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Nezha Wolfe
Topic Started: Feb 6 2018, 12:18 PM (288 Views)
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Profile - Student Template V1.00

Name: Nezha Wolfe
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Height: 5'5"
Weight: Light
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Occupation: Student
Year: 2
Class: C

Yuri Dormitory

Often a very shy but simple girl, she seems to have a few things that anyone can see she focuses on greatly those things being art, ramen and her school work. She's not one for socializing and she often suffers anxiety being in crowds and often feels she's in danger when surrounded. Nezha can be friendly and usually cares about her friends but she's actually not used to having many friends and prefers to stay in her corner isolate from others so she can focus on something like a sketch or her school work. Her sketch book is her most prized possession, she refuses to part with it and attempting to take it away from her usually results in her having a panic attack. Her nerves can lead to her being very silent and stuck in thought making her seem like she's ignoring her surroundings when really she's trying to think of what to say or do.

She is not one for violence and is actually terrified of her powers as they have caused harm to others on two occasions and even though they are family powers they haven't been seen for generations meaning there's no known teachers. Nezha doesn't struggle to control them and she only feels scared of them triggering when she's under distress or in danger.

Born in America to her father Chayton Wolfe and mother Lamia Kazem, her father is from a native american family and their tribes leader as well as a skilled surgeon who coincidentally studied surgery in Kaneshima years ago when the city was a bit smaller and cheaper to live in. At the time Lamia was a nurse there and when the two met it was the start of a great friendship that turned into something more. Lamia was a citizen of Japan all her life with her mother who was also a nurse and she followed in her foot steps. After Lamia and Chayton got married they soon had to expect Nezha who was born a healthy girl and the two couldn't be happier. She grew up pretty normally, knowing her family's culture...which was basically the Wolfe Tribes traditions and Lamia's love for ramen and art. Nezha took an interest in art and from a very young age she'd start to practice drawing becoming a bit of a Prodigy with art. Her grandmother on her mothers side is a Japanese woman named Asuka Kazem noticed this and gave her a few sketch books so she could draw her best sketches in them. She cherished them and has only managed to fill one book over the course of her life.

Nezha didn't really take much notice to anything else besides school work and art so she didn't have many friend but she didn't seem to mind. At the age of eight she discovered her powers when an older girl was picking on her and had stolen her sketch book. She didn't get angry, she got scared and nervous and as those feelings overwhelmed her a large armored figure appeared between them, defending its master it growled at the young girl and let out a loud and rather angry and near inhuman shout. The girl dropped the book and ran while Nezha rushed home in tears telling her parents about the incident and they calmed her down. Her powers are from far back along the Wolfe family and they haven't been seen for generations which scared Chayton but at the same time made him proud. This left Nezha in a bit of a worry as she had no one to train her to use them but they didn't show themselves again for years. This was a good thing as she didn't need to worry about them showing themselves.

However during Christmas she was attacked by a mugger, same as last time she was scared and her abilities showed themselves again. Unlike last time it wasn't the red armored figure, but it was her holding her arm out electricity sparked and suddenly shot at the mugger wounding his shoulder. Nezha panicked and ran away from the scene. The news of the incident meant Chayton and Lamia had to make a decision, they sent her to Kaneshima as soon as they were able to and when Nezha was stable enough to do so. She looks forward to her time in the city her parents met but at the same time she's terrified her powers are going to hurt someone else.

Powers and Abilities:
Wolfe Star Shaman

Sketch Book
Various art supplies
High-Performance Gaming and Work Laptop
Student ID
Casual Clothes
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What's in a name anyways?
Alright let's do this.

First off, what are both Sol and Yepa in relation to Nezha? I mean this mechanically, not story wise; how do they function within a combat scenario. Currently, there is not mention of how their power can be used, merely what they are. The biography suggests that they simply appear when she faces emotional duress, but no mention is made in the power itself.

Additionally, the powers held by both summons are hyper generalized, and any descriptors are relative adjectives with no comparison. This liberty is great from a writing perspective, but alas, as this is a collaborative writing endeavor, some hard constants are required.

For example, though quantifiable limits are in place for Sol's physical abilities, aside from range, there are no indicators of the magnitude of his flames.

This case is similar for Yepa, only descriptors are relative adjectives, some hard points for magnitudes would be appreciated.

Of course, the rule of three applies here; Nezha's last power is also susceptible to this. How cosmic energy translates into repairing carbon based bodies aside, there are some incongruities with your description. First off, it is stated that Nezha may only heal the wounds which the body itself is capable of recovering from, but, aside from very minor conditions, bodies tend to not be able to recover from direct damage to organs or the failures of them. Additionally, you state that she faints should she overexert herself, but again, the point this occurs is nebulous at best. Again, the syndrome of relative adjectives.

Generally, flesh out the concepts you have in mind, and think of answers to use cases that you believe may be relevant. It doesn't have to be exhaustive, but it does need to be existent.
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What's in a name anyways?
Alright, now that you've established more facets, we have something to work with.

I am going to assume that she can have both Yepa and Sol out at the same time. If that is the case, their power sets and abilities are too many to allow this. In fact, I would go as far as to say that they are breaching the limit just by themselves. Note, that you still have not established any mechanisms for the two summons, so I will assume they are immaterial until otherwise convenient.

Sol, as it stands, houses three abilities: super strength, super speed and fire manipulation. That is a sizable sum, considering he consists of only one of your character's repertoire.

Yepa is similar in number but acceptable in magnitude. Some dimensions for her icy projectile would be appreciated. Though, its a bit curious how she can form ice but can't form water; why is that?

For the healing, I see you gave the rationale to justify it, but it now requires mechanics. How long does it take to heal wounds of different severity? Does severity effect its rate of healing? You say that her healing requires "star mana", so just how much does she have on average? Is it affected by things such as the time of day? How many or how severe of wound can she heal before reaching her limit? Use cases would be valuable here.

And I'm just going to say this; how do two beings which predate human culture, and is as old as the sun, in Sol's case, even have graves?
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edited again
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What's in a name anyways?
I will go off assuming several being about three and couple meaning two in the context of the healing. This will be acceptable.

Bolt, again, will need to be define. You say it is a "bolt of lightning" yet behaves like "regular electricity". What constitutes "regular electricity" for you? This is easier, as electricity is easily quantifiable. How much amperes is her Bolt capable of delivering?

You must've missed something by the way, or I may be blind, but Sol hasn't been changed from what I saw.
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....move to denied i'm done..
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(。→ ‿← 。)
Moved to denied on poster's request.
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