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[Arcadia War] World End Crisis: FOOLS! Our Legend Began in Hyakuji!; CLOSED: Shad
Topic Started: Feb 6 2018, 04:39 PM (75 Views)
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It's time...

Hiroyuki was sitting on the rooftop of Cafe STG with a laptop before him. Beside him, Kurohime sat in her cat form and yawned softly and rose to lean in and look at the screen. Some sort of notification had appeared, but the text was running across so quickly it was hard to make sense of things. The cat tilted its head to the side in confusion and Hiroyuki smiled noting her curiosity.

"I had to call in a few favors with friends online," Hiroyuki began to explain as he started typing furiously at the keyboard, "A secret organization can do all they want to remain hidden, but in arrogance, they failed to ever wipe our knowledge about it. Simply knowing that it exists means that hackers out there, who are more skilled than I could ever be, can track them down."

"So you've turned the tables?" Kurohime questioned in her usual haughty tone, "They can know what it feels like to be at the mercy of their opponents having all the info."

"We're going to do one better," Hiroyuki smirked confidently, "All the elements for Yamato's ritual are prepared, so we have to act now. Let's give Arcadia the crisis of a lifetime."

Laughing softly, Hiroyuki lowered a single finger to the keyboard and tapped the ENTER key.


[Arcadia HQ]

"Multiple hostile creatures are being detected all across Kaneshima Island," one of the Operators monitoring things in the main command center suddenly spoke in shock as she spun back from her screen.

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"W-WHAT!?" Makoto shot back as she waved an arm in frustration, "That can't be possible. Double check the readings. The yokai that had gathered under Raizo had scattered in the wake of the last conflict."

"I'm seeing the same things," another Operator chimed in as he shook his head in disbelief, "By all accounts, the city is under siege... or... it's about to be..."

Unsure what to make of the situation, Makoto turned to face Arcadia's Commander who happened to be wearing an unusual grin on his face. "So the children decided they wanted to play one final game?" Yamato mused as he rose from his seat.

"Sir," Makoto began but Yamato slowly raised up an open palm and shook his head slowly.

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"It will be fine," Yamato reasoned as he gave the leader of Fire Division a reassuring nod, "It doesn't really matter whether it is a trap or some kind of trick. Arcadia will respond by the usual protocol. Deploy squads to the site of each reading to investigate. It's the middle of the day so make sure full discretion is used. If there has to be conflict, try to contain it to remote areas."

Various voices acknowledged his words with a "Yes, Sir" before setting about work ordering the deployment of Fire Division squads. Yamato turned and swiftly exited through the main entrance of the command center and into the hall. Makoto was behind him in moments with an air of uncertainty about her person.

"Commander Hotsuin," she began with her words wavering as if she didn't quite know whether to continue.

"It's okay," Yamato replied without turning to face her, "Arcadia is a well-oiled machine now. There's no need for confusion on any matter. Whatever it is, go ahead and ask."

"You're not worried about spreading Fire Division too thin?" Makoto questioned with a sigh of relief.

"They think they've gained some kind of upper hand," Yamato mused with a soft laugh, "I'm fine pretending to play into their trap. I want you and several others to deploy on special order. I'll be going into the field as well..."

"And," Makoto hesitated for a moment before stepping forward and placing a hand on Yamato's shoulder, "Yamato... you're sure you want to go through with this? All this... I mean... the ritual..."

"Captain Sako?" Yamato questioned as he forcefully stepped away from her touch, "Please do not waver. I believe in a world where people are valued relative to their skill and ability. This is just one step on the path towards that world. There is no room for uncertainty in such a world. I need your strength at my side. So, please... Do. Not. Waver."

"Y-Yes," Makoto replied as she became filled with a sense of dread, "By your word, Commander Hotsuin."


One by one, five-person squads of Arcadia's Fire Division members were deployed into Kaneshima corresponding with the detected supernatural threats. However, in each instance, there seemed to be nothing going on. Or rather, in most cases this was what occurred. A few lucky divisions would detect a target, but quickly find themselves led on a wild goose chase across city blocks before coming up with nothing.

This was all being orchestrated by the directions Hiroyuki had given out. Working in tandem Aka-san, Hanako and even Kurohime were sneaking about all over the city and wasting Arcadia's time. Of course, it was not all dead ends for the Fire Division. A handful of squads were lured out into the deeper parts of the forest and there they ran across Raizo and the Kamaitachi Siblings.

Along with those who still had a will to fight among the Yokai that had joined Raizo's cause, they ambushed these squads in hit and run style conflicts. In each instance, they looked only to knock out opponents at worst or otherwise to simply keep them busy and draw them further away from the city proper.

All this, however, was merely phase one of the plan. By drawing out and occupying the maximum number of Arcadia's forces, they would increase the odds of the next step being successful. In due time, Arcadia's forces were stretched thin running down bogus energy readings and trying to gain the upper hand against Raizo's fury. Eventually, Hanako and Aka-san broke away from the endless chases as they were needed elsewhere.

Everything was going according to plan, but now the tricky part would begin...


Mount Kaneshima stood as it always did. Today seemingly free, for now, of any sort of cataclysmic event. The mountain-side was dotted with forests and the location held such natural beauty it was no surprise that such an area might be a gathering point for the energy drawn in by Yamato's Dragon Stream. Shad Hornswell had it the worst of his companions. They had drawn randomly and it had been his lot to trek up the mountain a ways to reach his designated location.

"I'm in position," Hiroyuki's voice crackled over their walkie-talkie, "Get to your location as soon as you can. When the ritual gets set into motion the magatama that I've prepared will go into effect and vent off the leyline energy that's been gathered up and cancel the spell. We only need to buy time for that process to finish. As long as we remain in our locations and make sure our magatama stays intact, we'll win. It doesn't matter what kind of opposition might get thrown at us. We just have to last out."

"And don't worry about Yamato," Hiroyuki added with a reassuring laugh, "I'm sure once he pieces things together he will come for me. I've got a little surprise I've planned on the side for him. I know we can do this. Let's stop Yamato's scheme and put Arcadia back to its rightful place."

Shad could appreciate their situation a bit better than the others. For them, much of this was all to some degree. But Shad had once been a member of the Fire Division, had once been an Arcadian as they called themselves. Many of his comrades were still so but now bent to the twisted will of Yamato Hotsuin's orders.

If someone came to try and stop him, it was very likely that Shad might have to face off against a friend. And what then? Could they not be reasoned with? Had Yamato's insidious ambitions infected all of Arcadia? It was an answer Shad happened to be quickly on the path towards discovering...
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Friends? The Fire Division? Ridiculous at best, Shad had barely a passing conversation with most of the operatives, save for those who were from his school. These grunts will know the meaning of pain and suffering a thousand times over if they were to mess with him, though he really didn't like the idea of Hiroyuki fighting Yamato all by himself. In any case, walking on the narrow paths of the mountain seemed dangerous at best, and he was still a tad puzzled as to where Hiroyuki wanted him to be at since he didn't have a map or a GPS on him. Good thing the stone seems to be in a safe place on his person for the time being in any case, unless he faced down a strong opponent. Man, he missed Excalbur....he would just listen to the sword's tales from hours on end and praising him over and over during his training missions.
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Friend or Foe? That situation was cleared up mere moments later as Shad reached the end of the trail he was on and came to a small clearing. Just ahead, at the other end of the clearing, a portal opened. The type of portal that was all too familiar to the Size Mage. The type he had been through countless time before at Hiro's behest undertaking a mission for Arcadia. Through this portal came not a friendly reminder of the good times in Arcadia's past, but part of the new guard that had heralded all these changes.

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"Well well well," Fumi Kanno smirked as she raised a hand a placed it before the curling grin that had formed, "What an interesting development this is." It had not been so long that Shad would not realize who she was, however. Fumi was one of the special operatives that had been brought in alongside Yamato to help re-organize Arcadia's structure in the wake of Hiro Tsukasa's many failures, or so it was determined from the eyes of those who backed the group. She was a scientist, of sorts, and had not only been responsible for several jumps in technology for the group but also placed as the head of the Water Division.

"The wayward stray dog of the Former Commander," Fumi mused true to her usual cold and detached personality, "How curious that you have now cast your lot in with his offspring. I suppose I'll have to get my hands dirty for once and take out Arcadia's trash."

"Mm, do you reckon that demon girl is the mother? What other woman could tolerate the Former Commander?" Fumi questioned Shad clearly stuck on Hiroyuki more than the actual situation at hand, "What an interesting subject. Maybe after I've finished you off, I'll track him down. The blood of a great wizard and a powerful demon. That would certainly be a worthy subject to cut open and figure out how it all fits together."

"This is the reality of the situation," Fumi laughed as she drew forth what appeared to be a cellphone and began to tap away at the keys, "You rode on the heels of the Former Commander and now he's gone. Left in his wake you're nothing. Not even worth a passing thought, so I'm just going to summon a few things to take care of you..."
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"Yeah, yeah, just text on your phone instead of actually using your voice to call someone. Weirdo. Just keep mumbling to yourself all distant-like." Shad said nonchalantly, completely walking right around and then past Fumi and onward as if she was just a regular bystander on the trail. To put it simply, he never met any of the water division face-to-face and won't know Fumi offhand. Of course, if she moved to strike him from behind afterwards, he would kill her quickly without any hesitation or pointless chatter, even if she had some lame force field up like most people who underestimated him. Even if he was to take her seriously as a enemy, people who call on minions to do their work for them are, well, weaker than a dust mite at best.
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"H-Hey!" Fumi shouted in frustration after Shad as he rather coldly walked on in spite of her musings, "You can't just ignore me!" The Head of Water Division spun around quickly to notice that the Size Mage was marching on without fail. Gritting her teeth, Fumi growled just a little softly in her anger and then began to tap furiously at her cellphone.

"I'm not sure why I even bothered," Fumi concluded letting out a sigh as she focused more on the screen than her opponent, "Let's see... the Jack Brothers should be enough for somebody as foolish as you." Suddenly, crackling lightning began to surge from the cellphone as whatever program she had opened began to activate and declare actions in a monotone female voice.

[Summoning: Jack Frost]

[Summoning: Pyro Jack]

Bolts of energy rose out of the phone and with a flash two creatures materialized as they landed on the ground and shouted their arrival in unison with a, "Heeeeee-ho~"

Spoiler: click to toggle

"Go," was all Fumi had to mutter as this single command sent both of the little demons into action. Pyro Jack hovered up into the air as its lantern flared to life with a sorrowful flame. Jack Frost merely began to run as fast as its small feet could carry him waving both arms frantically in a comical manner.

"I think that hee-human wants to play-ho~" Jack Frost shouted to his companion. Jumping forward, Jack Frost shot both his hands in an upward motion suddenly causing a massive wall of ice to erupt up from the ground just ahead of Shad's direction blocking off the path.

Swooping around from the side in the air, Pyro Jack held forth the lantern as it began to glow brighter and then let burst forth a powerful torrent of flame hurling down to envelop Shad from behind. "Let's have a barbecue-ho~" Pyro Jack cackled with unusually sadistic glee.
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(OOC: Battle Music-ENGAGE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxHvFd6Wnqs )

"Barbecue? That reminds me, I should have asked if Yamato was a organ donor." Shad stopped mid-walk studying the ice wall awhile focusing on the voice behind him to determine the angle of attack, and with a lash of his right hand, used a sudden gravity whip to attach to the massive ice wall in front of him, causing it to detach itself inches off the ground due to sudden weightlessness. Then with a quick 180 degree spin of his palm, swung the iceburg not only to take the brunt of the fire burst (and probably lose part of it's mass), and detached it halfway so it would be launched right above Fumi with overwhelming speed and force, like a flyswatter about to flatten a ladybug at maximum velocity.

Of course, there was the option of Pyro Jack trying to use his flames to dissolve the giant partially melted ice wall, but then the ice would turn into boiling water or scorching hot steam to bear down upon Fumi (and possibly damage her phone in the process either way).

"Huh...guess I don't know my own strength." Shad shrugged, noticing that his plan to remove the ice wall didn't go as planned, as he casually continued walking on the path to his destination point. After all, had Fumi done her research as a Water Division head, she would have known Shad would remove any obstacle in his path quickly with his new abilities...but given Yamato was a jerk to dodge his vine beforehand, the Water Division no doubt had not known of his special technique aka the Gravity Vine overall.
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"Hee-noooooooo~" Pyro Jack howled in frustration as it flew up higher and shot forth the lantern in the direction of the soaring ice shard. As the lantern flashed to life, a barrier of flames surrounded Fumi evaporating the ice shard on the spot and protecting her from any additional worries regarding it. However, when the flames died down and vanished they revealed only an angry Fumi.

"Idiot!" Fumi shouted after Pyro Jack as she pointed in Shad's direction, "I'm not the Head of Water Division for nothing. I can protect myself, don't leave Jack Frost to try and fight alone!" Beads of sweat curled down the pumpkin head of Pyro Jack who skidded to a halt in the air and then spun around. Worriedly, Pyro Jack began to soar in pursuit of his brother.

But the frosty little guy was already trying and too far ahead to reach. As he plodded along, Jack Frost began to hurry just a little faster flailing his arms here and there as he ran in a comical fashion. Adjusting its mouth into a perfect circle, Jack Frost began to spit forth razor-sharp shards of ice in an almost machine gun-like fashion. He continued firing as he closed the gap regardless of their effectiveness.

"You seem like a fun guy-ho!" Jack Frost exclaimed excitedly as he dropped the barrage and raised one hand that suddenly sprouted spikey icicle-like protrusions, "Why don't you just hee-die and play with us forever-ho!" Cackling with laughter, Jack Frost dove forward flailing the spiked ball hand trying to slam it against Shad directly.
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(OOC: My guy threw a partially melted gigantic ice wall, not a ice shard)

Shad grunted a few times as some of the ice spikes actually did manage to hit him as he ran. However, it was mostly into his backpack (which was basically as effective as kelvar given how many textbooks for homework he was carrying along with everything else), as well as a single scrape to his left leg which slowed him down a tad. "Seriously, mac, if you want to kill me, try aiming!" He yelled, before spinning around to seemingly try to catch the spiked ball hand with his own bare hand outstretched. Only....a second before it was about to hit skin of his fingers, the Star Sword suddenly blazed forth from his palm, shooting it's 5 foot length which would be like a sudden quick-draw of a .45 magnum firing almost instantly into the base of the spiked hand, through Jack's arm, and into his skull, in which Shad would then jot the blade down suddenly to split Jack vertically in twain in one quick, precise movement at zero-point range as to attempt to destroy the summon's 'core'. Of course, there was the chance Jack could dodge, but given how arrogant the summon was, he wouldn't expect the surprise blade flash until it was too late. "Excalibur's Special Technique: Instant Surprise Party." He hissed, more or less because of the pain in his leg.
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