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Homecoming [Open]
Topic Started: Jan 31 2018, 09:48 AM (169 Views)

"You know. You could have at least told it was going to be this bloody cold."

"You did not ask."

Having had to make a desperate last-minute shop at the airport. Duty-free of all things! Keelty was as wrapped up to the best of her ability and still cold. For some reason, she had imagined Japan to the other side of the world. Southern Hemisphere. Summer! Thus her packing had reflected that. Arriving in Winter, however, had been cripplingly disappointed what more it wasn't the slightly bracing morning chill that Oxford provided in the colder months. No this was full blown Arctic snow. At the moment there wasn't a bit of her that wasn't cold. Glaring at Geysis who was simply taking in the grounds behind the gate. His eyes slowly absorbing what he was perceiving.

"So now what. I was expecting the Head of House here to greet me. I think you should go and find the manager. You are not being very helpful."

"I was not aware I was here to be...Helpful"

Keelty was used to this, one of the better sides of having Geysis around was that he complimented her own independence. Even if it was being slowly frozen. Raising her chin dignified and dragging her suitcases through the built-up snow, their wheels useless without a hard surface. There was a large building in front of them. Answers and a heater would be there. She was sure of it.

Don't the Japanese favour layering as opposed to actual heating?"

She fell for the bait. Hard.

"I don't care. I am getting a heater and that is that. If you utter another word I will turn around and go home!"
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"You're not going to find any heating all the way this south of Japan, blondey~"

From behind the blonde student, a young girl dressed in what appeared to be stage clothing mimicking the design of an outdated military uniform and far from being considered appropriate clothing for the weather would approach. Despite she referred to the girl as blondey, this oddly dressed girl could also be considered blonde to a certain extent, although not quite as blonde as the girl she had been referring to. However, it would no doubt be her voice that would be the most noticeable, having an oddly calming and pleasant tone to it.

While the pair, being from abroad and having just arrived in Japan, would unlikely be familiar with the girl, if they had entered a music shop in Japan, the female's face would at least be familiar. Sakura Kagurazaka, a first year student at Senki Academy and rather popular idol in recent years.

"Don't worry, air conditioning should do more than enough to make up for the cold." Continuing without even waiting for a response, the girl would proceed to pass by the pair, only stopping and turning towards the two once she had reached the gates of the school. "...Let me guess, you're either new students here at the academy or you're tourists who have got hopelessly lost in the snow?"

Almost as if playfully mocking the two, Sakura was fairly certain that a girl of the blonde's age was likely a student rather than a tourist, especially at this time of year. While Sakura seemed to be in bright spirits despite the weather, and even if she may have come across as somewhat teasing, at the very least she would be of some assistance being a student at the school.
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"I told you."

Keelty growled slightly as she turned around. Taking in the girl in front of her she voiced the literal first thought inside her mind.

"How are you not cold? It's absolutely freezing! You're wearing next to nothing."

Catching herself before she began sounding like her Mother. The shame. As Keelty slowly picked through the accent this was going to be a slight challenge. Geysis, however, was busy ignoring everyone and staring at the school with a muted interest. Letting the handles of her travel case's go in order to squeeze warmth into her hands she addressed the important question.

"Are you the Head of Year? And excuse me? Do I look like a tourist? Really?"
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"Really? Compared to the north it isn't too bad. With this amount of snow you couldn't even make a house, nevermind a castle... Well, I guess stage clothes are also warmer than they look..." Almost as if she was talking to herself, while it would be clear that Sakura wasn't struggling with the cold quite as much as the blonde student was, the rest of her words would no doubt hold little meaning.

However, that was enough about the cold. Judging by her answer, it would appear that the new face was a new student at the school. Giving the student a thorough look, Sakura would nod her head with confident, having no doubt that she looked like the perfect tourist. "Yup, you look like a tourist! Especially with that suitcase. With blonde hair like that you could easily fit the European princess type... The only thing missing is the overly designed dress. If you want, you can borrow one of mine!"

Once again going off on another another tangent, Sakura would finally move onto answering after leaving the poor girl left standing in the cold for the answer she was most likely wanting answered the most. "Unfortunately I am not the head of year. I don't think we have anything like that here... Not that I have heard of, anyway. Maybe the student council?"
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