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Security Sector
Topic Started: May 17 2017, 02:44 PM (108 Views)
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[Setting Established Organization]
- Organization Application Form V1.00 -

Name of Organization: Security Sector
Type of Organization: Private Security Firm
Membership: Open

Organization Head: Elizabeth
Organization Deputy:

Organization Description:
A security firm that provides protection for individuals, groups, companies and other interested parties. In the presence of other non-employees, the group acts in a professional manner such as not engaging in horseplay and taking every instance seriously. The company also partakes in rescue missions, assisting other parties to protect them from danger. In these instances, the group is allowed to carry firearms but will only use them in life or death scenarios. No matter the job, the security of their VIP always comes first.

Organization Goals:
This group is to allow a safer community for Kaneshima and all its inhabitants, though their presence can be felt in other regions. Not only does Security Sector provide safety for those who can afford it, they also help law enforcement by relaying information regarding situations and perpetrator’s to help keep the island a crime free environment.

Organization Activities:
Security Sector agents can often be seen doing various tasks, such as acting as bouncers for clubs, crossing-guards to assist those in high traffic areas and many more. Most topics should be relatively low in dealing with threats, such as but not limited to: stopping shoplifters, conversing with locals on incidents, preventing/stopping fights, etc. More or less, being a part of Security Sector is like being an NPC teacher; it’s a role that you know what they do but doesn’t have to be played out unless it’s necessary. For example, unless another player needs some protection or just some idle talking in uniform, there’s not much else going on. During plots, NPC agents should act as high-end mooks and nothing more.

Organization Facilities:
Security Sector’s Kaneshima HQ is located just on the edge of town, just at the edge of the forest. Their building isn’t too big, about as big as a small warehouse. Their property extends towards a medium-sized portion of the forest; just enough to train outside without tangling themselves up with anyone who may be wandering around in the forest. The warehouse itself has a several standard rooms: a kitchen, restrooms, exercise/weight room and a couple offices where paperwork is filed and tasks can be assigned. Finally, the warehouse also provides several choices for entertainment; television, billiards and a jukebox.

Organization Equipment:
For the sake of being a security force rather than a military one, agents are allowed the use of non-lethal firearms that help incapacitate their targets with little to no damage on said target. All weapons that resemble firearms have obvious, special marking on them to distinguish them from actual firearms.

Other than non-lethal firearms, not much else is given to the agents, forcing them to use mostly hand-to-hand combat as their main means of disarming a combatant.

Reason for Establishment:
The best security comes with the best of technology and no other company has the cutting edge like VeNM-KC. It is also to help protect various communities against threats that have occurred so often in the past.

Owner/Head of Security: Elizabeth
Member: Erika Shinikawa (NPC - Mikaela)
Member: Miriam Riese
Member: Seth Ryouga
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Die, Steak, Die!
Organisation approved! You may post it up on the Organisations subforum.
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