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honako academy
Topic Started: Jun 13 2017, 11:48 PM (130 Views)
head mistress of honako acdamy

http://honkaacdamyofmagic.jcink.net/index.php?showtopic=13 this site is going into soft open soon (this plot is loosely based on the trinty seven only the living gimories and seven sin aspects are take that and the magic adacmy part)

The tale of magic first coming into the world is not one of rainbows or skipping kitties. It is a bloody tale littered with death and war. Evil and Good are what fight this war. Both the good souls Gilmore's and bad souls shadow tomes waged war against each other. Magic flowed into the sky, the air, the land, and the sea. The magic gave life to all and it sprung up thanks to the magic energy which created the seasons, animals, plants, insects, and later humans. Humans soon partnered with the very books that created them, splitting the human species into factions.

Two thousand and seventeen years have passed since this, and magic has given way to modern life forgotten asleep till the time when it is once again needed. those faction are schools for people with talent for magic and the magical arts one side seeks to save the other destroy and with summer coming to an end a new school year begins witch will you be a saver destroyer?
To ensure the safety of the planet Honako academy’s head mistress created a pocket realm that looks and acts just like earth would. Where students and there grimoires can bond and grow together as a team friends and even family so they wish to pursue that kind of bond. Both schools have gained support from the nations of the world in the form from anyway form staffing to funding. While the democracies’ of the world support and are friends with Honako academy and her head mistress. The less then friendly nations of the world support the rival academy and its head master (please note that the plot doesn’t reflect the view of the site or its staff and members any and all nation bashing is purely for fun and is not meant to offend anyone form that area of the world nor does the staff of this site allow any forms of racism or racist comments or post this site is open to all. Welcome and enjoy your stay.)
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