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Seagazer; INVITE
Topic Started: May 16 2017, 01:20 PM (100 Views)
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Nepgear's Wife
Ah, the beach.

...Why was she here?

Vivio told her it was fun. Vivio told her she should go there, together!

But she hadn't ever really gone to a beach. Sure, she could swim- that was entwined in her DNA... but, uh, what do you really do at the beach? She didn't want to disappoint her partner by looking like an absolute dolt that had no idea what she was supposed to do! Einhart knew she was supposed to arrive in a swimsuit, take a swim every now and then, and, uh...

Well, right now, she was simply sitting down on her towel. She had finally managed to undress to her swimsuit- it wasn't really revealing at all. A green, skintight top around her ample bosom, that covered her from shoulders to beneath her breasts, along with a red pair of swimwear, covering her hips down towards the top of her thighs.

...She was basically wearing a two piece competition swimsuit. She really didn't like the idea of having that much skin bare while around so many other people. So, she resorted to wear that wouldn't be too dissimilar to how she would sometimes train.


Her eyes gazed at the sea. Her blue and purple gems focused on the waves as they strolled back and forth.

...A certain someone could cleave them in half. In his youth, he did this to train.

But Einhart was not him. Einhart was here to have fun! So, finally, she jumped towards her feet, onto her towel! She set a single step forward, onto that scorching, hot sand.

...Before immediately jumping back onto her towel. Icky, icky icky! It felt so weird on her feet.

...Worse yet, as she took another step back, the towel slipped from underneath her. It shot forward, and it left her falling down onto that sand with her entire body! She squirmed herself back into sitting up, quickly doing her best to wipe whatever sand got on her body off herself, before repeating that procedure on the towel. The moment she got it cleaned, she would spread it back down and sit right back onto it. The sea can wait a few moments.

...Ahhh, her adult body probably made all of this look really weird. Even though she had the looks of an adult, she was fumbling around like a dorky child.
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Isn't it nice to be so young, thought Itsuki as he smiled serenely like an old man reminiscing his youth at the fumbling young lady in the sporty two-piece sitting at the beach.

Even though the guy himself is still in his teen.

What a nice and beautiful day to start the summer, which would hopefully continue on until the end of the season.

Such was his excuse to be at the beach. In the water actually, with just his head above the surface, bobbing up and down with the wave.

No one would really look twice at someone swimming in the ocean in the middle of summer, after all. The perfect place and time to see the many beautiful foreign flowers that came flocking to the island since a few years ago.

Not at all did he realize he's slowly drifting farther and farther away from the shore.


He suddenly disappeared under the water.
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Nepgear's Wife


That boy was drowning.


Before Einhart could even process, she was already running forward. Her feet dragged along that uncomfortably warm sand, now completely ignoring the feeling of dirt and mud sinking against her toes. She sprinted forward, dragging herself into the water and quickly clinging her both arms around the male. Thank god she reacted fast enough! Holding him with one hand, she would work on dragging his head above the water while starting to drag him to shore.

...That was fast.

The swimsuit-wearing girl pressed her chest into his back as she dragged him to safety, swimming backwards while keeping him balanced on her front, to make sure that he wouldn't be able to sink underwater again.

"...Are you okay?"

She gently whispered into his ear, as she forcefully dragged him back to the coast. She would lay him down on the sandy beach, before... well, awkwardly squirming around. The moment her adrenaline ended, was the moment she realized she was standing on that icky sand again.
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A tiny water fountain spouted out from his mouth, followed by a couple of short coughs. "...Geh. That's just embarrassing..." The boy grumbled, more annoyed at himself than anything. For a native of the island, especially living so close to the shore to be able to frequent it almost every other day, coming close to drowning was not one of his proudest moment.

Oh yeah, someone saved him...

The little whisper of wind by his ear gave him a jump, and almost immediately he became acutely aware of someone clutching him from behind. "H-HI THERE?!" Without thinking he immediately jumped back and up on his own two feet.

It was the same girl he had been ogling at earlier.

There is no way to make it sound less creepy or perverted that he could think of.

At the very least that should be a relieving confirmation that he's still alive and kicking. "I mean, I... I'm fine, yeah. ...Thanks for uh..." ...With a fleeting regret in hindsight thinking he should have kept playing dead. "...Are you okay?"
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Nepgear's Wife


He was wide awake again?

The sudden reawakening of the klutzy, drowning boy was enough to distract her from the fact that her feet were, in fact, touching that sand. She regained her position, turning herself to face him as she simply nodded.

"...Good morning?"

Einhart's response was every bit as awkward as his 'greeting'. Maybe a bit more so, because she actively needed to think about how to respond. See, while Einhart was socially awkward, she had mastered the science of greeting people! But, uh, his re-awakening was so sudden that she didn't really know what to say, well, other than congratulating him on his recent re-awakening.


If her tone wasn't so pure and naive, she'd probably sound incredibly snarky.

...And then he got even more confusing. He was the one in danger, there was clearly nothing wrong with her!

"....I-I'm fine?"

Again, were her tone not so pure, she'd probably sound extremely snarky. But honestly, now she just sounded confused. Her blue and purple eyes stared straight at the almost-drownee, filled with confusion.

...And then she suddenly jolted upright!

Nope, she wasn't okay!

Einhart lifted up her left foot and bent herself down a bit, reaching her fingers down to wipe away that icky sand from in between her toes. Were she wearing less... hell, were she wearing anything with an even remotely loosened top, the boy would've gotten an eye-full of her cleavage.


Uhh, well, just her jiggling breasts, really, while she was struggling to shake that sand off her feet.
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Okay now he's confused too.

She just started dancing, okay, more like hopping around on the spot like she didn't want to touch the ground.

...It's not that hot, the sand.

Does it irritate her, he wondered.

The thought was fleeting as he was distracted by her ample bouncing chests.

Okay, it wasn't as distracting as if she had worn something less tight-fitting. A certain street magician could probably show her the way of the... well enough imagining. "...You don't seem okay with the sand,"

He took a couple of quick scoop of the sea water and splashed them at the girl's feet.

Puu. Puu.

Okay, that probably didn't help much, if at all.
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Nepgear's Wife
Well, that did help, actually.

It washed whatever little bits of sand were stuck to her feet! And, while normally, setting her feet down would just curse her with the itch returning to assault her soles, that light splash of water was enough to wetten the sand beneath her! And wet sand was a lot less annoying! It felt like it wasn't trying to aggressively ruin her day.

"T-Thank you."

I guess that makes them even!

...But, Einhart had a more important question to ask.

"Can you not swim? Why were you that far into the ocean if you cannot swim?"

...And, of course, because of her extreme lack of social intelligence and a diminished sense of how other people, well, functioned, she immediately assumed the most Einhart-y thing. Without even giving him the chance to respond, she would open her mouth again.

"Were you challenging yourself? Were you trying to improve your swimming abilities!?"

Ah, yes. This is totally a thing people challenge themselves with, you goof.

...Einhart seemed pretty excited, though. She always loved self-improvement. Even if she had lost the ability to, well, improve anything regarding her body and ability, it's still something to yearn and strive for!
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