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[SoK] The Cruel Upperclassmen; Closed (Flambe, GrimRPer, Lawman, Sendokami)
Topic Started: Dec 13 2017, 11:08 AM (570 Views)
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After school was a time for many students to attend extracurricular activities. It was unfortunately also a time for the strong to pick on the weak. Even in a school for the super powered, there were bullies. One could call it a constant variable in the great equation that was school life.

Behind one of the many buildings that made up the Gymnasium, a group of third years had cornered a trio of first year students. It was perhaps bad luck which led to the current situation...

"Hey firsties." said one of the older students, "Jump up and down for me wouldja?"

One of her victims, a shy looking girl with short red hair asked in a timid voice, "J-Jump? Why do you want us to- YEEEK!" she shouted as a flame appeared in the older girl's hand.

"Shut up and jump!" she snapped, throwing the fire at the girl's feet. With a squeal of fear, the girl jumped back to avoid the flames. As expected, this caused her possessions to shift in her backpack. Of particular interest to the girls was the distinct clink of coins.

"Lucky! Sounds like we got a winner!" said the older student. "You're up Runa." she moved off to the side so a girl with spiky blond hair could walk over.

Raising her hands, she closed her eyes. With a sickening ripping sound, the younger girl's uniform was torn to shreds as the buttons, fastenings, and zippers tore free of her backpack, uniform, and shoes.

"KYAAAAAAAAA!" she screamed, trying to cover herself as she was left clad in her stockings, bra, and panties. In Runa's hands was an assortment of metallic objects, most of which were discarded leaving a decently sized handful of yen coins.

"How'd we do Runa?" the first girl asked.

"Four thousand six hundred yen, Michiko-san." Runa replied, dropping the coins into a shopping bag.

"Not too shabby..." she mused as one of the other students; a young boy with short black hair, moved to comfort the crying girl.

"C-Chidori-chan..." he said, taking off his blazer and wrapping it around the weeping girl's shoulders.

This unfortunately drew the attention of their tormentors. "Aww look at this... Ain't that sweet Rika?" Michiko asked.

The second girl suddenly shouted a warning. "Jun! Chidori! Watch out!" But neither student was able to avoid the crushing grip of the third girl who grabbed them both by their arms and dragged them apart. Standing a good six feet tall, she towered over the first years and easily held them apart and off the ground.

"Real sweet Michiko-san. Maybe these two got something going on huh? Is that what it is firsty? You got something going with her?" she asked Jun who quivered under her gaze.

"N-No... It's not like that..." he protested. His hand flailed limply in Rika's grip as he tried to keep from crying at the pain of having his wrist crushed in the grip of the older student.

"Don't lie to me firsty..." she said, "You can tell your sempai all about it~ I bet you two are all over each other in private..." she moved Chidori closer to her face and stuck her tongue out, licking her cheek in a suggestive way.

Jun's face turned red as he grabbed Rika's wrist with his free hand and kicked her in the arm holding Chidori with both legs. "Don't you touch her!" he shouted angrily.

Rika dropped Chidori more from surprise than actual pain. "TCH! You little bitch!" she snapped, whipping her arm back and then forward, slamming him into the ground!

"J-Jun!" Chidori exclaimed as the boy hit the ground with a cracking sound.

Rika kicked the younger boy in the ribs, drawing another cry of pain from him as his ribs cracked from the impact. "How dare you kick me you bitch!? I'll put you in the hospital for that!"

Chidori moved to help Jun, but a firebal slammed into the ground in front of her. "Ah ah ah firsty. You stay put." Michiko warned the younger girl, another fireball in her hand. "If you make a wrong move, I'll roast you where you stand. the same goes for you." she added, addressing the other girl who had stood up and now remained in place, her hands clenched as Rika dished out 'justice' upon Jun.

Fortunately for the first years, their tormentors were being rather loud. Hopefully someone would intervene before things got worse. There was still one more third year who was not participating in the bullying and seemed to be keeping watch...

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It had been a rough day after another. A recent rain caused a landslide that damaged the shack in Mount Kaneshima, the water filtering the hermit fox had has been broken by a tree that fell over, one of their favorite wooden figurine got stolen before they could finish painting it, and it was of Kamen Rider Ichigo to top it off.

Could things get on even more on their nerve? The answer was... Yes. The fox woman had been trying to burn down her increasing fury by lifting some weight... Well, ABSURDLY lot of weight for her apparent physique.

But hearing a girly scream has, needless to say, destroyed all her focus. "Concentrate, let's see what this is about first, then break some bones of a potential a-hole that is clearly stirring up trouble.", she walked out, not stomping, and around, patting the knife within her vest.

Soosei might not need it though, considering her inhuman strength and agility. A step as silent as another, except for the grazing of the grass to be mistaken by the rustling wind, she listened for a moment, before deciding to use Michiko's words against her with actions: A fireball was tossed in a straight line, and should she avoid or try to block it... Good luck dealing with a furious straight punch that was going to the face soon after.

And those eyes... They were filled with feral fury, an intent to tear apart one. But in truth she only needed to vent all the repressed fury.
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Yozuka eyed her empty mic flask with a mixture of hatred, longing, and utter despair. She held out her tongue and shook the flask wishing beyond all hope for just one more precious drop of alcohol. Her eyes lit up as she saw the liquid slowly pooling and gathering on the lip of the flask. She gently swished the flask back and fourth coxing it to final drip onto her waiting tongue.


Yozika suddenly jumped as she heard a scream her flask flying from her hand and worse that one single drop slinging from its grip on the lip and landing on the ground. Yozuka stared in shock then quickly dropped to the ground pressing her cheek into the dirt as she watched the very last of her drink swallowed by the earth.


Yozuka moaned a protest then slowly rose to her feet. Someone owed her a drink and they owed her one NOW. Yozuka brushed herself off and quickly stomped over to where she more or less heard the scream.

"Tch... This is JUST what I need."

The utter distain dripped from her voice but with the commotion it was doubtful she was heard. Yozuka pulled out a whistle and blew into it as hard as she could while striking a pose. She held one hand aloft pointing at basically everyone before her.

"All of you stop what you are doing right NOW!"

Yozuka being in her idols outfit definitely did not look like a teacher but rumors about her and her hours long detention of being forced to listen to her sing had already permeated the school and chilled many a student to their core.
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Keep Calm and Cheeki Breeki
Meanwhile, in an adjacent multipurpose hall one Nicole Ryuko would be getting ready for an interview on the behest of the Senki Acadademy News - the martial artist figured that she could always contribute some articles that were related to the very thing she enjoys; and that would be none other than martial arts. Surely the school's newsletter could use a lifestyle and fitness section anyway! And for that, the lightning warrior had taken it upon herself to interview prominent fitness and martial arts gurus in the locality.

For the pilot interview in said series though, Nicole decided to kick off with a special guest interview; and as part of her "reporter" gimmick, the martial artist was dressed like a Roaring Twenties news anchor, sporting a gray fedora and brown trenchcoat over her Senki Academy uniform. "Alright, looks like everything's set!" Nicole winked and gave an OK sign as she reviewed her own visage that was being recorded on her phone's camera, currently being set up on a tripod and connected to a laptop so that she could use the latter to ensure that her phone was recording correctly. "Good afternoon, Senki Academy and Kaneshima and welcome to the premier issue of the SAN's lifestyle and fitness special, I'm your host, Nicole Ryuko!" the martial artist grinned as she held up two V-signs before the camera, before adjusting the camera to capture the footage at the interview area, featuring a pair of steel folding chairs.

"For our pilot issue we have invited a special guest speaker to share her secrets on how to keep fit and stay in tip top fighting condition; ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you... Mia Stark!" Nicole declared triumphantly... before gesturing for the redhead to step into the carpeted area and sit down opposite to her so that the two girls were seated face to face with each other. And seeing how the heiress of the Stark Dojo certainly knows her stuff about martial arts and fitness, Nicole figured that she would be the perfect candidate for a special guest interview, which was why she'd taken the pains to invite Mia over to the campus. Except with this whole thing being a one-woman show, the lightning warrior realised she was gonna have to do a lot of video-editing before she could put this up.

Regardless, Nicole would find her interview rudely interrupted by a sudden scream coming from next door. "Oh for Pete's sake!" Nicole growled as she realised they were still recording, so the scream could be heard on the video. "Sorry, Mia-san... but could you gimme a while?" Nicole bowed apologetically to the redhead before pausing the recording and storming over to the training hall next door - to confront the students there. "Hey what's the big deal with all that noise!?" Nicole demanded as she stepped in, with her hands resting on her hips and still in her trenchcoat and fedora. "Senki Academy News is trying to conduct an interview here!"
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While Mia did appreciate Nicole's offer, she didn't exactly find it easy to prepare for the interview. It wasn't anxiety, but more like her usual tacticurn nature making interaction difficult. This was exactly why she didn't handle PR for the family. Nobody needed her to be bluntly, brutally honest in public.

That said, she still cleaned up for the occasion. It wasn't like she had much in the way of special clothing, but she at least wore a baseball cap that she bought with Nicole on a more recent shopping trip. That said, she looked like a weird named enemy in some kind of beat-em-up game at this time. A Yomiuri Giants loving karateka, even.

Once she got the signal, she stepped into view and nodded, stoically awkward in her mannerisms before she sat. Mia never really watched any professionally done interviews before, so it seemed like she was rather lost. Even the sudden interruption wasn't enough to shake her, as she remained stone faced until the recording was paused. At that moment, she stood up and took her cap off.

"I'm backing you up. Been a while since we got to work together, anyways."

There was no cheer in her words, though. As much as she liked Nicole, this was not the right time to smile or be positive. Somebody was in trouble, and she wasn't about to make light of the situation. Trailing close behind, she leaned past her friend's arm to get a better view of the situation. Her instincts prickled at the sight, keeping her on her toes as she started planning a contigency in case things went south.
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Michiko felt rather than saw the fireball coming her way, turning and knocking it aside with her hand. As a result, she was completely open when Soosei ran in to punch her. However, there was nothing resembling panic on her face as she turned to take the hit on her cheek.

Soosei's fury unfortunately was her undoing. In her anger, she failed to notice the last girl keeping watch. Thus she also failed to realize that she had played right into their hands.

The third year went flying back from the punch, hitting the wall with a crash and sliding down to the floor. "M-Michiko!" Runa shouted in fear. "Help! Someone help!"

Yozuka picked the perfect time to show up, catching the moment Soosei punched Michiko. Runa turned to look at the teacher and said in a panicky voice. "S-Sensei! You have to stop her! She's going crazy! We caught her attacking these first years and now she's cold clocked Michiko!"

Nicole and Mia would come across the scene shortly after Yozuka's arrival. Rune was kneeling by Michiko's side, lightly shaking her unresponsive form. Rika was standing between Soosei and the first years, seemingly protecting them from her as the cowered behind her. The last third-year was standing off to the side, watching everything impassively.
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She felt her fury gradually be held back, although much remained, even after such a punch. Stomping the ground, she let her voice out with such an anger that wisps of flame seeped out with her words: "Me crazy?! How about someone getting their lights kicked out of them?! Ain't that crazy enough?! I'm just trying to chill, and I hear trouble right behind where I'm unwinding! What do you expect?!"

"Be glad I held myself back a little. Take her to the infirmary and leave the first years alone. Aan'd don't go playing victim, act more like your age!"
, she roared at Michiko and Runa, until... All her fury vanished upon a realization.

Her face was no longer burning with fury, Soosei turned her head away a little, but didn't drop her guard, instead thought about a glimpse of Michiko's expression that she had before the punch had met the jerk's face.
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Keep Calm and Cheeki Breeki
The soles of Nicole's loafers made a skidding noise against the floorboards as the lightning warrior came skidding to a halt just in time to witness an angry fox-eared girl standing over a concussed student who is being held by her classmate while another group of students were huddled over to the side nearby, at around the same time Yozuka-sensei arrived.

"Hey, calm down," Nicole's initial exasperation over her interview being interrupted would quickly dissipate as she took stock of the situation, and realised that now would not be the situation for her to storm in demanding answers, quickly darting in as Runa ran towards Yozuka-sensei, with Nicole putting herself between Soosei and Runa.

"There, there, why don't we all slow down and hear all sides of the story? Throwing accusations isn't going to get anyone anywhere y'know?" the martial artist held up her hands as a gesture of pacifism, wanting to hear everyone's sides of the story before making her own judgement.
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Yozuka narrowed her eyes as she surveyed the growing group of students and at Mia's arrival non students. She took a deep breath to clear her head. She couldn't afford to be rash here even more so since these weren't "normal" students. Yozuka raised her hand in the air and blew on her whistle again.

"ONE more fireball, lightning strike, punch, kick, or ANYTHING and everyone here will have a year of detention!"

Yozuka pointed at Soosei.

"You are in front! Everyone else that can stand get in line behind! I will hear each of your explanations one at a time."

Thinking for a moment she then pointed at Nicole.

"Since you are not directly involved I want you to fetch the nurse. Tell the nurse that Michiko from year three is unresponsive."

Yozuka glanced at Mia unsure what to do about her but decided that so long as she did not get directly involved it didn't really mater. With orders given Yozuka felt more confident that the situation would be handled and resolved successfully and she would know who to extort booze money from.
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To say that Mia was peeved at the bullying was underselling it. Though her expression didn't change, the air around her seemed to be charged with violent intent. That said, she would stay her hand for the moment. Nicole was trying to negotiate, which was characteristic of her. Mia would at least let her fellow warrior do things her way first.

That said, when she stepped into her friend's view, Mia gave her a long look in the eyes. If the Way of the Sheathed Blade failed, then she'd draw hers without hesitation.

The same went for Yozuka. She didn't know what this girl's goal was, but her handling of the situation was rather suspicious. Still, she didn't appear to be directly involved in the violence, so she'd focus on the three who were.

"Start explaining."

She had no tolerance for jokes or lies right now. That much was clear from the cold tone of her voice.
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"S-Sensei..." Chidori said, still trying to hide her body with Jun's blazer. She was definitely not in any mental condition to be standing up, especially with all the eyes now in the room, even inf Jun was the only male pair.

"Come on Sensei, have a heart, she ain't in any condition to be standing in a line." Rika said as she shifted to keep between Soosei and Chidori. "I'll tell ya what happened. We were on our way to the Student building when we heard a scream. We got here in time to see Miss Bushytail shaking down these three. Michiko tried to stop her, but she got a fist for her trouble. Ain't that right?"

She looked back at Jun and Chidori. "T-That's right..." said Chidori. "It happened exactly like that..." Jun nodded as well. Neither of them wanted to risk more of what Rika could dish out. Even with a teacher there, they were scared to speak up for fear of reprisal.

Runa glared at Soosei, "What's wrong with you?! Do you get off on hurting people you sicko?" she said, before looking at Yozuka. "Yozuka-Sensei, Michiko might be really hurt, we need to get her to the Nurse right away. Can you give me a hand Nicole?"

Michiko was indeed very unresponsive. In fact Runa's worry was quite genuine. The plan might have been to take a hit in front of a teacher, but there was a very strong possibility it would be someone who could do real damage. Soosei was definitely not the upper limit, but she apparently didn't understand the concept of 'no violence on school grounds'.

Mia would find herself facing the last third year, who simply looked at her passively as though she were staring past her. It was a very...unnerving look, almost like she wasn't all there. Still Mia would hear the same explanation as Yozuka and the rest, whether she believed it or not was a separate matter.
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Soosei was in her own world, her senses shut from the surroundings briefly as she tried to understand what just happened. She seemed determined, having come to a conclusion, but still owed their Sensei a proper explanation. "Me? I was trying to relax and exercise. But those two were causing a commotion. And unlike some, I can't shut off my hearing sensitivity. Plus given the Hell I have been through in the past and present, I was... Broken.", she didn't sound broken, but thoughtful.

"Then when I went out, guess what I see? A girl in her undergarments with her first clenched but no determination to fight, and a boy getting kicked in the ribs. But that is not all... When I clashed them, the one who took my punch WANTED to get hit. ... Call me crazy, liar or whatever, but... Were I a bully, I would take a punch to the face so my accomplice and I could play victim.", and as she finished speaking, she shot a fierce glare at Runa.

Poor choice of words, that one has made. For a moment it was as if she was about to scold Runa, but no... Her eyes went to Chidori and Jun, her stare softened and she was all friendly. "Hey, you two, do me a favor? Visit Yuri Dorm Room 404, my friend lives there and she is a really good healer!", she asked them with what seemed unnaturally nice, but... Her anger diminished further.
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Keep Calm and Cheeki Breeki
"R-right away, sensei!" Nicole stood to attention as Yozuka instructed her to go and look for the school nurse - apparently one of the seniors had taken one punch too hard and seemed to have been knocked out cold. Still, when someone is injured Nicole wasn't one to dilly-dally and as such the onyx-haired girl would quickly head for the infirmary to get the school nurse, but not before glancing over her shoulder and gesturing towards Mia.

"Please don't mind Mia-san over there; I invited her to do an interview on the behalf of Senki Academy News!" Nicole remarked, before making another gesture towards Mia to ensure she has her visitor pass displayed before sprinting down the corridor to make her way to the nurse's office.

Feel free to skip Nicole for the next turn as she goes to get the school nurse
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Mia adjusted her collar, making sure the pass was clearly displayed before seeing Nicole off. Good. She was as responsible as always, so the bruiser wouldn't worry about her friend's progress. What she did have to concern herself with was the mess that this incident had caused.

"Stop talking." Her reprimand to Soosei was stern but devoid of hostility. "It doesn't make you look any less guilty."

She didn't know if the fox was responsible for the mess, but something told her that she was looking at the innocent party there. Even so, she wouldn't let her instincts have their way, even if they were usually on the money. Evidence was what was needed.

So far, it was a case of she said, she said. There was one who hadn't really spoken up, so Mia was mildly curious about her account. That and her unwavering gaze made the brawler look the unnamed third year suspiciously.

"You. Who are you, and what did you see?"
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Yozuka narrowed her eyes. She really did not like being lied to and she had the feeling she was being lied to if only from the fact of where everyone was standing. If Soosei had been the one to start this they would of been much closer to the first years. There is also the problem that Soosei is out numbered. But she had to be thorough just to make sure. Some students could do very strange things and it would do her well to make sure the facts were straight.

"If Soosei started this why didn't one of you run to get a teacher? You very well know the school rules. Fighting is not tolerated. It would of been very simple for one of you to call for help. Most teachers have powers and the school is monitored."

Yozuka looked past them to the first years and smiled a perfect idol smile meant to fill the hearts of anyone.

"Don't worry I am here now. I will get to the bottom of this and sort it all out. But I must tell you that I do not condone lying and if you know your teachers well you will know that I never forget a lie!"

Youzuka's face took on just a hint of venom as she said that making it very clear that lying to her would result in harsh punishment. It may not come today or tomorrow but in time debts were always repaid.

"So please tell me exactly what has happened here so that I can properly punish those responsible."

Choosing to let the first years settle on their story Yuzoka moved on to Soosei.

"As I told them you very well know the school rules. The Gatekeeper is ever around and on guard. Why would you chose to get involved and attack another student even more so if as you say they wanted to get hit?"
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Runa rolled her eyes at Soosei's explanation of events. Was she ignoring common sense? Who would take a serious punch from someone who had enhanced strength if they had a choice?

Hearing Mia tell her off was quite amusing and things only got better when Miss Goody-two-shoes ran off to get the nurse. All that was left was convincing Yozuka that Soosei was at fault and everything would fall into place.

Still, taking a punch from the crazy cross-gender fox was probably a bit much so Runa was also thankful that Nicole was going for help. Of course Chidori and Jun were a problem, the look in their eyes changed at the words from Yozuka, however Rika would keep them in line if need be. In fact she was perfectly positioned to do so if need be.

And if things went south... she looked over at Umiko. They still had their trump card.

Said trump card was currently under the scrutiny of Mia, however she did not open her mouth to answer. "It's no use." Rika said to Mia. "Umi doesn't talk. She's a mute."

Of course that was only half the truth. Umiko was in fact a mute, however she was also a telepath and the primary reason why their bullying had gone unreported for as long as it did. It was her that had picked up on Soosei's approach and allowed the seniors to lay their trap.

However at that time, the eyes of Umiko showed a trace of unease. She couldn't help but feel like something was wrong. That she was missing some crucial detail.

Meanwhile Nicole would arrive at the Nurse's office. Fortunately for her, the Nurse was present and currently in the process of mixing one of her foul concoctions. "Ah? What are you doing here girl?" she adjusted her glasses, "You don't look hurt to me..."
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"As I explained, I was in a terrible mood. Too stressed and all that. It could have been much worse if I didn't burn out some anger earlier... And not telling the truth from my side would make me more suspicious, wouldn't it?", Soosei explained without hesitation nor stutter.

Wasn't it all true? Were she to omit anything, that would make her look bad, and were she to lie... Well, Yozuka made it clear enough that some never forget, and resentment would be very, very bad if it came from a lie.

Sitting down against a tree, she sighed and plopped on her side, turning into her fox self shortly after. The monster fox lay there, before curling up. "Tired, shoulders and legs aching, overdid myself for the day.", as she spoke she rested her head on the fluffy tail she had, looking at the bullies and victims judgmentally.
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