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SANewsletter Issue 02-09-17
Topic Started: Sep 11 2017, 05:28 PM (116 Views)
Natsuya Ate
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-From the Newspaper Club-
Issue 2 - September- 2017
Senki Academy Newsletter


Front Page- Current News by Ryuko Nicole
Page 2- Interview by Roja D. Yuki
Page 3- Lifestyle by Zamari Wells
Page 4- Advertisment: The Crimson Rose
Page 5- Advertisment: Staff wanted by Natsuya Ate
Page 6- Advertisement: Art wanted! by Natsuya Ate

Senki Academy News
Grand Reopening of Kaneshima High School! Festivities in Full Swing!
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By Ryuko Nicole

Today marks the grand reopening of Kaneshima High School, the original high school whose buildings were tragically destroyed during the most recent eruption of Mount Kaneshima. While the perpetrators of the disastrous incident have been apprehended and dealt with, the damage done to the campus was irreparable - however, thanks to the intervention of the Joint Campus Project committee, a new Kaneshima High campus has been constructed and incorporated as part of Senki Academy's joint campus.

In order to celebrate the reopening of the new Kaneshima High School and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, the committees of both institutions have put forth a second Joint Festival in celebration of this joyous event. A collaborative effort by staff and students of Kaneshima High and Senki Academy, don't miss out on the various stalls, attractions and most of all, a much anticipated concert by our local idol group, 762 Productions!

Page 2: Interview
The merging of two schools: Vice principal
By Roja D. Yuki

I have to be honest, when I first came to this school not to long ago I didn't really know what to expect, but finding out that the school I was transferring to was gonna house a entirely different one was not something that I could see happening. Thanks to the events of Mount Kaneshima's eruption Kaneshima High School was destroyed along with other parts of the city. However, instead of simply rebuilding the school it is being merged into ours. I got a chance to talk with our Vice Principal, Ms Kisaragi about it as well as ask questions in order to give our readers a idea of what to expect from this.

Integrating a entire high school into another means that there's gonna be a lot more work for the staff. Do you intend on hiring more staff members to compensate for this. If so how many more can we expect?

Well, it'd be a bit silly if they didn't hire on more staff, wouldn't it? Senki Academy's teachers will remain Senki Academy's, while Kaneshima High School will have its own staff, some retained from before its destruction, and others brought on to fill out the roster. I believe they've hired a few dozen, between making sure classes are the right size and bringing on teachers for subjects that were previously downsized from Kaneshima High School's curriculum for budgetary reasons. You'd have to ask Ms. Matsuzaki for the exact details - it's her school after all

Since the campus is now home to a different high school does this mean we will be expecting changes to the uniform?

Kaneshima High School's, but not Senki Academy's. We'll be retaining our black and white... hm, it's hard to describe the precise arrangement, isn't it? In any case, Kaneshima High School went with their own new design, but still courtesy of Eiji's, as with all of them. Can't imagine the fortune they've made on such short notice...

Having two different schools be made into one seems pretty out of the ordinary. How did this decision come to be made?

Well, it happened because of 'out of the ordinary' circumstances. Their school grounds were destroyed by the eruption, and based on the existing funding that was scheduled for the school, they weren't exactly going to be able to readily rebuild. So I generously put forth the suggestion that, rather than wait for a spending proposal to pass Mayor Kanejin's desk, we foot the bill and integrate the school under the Joint Campus Project. I beleive that would also help ease the tensions that had arisen from Kaneshima High School being so adversely affected by the arrival of its neighbour, by making it so the education of Senki's students was no longer at Kaneshima High School's expense.

The idea of the integration might not sit well with some members of the student body and tension might start to rise up. It seems like a silly thought, but it's still very possible. How do you intend to help both student bodies get along and get use to this new status quo.

Well, as I mentioned, the fact that Senki Academy will no longer be squeezing upon its neighbour the way it used to be should hopefully go a long way towards that. I understand that perhaps some will feel there is a loss of identity and heritage in this arrangement, but both of those come down to those who choose to remember them - I believe Kaneshima High School can continue to carry its legacy into future as part of this new arrangement, and hope the students will be able to see that as well. If there _are_ issues, then we're ready to hear everyone out and try to find a better way forward.

How do you plan on avoiding incidents like the one that caused destruction of Kaneshima high school.

Well, the events that caused that were... a bit particular really. Natural disasters spurned by former students turned staff members is not exactly something I'd expect to happen often. But I suppose that still begs the question of how we ensure no-one is motivated to try something similar again. Part of that will be progressing the integration of the schools, for sure. There will also need to be more caution about who we accept as part of this facility, whether as students or staff. But also... more honesty, really. There were multiple points in that terrible affair, where if the right people had come forward to discuss what was happening, we might have been able to act sooner. When lives are on the line, keeping secrets and trying to solve everything on your own... well, it risks the very lives that a person might be trying to protect. Knowledge is power, and good people need that power if they're to do the right thing.

Page 4: Lifestyle
The Benefits of Meditation
By Zamari Wells

When you are in school it always feels as if there is an exam around the corner. As a student, you know there is great pressure for you to succeed. However, the stress that comes with it all can be a burden and is especially to us young people who do not handle it as well as our adult counterparts. So, if you are looking for a way to relieve yourself of the pressures of student life, I recommend meditation as a means of doing so.

As an advent meditator myself I can advocate for the activity. There is nothing that clears your mind more than simply closing your eyes, inhaling and exhaling, and just letting the world around you go by as you both channel your energies and your focus. When you start picking up on the little things that go on around you, things that you would fail to notice with your eyes open, you will feel surprised with yourself and proud as well.
Reflecting on the point of stress made earlier in this article. Stress can cause you to age faster, something that I doubt any of us wants regardless of where we are in life. As meditation decreases stress, I’m sure that students and faculty alike will both experience a considerable gain from participating.

Contrary to popular belief meditation more than likely will not bestow upon you extreme wisdom or powers that you did not have before. Yet, it can very well enhance what you already have going for yourself. There is absolutely nothing to lose from giving it try.

Page 5: Advertisment
Port Town Party Platform
By Charon

Come visit the port after school or after work, The Crimson Rose is the ultimate club hangout for the young and old. If you’re expecting some sort of ordinary building, you’re wrong. The club is aptly named after the ferry ship it is built in, modified and repurposed to accommodate a large dance floor. For those looking to ‘unwind’ after a long day at work, the club will also become your favorite ‘watering hole’ when you see our selection of fine ‘drinks’. Don’t worry; we also serve other drinks for the ‘chronologically’ challenged.

You will find our ship only operates in the evening and during certain days of the week. Those who subscribe to our alerts will receive notifications for when we will be arriving the following night. Along with the alerts will be information regarding our restricted nights where those under 18, over 18 or both can enjoy a night in our fine establishment. The Crimson Rose also operates as a venue for any musicians who wish to display their talent to large crowds; please notify us a week in advance if you wish to perform using the Crimson Rose as a venue.

For those seeking employment, please submit a resume with cover letter during non-business hours during the day. We do ask that our employees be subject to various requirements as well as be at least 18 to apply.

Page 6: Advertisment
Art wanted!
Our newsletter needs a banner! Anyone who is interested, please contact us and we will give you more details. Then submit it to us and If we like it then we might use it!
Payment is negotiable
-Natsuya Ate

Page 6: Advertisment
Recruiting for the SAN!
The Newspaper Club is still receiving new recruits! We are looking for people who can provide content for our newspaper: Senki Academy Newsletter. We plan to print regularly so a lot of manpower is required. We are aiming for a bi-monthly release. To make that deadline, I would like to ask for your cooperation. Please read through this thread and if there is anything that interests you, contact me. There are a bunch of positions open! Even if you’re not interesting in joining, please read through this, we have a section for readers as well!
Update: Club Vice President position is open!
-Natsuya Ate

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