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[LiT] Act 2B: War Games; War for Fun and Fun; Sota and Sophia
Topic Started: Jan 19 2018, 02:05 PM (251 Views)

Aria was starting to regret this little adventure. Stuck in some isolated area with people she wasn’t familiar with was one thing. Wandering through black snow or white sand, with nothing to guide you but some instinct saying to drift left or right, that was another. Losing her powers though, that was the last straw on the haystack.


To top off the insult sundae with a rotten cherry, every time she had the urge to scream or speak, screws started spawning out of nowhere. She soon gained enough control so that they came out of hand instead of flowing from her mouth. Unfortunately, that did not fix the far more concerning problem of being unable to speak. She felt like Ethan, communicating by text only. She did not want to feel like Ethan, who could live like that? She made a note to herself that she would learn sign language the instant she got back home, but in the meantime.

[Let’s take a break here.]

Aria quickly typed out a message and sent it to San Mei and Heleth. Laying down on the sand/snow/whatever, she gave into her exhaustion and closed her eyes. Her silence haunted her; she needed hear her own voice. She was almost surprised how much she missed her meshing tones and erratic vocals.

Taking a glance at her companions, Aria wondered how they were feeling. San Mei seemed constantly cheerful, too cheerful in her opinion, and Heleth was classically grumpy, being turned into a balloon would do that to you. Well, she could only take guesses, who knows what went around in other people’s minds. Not like she could ask. Well, she could but that felt a bit too personal.


…Ok, no she had to hear something. Tossing away more screws, she turned to her fellow classmates.

[How is everyone?]

Was that awkward? That was totally awkward. Bah, she couldn’t think like that. At this rate she would end up like some recluse, and she absolutely can’t be that. Anything but that.

After their brief break, Aria and company were ready to go. However, before they can get on their way, was that singing they heard? In this forsaken desert? Curious.

Aria crept up a nearby dune and took a peek. She found several identical-looking girls in red, involving themselves in a gigantic brawl with comically oversized weapons. In contrast to that violent scene, the girl was also singing a rather pleasant tune… about war.

Girl in Red

We we we

“We we we we
Are going to war
We're going to war
De- de- de- de- de- de- de-
Destroy our enemies!
La- la- la- la- la- la- la-
Let's bring them to their knees!
We we we we
Are going to war
We're going to war!”

Rather surreal to be honest. Too surreal. Aria did not want anything to do with it, but some itch in her head nagged to her, with unyielding persistence, that they needed to go to this girl. For some reason. The same reason that dragged them all the way here in the first place. Gosh darn it.

[Girls, I think we need to talk to that crazy girl.]
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As boring as an incoherent desert could be.
Sand, snow, black, white...just a large inconsistent repetition of nothing.
Heleth was silently fluttering along. A green haired balloon with a boring face printed on. Almost inexpressive to tell the truth.

She tried to find something good about the situation.
For starters, Aria wasn't in condition to complain. No doubt the other girl would be voicing her situation out loud with her ever changing voice. It wasn't difficult for Heleth to admit she detested that continuous unstable change of voice.
Nothing against the girl, it certainly wasn't her fault.

What the...did she just receive a text message? Wasn't she a disembodied head?
Balloon-helly spun around with a ponderous face and the tip of her tongue visbile between her lips.

The demon let her locks grow longer, shaping them like a body below her.
Yes, it wasn't that hard. Stupid imagination land!
With a popping sound the body made of extended hairlocks turned into her flesh and bones body, full clothing included.
"See? It wasn't that hard in the end!"
Heleth reach for a pocket to extract the phone like device the Jones handed her.
When she read the content of the message Aria was already laying down on the whatever the hell the floor was made of.

And well before she could start to make consideration on that a second message from Aria asked her about how she was feeling.
She voiced slowly and with a growing smile. She at least had the illusion of being able to control her projection. No doubt, being able to feel the fingers of her feet was just that.

The demon decided to indulge in that feeling and caressed her left arm with the right one.
"Mmmh!" she moaned "Yes, great! I wonder if I can tweak some-huh?"

Did she just hear someone singing in the distance?
It wasn't imagination. Her own at least, since Aria decided to take a pick in the direction of the song.

Heleth let her left arm be and stepped behind Aria to peek as well, and the sight had her face lost her smile once again.
"Wow, that makes no sense." she stated flatly. Amazing? No, definitely not. Nonsensically amazing? Not sure, but probably not for the red demon.

Red dressed clones beating each other up in tune with a catchy song.

What was exactly the purpose of that? Heleth decided it was none of her business.
The red demon sighed once when another message from Aria was read by her dual layered eyes.
Her black pupils slid in Aria's direction.

In the following second the demon came up with at least four different witty remarks about Aria being unable to talk thus was forcing that task on her, but she opted to refrain from stating any of them.

Heleth contemplated the idea of sending San Mei to talk instead.


The demon didn't have any alternative to that, so she just crossed the sand dune, shouting out lout "Helloooh!?"
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“No problem here!” San Mei sat around during their break, toying with the cloth sash that she wore around her waist. As Aria observed, the Chinese girl seemed to be taking everything in stride, not caring about the odd circumstances they were in. In fact she seemed to be having a great time, playing with the odd effects this world was having on her Chi. She seemed to be using it like ink, painting characters and simple pictures in the air. It’s just too bad anything she drew vanished a few seconds afterwards.

Break time ended soon enough, and they were right back to it, right into a curious little scuffle. As Heleth went off to talk to them, San Mei unwrapped her sash with an eager look on her eyes. “Talking too confusing! Understand better with fists!” And with that she charged towards the comical scrap with Chi-infused sash ready to go. She might actually fit in pretty well with the brawling mess.

… More importantly, someone stop her before she starts something.
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When Aria said that they needed to talk to the girl in red, she did not mean to go guns ablazin’ with the tact of the village idiot. Lo and behold, here they were, picking a fight against someone who was, without a doubt, very dangerous. She could not even scream for San Mei to stop without upchucking a bundle of screws for her troubles.

In fact, the red clothed girls also seemed confused by this sudden surprise attack, a few pointing and shrugging to each other. However, this moment of confusion did not last long; one of the red war maidens bellowed out a shout and threw herself at San Mei for an altercation. Thankfully, it was just the one, as the rest of the girls seemed content in taking a seat and watching the fight. After a few minutes, another girl broke from the pack, walking up to Heleth and Aria.

Soo… while I love a good sparring as much as the next violent flavored Mem Form, might I ask what y’all are doing here?” The red girl looked around. “Might be a tad strange coming from me, but there’s really ain’t much to do round here.

Aria was surprised; you would not think a self-described “violent flavored Mem Form” would be so… conversational. Well, she will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

[Yes, well, you see, my companions and I are looking for a… tree? Or a timid, boy about ye big.]

Heh, you gals ain’t from here are ya?” The girl pointed a bit into the distance and, like some illusion, trees appeared out of the metaphorical air. “You can always find trees in the ‘N Fields’. The real problem is knowing they’re there, and knowing which to go to. As for some milquetoast-looking fella, well I’ll admit we keep to ourselves here, so I might have missed someone like that.

Aria really did not want to hear that. Bad enough they were following some vague instinct that gnawed at her head, but she did not want bad advice on top of it.

Hmm, something tells me though that y’all didn’t walk up to little old me outta the blue.” The girl scratched her chin before continuing. “Yep, instinct right? That’s how you survive out here, you gotta just know. Something told you to talk to me. Something tells me that I have an inkling of where to go.”

Ok, she took that back, instinct you rock. Now they can just—

Hold on, hold on, hold on ya early bird.” The girl poked Aria in the head. “Favors are get-n-give. As in, I get ‘cha where ya need to be, but first y’all need to give me something.

Aria didn’t like where this was going.

“You see, Mem Forms gotta eat

Yep, really not liking where this is going.

Especially at my level.

Welp, time to run, I guess they can leave San Mei beh—

So let’s play a game!

She will be missed… wait what?

You know Mem Forms right? Well, some idea from how you're acting.” The girl nodded her head in self-affirmation. “We feed off of thought stuff. Emotions, ideas… thoughts. All that. So what better way than to play a game! Gets all that thought stuff going.”

Rather unexpected. Also fishy. Like really fishy. Really fishy and gosh darn it they had to agree. Everything was telling her to follow this girl, even into this probable death trap. Was refusal even an option here?

Well you might want to talk it out amongst yourselves. Speaking of which.” The girl glanced at the little sparring session that became of San Mei’s fight with the doppelganger. “How about we wait until she and I are finished eh? Looks like we’re having fun.” As they walked over to where the rest of her copies sat, the girl spoke up again, “By the way, we don’t really have names per say. We’re usually just called after our favorite flavor, so I guess I’d be ‘War’ or something, but that’s so blah you know? So, maybe Athena is a better fit? No? Nice and classic I’d say.”

Aria did not know what to say. Well she could not say either way, so a simple shrug was all she gave.
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The demon contemplated to walk away as San Mei decided to pick a fight with a bunch of clones. Curses, why didn't she use her hair to have her trip face first on the floor and prevent that reckless action?

Well, only one of the bunch began to fight with San Mei. Surprisingly fair.
The red demon scratched her head at the scene. Clones watching a bar fight. Well, ok. It could be worse.

When one of the red girls approached and indiretcly introduced herself as a Mem Form Heleth didn't feel very impressed by her appearance.

What surprised her was Aria taking the lead and 'conversing' for better or worse with the girl.

Oh well.

Heleth spectated at the scene moving her eyes from Aria to San Mei and vice versa, all the while adding the informations she could gather to her knowledge.

That girl was a mem form. Theoretically a violent one if her statement was true this made her wary of ther surroundings a little more and decided to let her locks slowly grow a little more, just to be ready.

She reasoned about the statement that in the N-fields you can find what you're looking for if you know where that is. Ironic, but that was true for real life as well.
In any case, now she knew there were trees not too far from them, and yes, she could now see them.

Aaaand there it came the catch. The mem form *knew* where they had to go. Or at the very least told them she knew that.
She put herself in a position of advantage and then proposed a trade.

"Food for thoughts..." Heleth mused about it as she whispered. Actually, 'thoughts as food for thoughts' would be more fitting.

A smile crept on Heleth's face, and the tip of her fangs became visible. That mem form was definitely smart. And she was well aware that the whip's handle was in her hand.

The smile faded a little as she pondered on the naming convention was used on the mem forms.

War. It could be worse. It could have been Suffering.

"Fine by me." she then stated, knowing that they had little alternatives as her hair extended and grew below her, shaping itself as a comfortable jade chair that was promptly used.

Heleth then leaned on an armrest with an elbow, crossed her feet and brought her hand on her chin.
Her dual layered eyes moved toward San Mei's battle. "So, who will win between you and her?" she asked, mildly amused and really curious about the answer this 'Athena' would provide.
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Sure there was a conversation going on, and it was probably an important one. Did San Mei care though?


Not one bit.

San Mei quickly engaged the memform with gusto. The girl in red may have her hammer, but she had her cloth spear. She threw her sash like a whip to snare her opponent’s arm and pulled it aside to create an opening. Once that was done, San Mei went in with a ki infused flying kick, aiming to end the fight with a single strike.
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Hmm, well I guess we’ll see.” Athena answered Heleth's question with a smile, and she pointed towards the current scuffle between the two combatants.

Aria took a glance, just in time to see San Mei land a rather devastating blow on the cloned Mem Form. She heard several groans and winces as the other Athena copies witnessed the kick. For a moment, Aria was sure that San Mei had emerged victorious. Until the fighting Athena grabbed San Mei’s foot and pinned her down.

Here’s a tip, make sure your opponent can’t tank your hits. Leaves you wide open.” Athena pulled her head back. “Also, make sure you can take their hit.” She slammed her head against San Mei’s own, with the impact being felt all the way where everyone else was standing. With that, Athena carried the slightly dazed San Mei to the rest of the group. “Right, what are we doing now?

BEHOLD! THE WHEEL O’ WAR GAMES!” Athena announced.

Aria and her classmates looked around. They saw sand/snow. They saw a few discarded weapons. They even saw two leftover Athena clones doing an overly dramatic drumroll. They did not see anything that looked like a wheel.


From the ground emerged, at a sluggish pace, a gigantic wheel with several areas marked off in a ‘pie’ like fashion. It looked like something from some game show. In fact, did Aria see a scribbled out number on that wheel?

Since there’s hundreds of ways to show off my fav topic of choice, obviously, I went ahead and made this little device here.” Athena pointed to the large wheel in front of them. “I mean we already got the classic of chess, to devious games like Risk, and we can always do a simple brawl or fights to the death. So hard to choose just one, ya know.”

Aria read a few of the entries. In all honesty, with such lovely options like ‘Kill-arena’ and ‘American Civil War Re-enactment,’ she was not sure they would come out completely unscathed. Actually, was there even a non-violent option here?

Right, so once someone spins we do that option. When we’re done, I’ll take you where you need to go. Capisce?

Aria gulped down her reservations and stepped forward. Grabbing the wheel by its side, she pulled as hard as she could, spinning the wheel . After an eternal minute, the wheel began to slow down. She could almost feel the sweat drip from her palm as the wheel came perilously close to ‘Seventh Circle of Hell.’ Thankfully, just a click later it landed on a hopefully less violent option: ‘Cold War.’

Ooh, fun choice,” Athena said. “Come on, I’ll show you to the Arena.”

Apparently, Athena’s definition of ‘Arena’ was different from their own. It being another part of the desert that looked exactly the same as any other part. Well, it is not like being surrounded on all sides by walls would comfort anyone anyways.

Ok, picture it. It’s the time right after a global scale fight fest. Everyone’s now trying to feel out their current situation, but how could you do that when that other nation has a trigger for an explosion that can be heard around the world. However, you can’t just sit on your thumbs twiddling time idly by. No, you need to do something, just nothing overt. This is where spies come in.

Athena snapped her fingers, and with that snap came three more clones out of nowhere.

Hm, Aria was it? Please come over here real quick, I promise nothing bad will happen to you.”

Aria raised an eyebrow, but chose to do what the girl said. The faster they could get this done the better. When she got near, Athena proceeded to hold the girl’s face in her hands. A large poof later, there stood two identical looking Athenas.

Uncanny resemblance, no?” An Athena said. “You look just like me.

What do you...wait, I can talk again!” The other Athena shouted in surprise, and then she looked down. “Aaagha! Why do I look like a red, flat-chested munchkin?!

Right, I’m just going to ignore that last part.” Athena pointed to one of her three clones made before. “Ok, and poof.”

That Athena turned into an exact copy of Aria. The copied Aria turned around and started to pose, as if flaunting off her body, and when she was done she walked towards San Mei and Heleth.

Right, and so we have spies in every country, just trying to uncover the other’s secrets, but obviously we know that there are spies in the country, but then they know that we know that they know there are spies in the country. So now we have our game of cat and mouse, of sleuth and sleuthed, of spy vs spy.

Uh, can you get to the point?” The Aria-turned-Athena asked. “What are you trying to do here?

Ok, ok fine. Here’s the game. I choose a person from each side to be a ‘spy’ to the other side. The spy will look exactly like whomever they are trying to pretend to be. Don’t worry, I will be independent from my soldiers, but they will think like me so they might just guess who the right spy is.” The leading Athena pulled the Aria-turned Athena to the other Athena copies.

From there, we will move to the ‘investigation round’ where each side will ‘probe’ out their spy on their own side.” The other Athenas started to talk to each other, miming this ‘investigation.’ Though it amounted to nothing more than asking about the weather today or where they got that hammer.

Then there will be an interrogation round, where one side will choose three from the other side to question.” The three Athenas merged together with Heleth, San Mei, and the fake Aria. “The spy will have info on who is the spy for the other side, but obviously since no one but the spies know who the other is finding that info will be difficult. Heck, you might not even get your spy, so trust that info at your own peril.”

Finally, there’s the execution round. Basically, here you just elect to try and find the spy on your side, and if you do elect who to ‘execute.’” Suddenly, one of the Athenas pulled out a gun and pointed it at the Aria-Athena. Before she could react, the trigger was pulled, and Aria was hit by a little dart with the word ‘dead’ attached to the end, changing her back to her original form. “Well, I say execute, but really that kind of violence isn’t a part of the game. Now then, any questions?

Well actually, Aria had several—

Great! Best way to learn is to do. Now go have fun you scamps.

With that, a gigantic cloud of smoke appeared, blocking everyone’s vision. After a lot of coughing and wheezing, the smoke finally cleared… to reveal three Arias. And three Heleths. And three San Meis. And nine Athenas, with the GM Athena sitting on a chair on top of some sand dune. Well, this might be problematic.


A large wall rose, dividing the Athenas from the rest of the group. Aria could hear some complaints from the other side.

Ok, time to mingle girls and…well I guess we’re all girls here.” GM Athena shrugged. “Anyways, have fun.

Aria glanced around at the current chaotic conundrum that now befell them. Multiples of herself and her classmates, a spy lurking in their midst, and the only way to win is to execute the spy, the odds were not in their favor right now, so maybe some adjustment was necessary.

[Ok, everyone split up into groups of their own selves. We should know ourselves best so we should be able to find a spy, if any, if we split up like that.] Aria sent the message to everyone before grabbing her two replicas and dragging them to a far corner apart from everyone else.


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Oh, so all they had to do was find a fake amongst them? San Mei couldn’t speak for the others, but she had a pretty straightforward way to see if there’s a fake among the mass of San Meis.

“大家来,大家来!” (Everyone here, everyone here!)

The three identical Chinese girls huddled up in a group and the original looked between them all. Whatever magic that’s at work here is quite impressive. They all looked exactly the same. But while the appearance might be easily replicated, what’s inside isn’t as easy. And so she looked at the San Mei closest to her…

“泠泠七弦上 ,”

Without hesitation that San Mei spoke the next line. “ 静听松风寒!” Once done she looked to the next San Mei, who continued the poem.


“ 今人多不弹!”

“ 北斗七星高,”

“ 哥舒夜带刀!

And so it went. Any of the real San Meis would be able to recite these for hours on end, as her master often drilled them into her head back at the temple. If there was a fake among them however… Well, we’ll see, won’t we?
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The demon observed the fight and took note of the tanking lesson, but avoided any comment on the matter.
Comments that she avoided even when the large wheel of fortune appeared.

She had to restrain herself to comment at the randomic choice of the war games listed there, ranging from tabletop, to warzone.
Heleth shifted her position on her hair made chair.

Aria spun the wheel, and their game was chosen.
The demon relaxed a little. It could have been worse.


And once in the 'Arena' Heleth wondered why did they even move. Whatever.

Aria became an Athena lookalike, and vigorously complained about being flat chested.

Athena switched into an Aria lookalike. And talked about spies.

To be honest, Heleth didn't understand much, but things became more clear as events unfolded and she found herself with two lookalikes.

"Ok, Heleths. Let's stay back to back. On three we take my human form."
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