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Lo Elusa; The Spider Child
Topic Started: Sep 13 2017, 03:13 AM (232 Views)
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Name: Lo Elusa
Gender: Female
Age: 144

Height: Variable, typically 5' 3"
Weight: Variable, typically 112lbs.

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Occupation: Keeper of the Crystal Cave in Forgotten Fincayra

The Crystal Cave of the Grand Elusa

Lo Elusa is a frustrating and terrifying creature to ever have to meet. Childlike and sadistic, she seems to enjoy frightening others and playing games with their lives. Much like the old witch Domnu, Elusa rarely turns down a wager when adequate stakes are at hand and also like the crone she hates to lose and is not above cheating to get her way. Although she appears on the surface as a spoiled, petulant monster, there is a wisdom rightfully earned through a long-lived life that now and again shines through her otherwise unpleasant facade.

Her motives, outside of her insatiable desire to devour magic, are often difficult to discern, as is her understanding of morality and general good will. Elusa is easily bought, but her loyalty, like her moods, can be quite fickle. In the end, things always seem to turn out for the best and even better for her...

Almost as if she plans things that way...

The Grand Elusa, her mother, was born on the island of Fincayra thousands of years before. A world not wholly of heaven nor earth, it existed as an in between place, rife with magic and monsters. The Grand Elusa was easily one of the most feared, revered, and respected creatures to roam its high plains and low seas, having had a reputation for devouring everything she could get her teeth around from the tiniest light flyer to the largest living stone. More than that, however, she was the island's protector. It was her who guided the young Merlin to overthrow his father, the wicked king, and she who protected the lost treasures once retrieved.

It was her who fought in Fincayra's last battle against the spirit warlord Rhita Gawr before the island was reclaimed by the spirit world. Tragically, she was felled during that final battle by a Kreelix, the bane of all wizards and magical creatures. In her death, however, life continued. When Fincayra disappeared into the mist, Merlin planted the seed that would become the great Tree of Avalon on the Forgotten Island, and there a spider egg survived. It grew and gestated within the great tree's branches even as the root realms themselves were forming and when the island was still young, but near fully formed, it hatched.

And a spider was born. Infused with élano, the sap from the Tree of Avalon and the beating heart of the island, a new Elusa took her first into a new world and enjoyed her first meal as well. She's seen and done a great deal since then, but even at nearly a century and a half old, her life has only just begun. With a new threat rising in Avalon, she's appeared on Kaneshima Island, her intentions as vague as her mother's. Is she here as a protector of Avalon seeking help? Or to gather power and new its conqueror?

Powers and Abilities:

  • Changing
    One of the Seven Songs of Magic and Elusa's specialty. The heart of changing is understanding that all living things have the ability to change and Elusa understands that better than anyone. Using this magic she can alter the size of herself or others/objects at will. She can shrink herself down to the size of a spider or as large as a two story home at will and her strength is diminished/increased proportional to her size. However, making herself larger also drains her of magic proportionally more as well and the form is quite inefficient in anything other than short bursts.

    To change the size of anything outside of herself, she must touch it with her left index finger and for people the target must be the forehead. From there she can shrink or grow the target to the same extent she can herself, but the change typically lasts only about five minutes. Those with knowledge of changing magic or magical defenses can resist the spell with some effort. Non-living object can remain the size she makes them as long as they please, even if they contain magic of their own (unless they're sufficiently powerful enough to be beyond her own skill.)

  • Negatus Mysterium
    Lo Elusa was born when the late Grand Elusa devoured a Kreelix but was slain in the process. Thus, beast's deadly ability to negate magic through its venom has been passed to her, though it works a bit differently. Lo Elusa's saliva contains a derivative of that poisonous Negatus Mysterium, but rather than negating magic entirely, it pacifies it and allows Elusa to devour it. In other words, she can eat magic. Interestingly, the way she digests magic, it is far easier to eat powerful spells than weaker ones, so while she may be able to swallow whole a Dragon Slave, a magic missile might just sail past her defenses if she isn't careful. This also allows her to eat the magic out of objects as well by biting them.

    That said, while devouring magic does make her more powerful, her stomach and ability to eat powerful spells has its limits. Once full, she can no longer eat magic and must burn some off before she can eat any more (her metabolism is quite fast.) Additionally, sufficiently powerful spells, those too strong to be affected by Negatus Mysterium, she cannot eat and will affect her as normal. However, spells of this ken have to be quite potent.

  • Deepercut's Fang
    Having gathered the lost treasures of Forgotten Fincayra in her possession, Elusa has chewed almost all of them to bits, absorbing nearly all their magic. Her favorite chew toy being the legendary sword Deepercut, a sword said to be able to cut straight through the soul with one edge and heal any wound with the other. Years of sharpening her teeth on its magic have left her with a fierce bite to match her appetite, making her teeth nearly indestructible and her bite as crushing as a hydraulic press, measuring around 7-10 standard tons inside her tiny mouth. Note: this rating is not affected by her size magic, the strength of her teeth and bite do not change with size. Once broken, these teeth grow back surprisingly quickly, usually overnight.


  • Deepercut
    One of the lost legendary treasures of the forgotten island of Fincayra. Legend says one edge of the blade can cut straight through the soul, killing an enemy instantly while the other can cure any wound, even an unseen one. Its magic is nearly gone now, used primarily as a toothpick/chew toy by Elusa.
  • Changing Crystal
    A sterling white geode resembling a jagged pearl with a small hole on the front. It is actually the Crystal Cave of the Grand Elusa herself! Albeit shrunk to a more manageable size. Because of its naturally immense size, shrinking and growing it can take a bit of time and is difficult to do under duress. She mostly uses it to store her treasures or whenever she needs a nap.
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I lurk because I care
She'll be replacing Lavender for the time being.
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I lurk because I care
Bump for justice!
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Gonna be needing context and clarification on this one.

Firstly, you need to explain that backstory better. Firstly in that as far as I can tell, you're trying to transplant an entire fantasy world's history as having occurred in universe but in another dimension, but without addressing things like whether or not Fincayra is known of, whether its problems bleed over - the kreelix especially seems like it'd be a big deal to a world with so many magic users as Hyakuji/Senki - or just... how it relates, at all. Meanwhile, while I understand the desire to have the character be so mysterious and morally ambiguous, reducing a century's worth of history to a complete and utter footnote is... kind of missing the point. At least give some sense of how the character exists, even if their motives are ambiguous, not merely why they exist.

Meanwhile with the powers, there is a certain lack of crucial detail. Like her being the size of a two storey house doesn't quite indicate how many times larger she gets - and thus, her strength with it. There's no example for what she becomes capable of. Meanwhile with her ability to eat magic, you write 'devouring magic does make her more powerful', except nowhere else is it mentioned what that power goes into. It can't be her physical strength since that's based on her size, while her biting power is meant to be constant. This, combined with Deepercut Fang suggesting that she has oodles of reserves from eating a tonne of magic items offscreen, suggests she's meant to have a lot of power that you do nothing to especially describe as to what she does with it. Either explain that, or scale her back.

Also with Deepercut, does its magic being 'almost' gone imply it doesn't actually work anymore, or it's meant to have a vaguely defined number of uses left? The latter makes it usable and thus, something that would kinda towards her available abilities.
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I lurk because I care
Well I don't think it'll be necessary to try and condense 13 books into her character history and frankly it isn't that important. The events that occur on Fincayra and Avalon are isolated to those places and do not bleed into Earth realm. Kreelix are extinct. And she legitimately has spent the last one hundred and some odd years amassing magical doodads and eating dudes thanks to the relative peace Avalon was recently enjoying. It wouldn't be unusual for someone to have heard or not heard of at least Avalon as Merlin is a well known figure.

Most of this is just slightly altered Celtic mythology anyway.

As for her ability, I can move her down to a single story house in size and put strength at about 'needs two hands to throw a fully loaded semi 100 yards' as a maximum showing if that's acceptable. As I only have three powers to work with right now the power she's been gathering is still just for hoarding purposes. Might incorporate it into future abilities or use it all as a deus ex machina for a personal plot. Same goes for Deepercut, probably gonna save its one good swing for a personal plot, 100% will not use for anything else unless the mods ask or something.
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I lurk because I care
This can be archived at this point, don't think it's getting addressed anytime soon.
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Moved on request.
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