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Senki Academy Student Disciplinary Committee
Topic Started: Oct 8 2017, 06:24 AM (163 Views)
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I lurk because I care
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Welcome to the Hyakuji High Senki Academy Student Disciplinary Committee!

Sure, we have teachers to keep this school full of rowdy super powered students in line, but you shouldn't rely on adults to do everything for you! The actions of your fellow students reflect not just on themselves, but on the school and on yourselves! That's why we're putting together an organization of students who's job is it to monitor the behaviour of the those who's actions thoughtlessly drag down the rest of us. Duties will include bag checks, hall monitoring, and watching the front gate for excessively tardy delinquents. Demerits and excessive punishment detentions will be handed down as they are needed.

But your duties don't stop there!

Just because you're out of school doesn't mean you can act however you want, you carry the reputation of this great academy with you wherever you wear your uniform and whenever people on the street recognize you! It's up to you to exemplify good manners, responsibility, and refinement to everyone you meet!

Also we'll probably have to beat up some fools.

Do you have what it takes to wear the badge?

Just looking to gauge some interest.
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Yuki is interested in joining as he would be able to directly make the school a better more perfect place.
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Tekigo could be useful. Or Seiten, you choose.
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The realm calls. Adalhard answers.
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