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[Arcadia War] World End Crisis: Determination & Duty; CLOSED: Tommy
Topic Started: Feb 6 2018, 04:38 PM (97 Views)
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It's time...

Hiroyuki was sitting on the rooftop of Cafe STG with a laptop before him. Beside him, Kurohime sat in her cat form and yawned softly and rose to lean in and look at the screen. Some sort of notification had appeared, but the text was running across so quickly it was hard to make sense of things. The cat tilted its head to the side in confusion and Hiroyuki smiled noting her curiosity.

"I had to call in a few favors with friends online," Hiroyuki began to explain as he started typing furiously at the keyboard, "A secret organization can do all they want to remain hidden, but in arrogance, they failed to ever wipe our knowledge about it. Simply knowing that it exists means that hackers out there, who are more skilled than I could ever be, can track them down."

"So you've turned the tables?" Kurohime questioned in her usual haughty tone, "They can know what it feels like to be at the mercy of their opponents having all the info."

"We're going to do one better," Hiroyuki smirked confidently, "All the elements for Yamato's ritual are prepared, so we have to act now. Let's give Arcadia the crisis of a lifetime."

Laughing softly, Hiroyuki lowered a single finger to the keyboard and tapped the ENTER key.


[Arcadia HQ]

"Multiple hostile creatures are being detected all across Kaneshima Island," one of the Operators monitoring things in the main command center suddenly spoke in shock as she spun back from her screen.

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"W-WHAT!?" Makoto shot back as she waved an arm in frustration, "That can't be possible. Double check the readings. The yokai that had gathered under Raizo had scattered in the wake of the last conflict."

"I'm seeing the same things," another Operator chimed in as he shook his head in disbelief, "By all accounts, the city is under siege... or... it's about to be..."

Unsure what to make of the situation, Makoto turned to face Arcadia's Commander who happened to be wearing an unusual grin on his face. "So the children decided they wanted to play one final game?" Yamato mused as he rose from his seat.

"Sir," Makoto began but Yamato slowly raised up an open palm and shook his head slowly.

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"It will be fine," Yamato reasoned as he gave the leader of Fire Division a reassuring nod, "It doesn't really matter whether it is a trap or some kind of trick. Arcadia will respond by the usual protocol. Deploy squads to the site of each reading to investigate. It's the middle of the day so make sure full discretion is used. If there has to be conflict, try to contain it to remote areas."

Various voices acknowledged his words with a "Yes, Sir" before setting about work ordering the deployment of Fire Division squads. Yamato turned and swiftly exited through the main entrance of the command center and into the hall. Makoto was behind him in moments with an air of uncertainty about her person.

"Commander Hotsuin," she began with her words wavering as if she didn't quite know whether to continue.

"It's okay," Yamato replied without turning to face her, "Arcadia is a well-oiled machine now. There's no need for confusion on any matter. Whatever it is, go ahead and ask."

"You're not worried about spreading Fire Division too thin?" Makoto questioned with a sigh of relief.

"They think they've gained some kind of upper hand," Yamato mused with a soft laugh, "I'm fine pretending to play into their trap. I want you and several others to deploy on special order. I'll be going into the field as well..."

"And," Makoto hesitated for a moment before stepping forward and placing a hand on Yamato's shoulder, "Yamato... you're sure you want to go through with this? All this... I mean... the ritual..."

"Captain Sako?" Yamato questioned as he forcefully stepped away from her touch, "Please do not waver. I believe in a world where people are valued relative to their skill and ability. This is just one step on the path towards that world. There is no room for uncertainty in such a world. I need your strength at my side. So, please... Do. Not. Waver."

"Y-Yes," Makoto replied as she became filled with a sense of dread, "By your word, Commander Hotsuin."


One by one, five-person squads of Arcadia's Fire Division members were deployed into Kaneshima corresponding with the detected supernatural threats. However, in each instance, there seemed to be nothing going on. Or rather, in most cases this was what occurred. A few lucky divisions would detect a target, but quickly find themselves led on a wild goose chase across city blocks before coming up with nothing.

This was all being orchestrated by the directions Hiroyuki had given out. Working in tandem Aka-san, Hanako and even Kurohime were sneaking about all over the city and wasting Arcadia's time. Of course, it was not all dead ends for the Fire Division. A handful of squads were lured out into the deeper parts of the forest and there they ran across Raizo and the Kamaitachi Siblings.

Along with those who still had a will to fight among the Yokai that had joined Raizo's cause, they ambushed these squads in hit and run style conflicts. In each instance, they looked only to knock out opponents at worst or otherwise to simply keep them busy and draw them further away from the city proper.

All this, however, was merely phase one of the plan. By drawing out and occupying the maximum number of Arcadia's forces, they would increase the odds of the next step being successful. In due time, Arcadia's forces were stretched thin running down bogus energy readings and trying to gain the upper hand against Raizo's fury. Eventually, Hanako and Aka-san broke away from the endless chases as they were needed elsewhere.

Everything was going according to plan, but now the tricky part would begin...


It was a peaceful park located in the Downtown district of the city. It was the kind of place people went to have a nice picnic or go for an exhilarating jog while soaking in the scenery. Often frequented, but never crowded enough to impact anyone's enjoyment of the serene view.

"I'm in position," Hiroyuki's voice crackled over their walkie-talkie, "Get to your location as soon as you can. When the ritual gets set into motion the magatama that I've prepared will go into effect and vent off the leyline energy that's been gathered up and cancel the spell. We only need to buy time for that process to finish. As long as we remain in our locations and make sure our magatama stays intact, we'll win. It doesn't matter what kind of opposition might get thrown at us. We just have to last out."

"And don't worry about Yamato," Hiroyuki added with a reassuring laugh, "I'm sure once he pieces things together he will come for me. I've got a little surprise I've planned on the side for him. I know we can do this. Let's stop Yamato's scheme and put Arcadia back to its rightful place."

It was the kind of place you wouldn't expect to be a key site involved in some sort of magic ritual, but then perhaps the actual sites were arbitrarily chosen. Regardless, it was definitely the sort of place that Tommy Mizushima wouldn't appear out of place in...
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Tommy: Leave it to me Kid. Oh and, I know it's your thing but.... try not to bleed too much.

He slid the walkie back into his jacket pocket and paused in contemplation. A certain phrase kept swimming around in his brain.
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"It doesn't matter what kind of opposition might get thrown at us... we just have to last out"

Tommy: It's what I'm best at kid... but this time I might do a little more than last out...

Tommy clinched his fist and looked down at it severely. It was shaking... not from fear, but excitement. After what happened in the woods awhile back, he knew helping meant putting himself on this "Arabia's" radar. But for Tommy that was a good thing. Sure, he wanted to help to kid. He was a good kid, a bit of a brainy shrimp (his opposite), but Tommy liked him just the same.

Friendships aside, Tommy's main motivation for being involved was the storm. That storm inside him that wouldn't quit after his fight with Flame Fingers and Freezer Boy. He knew that whoever came to meet him would be a cut above these two; more skilled, more dangerous. Someone who could awaken that storm in him and push him to his limits. Help him finally release the demons he had held inside his whole life.

Tommy: Welp! Might as well get warmed up while I wait.

Tommy began shadow boxing with fists that no longer shook.
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A guy shadow boxing in the park wasn't really such an odd sight. People frequently jogged through the area and it was not uncommon to find the odd person practicing some form of martial art taking advantage of the rather serene setting. Now and again, someone passed by and spared a momentary glance at Tommy and his activities. In short order, however, the area of the park he was in became unusually empty. Like animals clearing out ahead of a natural disaster, some feeling in the air had spooked everyone away.

All but one, in any case. A young woman was approaching jogging in Tommy's direction. However, her outfit said all the boxer needed to know. It didn't quite look the same as the standard Arcadia uniform, but it was close enough to be a match. Slowly down, she came to a halt just beyond Tommy and bent over catching her breath in the wake of the run.

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"Tommy Mizushima," she spoke in a stern determined tone while rising and turning about to face the boxer, "A minor boxer of some repute. Commander Hotsuin would have a lot of respect for somebody with your level of skill... if you were interested in joining Arcadia." Hiroyuki had likely mentioned what a vast level of information network Arcadia had access to, so it would be no surprise that they had done their research on Tommy after interrupting their operation in the forest.

"But somebody like you," Makoto concluded as she began to stride closer towards Tommy, "Ought to worry more about their career and their future. Arcadia exists in a world of gods and monsters. A world that couldn't be further from your boxing ring. So, Tommy Mizushima, I'm asking you to walk away."

"Permanent injury," she made certain to put extra emphasis on those words while stopping to take up a readied fighting stance, "Could very well end your career before it was fully realized. Go back to the world you belong in and forget all of this."

"I am Makoto Sako, Captain of Arcadia's Fire Division," she concluded in an oddly respectful manner, "And on my word, you can walk away in peace to chase your future if you wish. If you keep going down this road, then, unfortunately, there's no going back for you any longer."
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Tommy continued to shadow box as the woman approached. He was fully absorbed with his upcoming fight. "Will it be flame boy?... Ice kid? Some guy I've not met yet?... Oh man what if it's Yamato!..." Tommy grinned at this thought. Nothing short of his opponent would break him from his focus. As Makoto starting talking, his punches began to get increasingly sloppy. Every time to girl began a new point to her speech, he would lose his rhythm slightly and have to start again.

"Boxer of some repute...have a lot of respect for somebody with your level of skill...Somebody like you... Career and future... So Tommy... I'm asking you...The world you belong in and forget all this...To chase your future..."

Tommy's final punch sliced through the air, snapping like a whip as his arm fully extended, but he grimaced in frustration. He could no longer be polite.

Tommy:*sigh*GAH! Listen girly, I'm flattered Ok!?

Tommy for the first time looked at Makoto out of the corner of his eye, then quickly back to his shadow boxing, locking his gaze upon his invisible foe. He threw punches as he talked, and spoke with windy frustration and impatient speed.

Tommy: You seem nice, and you're not half bad looking, but I'm busy Alright? I'm waiting for someone and it won't be safe for you when they get here so... I can meet with you later to sign and autograph or whatever, but for now, get lost.

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"Hum," Makoto sighed as she shut her eyes and shook her head back and forth slowly, "Nevermind then. I'm sure you're here on that boy's behalf because this is one of the ritual sites." Makoto swiftly drew forth a small cellphone that happened to be uniform among Arcadian members. The Head of Fire Division tapped a few buttons quickly activating some app with a strange startup tone. A few seconds later, it began to speak in an odd monotone female voice as Makoto seemingly activated some command.

[Skill Crack: Sukukaja]

She became enveloped in a glowing green aura as if some spell had been cast upon her. To Tommy, it had to look not unlike what he imagined Hiroyuki doing to him in their struggle against Ice King and Black Dog; a power-up of some kind. The results of which would become immediately apparent. Makoto's slender form began to blur and then suddenly vanished into thin air.

"Kids should know better than to meddle in the affairs of adults," Makoto spoke her voice sounding as if it was coming from all over the place, "You don't have that excuse, so I won't hold anything back."

The Arcadian re-appeared directly in front of Tommy mid-motion as she drew up her right leg to plunge her knee full force slamming into his stomach. He would only have but a split second moment to react if he wanted to dodge. What had she done? It almost seemed like teleportation, but in reality, the spell that had been cast upon her had greatly heightened her speed and agility. It was the type of motion that any boxer would have been envious of.
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Tommy: uuuoooo...

Tommy immediately wrenched forward, blowing out air. His shoulders and arms extended forward limply. His knees bent and shook from the impact. The attack had taken him by surprise, but he was still on his feet. He began to raise his eyes to look up at Makoto.
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Without missing a beat, the second Tommy began to look up, Makoto was already on to the next maneuver bringing across a right hook with unbelievable speed. If he failed to react again, it would land squarely into his jaw. Her blistering speed persisted. Whatever command the phone had called out, it was clearly like one of the spells Hiroyuki could perform. In some ways, it seemed like her speed had been enhanced the same way that Hiroyuki had done for Tommy during their tag-team match in the forest.

"I completely misread you," Makoto admitted with an air of disgust in her voice, "I'll be ashamed to report to the Commander that I started things off treating you like an equal combatant." There was something in her tone when she referred to Yamato that stood out among all the things she had said so far. It was a level of concern... perhaps respect, perhaps something else... but it was all too clear from it that she seemed to place a great deal of importance upon Arcadia's Commander.
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Tommy took the hit squarely. His body contorted awkwardly, spinning and flipping, as he was thrown to the left landing flatly on his back. He lay there motionless for what seemed like a few seconds, then...

Tommy: *sigh* Gees... A girl...? So it IS you after all. Man... of all the luck.

While still flat on his back, he pulled one knee in his hands up to his chest, stretching it as he bobbed it towards himself. He did so with the other, then suddenly popped up to a stand. He immediately broke into a series of light jumps, flicking his arms and hands out and shaking them. He twisted his neck around as he spoke.

Tommy: I guess that wasn't too bad for a girl, but your originality needs some work. It's got the kid's signature written all over it, all that light and stuff. I will say this though... Faasst baby... Ffffffaassst.

Tommy stuck a thumb up in her direction as he continued to get warmed up.

Tommy: I barely followed your movements. I might even have a bruise later to boot...

Tommy stopped his sporadic wiggling and began to take off his jacket.

Tommy: But it's still clear weather out here. No storm in sight...

He looked up to the sky and grinned. That grin looked both sorrowful and hopeful.

Tommy: Not to sound too sexist or anything, but I think it's cuz you're a girl. Not really my style.

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