back then.”

”Also, why would a friend destroy a stuffed bear for you?”
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Not missing a beat.

"The young man was troubled. I find the situation, and how I engaged it troubling as well. How I acted was inexplicable when contrasted with my known nature. It was like someone else was acting in my place."

Agnes said this with a scowl as they made an even plain at the pinnacle of the flight of stairs. Moving towards a door, they exited out it onto a promenade of open air and various dorm room doors.

"As for the bear...well, that is a long story, but I was very happy to be rid of it. Sabrine has not called in her favor in regards to the act, but I expect it any day now."

As they continued on, Agnes smiled again.

"That bear shall not return this time, for sure."

The enthusiasm behind those words was a bit unusual in contrast to her overall stoicism. It was excited. Happy even.

"Ms. Natale...may I address you as Fiordelise?"
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Fiora noted the growing emotion on Agnes' face in silence. She smiled as Agnes, who usually had a blank face, slowly emoting more than before.

But even as Fiora received Agnes' reaction without a big response, she couldn't help but cover her mouth and gasp as Agnes asked Fiora about what she could call her. She wasn't expecting it at all, considering how unemotional and seemingly detached Agnes was. But apparently, she was wrong about the second adjective.

As soon as she got over her shock, she immediately replied, ”Of course!” She showed off her buck teeth in a wide grin. ”I mean, I told you already, didn't I? You can call me Fiora, if Fiordelise is too much to say.”

She hummed for a bit. ”Does that mean I call you Agnes, then? I think I called you Miss Agnes before.”

This... this was really nice. She... she had forgotten what it was like to make a new friend in a while.

”... thank you for being my friend,” came out in a soft whisper.
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Agnes nodded.

"You are welcome, thank you for letting me use your first name; first names are politely offered at first meetings, but I feel it compulsory to always ask after their usage. How I was instructed, I suppose."

Coming to a sudden stop, Agnes looked up with her purple eyes seeming distant and glassy. The vacuous wells took in the whole door before her and Fiora it seemed with a glance.

"Your dorm room, Fiordelise...I am open to studying, if you desire-my room or yours; I warn you, I may become mischievous and playfully insolent by casually referring to you as 'Fichan'...regrettably, I have not made a steady acquaintance of any of the boys here, so I will not be able to bring male companionship around...not yet anyway."

Huffing in a way that seemed mildly frustrated and concerned over the matter, Agnes regarded the dorm room number, face sober and stony again.

"It is funny, when I first came to my assigned room, I did not know the number but the pistol packing magical girl did, she had been waiting for me to arrive. When I saw the number of my dorm room, at first thought it was a joke because it bore the designation 225...my designation before I was given a name..."

Agnes blinked.

"My apologies. You asked which class I was in before, and I did not answer. 1-C. We are class mates, so we should be seeing plenty of each other."

The brief, kind smile. There and gone. As if genuine emotion of that kind was a limited supply, all other expressions were either put forth for social normality, or had the air of being expressed for the first time, coming across somewhat broken.

It was as if these things were always largely foreign to her.

"See you in class, my friend."
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Once upon a time, Fiora thought she would be alone forever.

Of course, she had her best friend back at home, but other than her and her family, she had no one.

But now? She was in a school with people just like her. She had someone who wanted to talk to her, who wished to study with her, who desired to be friends with her. She had only dreamed of this, but now her dreams were coming true.

She wasn’t alone.

Not anymore.

“... Thank you,” came out in a soft and pleased voice. Then Fiora let go of her suitcase’s handle and embraced Agnes wholeheartedly. She squeezed her as tightly as she could.

”And I can't wait to see you again as well, my friend.”

Fiora’s smile couldn’t be hidden, even if she wanted to.
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