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And The Beat Goes On; Semi-Closed
Topic Started: Jun 8 2017, 04:30 AM (58 Views)
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The Crimson Rose; a new take on the club scene. Or at least a take on where a club normally should be, this one taking it to a modified ferry ship at Kaneshima's port. Thankfully no one will be rocking the boat tonight, at least that's what security is for and who else would be security than VeNM's own Security Sector.

Security was rather tight tonight, mostly because the club was running an adult only night, seeing as many of the hard working adults want to get away from all the childish shenanigans they normally attend to. Security was posted up inside and outside the club, the latter stationed around entrances to prevent any potential children from entering.

All seemed to be going quite well, no one was attempting to sneak into the club and everyone was getting along rather smoothly. The partygoers were given refreshments, to keep them going throughout the night and occasionally the security force were as well. If one were feeling a bit tired, the refreshments would feel like a new burst of energy was given to them.
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Mintendo Noodles
There were quite a lot of people in the club, probably because it was a hot new thing. People were drinking, others were dancing, in general, there were a lot of people having a good time. Yet, despite all the hustle and bustle, the dancing and song, there were a single person with a completely blank face as she was just keeping her eye on everyone. She wasn't the bouncer, no, the bouncer was by the door. She was someone else, a Security Agent from the Security Sector. Specifically, one that was making sure that everyone kept out of trouble.

It's a common story, in the middle of a party, a drunk person starts picking fights, or some shady guys start selling pills in the bathroom. And that was exactly why Miriam was here. To prevent things like that from happening.

Her expression was a cold one, uninterested in whatever music was playing or whatever guy came up to flirt with her. There was a guy or two that, at first, tried talking to her, but she firmly ignored them and they left cause the figured she wasn't interested. Miriam didn't mind most of it, though, she didn't really appreciate it either. Especially since she was focusing on work, and any distraction would be problematic.

Naturally, she wasn't armed as one normally would be. She didn't have her non-lethal gun or anything like that. So her main skills relied on her being to overpower troublemakers. Though, she firmly believed she was able to do such a thing.

Her eyes scanned the crowd again, she had been doing this since she started, and she'd keep doing it until her job was done. There was no room for failure, and no reason why she wouldn't focus on a job as simple as this. Yet, she didn't underestimate it.

"..." Her quiet tone betrayed no hint of her having seen anything. Of course, she still started moving.

"Come on, what's wrong with just a single date. What, like, am I not handsome enough for you? Not rich enough?"

"Please, just back off!"

"Tch, you...!"

A discussion had formed, or rather, a man who had a few too many drinks was accosting and troubling a woman. Of course, most people were dancing, and the ones at the bar who did notice didn't seem super eager to help. A somewhat younger guy was about to stand up, when suddenly the drunk was lifted into the air.

"W-Wha!? The hell!?" He screamed, as he flailed and couldn't seem to break the hold of the arm holding him. It's then when he noticed that arm wasn't a human arm, but one made of metal. He tried turning his head but could only barely make out the figure.

First, get into a position behind him. Do not get noticed, slowly approach and before the situation escalates, disable the enemy. No violence, she wasn't hired to hurt customers. That said, she was allowed to throw out anyone that was too disturbing.

"Sir, you're causing a scene." Miriam's voice rang into his ears. Her tone stoic and slightly intimidating.

"Wha, let go, I didn't do nothing!" He struggled, but try as he might, he couldn't escape the iron grip.

It was at that point, that she dropped him and he fell on his butt. He yelped in pain at first, but she made sure he didn't hurt himself too badly. The man spun around and tried to glare at her, but, he ended up looking upwards, trying to stare down Miriam's piercing gaze, unflinching and uninterested in any excuse he wanted to make.

As such, he simply grumbled and moved away from the bar. The woman that was being bothered sighed, and smiled towards Miriam. "Thank your for that, M'am."

Miriam glanced at her, and simply moved back to her position, not really interested in gratitude. This was her job, there was no need to thank her or anything like that. And because of that, she simply ignored it, and left.

The woman simply raised an eyebrow, and shook her head, slightly confused at the lack of response. Miriam simply moved back to her position, her steely glance scanning the crowd once again. Yes, she was just doing a job, Miriam could hardly understand why people felt the need to reward someone that was already being paid.

Perhaps it was Miriam that was strange, though.
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Several of the nearby patrons watched as Miriam handled the situation, merely curious at what was going on and interested in seeing the outcome. Once it was handled, the dancers turned back to their partners or the DJ booth and continued dancing. No one liked disturbances and the owners was no exception, watching everything from the privacy of their own "safety".

In doing so, no one knew what the owner actually looked like, not even knowing if it was a he or a she. The was also the possibility of the staff not knowing either but that's probably just a cover. However, the were two individuals that knew "Charon's" true identity.

That person in question was seen walking out from one of the hallways that led to other parts of the ship, the hallways that regular patrons weren't allowed to enter or find themselves back at the dance floor.

The white-haired gynoid had finished speaking with the owner, taking a look around the ship ensuring that trespassers wouldn't be able to enter from anywhere else. As she stepped out, she'd get to see Miriam handling a disruptive patron getting the told off.

Elizabeth made her way over to Miriam, just to see how everything was holding up. Walking through the crowd, it was easy to make her out due to her height and hair color. Then again, it wasn't like she was attempting to hide from anyone.

"How is the situation?"

She asked, inquiring about the situation she just finished handling and was asking in her implication if the disruption was going to be causing another scene.
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Mintendo Noodles
Miriam returned her vigilant watch over the people, naturally having someone so quiet stare at you was uncomfortable for most, luckily, the majority of the patrons were too busy drinking or dancing instead, so they didn't notice her watching everyone. Of course, some did and shrank back a bit more than usual, it was a bit suspicious but they haven't done anything yet so there was no need to take any actions. Though, Miriam kept a close eye on those people while watching the rest of the room, just to be certain.

Of course, when she was approached by her boss, she nodded towards her and answered positively. "So far it's only been drunks and touchy patrons. There have been no problems so far, but I'm keeping an eye out. She answered. She wasn't sure why a major company like theirs was hired for security, and she didn't question it. All she had to do was her job, exactly what she was hired for. Whether something particular was going down here tonight or not was not a question she needed answered. Just that if it did, she'd have to do something about it.

She kept her eye on the suspicious individuals she noticed before. Making sure to watch them with a vigilant gaze without them noticing she was watching them so closely.
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