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[Show] Idol Talk 1: Now in Kaneshima
Topic Started: May 27 2017, 06:57 PM (63 Views)
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"And welcome to Idol Talk. Once again, it's Akechi Hibiki as your host. We've been busy here at 762, and relocating offices is rarely easy, but of course we can't miss our show, now from Kaneshima. And yes, for those late hearing the news, it's true - we've been hard at work moving the main office from Tokyo over to the new facilities Kaneshima over the past month."

"The studio here is... actually much larger than the one we had before, and the people here have all been helpful and cooperative. We're thankful for everyone's efforts to make this transition go as smoothly as possible. The staff, both old and new, everyone from the producers, the sound engineers, the training coaches, cleaning staff, marketers, has been working hard. Many sacrificed time with their families and personal lives so that we could be here today, without missing our schedule. For that, thank you."

"Now, of course as the first episode from the new site, let's take a moment to discuss our new home. For those unfamiliar, Kaneshima is a small island off the coast of Kyushu, near Miyazaki Prefecture to which it is connected by both road bridge and rail line. Like the mainland area, the terrain is fairly mountainous, and development focused along the coastal region has kept most of the island's natural forest intact. It is serviced by its own air and sea port facilities, and the population is about 200,000, as of last census."

"Hehe... I sound a bit like an encyclopedia entry don't I? In anycase, that's for introductions. Sadly today we don't have any guests and Kurochi is currently on tour. Uhm... it seems like they actually didn't include all that much material to work with, so there's no game or item to review either. "

"I apologise if you were looking forward to that. Instead, as this is a a new studio location, we will be taking in questions live from the city and our audience, answered as they're selected, in addition to the pre-screened ones from before. You can mail your live questions directly to livetalk@762.co.jp, and they will be chosen at random, mixed with sorted questions from the previous weeks."

"Well then, let's get started. I'll give it a moment and... Our first live question is..."

Seto Kaiba
"Doing any lives in the city anytime soon??"

"I suppose that's an expected one. Sadly, we've only just established here. A meet is currently being planned as we work it out with city authorities and prepare a suitable venue, but an actual show isn't currently in production as we're already booked for the current season. Do look out in the coming seasons however."

"The next question, also a live one is..."

Mary-Anne Suezette
"How can local talent apply to join such groups?"

"An understandable question given the new studio opening here. Typically, talent scouts will go around looking for promising young people as they go about their lives. If they like what they see, they'll approach a prospective girl and provide them with a way to contact them after giving them some time to think it over. Not everyone is scouted the same way. Some are talked to after amateur performances, others are scouted online after publishing work on niconico, some are approached on the street because of a talent scout's instincts. It's actually really quite varied."

"Every now and then, auditions are also opened up by some groups. This is much more common for generational groups that specialise, as opposed to smaller talent agencies. I believe there's plans to get local girls soon as well. Sadly, I don't know all that much about it, but do look forward to it."

"Now let's go with one of the questions that have been waiting since the last show."

Tarouta Shimizu
"What is your diet like?"

"Ah, I suppose I eat like a normal person? Ahaha.. that said, I don't drink cold things all that much because I have to sing a lot, both for training and for actual performances. I am however, fond of pancakes and flavoured teas."

"Okay! Our next question is..."

"Dear Akechi-chan, how do you feel about your rival idols? To be more clear, I'm talking about rising stars like that dashing red-head, Misae-chan."

"Ah, that's certainly an interesting name to use. In anycase, I presume that our questioner is referring to Misae Eltnam, who has recently signed a contract with L***tis Studios. She's clearly doing well for herself if she got signed on by a major talent group! But to speak of our rivals in general, the work involved in being an idol is actually quite difficult, the environment and competition is actually quite cutthroat due to the sheer number of us. It would be unfair not to say I don't feel a sense of competition with them, as it's only natural for people in the same field to compete afterall.

"However, the ones new to it have a long way to go, so as their seniors, even if we work for a rival company, we can't help but be supportive. We were all there once afterall, and even if they're our direct competitor, it's the very fact we compete at all that helps drive us to improve. However, since how much we make is greatly dependent on sales and ability to draw crowds and perform side work, I can only wish them luck. If there's another idol you like, please do support them as well."

"And now back to some live questions. Our next question is..."

the one and only private investigator in town whose service is totally available for hire
"Do you like rumors and mystery? Like those in detective shows and books"

"Yes, actually. I'm especially quite fond of the Akechi Kogoro books by Edogawa Ranpo."

"And our next one, also live is..."

Mariko McKenzie
Hallo~ Hibichin, love the show, you're doing great! I'm at the airport atm, omw there! ... Btw, you know where my bags are? I can't find them anywhere >.>

"I... uhm, these questions aren't screened very well are they? Excuse me. I need to make a call, we'll return shortly. Please have a message from our sponsors until then."


"Everyday Young Life Junes~♪"


"What is this White Family 24?"
"Ah, thats our plan where you can call family members for free 24 hours a day."
"Hey Aya-chan, Whats this White Family 24 about?"
"Ah? I have to explain to my family at home too?"
"I want to know too."
"You too brother? ..Wait, aren't you ate home pretty late to-"
"Well I wasn't informed."
"What are you talking about? Like I sa-"
"I want to know too."
"Not you too dad..."
"I think it's fine if you don't know dear."
"Why's that?"
"What's so funny?"
"Ah, sorry dad."
"So what is it, this White Family 24 thing?"
"Calls to family members free, 24 hours a day. Softbank."


"I apologise for the delay. That was something that had to be immediately sorted out. I believe that will probably be edited out of the version available on the website. In anycase, we seem to have gotten more questions since then. Our next question is..."

How much of the money that you make do you give to charities?

"Ah... I'm afraid I actually don't give that much. You see, idols actually make very little money compared to what people expect. I can;t actually discuss how much I make, but I'm sure many of our listeners actually earn more than I do. To get into the top 50 earners in the industry, 9 million yen per year* is enough. Most of us aren't even paid that much in salary, so most of our income actually comes from royalties and side work. Even then, most of the money from sales and such actually goes to production costs such as paying for support staff, costumes, booking fees for venues, flights and such. The margins in the industry aren't actually as high as people think."

*TL note: Apx $80,000 USD

"Still, I do make small donations to Medecins Sans Frontieres every month, though I'm not at liberty to say how much. In anycase, let's move on."

Wanatabe Fukumen
Do you ever regret being an idol? If you weren't one, what would you be doing right now?

"Mmm... honestly, I can't imagine. Being an idol is hard work, yes, and there's a lot involved. But before this, I felt almost listless, like I didn't have a goal in life I suppose. Working here at 762, watching people hard at work trying to achieve something, working alongside the other girls, and especially seeing the smiles on the faces of our fans during live performances, it's really changed me a lot for the better I think. So no, I can't imagine ever regretting it."

"Does it ever concern you that people idolize and believe in you, and groups like yours, more then actual religions? And how does this make you feel as a role model?"

"It actually does. It gets discussed in some more detail actually in an interview with the Senki Academy Newsletter. If you're a student there,
do pick it up if you're interested. For others, a copy will be made available on our website shortly.

Hakase Hill
"Listen to my question, and listen well. My familial obligations must soon be met. Are you my granddaughter?"

"I apologise sir, but I doubt if you're my grandfather. I do however, hope you meet her soon."

What's your favourite song?

"Scarborough Fair. There's a few others that are dear to me, but that was one of the first songs I'd ever heard as a child, so it has special meaning. I also quite like Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley, Tsubasa o Kudasai by Yamagami Michio and Just Be Friends by Dixieflatline."

Do you have any advice for dating an idol?

"Well, that depends on what you mean. If you want to get one as a girlfriend for example, then many are actually bound by their contracts to not engage in romantic relationships for the duration of their contract. Some aren't as constrained, and others retire to get around it. It's actually quite difficult to find time to look for a significant other during the course of an idol's career in any case."

"If you're already dating one, congratulations! I wish you and your partner much happiness. Now, the most important thing I can say is to please be understanding of how difficult it is for her. She has a lot of obligations that most normal girls won't have to deal with, and things like maintaining her public image are even more important. Her contract might even say she isn't allowed to be seen with you in some events, lest it lead to a negative reaction from the crowd, which sadly happens sometimes. Aside from that, there's very little to say. Every person is different afterall, it's up to you both to find happiness together."

where did you learn to English?

"My parents were often busy and didn't actually have time to raise me as a child, so I spent some time with my aunt, who took me with her to England. As they say, when in Rome..."

What's your best/worst subject in school, and do you have the answer for 3b? Asking from the exam room lol

"Cheating is quite bad. As much as I appreciate people listening to the show, you should also focus on your studies. However, to answer the rest of your question, my best subject is language studies, and my worst is computer science."

"I guess we have time for one more! Well then, our last question is..."

Edie Masuda Sheridan
As an idol you have a very busy schedule for all sorts of engagements, from photo shoots to performances to meet and greets. How do you find the time for everything and have it organised? Furthermore, as a follow-up, what activities do you do in your spare time given you probably would not have much of it?

"I actually answered a similar question in the SAN, which you should have a look at. A copy will be made available on our website soon, for those who can't acquire a copy on their own. However to answer the follow up, mostly reading. Thankfully it isn't very hard to just bring a book along wherever I go, so between shoots or even just on breaks, I can pick up something to read. Mostly, I like history books and mystery novels. It's always fun trying to guess the ending ahead, isn't it?"

"Ah, it seems that's all we have time for for this session. Thank you very much for listening to me ramble on as I answer questions! If your questions weren't answered or chosen, my deepest apologies, we'll do our best to answer more next time. Next time, we will have a special guest from the city! Until then, please look forward to it."
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