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Daring Heist ~ Plunder in the Temple of Ninurta!; Closed; Cyberstrike
Topic Started: Dec 8 2017, 11:39 AM (128 Views)
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The damn nerve of this guy...

It wasn't long ago Yoiko Ishida had received an anonymous note in her locker. Ada thought it was a love letter. Yoiko hoped it was a challenge. Turned out to be neither. Connor Dolos. Some new guy from a different class giving her some fancy business that he'd been watching her and wanted her help with some off-the-record project. Like hell she was getting involved with some shady crap like that! So she told him off, but speedy wouldn't take no for an answer. She was ready to hand him his own ass when he handed her a photo that changed her mind pretty quick.

It was Yoiko. With her fist three inches deep in a police patrol robot's face.

Well. That did change things a little.

So she agreed to this stupid little... whatever it was. He was heavy on blackmail and light on details. Some stupid dock, some smelly warehouse. Whatever. Truth be told, she wasn't really doing all this just because that guy managed to snap a photo of her doing something incredibly illegal at just the right time. No, what impressed her the most was he clearly knew her by reputation and he still tried to blackmail her. That either took incredible guts or a total lack of brains and maybe it was just her own gut feeling, but he didn't seem like an idiot to her.

Yoiko stared at the note in her hand with little more on it than a time and place. After dark in December... he was lucky her blood ran hot or she'd be pissed. Not like a smash and grab would be any easier in a heavy winter coat. If that was even what this was. The cold nighttime air stung her nose and cheeks, nearly dulling entirely the smell of fish that permeated the dock. If she didn't look so annoyed, her rosied cheeks would almost look like blushing.

As it was, Yoiko stood behind a stack of crates, alternating between watching her own breath, made visible by the winter chill, and watching the dock workers who had stepped off the boat only minutes ago as a late night shipment came in. Yeah, nothing weird or suspicious about that...

All that was left now was to wait for that guy to show up again...

"Damn nerve of that guy..." She murmured to herself.
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"You know I couldn't do this without you. They're about to bring more Fabricated Replicas into the city, and I will not allow that. I will not allow them to meddle with people's free will, or try to force things on others, especially Fabricated Weapons, or to make more like me, that have barely known life outside the lab."

Connor was adamant on this. No one was going to bring more experiments like himself into the city if he could help it. Granted he knew that there was another reason he had brought her. If she could do that to police robots, then she could most certainly help him against whatever they had inside the warehouse. Given he was going in blind he didn't know what to honestly expect. Taking out the lenses he put them in his eyes and sighed. Sometimes he wished he had more people he could trust, ones he could rely on to aid him in this endeavor, and that the scientists would stop sending would be heroes to Kaneshima Island. While he did understand the reasoning behind it, he did not have to like the fact they were essentially breeding weapons.
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"Tch. I don't know about any of that stuff, but if I get busted for any of this crap you better hope they don't let me out..." She murmured with a nervous smile. This would hardly be her first time skirting the law, either. Her record in Okinawa probably wouldn't do her any favors, if she got caught...

"Alright, so then we knock out these poor schmucks and rifle through whatever's lying around until you're satisfied, right? Easy enough." Yoiko wound her away around the crates like a predatory canid, a clever coyote creeping up on its prey. As she neared them, she simply stepped out and walked right up to the group. The workers quickly took notice and nervously set down whatever they were carrying as the foreman of the group stepped forward to meet her.

"Are you lost, kid? Beat it, this area's off limits." Came a gruff voice from the thick-necked foreman. Yoiko merely smirked and shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

"Relax, old man, it's a public dock. Besides, maybe I am lost." She said, looking around for a moment.

"Look, I don't care what you are, just get the hell outta here before I--GHKK!" His words were cut off suddenly by a tightly balled fist crashing into his teeth. The speed of her sucker punch was impressive and her violent smile professed her pride. The other dock workers stood aghast as their boss hit the cold, moist planks of the dock in an unconscious heap. There was a brief, but pregnant silence over the group as they eyed Yoiko while she stared at her masterwork.

It was the shortest of the workers that made the first move, gritting his teeth as he willed his legs forward.

"What the hell'd you do that for, you crazy bitch?!" He cried, suddenly rushing forward to attack. The others, as of broken out if whatever spell had rooted them in place, charged right behind him. Yoiko held her arms open wide, ready to embrace their savagery like an old friend.

"Hey Connor, if you want in on any of this you better get out here now because I'm about to lay these fools out in about twenty seconds!" She cried with vicious enthusiasm. She might not have chosen this job on her own, but dammit she was gonna take advantage of every perk she could!
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"You!" Connor dashed forward at super speed and punched one of them in several painful spots causing him to crumple to the ground in pain. "Don't!" Connor turned his attention to another of the individuals because he was not going to allow them to continue the antics they had been doing.

It was one thing artificially creating experiments -- Connor knew they may have had no choice, but deciding the identities and personalities of the individuals before they had a chance at life was where he drew a line a sand. Connor then smiled at her for a moment. "Since I cannot wield another Fabricated Replica, or rather will not, you will be able to take any they have, provided you agree not to help them in the future," said Connor. "Now that we are done," said Connor after he wiped his blood smeared hands off as he had punched a couple of them in the nose particularly hard. "Let's see what they've brought to Kaneshima, shall we?"

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"Tch. Well, don't let anyone tell you you're not a generous guy." Yoiko said with a smirk and a flip of her hair. Weapons, huh? Aside from kendo, she'd never been the type to really use weapons. Guns and chains and stuff were so... impersonal. She liked to feel their face on her knuckles and to feel their knuckles on her own and to see who could keep standing the longest. It was the only way she know how to get to know someone for real. In a punch there was no dishonesty or hidden motives. Just you and the other guy, trying to survive.

That said, she wouldn't turn down a fancy new weapon if they happened across it. The more she got out of this endeavor, the less crappy she'd feel about being manipulated into it.

Yoiko put her bruised knuckles into her pockets and strolled over to a nearby crate. With a swift kick she knocked it on its side, popping the lid and sending its contents spilling along the dock. "The hell are these?" She said, picking up a small, gray package. "Hey, military rations! Sweet. We used to steal these from the Navy storehouses in Okinawa. Shit, it's beef curry flavor, too. I'm taking this..." Yoiko pocketed her present before moving on to the next crate.

Office supplies. Like she had any use for that...

And the next box.

Vitamins and supplements? Tch, as if...

And the next box.

"What is all this? Like, beakers and stuff? Makes me think too much of science class, I kinda want to smash these..."

"Actually, you'll be setting it back in the box gently and getting down on the ground." Came a nearby voice. Looking up, the door to the warehouse the dock was moored just beside was wide open and out of it stood several men in suits, foreign from the looks of them, and each aiming short, black pistols at the pair. Yoiko dropped the breaker in surprise, the sound making her flinch.

"Shit, er...sorry." she said meekly. Guns. She freakin' hated guns.

"Nevermind that, just get on the ground or we'll be forced to put you down." He repeated, pulling back the hammer on his weapon threateningly.

Yoiko wasn't dumb. There's no way they wouldn't just shoot them both. Yeah, they were trespassing, but how would they explain the guns to the cops? No, if she laid down like they wanted, they'd probably blow her brains out...
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"You forget one thing!" said Connor to the guy with the gun as he put himself in the stance of a track runner. "And what might that be?" asked the man, before he was suddenly knocked to the ground by a super speedy punch to the face, and his gun was in Connor's hands. Connor then fired, shooting the others around the room in the knee caps at super speed causing them to drop their firearms. Once it had been done he tossed aside the gun, and then went over to each one of them at high speeds and punched them out with no style at all.

"Problem solved. Tie them up, and then search this place. Once we're done with it we blow it all to oblivion."

"Now, pick up anything you want." said Connor. "We've got a lot of work to do, but other than that, all that is left is clean up."
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Yoiko blinked. No, flinched was more like it. The sudden crack of gunfire, three shots in quick succession, set her heart pounding. For more than a moment, she was certain she was dead. Her eyes opened slowly, slowly enough to make her question when her own boundless bravery. Each of the security officers was on the ground, each unmoving. Until her eyes noticed the gunshot wounds on their knees, she thought they might be dead.

This was the second time she considered turning around and leaving, but...

Somebody who'd blackmail her into something like this. Shooting people, blowing up a warehouse? Yoiko wasn't certain that was the type of guy she wanted to screw with. Not that she'd ever let him know that.

"T-Thanks..." She said meekly, nervously grabbing at her arm. Unfortunately for them both, there wouldn't be time to talk anything through. Out of the open warehouse door, from which the guards had just emerged, the sound of voices.

"...--alot like gunshots, didn't it?" came a feminine voice.

"It might not be safe, you shouldn't go out there, I'll call for additional security to investigate. the low, gruff voice of a man answered.

"Shit." Commented Yoiko. She grit her teeth, simultaneously frightened and annoyed. She needed more time to think, not more goons packing heat. "Come on, speedy, we don't have any time to waste!" So she did what she did best and charged into the open door to the warehouse without thinking. Inside, a busty female scientist in a plain, white lab coat and a slim, but muscular security officer in a black suit looked on in surprise. The three of them stood in the wide, empty entranceway, on one end Yoiko and the only door, on the other, an empty warehouse and a single, freight-style elevator.

"Who are you?!" The scientist shouted, taking a step back. The officer stepped forward in response, pushing the scientist back with one hand and reaching for the gun in his jacket with the other.

"Damn! Connor, get the gun and I'll get the chick!" Yoiko shouted, blitzing at the pair. If Connor didn't come through, she'd get two right between the eyes! But at this rate, even if she ran her only consolation would getting shot in the back instead!
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Connor nodded and dashed towards the scientist, at high speeds. "Oh I'm sure you remember project "Hermes" as i was to be called, do you not?" One of his hands pulled a throwing dagger out of his pocket before hurling it at the hand that was reaching for the gun, hitting with perfect accuracy. "We'll have none of that now. After all, I can't exactly let you go shooting my new partner who is going to be helping me close down your operations around the world, starting with the city we are currently in, can I?" asked Connor to the Scientist. The scientist only moaned in pain as a response due to the pain of the knife that was currently stuck through his hand. Connor was sure that she was the kind of person he wanted backing him. Sure she was not made in the lab like he was, but that was the point.

What he needed was a fresh perspective, a perspective Yoiko could provide. Her enhanced strength could be a good combination when combined with his speed and ability to blast things with his crossbow, the Green Monster. Still she needed something more. Perhaps an instrument like a hammer would be what the doctor ordered for her.
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Though the thought made her uncomfortable, Yoiko was getting used to the way Connor did things. Sudden, violent, and brutal, it seemed to take away the intimacy she craved from fighting. However, she couldn't deny the efficiency of it. And as much as she didn't want to acknowledge it, they weren't here for the sheer thrill of beating up old farts in suits or random scientists. Actually, the sooner she left this place, the better.

She turned to face the door, to reassure herself that the way out was still there when...


A great metal door suddenly slammed descended upon their only exit. The force of it shook the room and even from here Yoiko could tell it was far too thick for even her to manage...

"Y-You gotta be kidding me!" She shouted, pressing a palm against her cheek in disbelief.


A robotic voice called over a hidden loudspeaker, echoing through the empty surface level on which they stood. Yoiko turned to face the elevator, then to the squirming body on the floor in front of them. "Guess we don't got a choice. Gonna have to go down..." She walked behind the desk beside the elevator, coming across a basic map outlining the different sub levels. "Geeze...how far underground does this place go?" Ten sublevels. That's pretty deep. She tossed the map at Connor and walked around to the scientist.

"Alright Connor, you've got more experience with these places than I do, so I'll let you decide where we go next." Yoiki grabbed the scientist and flipped him over, aggressively pulling off his white coat and liberating him of his necktie and glasses before knocking him out with a solid knock on the jaw.

"And I'll be your disguise." She said with a fanged grin, adjusting the glasses on her face. "I'll pretend to be a scientist and you'll be my security escort, got it? It's foolproof."

...No one who knew her would ever believe that disguise!

The map in Connor's hands listed the ten sublevels in order.

L for Surface Level
S1 or Sublevel 1 was security
S2 Break Room/Lounge
S3 Genetics
S4 Fabricated Weapons Research
S5 Special Projects
S6-7 Storage
S8 Sleeping Quarters
S9 Kitchen/Cafeteria
S10 Arena

"So where to first?"
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"First we will head to Sub Level 1 for Security, and take control of the security system somehow, or disable it so they cannot track us and send more our way. From there, we will proceed to the other areas that we need to go to. The Fabricated Weapons Research, the Storage Area, and lastly in that order, the Special Projects as I want to know if they have any more made."

Connor was annoyed that the scientists had not been shut down by some law enforcement agency yet. Perhaps he could motivate Seraph to get involved and send some agents to make this place cease to be, when they were done "cleaning house" in this place to make it safe for people to come and go from again. In either case he knew he had now found someone he could rely on. The fact she was willing to help him was the icing on the cake. Yes, he was definitely making her part of his merry crew of misfits that he was going to put together.

"Once we've done that, we'll take some extra strength laxatives and things of that nature from the storage, and put it in all the food in the Cafeteria, and the Break Room, to slow down their activities even more. I may possess the ability of Super Speed, but I'm not stupid enough to let these guy have any breathing room. Once we are done here, we need to get Law Enforcement to come here, and arrest everyone except us."

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"Disable security? Like shut off the cameras and stuff?" Yoiko said, staring at the elevator. If they could it without alerting the rest of the guys with guns that'd be fine. But if not, there was a good chance she'd end up shoved full of bullets. The thought made her shudder. She wasn't sure she trusted this guy enough to take that risk... "Are you sure you know how to do something like that? Best I could do is smash the console, so don't count on me. You might be faster than a speeding bullet, but I'm not, I'll get shot straight to hell if we get into any kind of trouble."

The rest of the plan seemed fine. With her disguise they could check the other places they might hide one of those fabricated whatevers he was talking about. The area they researched them made the most sense, and the storage area, too. Then the laxatives...

Wait, did he really say laxatives...?

Yoiko spun around to make eye contact with Connor for a moment, looking at him like he'd grown a second head. So he was super fast, shot bastards in the kneecap and stabbed women in the hand without hesitation. And now he wanted to make everyone in this facility evacuate themselves silly? What could she even say to that?

"... You're a complex man, Connor. Let's go." She finally settled on saying that much, turning back around with a sigh. She stepped into the elevator, her finger hovering over the button to sublevel one as she waited for him to follow.

This was it, then. Into the belly of the beast.
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Connor followed. "See, my plan had been while they are busy on the loo, we plunder and pillage the place, making it impossible for them to continue their work," said Connor to her. "And while they are busy evacuating themselves, they will be too busy to shoot us as we sabotage, and smash everything we can here to set back their plans, by a lot." said Connor with a smile. His plan would work, it had to work after all.

"Basically my plan amounts to a smash and grab, with a bit of preparation done as prevention of problems," admitted Connor to her. "You see, I know we can't go up against all the individuals in here. So the plan is to get you your item, a Hammer they have somewhere in storage. From there, we hit everything we can and generally wreck the place after making them too busy with the toilet to do anything other than be there, while we wreck the joint, and call the cops."
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"... You know when you put it like that it kinda makes sense." She said in earnest. The fact that his crazy was starting to make sense to her at all was a little bit distressing, but any plan that didn't involve her getting punched full of holes by a bunch of angry old men with guns was good enough for her.

Yoiko punched the button for sub-level one and the elevator doors complied, slowly closing the pair inside. It lurched eagerly into motion and she could feel them descending deeper and deeper underground. She looked around the plain, unassuming elevator until her eyes stopped on a camera hung in the corner pointing directly at them. Against her better judgement, Yoiko pulled down her eyelid and stuck out her tongue just in case anyone was watching.

The elevator chimed and came to a slow, unassuming stop and Yoiko swallowed a lump in her throat. Getting nervous and trying to avoid a fight was totally not a feeling she was used to nor enjoyed. The whole thing made her a bit nauseous.

The doors opened and Yoiko felt her throat catch. Before them opened a massive room, easily the size of a warehouse all by itself. Computers and cameras littered every corner of the concrete walls and floor. The entire room echoed with the shouts of personnel reacting, no doubt, to the lockdown that was called only minutes before. Several men in suits she recognized as the same as the security guards they'd encountered before. Others, mostly sitting in front of monitors, dressed more casually. Some skinny, some larger, they mostly wore glasses and looked rather deprived of essential sleep.

For sure, they were in charge of the computer aspects of the security system. Someone like that might have the information they need to disable the security system, right? But exactly how the hell could they manage that in all this chaos?

Yoiko looked over at Connor, smiling nervously.

"Alright, big shot. What do we do now?"

She was totally gonna get shot. She just knew it.
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"Why, you grab one of them and subject them to torture until they spill everything we want to know, of course," said Connor with a wicked grin on his face. Getting the information out of them was going to be fun for him to watch. Of course he normally wasn't a fan of torture. Yet these individuals made a living off of making living weapons and auctioning them off to the highest bidder.

Yeah, Connor had a bit of a sore spot about that, to be honest. And he didn't like the idea of living weapons anymore than people liked having their faces punched. Not many people other than mascochists loved to have their faces beat in by others. She was growing on him. Were the situation not dire, Connor could consider them as friends. In the current situation she was more of a co-worker than she was anything else to be honest.

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"y'make it sound way too damn easy..." Yoiko muttered to herself as they stepped off the elevator. "Alright, tell ya what, speedy, you find an empty room or a closet or somethin' and I'll get the computer guy, got it?" Geeze, she was beginning to feel more and more like the brains of this outfit, which even she could admit way too scary. Now she just had to choose a target...


"Wish me luck." She said quietly, flashing Connor a confident smile before striding towards someone sitting at a computer a yards away.

"Er... Excuse me." Yoiko grumbled, doing get best to appear as polite as possible. Forcing herself to be timid and cordial didn't suit her one bit. If anything she just sounded annoyed...

"Hello there, lovely lady." Came a warm and sultry reply. Yoiko immediately felt from his gaze a strange sensation pulse through her entire being.


Though forced to speak through the bile building up behind her teeth, Yoiko kept her composure (was that smell really just him??)

Gotta keep it together...

"I-I need you to help me with something, you got a minute?" She asked with as polite a smile as she could muster.

"No can do, baby. The Mack man's got with to do, but you come find me when I'm off duty and then we'll, heh, work out your problem." With that he straightened his cap and turned back around to face his work.

Yoiko felt a vein bulge in her forehead and her fist tighten. If someone didn't talk her down right now, she was liable to deck this crap in the brain stem!
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