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The "Great" Ryouta Samara Begs for Forgivness; tagged: All of Senki Academy
Topic Started: Nov 12 2017, 03:01 AM (512 Views)
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On the most popular video sharing site, a video is posted with the ominous title:

The "Great" Ryouta Samara Begs for Forgiveness
Is it clickbait? Who knows... The video was sent to the entire school suddenly one summer afternoon. It was oddly timed to that brief thunderstorm, but those are far from uncommon in a school with such strong personalities (does that even make sense???).

The video begins...

Some might recognize the kitchen in the Student Building. Others probably recognize the student who bowed in front of the camera, a shaking mess. It was none other than Ryouta Samara, the "fearless" leader of some questionable human beings who attended the school.

"I am sorry. Truly from the bottom of my heart and soul. Forgive this impudent man for his transgressions. I am but a lowly plankton floating in the sea of life. I am worthless, and will always be a such. I shall be here at your beck and call until I am forgiven for this nefarious act. I do not expect forgiveness only to atone for this mistake," he says, with fear in his voice.

The camera begins to move toward him, then the video ends.

There is no description, and there are no other edits.

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....who even are you?

-Eight eyes.

Begging for forgiveness is not how you earn it.


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What? What happened?! ... Why did this pop up in such a convenient time?!

Is this one of those memes people keep talking about? If so, not funny.

Kyuu-Ooda Pearl
I want to know where this is going, I'll keep refreshing until something new comes up!

I swear, if this is another hoax...

Golden Kitsune
Nice trick, you almost scared me! WWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

I can replicate the camera trick.
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I lurk because I care
Dunno who this guy is, but this is just pathetic! Grow a spine!
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I deny your deniability.
CatLovingDragon: What's up with this video, why does it feel like the guy's being threatened? What'd he do?

KuukiYomenaiDa: Nice, I hate this guy. Beat him up next.

MerryMariko [Verified]: Oh my... Poor guy. Isn't he a student at Senki? Did he do something bad?
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The Original Ni-san
Eh? What's even up with this? Who is this guy and why is he degrading himself so much?

Edited by Nickle, Nov 12 2017, 04:01 AM.
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Knight Radiant
Is this a prank?

Um....is this going a little too far? Ryouta-kun...are you okay?
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B-Rank in H
Who's up for some witch-hunt?
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Apology accepted.

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Keep Calm and Cheeki Breeki
I... don't even know why I'm watching this.

If you're truly sincere about your apology, you should look for whoever you offended and apologise face to face before them, you know?
Edited by Lawman, Nov 12 2017, 12:49 PM.
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Super Hurricane

SizeMaster: KingYuuji, that remark is offensive to magic-users, as many have lost loved ones during said hunts for no reason. Please think before you type. As for this, maybe he cheated on a test and wants a retake? We should ask him in person what's going on, does anyone know how to find him?
Edited by Super Hurricane, Nov 13 2017, 03:11 AM.
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I don't get it...

"Is this that NotFlix series I keep hearing about?"
"No, it seems to be something unrelated but local. Please refrain from commenting further."

"Hey, I know that place! What's going on?"
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Man! This guy seems so sorry! Hes a man among men! To forgive someone like he did?! Gotta say I wish i were him! He seems so cool! I bet he is always surrounded by all the ladies! I bet hes smart too! You should all probably be his friend!


He got what he deserved to be honest....
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Bonnie Bushi

I...honestly and sincerely don't know how to feel about this. There's just far too much context missing to know what warrants so public a vague and dramatic apology, and yet the tone feels...almost forced?


I really hope this isn't what it seems to be.
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