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University Life; Another new beginning (open)
Topic Started: Jan 22 2018, 05:45 PM (148 Views)
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It was a bright, sunny day with a clear Blue sky.
Definitely a beautiful morning.

The tanned, silver haired girl known as Aya Taisha was sitting inside a public bus and looking outside at the buildings passing by in the eastern part of kaneshima. The omonimous mountain was standing tall before her in the background.

She always had mixed feelings when big changes occurred. That was the first day she was no longer an High Schooler. It was her first day in university.

It was a good thing that Kaneshima had its own university: Aya didn't need to move to another city, meaning that she could still see her friends despite the huge change in her daily life.

Kaneshima's university predated Senki Academy, but was recently included in the joint campus program and as such it immediately gained more attention as the university where people coming from places like Senki, Hiakuji and Kaimu could go to continue their studies.

The bus was moving through the suburbs of eastern Kaneshima, headed to its last stop. Kaneshima University was built at the edge of the city, right at the base of Mount Kaneshima.

As the bus turned right, the girl could see the university complex for the first time.
It was an odd sight, a very large 4 stories central building with smaller ones grouped around it.
There definitely was a mix of old and new in its architecture, as the central building had a fairly squared shape tipical of buildings erected more than forty years ago.


The bus made a U turn at the edge of the building, where the asphalt road ended and the ran down gravel one that lead to mount kaneshima began.
Aya took that path a few times already, and her mind ran at Shinpanjin and her fight with Andromeda some time ago.

At any rate, the metabolist was now standing silently in front of the gates of the university, eyeing the large central building.
It definitely looked way bigger from the entrance.

Her blue eyes slowly studied the four story building, unable to let herself in.
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A dark skinned young woman with bright silver hair standing stock still in front of a school's entrance.

Such a sight was sure to attract attention.

A wind blew slightly. Yet the fluttering of her silver hair would not be because of that.

It was instead the hand of a stranger, seemingly running their fingers through the young woman's silvery strands.

...That was creepy, and probably would be a tad bit alarming.
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Aya shivered, and did so visibly. What the hell!?
No doubt her slowed down reflexes facilitated someone to approach unnoticed, but to feel her hair caressed all of a sudden creeped her out.

"Eeep!" she shouted, leaping aside with goosebumps on her skin and an alarmed face.

Someone in the school's courtyard stopped to look at the source of the shout, further increasing her distress.

Who, why!?

Her blue eyes looked at the source of that unexpected and unsettling contact.
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It was just a girl.

A young woman in her late teens. She had shoulder-length hair that was a bit on the darker shade of orange, partly held back by a dark blue headband. She wore a striped shirt tucked into a pair of loose cropped trousers, a dark green light jacket to go along with them, a pair of thick-soled sandals and a cloth tied around her waist.

Most prominently however, was the pair of large, thick round sunglasses hanging askew on her nose, as the girl herself seemed surprised.

Considering she had actually just touched someone so creepily without permission, she really shouldn't be. Although, it didn't seem like she was perplexed at the reaction, "...Ah... I-I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking...!" but more at herself for having done it in the first place. The bespectacled girl bowed down repeatedly in apology. "I just... I mean, your hair looked pretty and I just couldn't help myself... I'm sorry, that was rude of me, wasn't it..."
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Aya's eyes were wide open as she studied the figure that caressed her hair with no warning and was now profusely bowing down to apologize.
Well that was odd, yet not so odd. While Kaneshima was a particular place like Hyakuji was her silver like hair was still uncommon enough to be considered unusual.
"It's ok, I guess..."
In some ways, Aya loved her silver hair. Despite being a side effect of her metabolic alteration, she also loved how candid they were and how unique they made her.

That girl didn't do anything wrong after all, didn't she?
"I wasn't expecting it. That's all." It came out a bit too flat, so it looked like Aya didn't care at all.
Aya frowned a little as she eyed the bespectacled girl a little more.
Something...something was definitely familiar but she couldn't exactly tell what it was.
"Have I met you somewhere else before?"
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The bespectacled girl did not stop apologizing until she had gotten her forgiveness.

And she did get her forgiveness. At least, she thinks she did. The silver girl didn't seem too creeped out at least. Or angry. ...She thinks.

The silver-haired girl was eying the bespectacled girl so intently that it's making her even more nervous. She jumped slightly when the question was presented, not at all expecting it to come.

"...Have you?" She returned the question, herself being a bit at a loss. If they had met, the bespectacled girl herself couldn't quite put her finger on it, if at all. That being said, her face does appear in a few good number of magazines over the past few years, so that might've been it.

But where's the fun in such an easy answer, though. "Well, I do get around a lot," The bespectacled girl answered with a snicker, adjusting her large round glasses, before then holding out her hand to the girl. "We can have our meeting now, though. Sena Ryouga, freshman at Kaneshima University, nice to meet you~"

She gave a wink.
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It took one second too long for Aya to connect the dots, but the more she looked at her, the more she could spot small similarities with him.
"Oh, wow, are you Seth's sister?" the girl looked surprised "I never heard him mentioning he has one!"

Aya extended her hand to shake Sena's "I'm Aya Taisha, first day in Kaneshima University. I knew Seth when I went to high school in Hyakuji. How is he by the way? I heard he transferred here in Kaneshima, but I didn't meet him in quite a while."

At first glance, that girl didn't look at all like Seth, but small physical details in her appearance reminded Aya of the Seth.
"Your brother has quite an impressive strenght, doesn't he?" she asked.
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Sena was the one who ended up being caught dumbfounded at how she identified her.

Just... 'Seth's sister'? Not 'the cute and charming Sena Ryouga from fashion magazines or being the top student graduating Hyakuji High of her batch' or something of the likes?

"...A-ahahah...! Y-yeah that's... that's my brother! Yeah..." The energetic handshake she had been looking forward to ended up being pretty half-hearted and dejected. Sena cursed her brother inwardly behind the smile and the thick round glasses.

...It did hammer in a point though. Was her brother really that famous at that school? He's already graduated from there probably one or two years now. Maybe even three. Seth never really mentioned much of what he did, and every time Sena tried to pry she usually only got dumb or embarrassing stories instead that made her want to disown him as her brother.

"...Um. Y-yeah, he's staying at an apartment here now..." Not that Sena knew why he chose to move across the country after graduating. Maybe the apartment rent is cheap, or it's a new place, who knows what's in that guy's mind. "He's... fine... I guess? I mean, he does have a girlfriend now,"

She annoyed herself a little bit just from mentioning that. Damn, now Sena wants to kick something. "Ahah... yeah... he is impressive, isn't he...?" The bespectacled girl could only blankly agree with Aya, quite honestly not being able to relate to their admiration, or at least some kind of respect towards her brother, at all.

...Damn. She thought she was used to it by now, but she's really living in a different world from these people. And here she thought she would begin a new normal life as a university student, meeting all new people and having all new experiences.

"...How, uh..." Sena began, actually a bit curious about something. "How did you get to know him? ...How was he back in high school, actually?"

She blurted out the second part without thinking, and was hoping Aya wouldn't bother to answer it.
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Unfortunately for Sena, Aya wasn't the type of girl that read a lot of magazines, and her contacts with Hyakuji dropped drastically since she moved in Kaneshima.
That was why she was now wondering why the bespectacled girl looked upset in being identified.
"Well..." Aya pushed her thoughts back in time, a finger touching her chin. It may sound kind of odd but, well...
Aya took a long second to find a good way to explain they met the day a giant demon coming out of nowhere rampaged through the school Dojo...and flinged her inside a vending machine. Aya opted to omit that detail. And all the following events that unfolded in the Netherworld.

"A large demon decided to trash Hyakuji's dojo while I was training. He was there on cleaning duty and helped out. He used to call himself 'the strongest' of Hyakuji, usually and acted tough and detached, but in reality he is a gentle person that cares a lot about his peers."
Aya smiled a little.
"We didn't talk much, but we shared a good amount of misadventures. Hyakuji was a magnet for trouble, but I have to admit that Kaneshima is quickly competing in this department."

Yeah, Aya and Seth didn't converse much in the end. Events brought them together, and they sorta kept in touch since her good friend Heleth was in touch with Sophia, Seth's girlfriend.
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...Sena could only sigh. Though she also couldn't help but feel a bit amused, too. "That definitely sounds like something that would happen at that school, wouldn't it?" She giggled, wondering if she would ever be used to something that sounded so extraordinary being talked about like housewives gossips.

His brother really just couldn't stop getting into troubles, huh.

Well. Guess anyone's bound to remember him if that's all he does. "You know, on second thought, I don't think I envy his popularity..." Sena gave a shrug, before taking a step forward, leading the way right past the gate to the university. "Come on then, wouldn't want to be late for our first day, yeah?"
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