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Senki Academy Kendo Association
Topic Started: Jul 24 2017, 02:31 AM (536 Views)
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Knight Radiant
Senki Academy Kendo Association
(a.k.a. "The Kendo Club")


What is the kendo club?

Senki Academy’s kendo club has been a feature of the school since its inception—or at least, that’s what Rafael Rodrigues-sensei says. The truth is, when Yukina Shiromizu came to join the kendo club, she discovered that the club was a club of one. Her. And by virtue of being the only member, she was now the president. The first-year has been trying to change that though. Displaying a wealth of organizational skills honed in such places as…her middle school crafts club, Yukina has devoted her time to rewriting the kendo club rules (did you know that kendo is a sport with rules?), securing regular practice times for the group and…well, making sure that people know the kendo club actually exists. Rodrigues-sensei has been taking it all in stride, but one might wonder if he happens to be secretly pleased that someone is putting so much effort into the club.

The goals of the club are as follows: establish a community in Senki Academy where students can train in the swordsmanship arts—both the sporting form (kendo) and the combative form (kenjutsu), and to prepare a kendo team for competition. At the moment, however, the Senki Academy club is definitely the underdog on the scene, and the atmosphere of the club is relaxed and beginner-friendly (after all, the president herself is unranked). Come in, train, make friends, compete, and learn the way of the swordsman together!

What is kendo?

Kendo is a martial art derived from swordfighting techniques. Kendoka (kendo practitioners) use shinai, or bamboo swords and bogu, or protective armor. In kendo, legal strikes are to the wrists (kote), the head (men), the side, (do) and the area of the head protector in front of the throat (tsuki). No leg strikes are allowed in kendo.

While kendoka do practice kata, or forms, kendo is more sport-like than kenjutsu and has fairly formal competition rules, similar to fencing. In competition, competitors fight to score three points on their opponent within a certain amount of allotted time.

What is kenjutsu?

Kenjutsu is an umbrella term for 'Japanese swordsmanship'. It is generally more combative in nature than kendo, and focuses on the martial application of the sword. While kendo club members will not compete in kenjutsu, because of the nature of Senki Academy, kenjutsu has been added into the kendo club curriculum.

Basically, kendo is the sport, kenjutsu is what you would actually do with the sword if you happened to be attacked by a monster…which definitely doesn't happen at Senki. While kenjutsu has many definitions, for this purpose we are limiting it to techniques used after the sword has already been drawn as opposed to battojutsu and iaijutsu, which are techniques involving the drawing of the sword. Battojutsu and iaijutsu will not be taught at this club, however, students are welcome to seek out further study on their own.

What this club is:
  • This club is a club to give characters an in-character opportunity to practice the arts of kendo and kenjutsu. Roleplay wise, our initial topics will have a more slice-of-life sports anime feel as our characters try and get the kendo club back off the ground.

  • This club is a good way for characters to make friends with other characters, to gain confidence and self-discipline, and to participate in martial arts training.

  • This club is a good way to enrich your character's high school experience.

What this club is not:
  • This club is not a place to learn arts other than kendo and kenjutsu. That means hand-to-hand combat and the use of weapons other than standard katanas will not specifically be taught in this club. However if your character uses a different fighting style, or if your character is trying to learn how to fight in general, they can still get something out of this club, as it does teach basic things like self-discipline, conditioning, how to handle oneself in a combative situation and (when talking about bladed weapons) how to point the sharp end at the enemy.

  • This club is not fight club. It's primarily a sports club with some martial arts training on the side, not a battle royale. Aside from special practice sessions geared towards helping students integrate their weapons training with their powers, practice will be generally power-free, and only bokken and shinai will be used.

  • This club is a place for your character to learn 'ordinary' swordsmanship. This club is not a place for your character to learn a secret art, secret technique, or a winning style that will help you kill thousands of opponents in one fell swoop.

IC Rules
  • Respect your training partners.
  • No live weapons will be used during club events without sensei's express permission.
  • The use of powers during kendo matches will not be permitted.
  • The use of powers during regular kenjutsu practice is permitted only where instructed.
  • Members are responsible for the care and maintenance of their own equipment, including their uniforms.
  • Training sessions and sparring outside of regular practice hours is permitted. However, students should take care to not use excessive force or injure their training partners.
  • If club equipment is removed from the dojo, it should be returned. Fines will be applied for lost and damaged equipment.

IC Activities:

The kendo club’s regular practices are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after school each week. Special Saturday practices may be held when training for a tournament or rank test. At times, Kenichi Maebara-sensei may also take over to teach the kendo club meditation arts (usually when Rodrigues-sensei can’t be bothered to teach class). While the association is called the ‘kendo club’, kenjutsu practice begins shortly after kendo practice.

Members are free to create their own kendo club topics centered around practice and training, as kendo club members have access to the dojo outside of practice hours as long as it is not being used by another club. However, if equipment pertaining to the kendo club is removed from the dojo, it must be returned, or the student that checked out the equipment is liable to pay fines.

The kendo club makes use of the Senki Academy dojo as their main facility.

Ranking System:

Kendo uses a standard kyu/dan ranking system, with six kyu (or white belt) ranks and several dan (or black belt) ranks. Members may start anywhere from unranked (for characters who have never used a sword in this setting) to 2nd kyu (for characters fairly confident in their ability to use a sword) and anything in between. At the moment, 2nd kyu is the highest rank that a member can enter the kendo club with, but if your character already has a black belt in kendo or swordsmanship as part of their history, contact me and those situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Ranks will be increased through participation in IC events, competitions, and testing. Ranks will also be increased periodically to reflect students' improvement over time.

Members Roster:

Dan Ranks

7th dan (shihan)
  • Rafael Rodrigues (NPC)

1st dan (shodan)
Kyu Ranks

1st kyu (ikkyu)
  • Ayane Katagiri (NPC)
2nd kyu (nikyu)

3rd kyu (sankyu)

4th kyu (yonkyu)

5th kyu (gokyu)
6th kyu (rokkyu)
*The number of stars refers to the number of kendo club topics a character has joined.



Each member will be equipped with:
  • Shinai x 1 (For kendo practice)
  • Bokken x 1 (For kenjutsu practice)
  • Bogu (armor, 1 set)
  • Power Limiting Charm x 1 (Required for competitions only, these ensure that non-powered and powered kendoka can compete against each other fairly. In competition, the sword should be the only weapon you need!)

The above will be rented out to each member of the Kendo Association, and are the property of the school. Members will need to purchase a uniform consisting of a white gi with a Senki Academy patch sewn onto it and a dark blue hakama. Members will be responsible for the care and maintenance of their own uniforms.

Kendo Club NPCs:

Rafael Rodrigues

Ayane Katagiri

Thread List:

Group Chat: (link)

Threads will be tagged as [SKA].
  • First Class is Free *†
    The kendo club kicks off its revival with a recruitment drive, a beginner's lesson, and a new rivalry...
  • Scheduling Woes
    Yukina meets with Fujita to go over club scheduling issues...
  • You Ken Do It!
    The kendo club participates in the school festival...
  • A Challenge Given
    Chairo calls out a certain KHS team member...
  • Tsuki Season*†
    The kendo club goes on a winter training trip...

*This topic is based around learning swordsmanship, and will be more education-based, with swordsmanship principles built into the lesson.
†This topic is related to the kendo club main plot.

How to join:

In order to join the kendo club as a member, your character will need to be a student at Senki Academy. If you are not a student, but you have some sort of martial learning to impart, you can leave your name here as an associate and possibly guest teach a lesson at some point.

For students who wish to join the club, fill out the following template and post it in this topic.

Code: SKA Membership Form
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Link to profile:[/b]
[b]Class and Year:[/b] (e.g.: 2-B, 1-A)
[b]SKA Rank:[/b] Unranked to 2nd kyu
[b]Reasoning for rank:[/b] If you are applying for anything other than unranked, which means your character is a complete beginner at swordsmanship, fill this section out. I just need one or two lines about what sword style your character already knows and why you think he/she needs to be at this rank.

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Knight Radiant
First thread is here: http://senkiac.com/topic/10259268/1/

It's open to members and non-members!
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Knight Radiant
The first kendo club thread has been completed! Yay! Now that we're more established, please take note of the following things:

Plot threads will run one at a time, because there's only one of me. The next series of threads will focus on developing individual members of the KHS team. If your character is already involved in some sort of clash/rivalry with a KHS team member (ex. Chairo and/or Edie and Souma in this thread, or James and the blond girl), you'll get preference when their topic comes up. You can also request to meet them on the kendo club page, although I can't promise I can get to it immediately.

The next 'plot' related topic will involve a meeting between Keiji, the captain of the KHS kendo team, and Yukina. 1 other member from each team will be in attendance. The next 'lesson' thread will be very...loud, and that's all I have to say on the matter. Both threads will be up probably when I get back from my vacation (so after Aug. 26).

Kendo club members are allowed to make kendo club threads of their own using the [SKA] tag, including training threads, sparring, and socials. If you make an [SKA] thread, post it to the organization thread so I can add it to the list. You are also free to use Rafael, Maebara, and Ayane for your threads. Please don't use the KHS team quite yet.

Also! We have a social group chat, and it is here. It's informal, and you can feel free to use that for whatever you want, but you might also find out about plot threads in it, so keep an eye on it.

Have fun, and thanks for the threads!
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Knight Radiant
Two shiny new kendo club topics for us!

PLOT: You Ken Do It! - In lieu of a lesson topic this round, we're going to be having some fun at the festival. Feel free to come in as a combatant, drag in your friends, or say that you're helping with the booth. This topic counts as both a site plot thread and a kendo club thread, so if you participate, I'll count it as part of the number of threads you've joined.

[SKA] Scheduling Woes- This is a kendo club plot thread! I need one person to join in as back-up for Yukina to work out the scheduling issues (and possibly other issues) with the KHS team.
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I lurk because I care
Character Name: Yoiko Ishida
Link to profile: Link
Class and Year: 1-A
SKA Rank: Unranked
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Knight Radiant
Members roster updated!
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Knight Radiant
Kendo Training Camp Notice
It is time for Chizu to be more active in running the kendo club for kendo club members to work on integrating their powers with their swordsmanship! And also for us to do social activities, so what better way to do that than to go on a training camp?

We will be venturing into the wilds of Kaneshima Forest for 2 days and 1 night, to train and practice and try to combine powers with swordsmanship! The format will be a lot looser than traditional kendo lessons, which means you have the potential for shenanigans (chaperoned by Rodrigues-sensei, of course, we're sure he's rational). And ghost stories, and hot springs, and possibly even challenging each other to fights.

What's that? It's autumn and too cold for camping? Are you martial artists or not? Deal with it!

The camp will start when Chizu's schedule allows sometime before or during the Thanksgiving holiday (so next week), or earlier if I can get to it by then. All members of the kendo club are eligible to participate. The club started in the summer, so to reflect all of the background training that the older members have been doing, I'm bumping all active kyu-ranked kendo club members up a rank. Members who join specifically for the training camp will be unranked.

Hope to see you all there!
Edited by Chizu, Nov 16 2017, 03:47 AM.
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Character Name: Veritas Night
Link to profile:http://senkiac.com/topic/10333802/1/#new
Class and Year: 1C
SKA Rank: Gokyu
Reasoning for rank: Due to the S-Chip inside of his body, he is a master of many styles of blades, including Shinai, and most of the swords used by Knights. His preferred styles of fighting use the blades of a Knight type warrior.
Edited by Cyberstrike, Nov 17 2017, 10:12 AM.
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Knight Radiant
Training camp is up: http://senkiac.com/topic/10403510/1/

It is definitely nowhere near Thanksgiving, so it's super late, but better late than never!
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Character Name: Agnes Lowenstein
Link to profile: Agnes Lowenstein's Profile
Class and Year: 1-C
SKA Rank: Unranked (Complete beginner)
Reasoning for rank: N/A
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Knight Radiant
Agnes has been added!
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Character Name: Zamari Wells
Link to profile: Here
Class and Year: 2-B
SKA Rank: 6th kyu
Reasoning for rank: With his headband and samurai transformation Zamari is a fairly competent swordsman. Without them he is unable to perform at such a level but still retains the knowledge, his base body still requiring the training to properly wield a sword, his reasoning for joining the Kendo Club in the first place. He's not a complete beginner but does not have the full expertise without his samurai transformation to warrant a higher rank.
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Knight Radiant
Whoops, I missed this! Zamari has been added!
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