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Don't hit your head.; [Ask to Join]
Topic Started: Apr 26 2017, 04:00 AM (237 Views)
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Nepgear's Wife
Seriously, don't hit your head!

Hitsugi had fallen from the sky in quite the... spectacular fashion. While it wasn't high enough to cause any real injury, it caused her to black out for a little while. While out, she had some odd dream. Some person she never met before knew that she was a dimensional traveler by just looking at her! It was... really weird. It was as if someone just read her history by simply looking into her eyes. It was pretty creepy


But this wasn't.

Hitsugi jumped up from her bed. Literally landing on two of her feet as she recollected her bearings. Her eyes gazed about herself. Uhh... she remembered tripping and falling, but this seemed an awful lot like that facilities she had back home.

...Hitsugi's implants fired up. Nope. She wasn't home. She really did trip and fall. She really did hit her head... upon arriving at Senki Academy.

The wrong Senki Academy.

...But still Senki Academy!

As if this was some sort of victory, the girl gave herself a proud fist-pump. Hitsugi wasn't going to let a technicality like that stop her! Technically she arrived at the right location. Now, all she had to do is wait for someone back home to pick her up, and she could report her findings! They'd be happy with it, right? Because this Senki Academy is pretty close to the one she was sent to.

In her misplaced pride and joy, the happy, genki girl had completely forgot to actually look at her surroundings. But to be fair, at least half of her vision was currently clogged by all sorts of information. She needed to know if there was something she really needed to know about this dimension, after all! The odd girl was still covered in her orange skintight suit, leaving little of her body to the imagination. On a more modest girl, wearing a suit that blended with her body so well might be a bit embarrassing. Thankfully, the orange and black outfit still made it easy to see what was skin and what wasn't.
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As usual, Wanatabe Fukumen was having a bad day. As usual, it was because of his rather glitched out condition. He'd been trying to read the brochure map of the campus for the past two hours to figure out where to go for basic orientation, but the location of his destination kept changing and eluding him, say nothing for the schedule's times that were months before or after, or things that didn't make any sense at all. Being a new student was hard enough when the guides were reliable.

Worst of all, all of the people he'd run into had been especially peppy and given his muffled mask he wasn't able to get a word in edgewise to ask for directions. Feeling defeated, he decided to take a drink at a public water fountain, visible from the infirmary's window. He left his hands a bit too long on it, and rather than maintain pressure properly...

BOOM! Fukumin was glad for the helmet for once as a gigantic stream of water blasted him skyward, into the window (miraculously unbroken) and sliding down slowly. His fuzzy, possibly concussed vision showed what seems a blond-haired girl in a really interesting getup.

"Hh-Hi...." He managed to squeeze out in a ridiculous sounding voice between bouts of extreme pain as he realized there was nothing to grab hold of, "Do you know the... way to orien...tation? Urghh..."

The boy tumbled rapidly down into the bushes below, helmet first and feet sticking out helplessly upwards. The sight was pretty visible from the window, and it looked like whoever it was would probably be put in the infirmary soon enough as well.
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Nepgear's Wife


That was spectacular.

Not quite the good kind of spectacular, but it was still quite spectacular.

A young... assumedly male person flew right into the window [f the room Hitsugi had found herself in. He hid his facial features in some sort of... wait, what was that on his head? Was that a helmet? Thoughtlessly, Hitsugi jumped forward, off her bed. She wasn't even in the slightest startled, merely worried for the boy that impacted the window!

"Are you okaaay?"

Hitsugi echoed out, shuffling forward slightly. She brought herself to the window, quickly slamming it up and open, before poking her head out. She looked down, at the fallen boy.

...Seriously, what was that on his head...? Was that a normal feature of this world?

Well, there was no real time to think about it. It seemed like he might be a bit hurt! Something like this would definitely hurt the average person, and while he had that odd thing on his head, it might not actually have defended him from any damage! Plus, his voice sounded disorientated and meek. Maybe he really was, really hurt! Her eyes looked down at him, dreary with the slightest

Hitsugi focused for just a second. Her eyes halted and her breath stopped as she looked straight down at that youth. If he were particularly superstitious or slightly jumpy, the sight of it might legitimately spook him. However, what came after was much more likely to be startling.

She disappeared.

And within an instant, once more, reappeared.

Almost right on top of him, as close to him as possible without tangling herself in the bushes. Were Hitsugi's calculations any less perfect, she would've probably fallen on top of him. Well, she was a few centimeters off! Instead of comfortably re positioning herself exactly on the ground, she fell an inch or so.

"...wait, where'd my shoes go?"

Probably taken off when you were put in that bed, you dork!

Quickly, Hitsugi popped her hands forward. She grabbed onto the youth, trying to struggle him free of his foresty rival. Her hands would carefully move to sweep the wood away, before gently sprawling him out over the ground, face-up.

"Are you okay? Quick! How many fingers?"

She lifted three.

"...times pi?"

Way to make it ruthlessly complicated.
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Still in a total stupor, the masked boy had little presence of mind to assess what had taken place, except that he was probably upright, and that a girl was in front of him and significant part of her wardrobe was plexiglass, or something. And that she had antennae, and- Oh! She was asking questions and holding fingers.

He opened his helmet's mostly inconvenient mouth slot and spat out a small pinecone so he could answer.

"Uh... even if you have eight thumbs, t-they're not counted as fingers..." he managed to muddle out.

Feeling returned, and with it, pain. He turned his head to look her straight on, which made a weird cracking noise he wasn't entirely comfortable with. Time to test if he could stand- oh, nope. No, no, no, that wasn't happening, at least not with anyone watching him struggle.

His brain had managed to move some gears between all of the branches clogging the works, so he could ask, "Times pi, really? Why not just use an irrational number while you're at it or ask me to do some proofs?"

He still wasn't aware that she had saved him, but that's also because he wasn't one hundred percent sure that he was alive, or who he was.

"Are you from around here? That outfit looks like something out of phantasy star. Now... I was looking for something, and I was thirsty, and then I think a truck hit me. Am I inside a crappy fantasy world or something? Please say no, pretty lady."

He was itchy in a lot of places that it was going to hurt to scratch, so he decided to tolerate the pain as his vision cleared somewhat. What had also cleared is part of his helmet, cracked in a few places but not entirely split at any.
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Nepgear's Wife

He did have a human face under there!


So he didn't just have a weird face. It really was a helmet.

But his sense of humour was back. Not only was he making jokes about her having eight thumbs, he even made a comment about irrational numbers! Hitsugi giggled- what a joker. It seemed like he was fine. At the very least, he didn't seem injured enough to require immediate attention! Hopefully!

Hitsugi wasn't a medical expert. But if his head's workin', all will be fine, right?

...fantasy star?

Wait, don't tell me that this world had already managed to colonize the stars! Right after THEY were working on colonizing the solar system, they had managed to-



A fantasy world.

That made an awful lot of sense. Hitsugi's expression switched from relieved to worried to a little jealous to once more slightly worried in a matter of seconds.

"Um, you're still at Senki Academy! And I think you said you were looking for orientation?"

She answered his last questions before she even thought about his first. Were she a little less aloof, it would probably look more suspicious.

"And I guess I'm not from around here, yeah! Well, I'm here to, uh, inspect Senki Academy!"

Well, that chipper face definitely wasn't the face of a liar. Maybe the face of an idiot, but not that of a liar! After her brief stint of emotions was over, all that marked her face was a pleasant smile. She shifted herself a little closer, her hands moving to his head, gently pulling himself into her lap without as much of a thought about the implications. Hell, to her, there were none.

"Are you hurt anywhere? Your helmet thingy seems a bit... um... hey, can I take it off so I can look at your head?"

She hadn't thought about it before now, but if this helmet got damaged by his fall, how could she be sure his head didn't just turn into some scrambled eggs?
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It might have been the brain bruises talkin', but if young mr. Wanatabe wasn't mistaken, this was probably the first good thing to happen to him in a long time. A nice, normal girl (well, for this place, anyways) had taken interest in him at all. He allowed himself a few tears of gratitude and thanked the shinto gods he could remember off-hand for a reprieve from the torrent of misfortune he'd endured recently. Heck, she even laughed at his joke!

He snapped to a bit upon hearing that he was still at Senki, and that he was looking for orientation. That sounded equal parts dreadful and right.

"Yeah, being oriented is one of my favourites. Tried being Occidented once, terrible time of it. Do you know an-"

She added on something about inspecting the academy. What, was she older than she looked? Shouldn't she have a clipboard and a tie? She seemed pretty honest about it, that radiantly excited face didn't show but a square centimetre of craft or chicanery.

Then something remarkable happened. Something that would warm even the veins that had run as cold as Fuku's had. He'd never cursed the helmet so fully before even as he enjoyed the bliss of someone actually caring about him again. He only let out a high pitched noise akin to a modem router trying to connect to the internet as affection melted his mind even more than the pain.

And then she asked to see his face, and the illusion vanished. No, no, fortune was fleeting. He'd have to gird himself for plenty of disappointments in the future, so he might as well be honest now.

"You can... if you don't want to sleep at night," he said grimly, not caring about the double entendre. He struggled off her lap, painfully reaching his knees in earnest hatred of his condition. Hopefully they would say where the the nurse's place was in orientation, since he'd probably be going there a lot.

Well, no girl was going to like the mess beneath the mask, but at least he could have a friend for now and he bowed to her slightly. "S-So, my name's Fukumen. I'm a first year- oh, right, that's obvious. Sorry for the trouble."
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"It's no trouble at all, Mr. Watanabe." A pleasant, professional voice called out from above. If one were to turn their gaze toward the source in response, they would fall the tall, fair figure of Ms. Kisaragi there, leaned on the windowsill. She was dressed in a slightly different attire than was usual for her, having traded in her formal attire for something a bit more sporty. With her long red hair done up in a ponytail, a form fitting cotton shirt of white and red, sweatbands on both her forehead and her wrists, and a dangerous short skirt, one might suggest that she had been out on the sports field today.
The tennis racket was also a useful hint.

Posted Image

"I'm going to guess this is your imprint on the glass?" She teased with a light laugh, pointing out the scratch marks left in the surface of the window that had been slid across, before she looked to the young, masked man again.
"Are you alright? I know your abilities give you an... unusual physique, but better to be safe than sorry when it comes to personal injury. Plus, we do have the infirmary right here." The Vice-Principal showed her concern for Fukumen, offering out her hand, inviting the services of the emergency facilities as necessary. She lowered her hand as her gazed shifted across to the girl in an outfit even tighter than her own, and while still warm and welcoming, she did seem genuinely curious, if not a bit confused.

"And would you be... the girl that fell out of the sky?" She sought confirmation, and in case of any awkward answer, Ms. Kisaragi quickly raised up two peculiar pieces of fabric, like socks.
"I mean, these do look like they go with the rest of your outfit. Probably better than going around barefoot as well." Ms. Kisaragi mused, gently tossing out the 'socks' to generally be within reach of their owner. Giving the strange girl from the sky a chance to slip them on, the teacher would at last begin introductions.
"I'm Honey Kisaragi, the Vice-Principal of Senki Academy. Might I ask who you are, and where you came from?"
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Nepgear's Wife

He was funny.

She liked that!

He was joking around earlier, and now he was joking again! He really seemed like he must've been mostly fine! While she was a bit worried about his head getting scrambled, it seemed like there was no need to do so! Still, she gave him that comfy little lap-pillow. While he didn't seem to be in danger, he might still be in pain! And physical contact was the best way to recover from that.

...But what was wrong with his face?

It wouldn't let her sleep at night?

Was it... scary? Or maybe it was funny. Either way, it only invoked more of her curiousity. Her hands actually started gently shifting about his head as he introduced himself, giving him an acknowledging nod. It would probably totally feel like she was just making sure he was comfortable, but she was actually just looking for a way to get that right off his head. It was awkward, in the way, and... well, blocking her curiousity! Only when he struggled away would she stop looking helplessly for a way to rip it right off... her hands would clumsily follow for a few seconds, though!

"My name is Hitsu-"

Oh, another person! Hitsugi would jump up, turning towards the redhead that had approached the pair!

"He should be fine! I don't think he's in any danger, though, I could take him to the infirmary, buut..."

The talkative girl caught her off after none to many seconds, noticing that that fair lady had brought her her shoes. She jumped up in excitement, catching them and immediately putting them back on her feet. Yuck, that was uncomfortable!

"...Yup! I am that girl! My name is Hitsugi Tachibana!" she actually got to introduce herself, this time. She spun around on her back heel, showing herself off playfully. While doing so, she had already started to recalculate coordinates... this time inches from Honey's position. As her twirl stopped, she once more, instantly disappeared with a light 'pop'

Before, within that same instant, crossing the distance between her and the vice-principal. The minimum possible distance was left between these two, for them to not touch... and Hitsugi immediately broke that, reaching her hands forward to grab at Kisaragi's hands.

"It's nice to meet you, Ms Kisaragi! Oh, and you too, Mr. Fukumen!"

Even though she had no sense of distance, she was definitely polite.

"I'm here to inspect and observe Senki Academy! I... kinda made a wrong turn while coming here! So I fell from the sky... and then I woke up in the infirmary over there!"

Not a single lie was told.
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The human glitch wasn't sure, but it kind of looked like he'd decided to leave her lap at the right time- even he wasn't in a hurry to see his face again. Fuku looked at her intently as she was about to say her name, only to be startled by another female voice from above, having answered his question earlier.

He painfully craned his neck up to take a look, and was rewarded with the sight of a cherry-haired sporty woman who was rather on the stacked side. In his elation, he nearly missed the part about the window- which brought him back to earth again, on hands and knees. Was he in trouble?

But, then- Oh! She was actually interested in how injured he was. Something weird was going on, and he was sure he'd pay for it later to have beauties like this helping him out so. Of course, it dawned on him- how did she know his name? Yeah, he'd be sure he'd died and gone to heaven if most of his spinal column wasn't burning.

The girls seemed to think he wasn't hurt, and he weighed the concept of ever walking again against being able to act tough in front of them. The former won out, and he responded appropriately.

"N-No, even though my body is weird it gets hurt exactly the same as anyone's... I know things look okay but am in intense pain that needs treatment really-" he tried to explain but is cut off by the orange-plated girl grabbing some socks and introducing herself. Hitsugi Tachibana... Probably the closest thing he'd had to a friend in an entire year- He wouldn't forget the name.

As she started spontaneously spinning he had a feeling he'd be hearing the name around often enough that he couldn't forget the name. He tried not to enjoy the sight TOO much as he searched for a rationale in this circumstance, coming up empty.

He mumbled dumbly, "Uhhh..."

While she was doing that, Helmet-head managed to lean just enough to the side to catch his Vice-Principal's self-introduction.

And without much fanfare than a slight pop, she was gone. Had he done that? Was he going to jail? What did they do to mask-wearers in jail? Oh, nevermind, there she was practically on top of the Vice-principal, still saying pleasant things that he wanted very much to hear.

Maybe this was just what Senki was- a place so weird good things could happen even to him. If her explanation was any indication, things were only going to get weirder.

"It's... it's so good to meet the both of you," He said earnestly, tears subtly rolling to his chin now, "If any of this is real, anyways. The sky must be a wonderful place... Would that I could go there, instead."

He didn't know that this might be pushing along the whole "fantasy world" idea, or implying other unfortunate things, but the poor boy's head been rattled loose by the fall and the undeserved attention.
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Ms. Kisaragi kept a concerned eye on the young man after his attempt to explain just how badly his current physical condition was got cut off. The bubbly girl in the black and orange suit was - intentionally or otherwise - the kind of person who naturally seized attention, showing off her appearance before showing off her ability. Ms. Kisaragi blinked as the girl appeared in front of her, and she almost pulled up her tennis racket in defense, still on the edge from the last person she'd encountered who could 'disappear' and 'reappear' in a visually similar fashion.
"Nice to meet you too, Hitsugi." Ms. Kisaragi answered delightfully, and with a gentle handshake, taking in what was said regarding the girl's origins. The older woman nodded once, twice, and thrice, before she put down her racket, and signalled for Hitsugi to wait a moment.

Then the teacher leapt from the window, throwing herself over the side and descending towards the ground. She seemed not to mind at all how the wind resistance drove up her skirt...
And why would she? She was wearing spats underneath!
So, Ms. Kisaragi landed not far from Fukumen, and after crossing the short distance, bent over slightly to inspect him.
"Trust me, everything here is real, Mr. Watanabe." She assured him, as a bead of sweat glided down her neck, and disappeared beneath her shirt.
"So let's get you inside, shall we?" Ms. Kisaragi gave Fukumen her hand, with which she would lead him on inside; even lift him up in her arms if she had to, to get him to the infirmary.

Once there, she made several, gentle noises as she tried to lay him down on a bed, before at last addressing the elephant in the room.
"So on whose authority were you planning to 'inspect' the school?" She asked Hitsugi, a firm undercurrent to her otherwise pleasant tone.
"I would have thought SERAPH would provide the courtesy of some advanced warning, and sending someone... more mature." She said, eyes carefully studying Hitsugi's response.
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Nepgear's Wife
Intense pain? Even though he was talking, pleasantly like that? He was such a joker! There was no ill will in her thought, she thought he was honestly just messing around. He didn't seem in any immense pain earlier, and if he was in immense pain, he'd be screaming, right?


If she gave that more than two beats of thought, she'd probably feel really bad. She just honestly thought he was messing around because he seemed to have a penchant to joke around! Never mind the fact that he really hadn't been joking, at all... well, Hitsugi only had the most harmless intentions! She would never want something actually harmful to happen to someone!

Well, if something turned out to be wrong, he'd be in the infirmary now! That means they'd be able to take care of him, right? Even if his brains got a little beaten by how his head impacted that (surprisingly thick!) glass, he'd be safe there! Right? Hospitals could perform miracles and stuff!!! As the vice-principal hopped in, Hitsugi followed. Her implants and mind combined to make a flurry of calculations in seconds, and while Ms. Kisaragi was still working on settling Fukumen in his bed, she had already appeared inches away from her.

Of course, it only took a few moments for her to be hit by an obvious question.


Hitsugi sounded surprised.

"Well, you see..."

Stalling for time. For no reason other than for her implants to function. SERAPH? Her implants had already began searching the net- and the moment she saw even the shortest summary was the moment she realized that was probably not the best thing to associate herself with.

"...I-It's a little awkward to explain... I-I thought you'd already have been told by now..."

While Hitsugi wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed, this was her job! This was what she was trained for! And even though she already screwed up her very first assignment, she wasn't wholly incompetent! Or else, well, she wouldn't be sent on anything, ever!

Of course, by now, she actually was lying. While she was neither an amazing actor nor an amazing student, she at least knew how to get the basics of this right! Stall for time until you gathered the information, then form the best story you can! Hitsugi's eyes looked down to the ground, slightly somber. While that was partially an act, she also didn't like lying to what seemed like a nice person!

"...Um, are you sure you didn't receive any mail...? I'm just an average Japanese school inspector- well, I guess I'm a little on the young side!"

That's all she could muster with the time she had been given. If Kisaragi were to whip out her phone or any other electronic that had access to her mail account, she'd definitely be able to fake a message, but...

...she honestly had no idea what this Senki Academy stood for. She knew it was an academy for superpowered youngsters, but her quick information scan hadn't shown any of the more.. serious implications of her lying here. She thought Senki was like any other Super-School, like it was in the dimension she was assigned to!

Let's hope her lies won't come back to bite her in the ass. Well, too hard!
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The vice principle couldn't get him up by one hand, but nor did she have to carry the tiny student entirely. Painfully, he was able to hop on one foot as she supported his arms. He made a small "fffffff" noise, as if he was a kettle boiling over until he finally made it to the rest bed, which he flopped down on, ignoring the severe pain of doing so.

"T-Thank you Honey- I mean, Vice Principal Kisaragi, I'll try to avoid relying on everyone in the future," he says sheepishly, putting his hands under his pillow and lying his head down to find that it's rock hard. He's used to this, though, as he listens in on Hitsugi's interrogation. SERAPH sounded like something the government had told him about that he totally forgot about.

He decides to advocate in his peer's defense despite both sides being compelling and kind to him, which was hard to do.

"Aww, VP, if she was going to do something bad, why would she stick out so much and not have her story straight? And, for the record, someone should probably look into why that window is so thick."

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"No, no, feel free to rely. That's part of why you're here after all - so that we can help you." Ms. Kisaragi assured the young man with a few gentle pats, though checking her hand afterward to be sure nothing particular of peculiar happened with it. She then turned her gaze on the girl that tried to explain away the oddities in her origins, her expression for the most part reserved. It was hard to guess if the Vice-Principal was especially ill convinced, incensed, or anything else, so seemingly blank was her expression.
"The window is strong because over recent months we've had more than a few break due to... incidents. Though it might be your own peculiar nature made it just a bit more resilient than usual." She suggested offhand, before getting into the real meat of things as she stepped up to and stood over Hitsugi.

"I don't believe Hitsugi here has any particularly ill intent either, so it's not an issue of whether not she plans to do something bad. Although, maybe I'm not the best judge, given a certain someone who was..." The teacher traced a delicate finger up Hitsugi's sleek suit, before lightly tapping between the girl's nostrils. "Right under my nose."
Ms. Kisaragi put up an amused, gesturing for the young woman to take a seat.
"I just wish she could be honest with us." The older woman smirked, brushing back a red strands of her red hair from her face.
"Let's start again, shall we? "I'm Honey Kisaragi, the Vice-Principal of Senki Academy. Might I ask who you are, and where you came from?"

After repeating herself, the teacher paused, apparently debating something, before she nodded in agreement with herself.
"Or perhaps I should ask, who sent you? Because it wasn't SERAPH, and it certainly wasn't the local government. Both wouldn't have the right sort of taste to send you wearing that, after all." Ms. Kisaragi smiled delightfully, appreciating Hitsugi's attire. "It's actually just the sort of thing I sometimes go for."
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Nepgear's Wife
While someone else might be bothered by Ms. Kisaragi's physicality, it made Hitsugi feel a bit more... comfortable, in this awkward situation. The gentle tactility of someone else's body was enough to reduce the intensity of the worry that was flowing through her system.

Darn it, she practiced this a thousand times. Research everything, create a plausible story... with her powers, she could create the perfect outfit to mimic what an actual school inspector would wear! Sadly, the... hefty failure that was her entrance kind of messed all of that up. Hitsugi's left foot stepped back, and she gently leaned away from Ms. Kisaragi.

...While even this world would see that as an unrestrained symptom of someone growing uncomfortable, it was a far bigger deal in Hitsugi's. It was a definite sign of either fear or hate. Right now, that first one was coursing through her body. Ms. Kisaragi was the Vice-Principal of this Academy. If nothing else, that must mean she... had some sort of powers too, right?

While her world was on the track to becoming an utopia, she heard so many other worlds were hellish. Sometimes, even brawls and murder weren't entirely scoffed at. Hitsugi couldn't quite gather enough focus to check if this world was one of those.

...plus, Ms. Kisaragi, right now, just felt so scary. She didn't even hesitate for even a single second to call out her lies. She asked who she was again, she asked where she was from again, she asked who sent her. It felt like the superiors that trained her. For some reason, it felt like punishment was definitely imminent.


It just felt so threatening.

...Emergency exit?!

If this world was connected by her own, she could just leap back and try again. Her eyes closed and she focused. The foreign entity that coursed through her system did it's best to focus on her commands.


But nothing happened.

After all, this world wasn't connected to her own.

A good thirty seconds passed, before Hitsugi opened her eyes again, looking up at Honey. A light shiver shocked through her spine.



Best to be as honest as possible.

'My name really is Hitsugi! I-I can't exactly tell you who sent me, but... I'm not exactly from here."

Left hand raised up, a tablet formed on her palm. Her right finger tapped across the screen, and her skintight innerwear was quickly covered in what seemed to be a more-formal suit, her top covered by a white blouse with blue fabric surrounding the buttons, while her legs were covered in a skirt that was longer at the back than it was at the front. It seemed pretty professional, and it was probably an odd change otherwise bubbly looking girl. The tablet she held disappeared seconds after.

"...Um... I'm... I can promise I'm not here to do anything bad... I-I was just sent here to observe."

...It was her first day, and she was already saying way more than she should. Her eyes trailed across the room, and she looked right at the resting boy. Her eyes closed, and seconds later, she disappeared. She appeared right next to him, hands on the side of his bed.

...But after only a moment, she would duck down, cowering with only her head up.

Even if Honey wasn't being aggressive, her mind irrationally deemed her behaviour as dangerous. Knowing that that teacher probably had some sort of superpower that she could use to kick her ass was kind of... terrifying.

Uu, even if this wasn't the Senki Academy she was sent to, she had no idea why she of all people was sent to a world with so many potentially dangerous people. Why wouldn't a more trained professional be the one to go?
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Wanatabe sighed happily at the re-assurance, certainly content to be babied a bit given how lousy this last week had been up until now, even receiving some pats from a vice-principal that was much more "hands-on" than any he'd had before. He was a bit glad for the helmet hiding his goofy expression, but even with his elation and the continued spinning of his vision, Kisaragi checking her hand afterwards wasn't lost on him.

The comment about the window was worrying on multiple levels. He had to hope that his power's activation speed wasn't becoming even faster, or that it was merely a one-time thing, but forgetting that- what was breaking all these windows?

That was quickly forgotten for the previous assessment of just how... handsy the VP was. Was that for intimidation? Was she mad about skintight suits on students? Was she into it? The freshman decided he didn't care, he had a good view of things, and a bit of head-swelling and his limited helmet vision wasn't going to stop him from enjoying it.

Until it was clear just how uncomfortable the girl who'd rescued him was. She didn't seem very good at hiding her emotions, and even changed into a uniform to get some space. It's not like Fukumen could do anything for her, and he really liked Kisaragi... but he couldn't help but feel bad for someone that seemed as unfortunate as he was.

Heck, she was suddenly cowering at the side of his bed. Wait-

"Wha? What are you doing over here?" He asked, a little absent-minded.

As if by response to his thoughts, he was about as close to being between the two girls as possible from a bed. He calmly raised a hand a bit towards the vice-principal. He wasn't used to this kind of role. If he had his wits about him, he'd probably be in agreement with the older woman.

"S-So, it seems things are a bit heated here... maybe there's a good way to understand Hitomi without scaring her?"

Oh, wait, that was a bit rude for talking to someone so important, not to mention gorgeous and kind.

"I mean, maybe there's an even better way than what you're doing, even though something else, like a weird ceiling spider is the thing making her uncomfortable and not you at all?"

Nailed it, or so the new patient thought. Unbeknownst to him, there was in fact a spider on the ceiling, but it wasn't especially weird. It took slight offense to his statement.
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The teacher folded her arms as she awaited Hitsugi's response, which... took rather a while to come, causing Ms. Kisaragi to tilt her head and slightly frown. She evidently disliked what seemed like a lack of cooperation even now, her finger rising and falling in a light rap upon her own upper arm.
"Can't... seems more like like won't, whatever your reasons are." She corrected Hitsugi's choice of words, taking a step forward to remove the one that they had taken back. Before she might take a second, third, or any other steps forward, the teacher stopped and watched as Hitsugi... changed, and in a fashion that forced the teacher to blink a bit. Such a sudden change to their entire attire, it was... familiar.

"...It couldn't be the same..." She muttered quietly to herself, confusion melting into small, amused delight, complete with a giggle. She shrugged and relaxed, looking back to the girl... who had already disappeared to the other side of the bed, and then disappeared behind it by ducking down. Ms. Kisaragi's giggle became a laugh.
"I have no intention of really scaring Hitsugi, as such." The redhead asserted with a dismissive wave, leaning into the other side of the bed, hovering above Wanatabe's prone form.
"...Well, maybe I did want to intimidate a little. I'd rather take a shy honesty over a bold lie, particularly when Senki Academy's security can potentially be at stake." She tried to express across the bed, with a light tone.
"I mean, being bold can be attractive, but this is the wrong time and place for that." Ms. Kisaragi flashed her male student a grin as she imparted that small bit of advice for free.

"I imagine she's uncomfortable because this isn't really at all how she - or rather, whoever sent her - planned for this to go, right?" Ms. Kisaragi suddenly shifted the conversation, and herself into a seat. She raised one long leg over the other, holding her kneecap with her hands as she swung her foot up and down.
"After all, she's confirmed that she was sent, as in directed by a higher authority. Given her attempt to cover as an inspector, I imagine the intended duration was not long at all." The woman gave voice to her suspicions, looking briefly towards Hitsugi for confirmation, silently asking for little more than that. Elaboration and clarification, she was not pushing for.

"She took a 'wrong turn' which led to her falling from the sky... an accident, perhaps? The plan has gone awry, and our poor little chick isn't quite sure what to do." Ms. Kisaragi cooed slightly, her expression lifting into a gentle smile.
"And since she isn't 'from here', she has nowhere else to go, in the short term, right...?" She asked, the way in which she let the question linger implying the offer of a solution.
"Since you're here to observe, rather than really inspect, I'm sure you could do that as part of a classroom."
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Nepgear's Wife

C-Ceiling spider?

For a few seconds, Hitsugi was completely distracted. Her eyes gazed up, in shock, trying to find this mythical yet horrible creature the boy was describing! But thankfully, there was nothing bad. W-Was he trying to distract from the tensity of the situation by saying something utterly weird like that? Uhh, his headache must be really bad, and-

Okay, this really wasn't the time to worry about that. Scary hot redhead was only a few meters away from her! She had to focus her full attention on her... and make sure she could run away if she did some scary magical... things with whatever power she may or may not have! Hitsugi was normally never the kind of person to be afraid of someone, but the thought of being seen through by an entire academy of superpowered students was, uh...


Aaah, Ms. Kisaragi was pretty much right. Now that the intimidation and hostility was fading, she sat up straight again. If she were hostile, or truly terrified of the Vice Prinicipal's intentions, she could take a hostage. Fukumen was only such a tiny bit away from her. She could, theoretically, grab his neck and capture him in moments.

...But she would never do that.

That would be horrible.

Kisaragi continued to talk, and not be entirely wrong. She managed to summarize exactly what happened. While she was missing a few details, those weren't entirely necessary.

"R-Right. I can't go home! Actually, I just tried- you were kinda scaring me. But there's no Ether in the air here, so I couldn't form a foregate and-"


Oh, she was talking too much.

Hitsugi should seriously look into not doing that. Plus, her mistakes here were a little too blatant! She was getting a bit too comfortable talking to the vice-principal here. It was hard not to run her mouth, being honest made her feel significantly safer, but-

Distraction time!

Hitsugi thought about what Kisaragi had just said. As a part of the classroom? She could be a student again!?

That light noise cut through the air as Hitsugi once more re-positioned herself. She was now close to Ms. Kisaragi again. Inches. The distance between the two was absolutely miniimal.

'...I-I'd get to be a student again!? I'd get to learn how to be close to all these new people again and spend so much time having all sorts of fun again!?"

Ah, she's so sweet. As she heard school, the first thing she could think of was the possibility of making more friends! Deep down, that's all she- and all of those who commanded Ether desired. To reduce the distance between people.

And Hitsugi was reducing the distance between people.

She was reducing the distance between Ms. Kisaragi and herself.

Their faces, to be exact.

Hitsugi only needed a second to leap forward and immediately attempt to plant her lips right on Kisaragi's. If they managed to lock for even a second, she'd be able to find out just how, uh, experienced she was. It was like locking lips with a vampire. She knew just how to drain your energy!

...Of course, it'd only be a moment before she pulled away. But whether her lips hit their target, or whether they missed, she only had one comment to leave after.

"...Wait? Isn't this school only for people with superpowers? I don't have any of those."

She honestly didn't understand that her Ether capabilities would be abnormal in this world.
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Fuku tried not to drift off as the bombshell of a Vice Principal talked to him over the bed. He'd said something stupid, but she didn't seem to make a big deal over it, even if some of what she said was still a little scary. Maybe it was her voice or proximity, but he found himself agreeing a whole lot and wondering why he'd ever spoken up in the first place. The redhead didn't seem to be talking to him, exactly, except for the one thing she definitely did.

Boldness hadn't really appealed to the helmed freshman in the better part of a year, but maybe he'd take that under advisement another day.

"S-Sure," He stammered, a little uncomfortable about the conversation happening between the two of them right above his bed.

Pretty much nothing that Hitsugi was going on about. Ether? Foregate? What did she mean about being a student again? Why the hell were they so close? It was awesome to behold, but he didn't understand even a little bit. And what happened next made him blush inside his stuffy headcage. Wantabe Fukumen was frustrated that he couldn't use a cell phone at this moment, because he would be taking video.

He tried to put his stream of conciousness into words, "W-alright, wow, that's a real rollercoaster of emotions going on right there. I can leave if you two want some priva- oh, wait, no I can't."

Even in his state he couldn't help but fulfill his destined Tsukommi role once the er, "Bold" girl had claimed to have no powers, however.

"Hitone," he began with a dull look, getting her name wrong again, "You were over there, and then you were over here. Are you so super fast that you forgot how super fast you were... super fast?"
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"'Ether'? As in some kind of background energy?" Ms. Kisaragi muttered quietly to herself, genuinely curious at Hitsugi's slip of the tongue, yet not truly directing the question towards her. Instead, she shifted one leg over the other again, fidgeting in that fashion commonly found where one had much on their mind.
So much so, she almost missed the student suddenly appearing in front of her. Ms. Kisaragi blinked, her mouth slightly ajar out of mild shock, given she was not unfamiliar with such a power. Momentarily distracted by the ability's resemblance to the power of The World, she was rather open to Hitsugi's surprise attack on her lips!

...Though, what Hitsugi might find strange as she peeled away was how... she had been challenged, almost. The other woman's lips had held firm against the sensation that had been forced unto them, and indeed, pushed some of those very sensations back! As though she were a machine built to love...
"...You know, that sort of thing is most fun when a person allows it." Ms. Kisaragi wiped her lips, curled in a coy smirk, as she slid out the top button of her shirt, taking a breath that slightly lifted and parted her chest in so doing.
"And while I'm hardly averse to a little free love, I am a teacher. That said... good technique." She gave honest, if somewhat strange praise, before tilting her head at Hitsugi's claim to a lack of powers - the problem in such being immediately pointed out by Mediocre.

"He's right. Ordinary humans can't simply pop about like that... though I would wager it's not speed that's the matter, but space, right?" Her confusion turned to inquisition, and to keep Hitsugi from simply backing away, Ms. Kisaragi would try to wrap one arm around the younger woman's waist, and slide the fingers of her remaining hand into the girl's own.
"You mentioned a 'foregate' that you were unable to create, as I was questioning you, due to a lack of this 'ether'. Gates are an opening, so to pass through one to head home, would be sending you somewhere through space. So, not difficult to imagine to use a smaller scale version of that ability to move one's self about in more immediate space." The Vice-Principal suggested with stunning confidence, and a light chuckle.

"Your abilities might be normal wherever you are from, perhaps the result of some sort of technology, but here they are quite extraordinary." The teacher explained to the younger woman, before briefly winking at them.
"Perhaps you simply need to reflect a little." Said... Hitsugi to Hitsugi?! Yes, where the teacher had sat mere moments ago, there was now a lookalike for the strange girl from another world! Her appearance had suddenly shifted in a brief flash, and now was a perfect, physical replica... albeit dressed in a black and white uniform.
"Both of you will need something similar to this when you're actually attending classes. Fukumen, if you don't already have one provided to you, perhaps you could go with Hitsugi to Eiji's?" The teacher suggested, even while looking like the girl she was talking about - and having let them go, if she was ever able to hold them.
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