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[VD2018] Valentine's Day Ball
Topic Started: Feb 14 2018, 07:34 PM (203 Views)
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Kaneshima, Senki Academy, Gymnasium
February the 14th, 18:00 ― Valentine's Day ―

Once again, it was that time of the year where the Student Council actually had some work to do. No doubt to the pleasant surprise of the students of Senki Academy, this year's Valentine's Ball wouldn't be set in the middle of a forest, but this time the school gymnasium. The Student Council had spent the last couple of days decorating the school gymnasium with all kinds of Valentine's Day themed decorations. The gymnasium itself was a blinding mixture of red and pink, and had just about every decoration you would expect as a Valentine's Day themed ball. From balloons in the shape of hearts to confectioneries such as overly fancy biscuits and cakes. To set the atmosphere, there were also a variety of love songs playing in the background.

With preparations done and after recruiting some volunteers to watch over the Valentine's Ball, as if every year, the Student Council was dismissed for the day so that members of the Student Council could also attend the Valentine's Ball if they wished to do so while the President used it as an excuse to go home.

While the gymnasium did have a lot of decoration, there was plenty of space to move about and even an area where students could dance with their partners. In addition, along with decorative confectioneries, towards one side of the gymnasium was a buffet style dining area where students could enjoy meals. With the Student Council sparing no expenses, all food was prepared by none other than Seth Ryouga using only the cheapest best value ingredients from a nearby supermarket.

Upon arriving, students would be greeted by a pair of volunteers before being allowed to do as they pleased. Being a special event, while students could attend in their uniforms, it was by no means a requirement and students were free to come in clothing of their choice.
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What's in a name anyways?

The gymnasium had long gone empty, the festivities fading with the hour. Or had it been days? A week, perhaps? Some duration of time had passed, so that what remained were only the possibilities birthed within the heart and the memories tucked at the back of the mind.

All that remained was the empty stage.

And for actors to take their place.

Dripping shade, a figure entered center stage. Descending from the cieling, streams of pitch pool to form a puddle, puddle to form a beast.

Posted Image
Diezel reared its head, glancing to and fro, its fish-eyed pupils scanning the darkened auditorium.

DIEZEL: Carefully.

Light stomps, as the lithe figure's empty eyes fell upon the decor.

DIEZEL: Worriedly.

Eventually, having made two and a half turns of it's surroundings, it had found the objective.

Diezel takes one step forward, soundlessly sliding towards the door to the gymnasium. Closed and dark, the pink embroideries were now dyed a dark red by the shade. Despite that, the creature lumbered towards the door, pushing it open with a gentle twist-
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What's in a name anyways?
A pale bone tree.

A field of snow lay beyond the door.

Here, blood still bled and flesh still flushed.

Here, breath still drew breath.

Numbness melted into a uncomfortable pressure, placing a palm across the chest. Cold, the gust blew harboring pain and spite. There used to be a road here, a wayward thought spoke.


Definitively not anymore.

Posted Image
All lay beneath a shining veneer of white. The partitions were there, an indentation that dropped off at either side, parallel to the banks. Off it ran, until until the hanging sun ahead burned the eyes.

And, off in the distance, close enough to touch, stood an elegant crystal tree; its boughs raised in dance, swirling about the wisp like snow.
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What's in a name anyways?
"Well, nice look you got there. Definitively an improvement." His voice came like bells, first light flitting through the darkened gymnasium.

Posted Image
The boy at once stepped into the darkness, filling it with his own unique blend of light. A sweet stench filled the air, the sensation of embracing warmth and twisted steel.

"Still, once an idiot, always an idiot."

He jabbed a glove hand against the creature.

"You're still the same inside, right" Again, the finger jabbed, causing the figure to teeter in place. "Full of meat and squishy bits?"

Diezel opened its maw, a croaking choke reverberating up its emulated throat. Despite being nearly twice the height of the young man, the beast uttered a bleating threat. Though it didn't back away, the reaction was defensive, causing the robed devil to lean forward, wicked grin and glint in tow.

The sweet odour of rotten flesh fuelled its sense.

"Would you like to find out? How much of you is still. . . well, you?"

Diezel reared, raising its impossible hands. Snaking through the hair, their ends decided on a location, homing to wrap around that pale, beating neck-

"That's enough, I would think." A voice came from behind the boy.

Posted Image
"I see your ability to antagonize everyone around you is still intact." She sighed, brushing a stray lock as she stepped past the rotten boy.

"Such a shame. Really."

"Merely part of my charm; what kind of guide would I be if I did not properly challenge the flock?"

"Well, I shouldn't had hoped for much; what is a year for someone like you?"

"Excuse me, but wasn't it you who wished for things to stay the same?"

Spinning on her heels, the silver lined girl faced her two conspirators. The black robed boy wielded his smug grin like a needle, his head tilted just to the side not to show vulnerability but just how comfortable he was here. Meanwhile, Diezel stared above and over her, a mouth hanging as it gazed into the darkness.

"I did."

This was where they were now.

"Regrettably, it would seem that we still have a role to play, one way or another."

Diezel tilted its head whilst the boy scowled.

"You've been spending too much time around that pretentious pretender." He stepped forward, leering with unrestrained animosity. "You're starting to sound like him."

The two stared at each other.

"What a bother." Finally, it would be Lorelei who relented. "That is a habit I do not wish to make." She knew to pick her battles, and this was one victory she would not mind giving.

"That's great! Absolutely wonderful."Posted Image
"We wouldn't want to taint our reunion with gross memories."

He took another step- face to face, they came within arm's reach of each other. It was a game of bravery, how far could one step before the other fell to the provocation. To test the flock, he needed to know where they drew the line and then blatantly disregard it.

If his advances troubled her, she did not show it. Her mien remained placated, her eyes clear but distinctly indifferent. Like an immaculate gem, it's radiant shone regardless of who beheld it. A marvel, surely, but not the kind of rise he had wanted.

Thus, he opened his coat, which was followed shortly by the sliding sheen of metal.

A blade.

"Now tell me, Doll." Slowly, with deliberate action, he pointed its tip towards his host. "What manner of cage have you concocted for this horrid bird?"
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