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Where will you be in 2018?; Open
Topic Started: Jan 7 2018, 08:36 PM (414 Views)
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It wasn't a good end to the year for Kazerou, coming home one day to find the woman of his dreams had left him and that she had also left the island as a result. Attacked, wounded and scarred by not just one but several members of this organisation named Faust. Losing his job due to needed budget cuts and losing his place of learning due to several complications, one good thing seemed to be that they were happy to give him his qualification without a second thought. He wasn't sure if the island hated him or if the universe seemed to hate him, so what better way to run away from it all than to pack what few things he could, pay enough rent for several years and just walk out of his apartment. The walk from there to the long bridge didn't seem like much to him, then again he had fought monsters, tanks and made a habit of running to work every day he had it, which meant using his rider form to run across water. So by all means the boy was physically capable and could lift a decent amount of weight. But he was heartbroken now, the steps he took along the bridges walk way were the only ones he could hear, that and the rain. It was thundering weather, dark clouds looming over the sky and it didn't help the fact he was depressed from his year ending up all for nothing.

He then recalled his last year at Hyakuji, the smiles he shared with the few friends he had and Cordelia...it just made it hurt more. His bag over one shoulder, his usual blue hoodie soaked and he just felt like there was nothing left, only him, some clothes and...a belt. He took out the SpiriDriver, looking at it, contemplating what to do with it now. It could be easy to just throw it away but it'd probably find it's way back to him somehow, the fact he had managed to find a fair number of keys for it showed that the driver and keys were most likely sentient in some form. But he didn't want to be that anymore, he wanted to go back to the days before the SpiriDriver, the days of being a demonic phoenix seemed better. Kazerou didn't see any other option, he brought his arm back, driver in hand and just stared ahead. Straightening up again, driver still in hand and his his gaze set to the ground in front of him thinking if the solution was really as simple as just throwing away the only power he really had anymore. Maybe if he kept it he'd be able to help others that he came across, but was it worth it? Probably not as most people that he helped could most likely be able to defend themselves anyway, in this day and age people without powers were starting to become a rare breed. Sure there were normal people still but nothing was really normal anymore, everyone was unique in their own way, no two were the same.

Maybe the world didn't want him around anymore, this caused any positive thoughts he was starting to have to quickly fade. He was easily defeated and beaten recently, several consecutive times only to run away and come back with a plan. But he shouldn't have to take so long to adapt to some villains tricks, he should be able to think of something on the spot but he just couldn't. Maybe that's why BOARD wouldn't take him in Hyakuji and possibly why no such organisation tried to recruit him, he wasn't useful to them. Maybe as a cook he could somewhat improve mass produced slop they'd serve in the cafeterias or maybe make some high class C.E.O happy with how he managed to get a good meal for so cheap, no job meant having to rely on family money and he hated doing so. Even if his parents were highly successful they were still modest and they never appeared rich. But now a horrible thought crossed his mind, was he a burden on them too? He was born when his parents were about 17 and 18, so perhaps he wasn't meant to happen but they couldn't bring themselves to abandon their child.

The rain started to grow more heavy now, the railing looking so tempting, slippery and dangerous, no one would believe suicide was on his mind. An idiot playing on the rails, slips and falls to his doom, an accident that seemed to more or less make him feel as if it'd leave him with some dignity but at the same time...it was still planned in the end. He started to climb the railing, slowly to not suddenly fall off an hit his head instead. But as he finally started to lift himself up a bolt of lightning struck fairly close to him, causing him to jump back in fright. He hit the ground with a thud, panting as his chest pounded from natures sudden show of force to him. Kazerou just laid there staring to the sky, seeing the bolts of lightning travelling among the clouds. It was too easy, if he wanted to end it all it seemed as if nature wouldn't let it stand. He'd be stopped if not by a person but by the weather itself, he had to suffer and hate ever second of it. There was nothing left for him in Kaneshima and it was tearing him apart to have seen such a good life suddenly collapse in on itself.

He was alone, it was cold and there was no escaping it.

He felt more than the raindrops run down his face, though unable to determine it by view alone, he was crying. Pulling himself up to sit against the rails as the rain continued to batter against him, the storm growing more fierce, he could barely see anything if he wasn't crying and curled into a ball of depression on the bridge, the wind was howling and the thunder was growing louder but in the end he just didn't care. He was soaked and his driver lay in front of him as he just sat there sobbing, the day he met Cordelia he was crying and it seemed like the day everything turned for the worse he was crying as well, was that all he could do? Cry? To him it seemed like all he could do. No one cared about him, why would they? the few people he knew were work colleagues and his former bosses, he made no effort to get to know people and he was paying the price...loneliness was more hurtful than a bullet and had certainly taken a bullet before. His heart torn in two, his soul shattered into pieces...dead. The only thing keeping him going now was that small speck of hope maybe this was all a bad dream, well the weather was providing all the cold water it could and he was wide awake. He wasn't dreaming and anyone that walked upon him would probably see him as pathetic, a boy who had become an adult and found he couldn't take it.

It was all gone now. He couldn't get it back even if he wanted to, he had no home to rest his wounded heart. No shelter from the rain...quite literally. He was too far from Kaneshima...but also too far from the mainland. He felt like Michael Collins, not on the moon but not on earth either, stuck between two places with people but no actually able to touch either.
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One of her outfits.

White dress. Gray dot pattern, and gray surcoat worn over. White rain boots on the soles. The black umbrella she'd bought courtesy of what she'd earned with a pool stick of late completed her ensemble. Somethings, like Austria, she couldn't go back to, now. But she could wander. She could find a bridge that seemed to stretch on forever, disappearing into an undulating curtain.

She could find people.

And thus...

She found Kazerou.

At first, she cocked her head, and merely observed him. She exhaled a visible breath, watched it float up against the precipitation. Thinking. There were those she met in the sun, and those she met when it was cold, and water unforgivably harsh in how it soaked the person.


Soft stepped.



Taking a steady breath, Agnes moved the umbrella with the slow grace of a turtle. She was drenched in a blink, and the gesture was minor at best for a sopping and sobbing Kazerou curled up on the concrete, but it seemed the necessary course of action.

Grief observed, Agnes still found it foreign to her.

It broke people in the moment, and threatened them with never being to mend.

But they mend all the same.

So she understood.

Staring into the wave of endless seeming sheets of the inclement, Agnes' lips parted.

"Es ist eine dunkle Sache,
Wir können die Zukunft nicht wahrnehmen,
Wir kennen also keinen Frieden,
Trauer ist unvermeidlich."

Agnes looked upwards, wide-eyed. Spates of the downpour trailing from her face.

"Himmel, hilf uns,
Die Vergangenheit ist vergangen,
Und lässt uns dort, wo wir hingefallen sind,
Wir müssen stehen."

She looked down now at Kazerou.

"Wo wirst du sein?"
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Had anything happened?

Reafa wondered, shivering slightly in the wet and cold, yet seemingly stoic and unperturbed as she stayed quiet and still at the very peak of one of the many pillars supporting the bridge of gold.

She had been here for quite some time now. Simply watching, seeing, wondering what the next step of fate would be for the broken-hearted boy, now contemplating the end of his story.

Reafa would not interfere, obviously. Whatever his choices may be, what the world may have in store for him, she would allow it all to happen.

Lightning struck. Reafa did not flinch, nor did she even blink.

She is merely an observer of the world's happenings.

Yet now, nothing seemed to have happened at all, no matter how long she sat there and watched.

Reafa wondered if she was wasting her time, a thought that normally would not have crossed her mind.
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Hearing the girl speak shocked him almost, that someone appeared from nowhere and started speaking German to him, at least he thought it was German. He couldn't understand it but he couldn't really ignore her, he looked up to the girl seeing Agnes standing over him. He didn't understand why someone was out here on the bridge at this time at night, then again five in the afternoon was hardly night. He just stared at her for a moment, his eyes meeting hers and she could easily see his sadness was genuine at least but there was more than sadness in his eyes now.

Fear, he was scared, he had no idea what to do now and it was only causing panic in his mind but even though that fear would most likely be temporary he was scared now and he was lost. There was no where to go besides his apartment and it was just empty, he'd be alone there for a fair while before he even tried to find another job. His rent was payed for years and the job would just be for food and other neccessities. But he had other problems, the girl who he didn't even know was staring at him, maybe her words were just him trying to make him feel better? He didn't know, he just stared at her for a moment more before finally speaking.

"What...did you say?" was all he could really muster for the girl and he just stared at her still. The rain colliding with him still as it just seemed to grow more intense even if only by a little bit. The thunder echoed in the distance and flashes of light covered the sky as lightning struck wherever it could land. Kazerou had never seen the girl before, so he wondered why she was out here? Was she walking to Kaneshima? It didn't really matter as Kazerou just sat there awaiting an answer from her.
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"What...did you say?"

It was a legitimate question.

Agnes, though having spoke those words, found herself shocked that she'd even said them. Where did such words come from? What had she experienced that could allow herself to say such things to anyone? Still, the young man had looked her in the eyes with honest grief and asked her to explain those very words.

It also occurred to Agnes then that she'd lapsed into German.

With a breath, she started. She wouldn't repeat her little impromptu poetry in Japanese, but she would try to explain it, despite how elusive it was to her having said it. Would she be able to be kind?

"You are not known to me. But all understand sadness. Whether it be loss, or what we never had to lose. It kneels us. Leaves us on our hands and knees. You...we...must grieve over these things, yes. But you must stand back up. Knowing that whatever you felt before this sorrow is cherished in you. It is yours forever. Do not let pain rob that from you. At least you had where many had not."

Agnes never broke her gaze with the young man, her face a stony mask, her words were even, hard like steel. She slowly offered up her free hand to him.

"You've bowed your head, and rained with the clouds, time to raise it."
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...Impressive. The wheel of fate is moving. Reafa was incredibly bored and was getting ready to leave. Somehow.

Even though it doesn't seem like much is happening, but at least, something is happening.

Just a little push, and then everything will be easier afterward.

Now to see if the momentum could be kept.

It's really cold and wet up here. Hopefully they can pick up the pace and have something interesting happen soon.
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He just stared at the girls hand, he didn't take it. But instead he did the next best thing and pushed himself up and stared at Agnes, why waste her breath on someone like him? No hope and no need to be saved by a random girl, the fact someone wanted to help him seemed to give him some sort of hope but that quickly faded only to spark back up so whimsically, hope was something that seemed to have a mind of it's own and he had no control over it, at least not in this instance for he started to feel less sad and more regretful. He had just wasted a fair portion of the day sulking and driving himself closer and closer to the edge or in this case the railing. He could feel the Spirit Keys at this moment, they were warming him. They couldn't speak to him but they wanted him to know he could consider them friends if he felt he needed to. A man who befriended sentient keys, he's seen weirder.

As he picked up his bag and he started to walk away from her as the rain started grow lighter and everything became more visible. The thundering seeming to grow further away from the bridge, Kazerou eventually stopped and looked back to her and pulled his hood down so maybe she could see the face of the one she managed to help out, for the first time in a few months he smiled to her, it was genuine and he felt his heart warm his now cold body once more. He walked back to her and bowed deeply to the girl, she might not understand it but he wasn't one to go without showing his gratitude to someone who had just helped him begin finding his way back to the right path. He wasn't there yet, he'd probably end up feeling worthless again, but for now the pain the last year had brought him didn't seem so...bad.

It was certainly a setback of course but maybe he could salvage what he had of his time here and make more precious memories here. Maybe he shouldn't see so many bad things as the end of the world. But he finally spoke to Agnes and showed his gratitude with one word...

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"You are welcome."

Agnes cocked her head to one side, looking the man before her up and down. It finally struck her as odd that he would be out in the rain crying. The mental question begged another though. What was she doing out in the rain?

Processing the following was her best answer.




Making good on her promise.



Others she had met.

An itemized list of memories, thoughts and feelings that passed through like machine language. On off like ones and zeroes. Did she have any grounds considering the person before her as odd?

"You do not have to answer me."

Agnes started.

"But while the inclement weather lends itself well to the expression of sullen and sorrow, why grieve out here on the bridge?"
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That was oddly too easy.

She would be annoyed if she could. Yet she couldn't.

...Nevermind. It had taken long enough for fate to pick its path. "...Chii-!"

Nothing else after this would interest her, Reafa thought as she wiped her nose. She stood up...

And so those two were left by themselves.
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