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A Ferry Bad Day
Topic Started: May 19 2017, 10:40 AM (136 Views)

chester was fairly exhausted he had to walk roughly half a mile to get to the ferry station. he was going to take a bus here, but they all mysteriously came down with a bad case of flat tires.

he turned and looked over to the source of all his woes. Birch the tree spirit, had caused all those flats. that was a given, most days with birch followed a pattern. most were harmless pranks, defacement of public transportation and other assorted amounts of japery.

Chester kept his eyes peeled, he had already spotted a few spirits on his walk here. he just hoped that this ferry ride would be that one moment of freedom today. Ticket in hand Chester headed up the docks toward the ferry station.
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Almost immediately, Chester was faced with an unusual sight. A slightly blue man with a gigantic white beard and wearing an intimidating collared robe was accosting a sailor at the back end of the boat. The wizened looking man's eyebrows looked bushy enough to be real fur. It was almost surprising that no ghost sense had been set off.

"FOOL, I mean... DARRYL," shouted the old man, pushing back his cape and holding aloft his strange fork-like cane, "Loading dock employee, YOU HAVE FALLEN FROM MY FAVOUR. Your insistence that you do not hand out luggage claim tickets was not in our plan."

Beneath his cowl were bare legs and worn-looking loafers as he caught the attention of the other dock worker, a robust-looking woman with a headscarf.

"NO MATTER," he scowled, pointing to her, "I have others to do my bidding correctly. Baroness... no, LOADING EMPLOYEE ASHI, I will not be denied this baggage claim! I am entrusting this to you, my most faithful servant. You have full permission to use THAT method."

Ashi gives Darryl a bit of a knowing smirk and then turns back to the strange fellow, casually replying, "Hang on, honored customer. I'll just go ask my boss real quick, and if a gentleman like you has any other questions don't hesitate to ask."

The old man nods grimly. "Good. I would expect no less from you, Baroness Ashi."

She chuckles at the old man as she heads back up the walkway. As the old man quiets down, seagulls start to come by again, but still he continues to wait there. Maybe he's possessed?
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almost on cue Birch appeared beside him " that guys not wearing any pants"

" Somehow i feel as though thats the least of his problems, blue skin is a sign of bad circulation" Chester mumbled to what could be best described as a hollowed out stump with single ghostly eye floating within its dark recesses.

he pulled out his handheld camcorder. flicked open the screen and held it up to get a good view of the boat and the curiously attired man. even if nothing inherently was spooky about him. he was making the decision to get at least parts of this boat trip on tape. after all he wanted to get a good shot coming into kaneshima port.

it took only moments to close the distance between himself and the old man. he lowered the camcorder as he approached. he was about to formally introduce him self when he felt the shove of invisible hands on his back followed by Birch's characteristic giggling.

Chester shoulder checked the man almost dropping his camcorder. fumbled a bit then re-adjusted his off centered hat. doing his best to regain some amount of composure.

" Apologies Mister, i didn't mean to shoulder check you."
he looked down at his camcorder " i was actually going to ask if you are alright, you appear kind of blue" the statement came out so awkward that even birch was laughing from a distance away.

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Despite his old age and the sort of unhealthy look of his beard, the old man was surprisingly of sturdy build, and was not entirely bowled over. He did not even turn around, using the cane to catch himself.

"Hmph," he harrumphed with gusto, "So this is the current state of your 'shoulder check to the back of an unaware old person'. Young man, if you wish to surpass both [God and the Devil], you will need much more than this. I will recognize your 'Apology' as well, but you have a long way to go if you wish to overcome my dismissal of [Youth Culture]."

He swishes his cape and turns around. You briefly see that he is, in fact, wearing a red pair of shorts beneath his robe. His eyes glimmer as he strokes his mighty beard. The female attendant from before is trying to get his attention in regard to his baggage claim, but he pays her no mind.

"So, this is the face of the youth who has interfered with my operations. Never will you unlock the secrets of my [Skin Condition] or my "state" before it is too late. Now! In recognition of today, I will give you my name. I am Pro- I am Hakase Hill. I would demand your name as well.

He gets uncomfortably close as he moves next to you, seemingly very tall compared to just before. He laughs heartily, sinisterly. Before you knew it, last call to board the boat is being called but Mr. Hill doesn't even flinch.


The boarding guy is looking right at the two, obviously wanting to pack up the boarding ramp so the ferry can leave. He checks his watch impatiently.
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" I ... My what?" chester managed to stammer before doing his best to collect his thoughts.

" My name is underwood...I mean chester underwood" he blinked possessed or not the man had an oddly charismatic aura about him.

the announcement for final boarding rang out. he looked behind him and gave the man waiting the most apologetic look. Birch was miming the mans impatient watch looking. before pointing at the watch before breaking into a jagged wooden grin.

the mans face went from being impatient, to alarmed, then very confused as his watch began to reverse, stop and repeat the cycle over and over again. all the while as Birch watched on in his own amusement.

Chester let Hakase lead him up the ramp to the ferry. as they did chester felt it would be best to be honest with Mr.Hill. " i need to warn you my Bump ability is powered by the capricious and sometimes questionable notions of a floating tree stump with absolutely no concept of personal space".

" if you are fine with those particular terms, then you can count on me to do my best as your new assistant. i wont except no for an answer" chester did his best to give a thumbs up while still holding his camcorder. today had took an invariably weird turn. He could work with crazy though. every waking moment for him was bizarre already so why not embrace it for a day.

" Is your grandkid part of the school over there on the island?" chester asked as the ferry gave off its final baleful horn whistle.
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Hakase Hill's expression changed from stoic to marginally less stoic. He turned away again from his new ward. He continued to pay the real world no mind.

His voice, raspier than ever, voiced his approval, "Heh... I appreciate such boldness in my generals. Know that I do not tolerate failure, Count Underwood. Now, allow me to show you to my submersible vessel, whose name I have forgotten, so our trick upon the whole world of ice-breaking with youths may not be stopped."

The man collecting tickets scratches his head at his watch before correcting Hakase, "Uh, sir, this vehicle does not go underwater. This is a 90-minute ferry ride that heads to- "

The old man's response is as ominous and off-kilter as he is, "OK, don't verbiage. Wait and see."

He motions for his new assistant to follow him into a cabin with some stools and bar tables, as well as a small concession stand and kitchen. He takes the seat the closest to a bunch of normal passengers, who look at you both with some disdain. The ferry takes another 20 minutes or so due to the man outside arguing about the time with the captain.

"My scouts on the platform [Social Media] have indeed reported images of the island. I have taken to calling it Hill island. For now, I would request you to increase the soup, my faithful assistant."

He puts a 1000-yen bill on the table and points to the line at the counter.
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he takes the 1000 yen bill with an awkward nod.

" looks to me this 90 minute trip just got 20 minutes longer" Birch praised himself as he perched himself on chester's shoulder.

" im going to probably be late to school because of the delay" chester glanced over at birch subtly frowning at him.

" Ok i know that look and i can fix this problem....i just need to figure out how to make the boat go faster right?" Birch's jagged wooden eye socket formed a slight grin.

Chester was about to say something before birch dashed through the floor boards to the lower decks. before worry could creep its way into his primary emotional state. he turned his attention to the ships bar menu.

he began to mentally read off the list as his thoughts drifted between his given task from Mr. Hill and what could possibly be further below deck that would make the boat go faster. lets see we have Miso Soup. Crew quarters maybe? vegetable soup. Probably not on a ferry its for transportation. tomato soup with noodles. what about an engine room? beef stew Not a kind of soup. Engine room!...Oh this could be bad. It was at this point that he got to the counter.

he handed the cashier the bill and picked out vegetable soup. he grabbed what change was left. the thought of the consequences of failing Mr.Hill's expectations for soup.paired with what kind of mischief birch was getting into downstairs made him lose focus.

he arrived at Hakase's position and placed the soup as well as his change near it.

" i hope this soup is to you expectations, you never actually told me what you wanted so i had to wing it" he then glanced down to the counter top " i hope for leniency if my choice was not correct, also there may be an unseen problem below decks"

almost on cue there was a light grinding sound akin to a first time driver trying to switch gears. from somewhere below decks, chester instinctually just covered his face.
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The wizened Hill looks up without moving a muscle besides those in his eyes, and then harrumphs in his normal manner, stroking his massive unkempt mustache.

"Hm, hm, hrm," He chortles, slurping the first bite of his soup with little hesitation, "ExCELLENT, my assistant. Hooh... I can feel the vitamin K in my system as we speak, strengthening bones and preventing Osteoporosis. You have done well to bring me this. I am making you the head of edible procurement."

The loudspeaker cracks to life, in between him focusing intensely on splitting crackers exactly evenly into his soup.

"Uh, this is the captain speaking. Nothing to worry about the sound from befo-"

He's interrupted by wails and screams, including, "THERE'S ANOTHER FIRE IT'S IN ALL OF MY ORFICES"

The sound of spraying gas and crackling fire are definitely audible.

"As I was saying, the ferry ride is perfectly fine, but due to an issue with the winds we'll be taking a slightly slower course that should run a short delay. Thanks for your patienc- No, what do you mean we've lost steering? Step aside!"

At the many tables couples and passengers huddle together worriedly, children sniveling. Only one dares make a sound.

"Ho, ho, ho, ho... Hah, hah hah," Comes laughter from the ancient-looking man with the spinning eyes, "Such an elaborate stage play. It reminds me of old days gone by, where every marine voyage could be so thrilling. Now, why do you continue to look to the floor, Chester Underwood?"
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"Oh just deep in thought, Nothing at all is wrong" his nervous laughter said otherwise.

There is no way he would set the boat on fire...i mean not intentionally. that was the first thought that crossed his mind. the second was how deep were they both in trouble now.

he tugged on the spirit shackle that connected them. he could of called it a leash but considering how he was a hostage himself the latter seemed more appropriate. Birch phased through the floor he seemed to be a bit frazzled himself.

" You need to get your hands on a fire extinguisher"
birch sounded urgent and his normal cheerful demeanor had disapeared. Chester gave him a quizzical look. to others in the room it looked as though chester had spun around giving a couple in the corner the strangest look.

" why do i need...No why did you break the ship" his voice was even like a father scolding a child.

the young couple looked terrified and confused. " we didn't do anything why are you blaming us for this" one of them said in there defense .

chester noticing the couple for the first time " Oh im not talking to you im talking to him" birch had moved to his side as chester pointed at him. but to everyone else he was pointing his finger at the man behind the bar counter.

" its urgent that you get a fire extinguisher i think i pissed it off " once again chester gave a pensive glare towards birch. but the man behind the counter was the one receiving the full brunt of it.

" Sir you need to calm down" the man behind the counter started. Chester looked at the man while pinching the bridge of his nose " i am calm, he's the one thats not making any sense" birch in an odd twist was near a man curled up in a ball in the corner muttering nonsense.

that seemed to be something that him the man behind the counter could agree on. " i think i just need some fresh air" birch followed his lead and they both exited the cabin.

" what did you mean by it?". Birch shrugged " i did not stick around to figure that out, i mean maybe it was my poor gear shifting...but i can assure you i did not cause a fire" that whole sentence was filled with contradictions.

" i mean its a simple yes or no, Did you set the fire below decks?" chester protested then noticed people still staring at him. only been in this country for six hours and people already think im a head case. he leaned on the ferry's railing. birch wandered off again he mentioned something about extinguishers before vanishing through another wall.

he looked in at Mr.Hill despite his eccentricities he was the only person here unfazed by it all. all he could do was sit tight and hope that birch was spinning some of his tall tales. i mean there couldn't be another spirit on this boat. Could there?

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A few people still standing slid as the boat began to tip and sway from side to side. Professor crabstick managed to save the woman from before, Ashi, with his crabstick.

"I just came in here to see if everyone was alright, but the ship's gone crazy..." she muttered, happy that the feeble-looking blue old man was actually kind of ripped.

"Reflect on your actions, Baron Ashi. I may not be able to save you another time," the ancient man scolded, drinking his soup with his other hand to prevent it from spilling entirely, "Chester Underwood... Now that the soup power is finally mine, it is time for us to make our move and TAKE OVER THE VESSEL. In order to commandeer it effectively. Get out the rowing paddles... I shall submit you all to back-breaking labor in my water mines."

Meanwhile, belowdecks, a yellow creature licked its paw as Birch had somehow confused a canister of grease for a fire extinguisher. It stepped in, its eyes gleaming from the shadows.

"I'd meant to stir up a fuss, the feminine voice muttered with a lazy sort of conceit, "But at this point you're over-doing it.
Unfortunately I can't use my foxfire without risking you making the ship go up in flames faster than it'll sink, which probably isn't much faster than you'd do on your own."

A yellow fox-like spirit creature inches forward with impressive grace, circling Birch, "IF you still want the fires extinguished, you should try getting someone to smash the hose free on the top deck. It's a wonder nobody knows about it. The only trouble is the valve's in the engine room, and you kind of blew that one, didn't you?"
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" I don't think this boat has rowing oars....But ill go see what i can pull together" Chester yelled back through the door.

then there is was that gut feeling of dread. a gentle tugging that began to increase in pace. the feeling itself was not unlike the giddiness of being light headed mixed with equal measures of an adrenaline rush.

the giddiness was brought on by birch drawing on chester's energy. the adrenaline rush however was the fact he might of just pinned himself as an accomplice to a hijacking.

he looked around the boat which was closing in on complete chaos. if he had to act to ensure the safety of himself and everyone onboard he would follow the wise words of a crazy old man.

Meanwhile birch was gently putting his canister of grease down " Im doing my best to fix it now" he sounded genuinely off put as he turned to follow the foxes gaze as she circled him.

" What is it You want? Why are you here" Birch's ghostly eye dimmed as he accused the spirit back.

Chester by this point was looking around the top of the boat. there were no oars to find but after raiding a couple of maintenance closets he did have 3 mops, 2 brooms and 1 push broom. he grabbed a couple of dustpans and a roll of duct tape. in one of the closets he found a fire extinguisher he grabbed that as well, best to go sort out the fire after he dropped off his haul to Mr. Hill.

He opened the door to the dining cabin and dumped the supplies on the floor in front of the confused passengers. " thats all i could find, its not oars but im sure you guys can figure it out" he then turned to the doors.

perhaps it was the ever increasing feeling of fatigue but he looked at the passengers then to Hakase " Mr. Hill if you need me ill be downstairs sorting out the fire situation since no one else seems able to" he took the pin out of the fire extinguisher as he left the room.

he then started downstairs. the anxious tug drawing him to birch and the engine room.

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The little golden fox spirit looked on as they left in a hurry, purring with a hint of interest, and a bit of annoyance.

"My, my," she hissed as the spirit hopped atop a number of barrels, "The spirit is too filthy and the boy is too pure. I still think they'll serve my needs nicely. Once safe, their little community will break down quickly under the freedom they have at sea. Their greed will soon destroy them; I'll make sure of it."

Also making sure of it, on the abovedecks, Hakase Hill stroked his beard menacingly as he put four people to work rowing with what they had. It'd be bad enough with just the improvised oars, but the two on the starboard were in great shape and the two on port were old and frail.

When questioned, he naturally responded with no hesitation, "We must combine strength with experience if we are to survive. I have combined both, and we will exceed the space speed."

He started to laugh menacingly as the flaming boat went in a wide spiral and the passengers began to give each other even more worried looks. The fox spirit narrowed her eyes.

"Unless, of course, I have my work cut out for me so plainly."
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Chester had made it to the engine room. however he made it only as far as the door before Birch was escorting him back up the stairs. before the door closed however Chester was able to get the strange yellow fox on his camcorder before being forced out by birch.

" i don't like how that fox was looking at me" he said as both him and birch arrived back above decks.

" i Did tell you there was another spirit onboard" chester nodded in agreement " yeah some kind of.. " he flipped through his notebook to a picture of a fox " Kitsune, possibly".

this trip was turning into a complete disaster. At this rate he could only hope that someone would see a boat spinning in a continuous left arc while it probably burned. he briefly thought about funeral pyres and how this boat could very well be the period at the end of his short life.

" Why don't we call for help" Birch broke through chester's thoughts. chester blinked " thats a valid and solid point, but first we need to talk to Mr.Hill " he then searched the deck until he found Mr.Hill looking over his group of rowers.

He stepped up beside him and flipped his camcorder to show him the image of the fox spirit. " i don't know if you can see it Mr. Hill. but there is a fox on board the ship." he then lowered his voice " A ghost fox, it may have been sent to undermine your... our hijacking attempt of this vessel".

While Chester brought Mr. Hill up to speed about some new spooky developments. Birch headed up to the Bridge to see if there was a radio they could send a message out on.
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