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[Arcadia War] World End Crisis: Grudge Match; CLOSED: Jessica
Topic Started: Feb 6 2018, 04:39 PM (287 Views)
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It's time...

Hiroyuki was sitting on the rooftop of Cafe STG with a laptop before him. Beside him, Kurohime sat in her cat form and yawned softly and rose to lean in and look at the screen. Some sort of notification had appeared, but the text was running across so quickly it was hard to make sense of things. The cat tilted its head to the side in confusion and Hiroyuki smiled noting her curiosity.

"I had to call in a few favors with friends online," Hiroyuki began to explain as he started typing furiously at the keyboard, "A secret organization can do all they want to remain hidden, but in arrogance, they failed to ever wipe our knowledge about it. Simply knowing that it exists means that hackers out there, who are more skilled than I could ever be, can track them down."

"So you've turned the tables?" Kurohime questioned in her usual haughty tone, "They can know what it feels like to be at the mercy of their opponents having all the info."

"We're going to do one better," Hiroyuki smirked confidently, "All the elements for Yamato's ritual are prepared, so we have to act now. Let's give Arcadia the crisis of a lifetime."

Laughing softly, Hiroyuki lowered a single finger to the keyboard and tapped the ENTER key.


[Arcadia HQ]

"Multiple hostile creatures are being detected all across Kaneshima Island," one of the Operators monitoring things in the main command center suddenly spoke in shock as she spun back from her screen.

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"W-WHAT!?" Makoto shot back as she waved an arm in frustration, "That can't be possible. Double check the readings. The yokai that had gathered under Raizo had scattered in the wake of the last conflict."

"I'm seeing the same things," another Operator chimed in as he shook his head in disbelief, "By all accounts, the city is under siege... or... it's about to be..."

Unsure what to make of the situation, Makoto turned to face Arcadia's Commander who happened to be wearing an unusual grin on his face. "So the children decided they wanted to play one final game?" Yamato mused as he rose from his seat.

"Sir," Makoto began but Yamato slowly raised up an open palm and shook his head slowly.

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"It will be fine," Yamato reasoned as he gave the leader of Fire Division a reassuring nod, "It doesn't really matter whether it is a trap or some kind of trick. Arcadia will respond by the usual protocol. Deploy squads to the site of each reading to investigate. It's the middle of the day so make sure full discretion is used. If there has to be conflict, try to contain it to remote areas."

Various voices acknowledged his words with a "Yes, Sir" before setting about work ordering the deployment of Fire Division squads. Yamato turned and swiftly exited through the main entrance of the command center and into the hall. Makoto was behind him in moments with an air of uncertainty about her person.

"Commander Hotsuin," she began with her words wavering as if she didn't quite know whether to continue.

"It's okay," Yamato replied without turning to face her, "Arcadia is a well-oiled machine now. There's no need for confusion on any matter. Whatever it is, go ahead and ask."

"You're not worried about spreading Fire Division too thin?" Makoto questioned with a sigh of relief.

"They think they've gained some kind of upper hand," Yamato mused with a soft laugh, "I'm fine pretending to play into their trap. I want you and several others to deploy on special order. I'll be going into the field as well..."

"And," Makoto hesitated for a moment before stepping forward and placing a hand on Yamato's shoulder, "Yamato... you're sure you want to go through with this? All this... I mean... the ritual..."

"Captain Sako?" Yamato questioned as he forcefully stepped away from her touch, "Please do not waver. I believe in a world where people are valued relative to their skill and ability. This is just one step on the path towards that world. There is no room for uncertainty in such a world. I need your strength at my side. So, please... Do. Not. Waver."

"Y-Yes," Makoto replied as she became filled with a sense of dread, "By your word, Commander Hotsuin."


One by one, five-person squads of Arcadia's Fire Division members were deployed into Kaneshima corresponding with the detected supernatural threats. However, in each instance, there seemed to be nothing going on. Or rather, in most cases this was what occurred. A few lucky divisions would detect a target, but quickly find themselves led on a wild goose chase across city blocks before coming up with nothing.

This was all being orchestrated by the directions Hiroyuki had given out. Working in tandem Aka-san, Hanako and even Kurohime were sneaking about all over the city and wasting Arcadia's time. Of course, it was not all dead ends for the Fire Division. A handful of squads were lured out into the deeper parts of the forest and there they ran across Raizo and the Kamaitachi Siblings.

Along with those who still had a will to fight among the Yokai that had joined Raizo's cause, they ambushed these squads in hit and run style conflicts. In each instance, they looked only to knock out opponents at worst or otherwise to simply keep them busy and draw them further away from the city proper.

All this, however, was merely phase one of the plan. By drawing out and occupying the maximum number of Arcadia's forces, they would increase the odds of the next step being successful. In due time, Arcadia's forces were stretched thin running down bogus energy readings and trying to gain the upper hand against Raizo's fury. Eventually, Hanako and Aka-san broke away from the endless chases as they were needed elsewhere.

Everything was going according to plan, but now the tricky part would begin...


The rooftop of the school. How much drama had gone down in such a location? At this point, it had become a cliche of a cliche. And yet, at Hiroyuki's insistence, Jessica found herself there now. The sky was a beautiful serene blue with white puffy clouds dotting here and there. If things weren't so dire, it was the type of view that would make you just want to lay back and enjoy it.

"I'm in position," Hiroyuki's voice crackled over their walkie-talkie, "Get to your location as soon as you can. When the ritual gets set into motion the magatama that I've prepared will go into effect and vent off the leyline energy that's been gathered up and cancel the spell. We only need to buy time for that process to finish. As long as we remain in our locations and make sure our magatama stays intact, we'll win. It doesn't matter what kind of opposition might get thrown at us. We just have to last out."

"And don't worry about Yamato," Hiroyuki added with a reassuring laugh, "I'm sure once he pieces things together he will come for me. I've got a little surprise I've planned on the side for him. I know we can do this. Let's stop Yamato's scheme and put Arcadia back to its rightful place."

The sites of the gathering energy were likely selected at random or the convenience of Yamato's plan. Still, it was no real surprise that Senki Academy's campus happened to be one of the critical areas. And what if Arcadia sent somebody to try and interrupt their little plan? A duel on the roof of the school.

How very cliche...
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Jessica laid back, dressed in a girl's uniform.
Not too far away, only very partly hidden in the shadow of a nearby stairwell was what seemed to be the Magatama.
Actually, it was a fake. There was a remote controlled detonator in the center of it, and just around it was a reasonable layer of fireworks powder, surrounded by a nice mixture of home made thermite and magnisium.
The outer casing of it was metal with weakened edges through it, designed to come apart during the explosion, and become shrapnal.
Around this fake a crude protective circle was drawn in animal blood. Anyone who could read the signs would notice a few for concealment (others were mostly rubbish.)

A few of the bricks had actually been hollowed out, andthe crevises used to make directional explosives
One crevise was different, the explosive would break some glass, releasing Chlorine Gas onto the roof around the fake stone.

Jessica's bag was actualy full of weapons.
Her bracelettes could slide over her hands to make spiked knuckle duster. In her red hair wig was a few small weapons.
Her nails were sharp and coated with snake venom (for which she had taken the antidote.
Most of her weapons had that venom on them!
In her pockets were some remote detonators for the explosives.

So, where was the Magatama?
It was in the now broken Exit light over the door in another stairwell that was a short distance away!
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Jessica did not have to wait long before the extent of her preparations could be put to the test. Roughly five minutes after the final go-ahead from Hiroyuki, the access door to the rooftop area slowly began to open. It could have been any number of people. Students being there was always a touchy issue, but one that got ignored well enough. Teachers and faculty regularly checked in just in case, but there was always also just the obvious.

And so it was. Their plan was designed to virtually hinge on the notion that no matter what they did, Arcadia would figure things out and try to intercept their interception. Thus, it was not surprising at all to see a figure clad in the standard Arcadia uniform stride through the doorway. It was equally not so surprising for Jessica to recognize this particular member of Fire Division as a familiar face.

Spoiler: click to toggle

"The Boss said I'd find one of you up here," the Arcadian that went by the codename Black Dog sneered in frustration, "Lucky me it's somebody important and not just some yokai trash."

"That Hiroyuki got the drop on me last time," Black Dog complained as he clenched one fist causing it to erupt with a roaring flame, "Tch, calling in some adult to win things on his behalf. But it looks like you guys are all split up now and ready to be picked off one by one." As his voice raised with the growing anger inside, the fire burning over his fist grew hotter.

Black Dog was a hot-head, quite literally so as he bore a degree of elemental affinity towards fire. However, his rage was always usually tempered by the calmer calculated approach of his partner. However, the coordinate fake-out and guerrilla-style strikes by Raizo's followers had forced the Fire Division to stretch itself so thin that splitting up was the only means of covering the city completely. This once, the wild dog had been unshackled.

"I don't care if you are a girl," Black Dog shouted as the flames around his fist began to grow until it engulfed his entire body in an inferno, "You're going down first and then all his little other Daybreakers or whatever you're called are next! You guys messed with the wrong people!"

It was clear that Black Dog was pushing himself to a new level of power. Whatever level of efficiency was brought about by coordinating on Ice King's orders was rapidly being replaced with pure power and rage. And all that rage was teetering on the edge of being focused solely in Jessica's direction.
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Jessica slowly got to her feet, and the look on her face expressed disapproval for his brashness.
"Please, you actually think death scares me? I wake up and go to sleep every night knowing that any moment I could suffer a much worse fate, and take possibly hundreds of people around me while it happens. True Death would seem like a mercy!"
Stretching she continued "I don't think I have much hope against any of Arcadia's hitmen, expressly not in a place like this. Still, the odds are better then me surviving whatever spell your boss is working on."

She nodded to the side, "Do you want to see the reason why I haven't fled?"
She would beakon him to the edge, so the could look down on the crowds of students, happy with how things are.
"This is why. Human, Demons, Celestials, Angels, aliens and more, living side by side, in peace.
"If your boss wins, then the promise this place holds will be shattered, and the bright future of peace and unity they offer us could go down in flames and drown in blood."

Facing Black Dog, she told him, "If you are going to help kill someone, it is considered right you should let them know why. Can you bring yourself to look them in the eyes and tell them they deserve to die?"

She would try to get him close enough for her to use the Star Sword on him, but not use it yet.
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Flames still burning ready, Black Dog raised an eyebrow inquisitively as he followed Jessica's direction and approached the edge of the roof while she made her point. For just a moment, the burning rage of his elemental control seemed to die down. However, as she finished her plea for the situation Black Dog could only grunt back with frustration.

"Spare me all the sentimental bullshit," Black Dog barked back angrily as he turned to face Jessica directly, "I dunno why you keep talkin' about killing people. I'm just going to rough you guys up and pay you back for getting in my way." Shifting, Black Dog began to rush forward as he drew back one arm and then hurled forth a flame-enveloped strike aimed to land squarely in her stomach.

"And why the hell is everybody so damn concerned about whatever the bossman's got going on!?" he added just before the strike would land. It would be quite clear to Jessica. Black Dog hadn't been present when Yamato boasted about his plans.

It seemed that to some degree only certain people within Arcadia knew the full details of what they were doing. The sad truth was that his partner Ice King had overheard Yamato's rant that night in the open field. For reasons unknown, he had been unable to bring himself to tell Black Dog just what was going on. Blindly devoted, this Arcadian seemed intent to fight on.
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Black Dog's punch would be on line, and it would be too fast for people to dodge out of the way.
However, his fist would be intercepted by something unexpected, Jessica's own fist, covered in blue energy. The force of her punch would be able to send a normal person back a meter, so even Black Dog would be able to feel it a bit.

Jessica herself would seem to be pushed back half a meter by his punch.

She was stunned, not by the punch, but by something else.

"You . . . you actually don't know, do you? You have just been following orders. I thought your friend, the Ice King would have told you, after I played a recording of your boss' words to him.
"I brought it along to play to any cops I had to deal with, or any ignorant noobs Arcadia sent after me."

She pulled out of her pocket the same phone she recorded the rant on, and played it.
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"Tell me what," Black Dog shot back in anger feeling a little surprised that his opponent had met his strike with her own, "What the hell are you talking about!?" In turn, Black Dog too skidded back across the rooftop from the blow of Jessica's strike. Grunting with frustration, he began to shake his hand clearly feeling the pain that was now shooting through it.

He got his answer as Jessica's recording began to play. His eyes shot wide at Yamato's words and the conflict was clear upon his face. Though he was arrogant, rude and something of a bonehead when it came to most things the fact remained that he was no killer. Well, to an extent. Arcadia fought monsters. Monsters they had to fight to protect innocent people. That much he understood, but this was on a whole different level.

"GGGGgrrrrrr," Black Dog growled before throwing one arm out wide, "You're just trying to confuse me! That's probably all doctored and shit. I've seen our guys do crap like that to cover up an incident to the public to avoid panic. If we can do it, I bet that little shit Hiroyuki can do it too!" Unable to face the true reality of the situation, it seemed Black Dog was trying to rationalize things in any way that he could.

"Enough of your crap," Black Dog shouted as he drew his arm back and surged energy towards it creating a broiling inferno, "Fire Fist: Seeking Typhoon!" Punching forward with that fist, it created a stream of flames that began to twist and snake towards Jessica. To her surprise, if she began to move, the torrent of fire would follow her heat-seeking in an attempt to strike its target.
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Jessica jumped to the side, saying "Ask Ice King! He was close enough to hear the end!"

Then she had to do some quick moves.
However, it was not unco-ordinated or chance.
She was trying to see if only the end would seek her, and how quick it would adjust for changes in position, even as she reached for something in her back pack.

While the fire was following her, she moved to the side, curving around Black Dog.
If only the end followed her, she would run at him at full speed. The name of the attack gave her an idea. If it was following her specifically, but could not adjust instantly, then she may be able to send it right back at him. If it just sought heat, well, Black Dog was hotter then her.

If the entire fire sought her, and not just the end, then running behind him would send the fire back at him as well.

She had what she was after: something she considered a last resort against a large group comming up a stairwell: a glass bottle containing fuel, powdered soap and a few other things. Yeah, home made napalm. And just to add insult to injury of whoever it went onto, some fertalizer made from cow dung.

She ignored the rag at the top, and just threw the whole thing at Black Dog. Hopefully he would blast it for her, or the flames around him would do the job when it breaks.

Even as she threw it at almost point blank range, she veered off and called out "What did you think was going on? A tea party at kindergarten?"
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As Jessica began testing the limits of the attack she would quickly reason out most of its properties. Without fail, the stream of fire twisted and turned in pursuit of her. As she crossed back the other direction to try and bait it into colliding with Black Dog himself, the torrent curved on its own to avoid its creator. It seemed like no matter what it would see its intended target alone.

"You're just trying to turn us against each other," Black Dog shouted back in a complete refusal of the notion, "He'd have told me if he knew!"

However, it was then that she unleashed her surprise. A Black Dog's will his Jessica-seeking attack diverted to intercept the bottle causing it to go up instantly and splash forth the napalm igniting his standard-issue Arcadian long coat. While he was generally immune to flames given his own ability to manipulate fire, this napalm was another matter. As the coat instantly started going up in flames and melting, Black Dog screamed with surprise and began darting back across the roof as he began to struggle out of the coat.

"Shit shit shit shit!" he exclaimed angrily as he flung the coat off and over the side of the building, "What the hell you crazy chick!? Are you trying to kill me!?" Despite his anger, he made no further attempts to pursue the words or follow up with anything. For all his anger, it was clear he had misjudged the situation. What would Ice King tell him right now? That he needed to observe the situation more. That was true enough. But if that recording was true... and if Ice King knew... would he have told him?
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Jessica looked him calmly in the eyes "If that is what it takes, then yes, I will kill you. I have already informed you of why."
Then she got a bit of a sour look on her face. "You are one to talk about trying to kill people! I tried to talk to you in peace before, and you sent a punch at my guts which could have caused me lethal internal bleeding, and ruptured organs. That is ignoring the burns your fist would have given me. You may be used to fighting against people who have super human resistance and healing factors, but not everyone you fight will have them!
"Then you sent a stream of flames to try burning me to death! And you are upset because I defended myself in the only way I could think of? Think about that and consider who is trying to kill who here!"

She waited a bit until she could see in his face he had considered it a bit. One good things about people who get carried away with emotions is that they are often easy to read if you are looking for basic signs.
"If you want to know what this is all about, then I will tell you:
"After the Link Joker incident, the people who back Arcadia decided to make it pro-active, instead of re-active. Afterall, if you guys only reacted, then that meant danger was already here, and lives had probably been lost.
"So they selected Yamato to lead Arcadia. He was willing to go after supernatural creatures before he had to.
"Problem is that pro-active means you go after people who are not actually doing anything wrong yet. Those who had no desire to hurt people get caught up in the sweeps. To find someone who has no problem doing that, you need someone who does not care about Justice, or is insane.
"Yamato is both, and is running Arcadia as a rouge operation now. He wants a war between Supernaturals and Humans just to show how great he is.
"Raizo and his siblings were on the run from Arcadia, having been driven out of their forrest home. Raizo got pissed, and when people get pissed, they get violent.
"You may have heard reports of a construction sight being destroyed every night for a while? That was him venting. We tracked him down for his siblings, but that night while he was there, there was a construction worker there as well."

Holding up a hand, she told him "Now, I'm about to tell you something you won't believe, then my logic. Please hear me out first.
"I believe tht Arcadia set them up.
Firstly, just after we got there and I was convincing Raizo not to harm the guy, Arcadia appeared all around us. That meant they knew what was happening, and waited! Yamato was leading them himself.
"That was when a few things clicked in my head.Construction workers do not work alone. The sight had been suffering attacks at night, and suddenly this guy works there alone? He was only there the night after we were making inquires about Raizo. If you do not believe me, you can check it out yourself!
"It told me something sickening. The guy was going to be used as justification to kill Raizo, and when his siblings came to save him, them as well."

There was no disguising the look of disgust on her face.

Taking a moment to recover "Raizo escaped, but he injured the worker. He survived. One of your healers took care of him. Otome, I think her name is. From the way she acted, I think she doesn't like what he's doing, but is too afraid to oppose him.
"After then is when Raizo started to recruit followers from others Arcadia has been hunting. Most of them are pissed off at human because of you guys, and others are just desperate to survive, and see no other choice."

Now for the more immediate things.
"Yamato is planning a massive ritual. One that will kill any supernatural creature on this island, if he manages it. He even redirected ley lines to fuel it! If he succeeds, Senki and the potential it has to stop tensions and end hostilities between races will be destroyed. That is why Senki has to go for his plan.
"Hiroyuki managed to figure out a way to disrupt the ritual, but it has to be done at specific spots, after the ritual has begun. That is why I am here. You were sent here to stop me disrupting the ritual.
"Why did you think you had been sent here?"
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Black Dog listened and from time to time seemed to grimace in anger at Jessica's explanation. More than that, however, his eyes seemed to glaze over suggesting that the full extent of the revelation was a bit too much for the Arcadian to handle. As Jessica finished, Black Dog scratched his head for a few seconds and then growling in frustration he dropped to the ground sitting with his legs crossed as he began to draw with a finger in the dust and dirt that littered the roof.

"So wait a minute," Black Dog shouted with frustration as his finger drawings and mumblings seemed to suggest he was going back over what his opponent had said. It was a rather comical interlude to their fight. What had begun with such an explosive spark had now halted to a dead stop. Though Jessica would be unable to realize this fact, nearby in its hidden location the magatama began to pulse with activity.

"Hold on, sorry," Black Dog growled as he mumbled to himself a little more before apologizing further, "My man Ice King usually walks me through this stuff." Since Daybreakers victory condition rested upon the matter of simply stalling their opponents, it could be said that Jessica was doing the best out of the entire group.

"No way!" Black Dog shouted in defiance as he shot back up to his feet igniting both fists with flames, "Grrrrrrrr! Dammit! This isn't cool at all." Shouting out in frustration, Black Dog smashed both his fists together creating a torrent of flames that soared up into the clouds above before slowly burning out.

"I joined Arcadia to be a hero and all that lame shit," Black Dog admitted in an unusually more serious tone than he usually used, "All my life... these powers... I've been a problem everywhere that I went. I'm not like a real Elemancer or whatever they're called... it's Pyrokinesis, tied in hard with my emotions. I spent all my childhood moving town to town cause I couldn't control that shit and somebody would get hurt."

"It wasn't until I finally wound up in Hyakuji and met Drake-errr Ice King that things started to change," Black Dog continued as an unusually fond smile came across his lips, "That guy... first person to ever stand back up to my jackassery and put me in my place. Then he introduced me to Arcadia and they started helping me get a control over my powers."

"I wanted to be a hero like they were!" Black Dog shouted out though clearly not in anger towards Jessica, "They fight the monsters the rest of the world can't ever know exist... for the good of everyone. They get no recognition and no thanks for it, but they do it anyways... because they know it has to be done. I wanted to prove for once that even a fuck up like me can do something good."

"But not this," Black Dog concluded with his voice wavering in the full extent of what was going on, "The Boss Man is playing us all. Ice King probably did know. Tch, that guy. You wouldn't know it cause he saves it for a clutch situation but he's actually not fully human himself."

"Knowing what the boss wants to do," Black Dog concluded being surprisingly more insightful than he had ever shown before, "He probably felt like there wasn't any other option for him. Or something like that... dammit... I dunno!" Realizing how awkward the situation now felt, Black Dog turned away with his face red in embarrassment from admitting his true feelings about things.

"So what now?" he grunted angrily unsure what to do. What could be done at this point? Better than most of them, as an active Arcadian he had seen the full extent of Yamato's powers. Knowing that fact, Black Dog didn't like their or anyone else's odds of trying to go toe to toe with him. In frustration, Black Dog ran up to the safety fence that surrounded the rooftop and punched it once while shouting angrily.
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Jessica came up behind him, and laid her hand on his shoulder.
"You have a good heart, do not mean harm to the innocent and can do much good. That is the only reason I did not kill you when I was close enough to before. I had the chance then, and same again now. My nails have snake venom on them. So do most of my weapons."
. . . . She was actualy revealing some of her tricks? Why?
"What you will do when you return is first to give a report explaining why you failed, that can be believed. I'll just help you with that."
She pulled out the detonators, and exploded the directional explosives, and the chlorine gas, which quickly disappated.
"That large stone is actually a disguised thermite bomb. I figured to do a lot of damage if I had to."

Black Dog should be considering how lucky he was that he actually listened to her!

"The second thing you will do is to examine everything I have told you. Do not take what I said in blind faith. See for yourself, and make up your own mind."
Now for what he can do. "You are in a position to help a lot. You can access information we can't. If you find Arcadia is doing something you want to stop, you can contact me. I'l call you on this phone latter. I am the only one with the number for it."
She handed him the phone with the recording on it.

However, she seemed a bit stressed.
"Dammit! I should have been paying closer attention! The ritual has started!"

She collapsed to the ground in pain "Stupid! I should have been watching that!"

She pulled out one last detonator, and pushed it to Black Dog. "Do not let it get triggered!" She also threw her bag a distance away.

As she was collapsed, she stated to emit a faint Celestial Aura, if Black Dog could sense it, and her body started to shift, as if changing from one form to aother, without completing the changes before starting something new. Energy crackled over her, and she floated a bit in the air.
A skill tree appeared above her, and she focused on it. The pain, strain and focus were clear on her face. Still, there were no screams of pure agony this time.
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"Damn," Black Dog scoffed with interest as Jessica explained her many methods of attack, "You're one hardcore chick." But her words were right. Though the execution he wasn't so sure about. It sounded like she wanted to set him up as a spy. But with the situation being what it was, was there really any time to wait given that Yamato's endgame was at hand.

"It's not about blind faith, I believe you," Black Dog confirmed with determination, "But we don't got time for me to gather intel for you. The boss man is on the move right now. I think-hey... wait!" His words were cut short as Jessica mentioned the ritual was beginning and she shoved a detonator switch into his hands.

"Hey wait!" Black Dog shouted in confusion as she collapsed to the ground, "What the hell is up with you now? You gotta be okay, we gotta go help everybody else!" Unsure what to do, Black Dog carefully approached her reaching out trying to see just what was going on and what had caused this sudden aura to appear.
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Jessica managed to grit out "STAND BACK! Your aura will make it worse."
Then she got hit with a wave of pain, and could not speak proper sentences through her pain and focus. "Magic unstable in me. I absorb it too easily as well. Loose control, I go boom! Ritual's magic. Stones also take magic. You sent to counter our counter to ritual. Keep stone safe, spell unbalanced."
Her body's morphing and the energy crackling around her would make it harder to understand.
Her hands had pressed against the roof below her, and were long longer fully above it.
Yeah, she told him she was absorbing some of the magic energy and could explode.

After a bit of focus, she smiled a bit and raised a hand to the air, pointing up. From that hand her energy blasts came forth, and kept comming. She was using it as a vent!

Where her hand was had a clear imprint in the roof!
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"Damn, alright!" Black Dog shouted back as he scurried away and gave Jessica a lot of distance at her own order. He listened with interest trying to pick out the general point of what she was explaining. It was pretty simple really, even for a bonehead like he was. He marveled a bit as he saw the event reach its climax and with an explosive burst, Jessica began to vent off the energy of the Dragon Stream herself.

"Nice," Black Dog grinned feeling quite impressed with the display. Still, this was just one of the sites right? He wondered how the others were going. Moreso, he wondered if Ice King was at one of those spots. Would he fight it out to the end as well? It was an unfortunate thought to consider. If the chance arose, could he sway his mind at all?

"Yo," Black Dog shouted out towards Jessica, "So what now huh? You got this place on lock, but aren't you worried about the others?" The situation hadn't gone as expected at all. With her elaborate explanation of the situation, she had managed to sway Black Dog completely to their cause.
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Jessica was still focused, but in less pain and needed less concentration. This meant she was speaking without paying too much attention to her words.
"Yeah, I'm worried. We don't need to beat Arcadia's agents, just keep the magatama safe and in place until the ritual finishes. I think most of us will die if the ritual completes. Just one of us making it will disrupt the ritual. As a backup in case this fails, I have sent compies of the rant to different covert groups. They consider it as coming from an unrelable source, and does sound pretty out there. However, if we fail, then the blame for this will be laid at Arcadia's doorstep.
"Also, I don't think Ice King knows what the ritual does. If it works, and he's on the island, it may kill him as well."

Smiling "One thing about Arcadia is your people never expected us to figure out weaknesses. It is actually easy: we just have to find a single weakness in a plan and find a way to exploit it, like we are doing now. Being under estimated also helped.
"For example, Yamato may have a lot of power by channeling the ley lines, but that is also his weakness. If he is in a place away from the ley lines, he will be running on stored energy and much weaker. Arcadia's base is in a pocket dimension that I doubt has ley lines in it. I wonder if they have fully revoked any security clearance Shad had.
"Also, there are places on earth without such strong ley lines. If he goes to one, he may be easier to kill there. A skilled Geomancer may be able to drain or redirect ley lines, like he can. If all else fails, a snipper or a bomb can do the job. Oh, if you get the chance, ask Yamato something for me: How's his shoulder? That will really tick him off! Anger and Pride are two more weaknesses of his.
"If you want to tick off your intel people, ask them for info on me. They won't have any. Not a name beyond Jessica, which is false. Not my discription as in all my previous enounters with Arcadia I was masked. My current looks are also false. My aura is normally surpressed and hidden to prevent it being used to ID me. No finger prints or DNA. Nothing, except something they may have picked up from overhearing me talk to Raizo, and that was me telling him about a check point on a path to a safe haven. I don't even have a phone that can be detected on me. I make sure they are disconnected before I even begin to approach where Arcadia can be!
"They should not be too embarresed, Daybreakers don't know that stuff either. I'm keeping it secret because I fully expect Arcadia to have bugged where we meeting and to have survaliance people watching us. If Daybreakers knew, they may let something slip.
"I may seem paranoid, but can you blame me? If Yamato sends outright assassins, I'm probably the only Daybreaker they can't easily take out at their leasure!"

Her wig should be slightly askew right now, showing it was a wig.

Yeah, she was telling Black Dog that Arcadia really messed up a bit when it came to her. That lack of info on her should have told them she knew a bit about what she was doing.
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"Man," Black Dog concluded at the end of Jessica's explanation, "You're one bad bitch, no offense. Hm, I know what I wanna do..." As his words trailed off, Black Dog drew forth the curious cell phone that seemed to be standard issue to all Arcadians. It was hard to make out his words as he placed the call, but it sounded to Jessica as if he were saying something about being injured and needing help.

Seconds later, a gate opened as a fellow Arcadian stepped through. Her usually cheerful face held a look of worry and concern. Jessica would recognize the woman as one of Arcadia's leaders. At the construction site, she had seemed almost sympathetic to their cause to some degree. Looking from Black Dog to Jessica, Otome could only sigh.

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"Look I know," Black Dog began before pointing towards Jessica, "Everybody in Fire Division knows you and the Boss got into some argument. It's about what he's trying to do right."

"Listen," Otome began in a calm reasonable tone, "I know... I know, but it's just-" But Black Dog cut her off with a dismissive "No, you listen" before diving into a recount of Jessica's story. It was told far less eloquently than her own words, but one couldn't expect much more from Black Dog. When the deed was done, Otome could only smile curiously and then give a laugh of defeat.

"My heart's just too soft for this new Arcadia," Otome admitted with a sigh, "I guess if you're going to turn traitor, better than you don't have to do it alone. But why did you call me here? It looks like things are under control." Otome turned to regard Jessica reconfirming the situation.

"Cause I gotta go," Black Dog replied with determination as he looked to Jessica and then back to Otome, "That guy. He's going to do something he'll regret for the rest of his life. It was the same way when we first met, but he set me straight. I gotta do the same for him now. So I'm sorry, please look after things here and make sure nobody else interferes!" Otome smiled and nodded with consent, which was as much of an answer as the hot-headed Arcadian needed.

He turned to Jessica and apologized. Then, just like that, he was gone rushing to the security fence and then building up a surge of heat to explode and jump over the fence and beyond. In that way, using explosive bursts to jump long distances he intended to make haste across the city and track down Ice King. He recalled Yamato's orders just as they were deploying so he knew exactly where his partner was. The question was... would he make it in time?

"What a mess," Otome sighed placing a hand over her face before walking closer towards Jessica and crouching down to be on her level, "But I guess we just have to make the best of it. Are you in pain? Is there anything I can do to help things?" Her very aura seemed to exude an air of kindness to it. Compared to the rest of Arcadia that they had encountered, she seemed to exist in a stark contrast to the norm.
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Jessica nodded, even as she concentrated. "Yeah, I'm in pain, but magic only makes it worse. No drugs, as I need a clear mind. Please go back a bit: your aura is interfering."

After a bit "How did the construction worker go? Did he fully recover? I figured getting raizo out of there alive was the best chance for the worker to be healed. Alive he can be a witness and shows how good Arcadia is in protecting people. Dead with clear evidence of what killed him, then he would be a sob story used to justify Arcadia's actions."

Thinking some more, "I can think of a way you might be able to disrupt the ritual a bit more. You have healing energy. If you can shove some of that into the Dragon Stream, it can lessen the damage done to people a bit. Yeah, slipping some healing in might work. Helps counteract the desired result a bit. Going to hurt me, but it would be worth it."

Now for some important information "Listen there is more at stake here then I think Yamato realized. I know for a fact it will anger at least 3 of the 4 guardian Celestials. The ritual might even wake up Asura from his sleep and tick him off. Yamato has no idea of the forces out there. The fact they fight each other, try to keep their existance secret and some are allied with humanity keeps us safe. A war comes, and we could litterally all go to Hell! If you can, try to find a way to get the intel people to look that way."
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"He was just fine," Otome answered with a grin seemingly pleased to hear the concern coming from Jessica, "With Arcadia, I'm the Head of what's called the Earth Division. Their primary role is in defending the group's headquarters, but there's also a focus on support and treatment of those who do fieldwork. Before that, I was actually a doctor so I made sure that man being okay was a priority." Otome backed away according to Jessica's wishes while explaining things to her.

"I'm not so sure that would do much," Otome replied thoughtfully while fumbling out the cellphone issued to every Arcadian, "The Dragon Stream is very complicated especially when it comes to involving other magic with it. And it's not quite my own power... through a program, we're able to contract with supernatural creatures and utilize their strength. I'm actually surprised... you and your friends... you're trying to vent out the accumulated power, right?"

"A smart plan that avoids having to win any kind of conflict," Otome mused with a sigh. In a way, she felt helpless but then she had never been a fighter. It was only natural that Black Dog had decided to call her in on things. Her heart had been out of Yamato's plan for some time now. She listened with some interest as Jessica aired her concerns about the situation.

"I don't think the Commander cares about any of that," Otome sighed once more shaking her head slowly, "He's probably aware... or considered it... I just don't know. He was always a difficult person, but he's changed. I wouldn't even call him the same person now. He may have always been a bit cold... and by the book on everything... unlike the Former Commander... but he was always fighting to protect people. Now he just..." Shutting her eyes, Otome shook her head from side to side.

It was as if Commander Yamato had been replaced by a double or was mind-controlled somehow. But they had already checked such contingencies. The first moment Yamato had shifted Arcadia's direction onto its current path, Otome had ordered every check possible to be done in secret with the hopes of uncovering some sort of insidious element. It had happened before with the Former Commander, so it seemed a natural conclusion. Unfortunately, all these tests turned up nothing.

"Someone may come if they detect Black Dog abandoned the fight," Otome added as she tapped a few commands into her cellphone and laughed softly, "I'm not much, but I will try to protect you if it comes to that."
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Jessica nodded and in case it was mistaken for a twitch of her body, "If they come, you can blow the stone in a fake ritual circle. It's actually a disguised bomb. Got some other goodies in my bag. Ever imagine what serrated nails can do when fired at high speed at someone? The nailgun there has some venom tipped.
"We just need to stop them finding the real stone."

Grinning grimly she glanced at the energy coming from her hand. "Besides, it's not like I'm totally unarmed. Still, after the first bunch, they will come from different stair wells. A smart group would consider that as something to do first off.
"Best spot to wait for them is on top of the stair well and catch them from behind once the entire group is up here and focused on me."

Focusing on the task at hand "Contact the spirits. They should be glad to help if they realize what's happening. Don't worry about knowing the Dragon Stream. It's much easier to break things as a mess then to craft something. Earth spirits would be best. They might even divert some of the energy."
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