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Bruncheon On The Big Bridge (open) [finale?]; Traffic, teapots and terror
Topic Started: Apr 20 2017, 01:47 AM (844 Views)
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Fukumen slumped down again onto the ground, resting against an upright discarded spare tire as honking from behind resumed. Was Ellis trying to cheer him up, or was she just completely unaware of the situation? Maybe both?

"I guess... I guess it hasn't rained yet. Still, I think we should give up. I don't think anything's a better sign of that than strange skies, smoke-spewing mountains and riots. Still, as long as the bridge is steady, we'll get out eventua-"

The bridge begins to shift as an angry voice shouts over a loudspeaker asking for the rioters to calm down- or else. Looks like the bridge staff have gotten serious as the slight incline increases to near six degrees.

The helmeted boy jumps to his feet as the spare tire rolls backwards.

"I'm won't say it was nice knowing you, Ellis, but it's nice to not be dying alone," he murmurs, not aware of the students that fight for them and for the island at this very moment.
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"Give up? Give up about what? Are you planning on drying up here as your head is cooked inside your teapot? Don't give up! If you want to go on the other side of this bridge, just go!"

Ellis followed with a thumbs up.

"If you give up it's like you didn't even try and...woah?"
The green eyes looked around as the bridge inclined a little more.
The girl then stared at Fukumen in surprise first, then with a little pout.
"Hey, are you saying it wasn't nice to know me?"

Way to miss the point, Ellis.

"Ok, ok, I understand! I saw the sea from the center of the bridge, so I need a new objective!"

Ellis's shape split itself and shifted in shape and color. Few instants later, the gooey monster was split into three, all dressed like some cia agents. One had sunglasses, and a badge with 'Agent A' on her business dress. The second had short bobcut hair and a gun, with 'Agent B' on her badge while the third wielded a baton and had a 'Agent C' on her badge.

"I will help you not give up! Let's go to the other side of this bridge!" All of them shouted in unison.

"Come on Teapot, this way." said A, gently pushing him along while keeping her left fingers close to her ears and looking around.

B opened the way with her gun ready, as C closed the way, baton in hand.

"Go go go!" B shouted.
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Wanatabe sulked and belaboredly got to his feet, feeling pressured by the strange... whatever she was. He knew he was feeling sorry for himself, but it was just his luck to have what was supposed to be his new home engulfed in boiling lava just before he could even get there.

"I'm currrrsed," he whined dispassionately, "shit... why even bother, Ellis? It's never going to get any better. Just leave me."

He stumbled along with her and her two body clones anyways. The rioters seemed to give them a wide berth, until a strange flash of red appeared one of them, prompting them to toss a bottle at ellis. Emboldened by this, the rest of the crowd turned to them as the red light dispersed.

"Look at them! They think they're better than us!"

Wanatabe snapped out of it after seeing the strange light as they came to the slightly seperated bridge. Climbing up using the back-end of a pickup truck, he only gave Ellis minimal help up as he began to dash to his own safety.

He yelled to her as he forgot about his own problems, "something isn't right here at all."
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"I have no bones!"
"I'm not even human!"
"I don't know how I was born"
"Technically, I don't even know what I am"
"Don't let a curse get you down, it's useless!"

Ellis spoke through all the clones in an upbeat yet somewhat cacophonic chorus. Despite the situation the gooey monster was seemingly trying to cheer Fukumen up.

"Things will get better, you just need to...ACK!"

Ellis's 'polilogue' was cut off when a bottle hit Agent C square on the face. She fell on the floor with the shape of the bottle stamped on her face.
"That hurt!" Agent A shouted, as B held her face.

That was totally unexpected and the gooey creature was already starting to mix actions between its bodies.

Agent A turned to Fukumen "I think we should run, Teapot!"

B was already running toward the edge of the bridge, as C slid on the floor and merged back with A as she stayed right behind Fukumen.
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Although he was trying not to let the happy-go-lucky advice get to him, the nature of the cavalcade triologue of strange revelations perked up his interest, at least. Even if it was annoying and a very strange person, it was unusual to have someone in your corner when you were being selfish and feeling sorry for yourself.

Seeing Ellis get bonked with a bottle woke him up a bit as he climbed the truck. Strangely, rather than feel just motivated, he felt angry. Really angry. Even as the truck he stood in the back of raised slightly on the dividing bridge, he pulled some Masamune-brand canned coffee he'd gotten from the Brunch bus and put both hands on it, changing its appearance to something entirely unconventional and distorted, the mascot on the can's face turning to something very sinister as he took one knee.

"I changed my mind. It's no longer time to leave, it's time to fight," He said with growing intensity as a red flash appeared above him, and he pulled the tab from the can, launching it at dizzying speed. Before it reached them, however, the effect wore off, and the can merely plinked off one of the rioter's heads.

"O-Oh, uh..." Wanatabe stammered, his anger subsiding after realizing just how much he was going to get hurt, "Nevermind, I'm not sure what came over me..."

He followed behind his gooey escort as the furious crowd followed, but in front of them, standing in their way was a strange little reddish racoon with little horns, breathing heavily. Its face and chest swelled unnaturally as its wild pupils filled its whole eyes and its forepaws shot out to triple their initial size.

"Finally," the monster growled as it expanded near the height of a man, its antlers massive and its musculature defined, "The rage is enouuuugh! Time to trash this bridge!"

The truck was beginning to roll forwards slightly as the monster became poised to charge.

"Oh no. Ellis, I think this is going to get worse before it gets better" was all that 'Teapot' could say.
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"Prestidigitation!" ellis shouted with enthusiasm at the sight of Fukumen changing the canned coffee into...uh...something hard to describe.

"F-F-Fight!? I'm a pacifist!" Ellis expressed her idea on the matter as the can was already flying off toward the rioters.

"Woah! H-He did it! I'm innocent!" Agent A pointed at Fukumen before dashing behind Agent B. Both didn't go too far: B stopped at the sight of some sort of red animal-thing that looked really, really upset.
Agent A just fused with B in the process.

Back in a single body, Ellis's eyes widened in surprise and confusion as the thing grew in size right there.

The girl turned her head toward Fukumen "Teapot, I think you're right, you are a magnet for troubles! Please don't harm us, not little, angry, furry...uh...thing!"
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Fukumen did a double-take at Ellis when she blamed him for everything, putting his hands up reflexively in shock.

He yelled after her as she zipped into herself and tried to save her own hide, "H-Hey, are you throwing me under the bus, here? What about my escort detail! You'll never work in this town again!"

As the monster charged the truck, he tried to jump off but slipped on the lip of the trunk and was flung violently into the air.

"Nevermind! I'd rather be under the bus than above it!" He said, flailing his arms as he landed on his boneless "Agent".

"Oof... No bones seems like it'd be nice right about now..."
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"What did I do wrong!? I asked him to not harm us!" she objected as she leaped out of the way. Too bad her leap ended with some unexpected weight landing on.

Ellis fell down face first under Fukumen's weight.
"Get off me! We need to run away before the angry thing targets us!" the gooey monster complained loudly, the face still slammed against the asphalt.
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Fuku struggled to his feet as the beast used its forehooves to angrily tear a car door from his antlers. The young boy wiped something mushy from his backside as he got to his feet.

He replied to her complaints brusquely, probably effected by the weird creature's rage, "C'mon, I'm not that heavy... but you, you're a slime, aren't you? Why don't you go deal one damage to that creature over and over mindlessly? Why don't you have a dumb smile? Bet you can't even rocket. Pisses me off."

He splashes more at her before looking through the window of an adjacent sedan to see the bull-like forelegs moving to charge again. The helmeted boy drops to the ground flat as the vehicle is smashed to the wall in a shattered heap, but he remains safe beneath, trying to simmer his rage.

"No escape, you stupid little tin can! This bridge is your new home! Doesn't that make you mad at the world?!"
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"What's a slime!? What are you talking about? Gee this all is confusing!"
Ellis stood up with a string of complains, but muted herself once another car is flung away and crushed by the red angry thing.
"Oh...uh!" the green eyes followed the vehicle in its last flight.
"Why is he mad with you, Teapot? Did you take something from him!? Calm down, he will return, it, whatever it was!"

Ellis's attempt was probably out of place and useless, but the gooey creature was definitely about to panic.
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The monster stops briefly, and turns to Ellis, its body pulsating with red.

"Why would he have to do anything?" Asks the creature hile it brandishes its massive spiked antlers, "I just don't like HIS FACE! And I don't like yours, EITHER!"

"That's fair," Wanatabe admits, glad to have the rage effecting him while the creature's attentions are elsewhere.

It breathes hot onto Ellis from its racoon nose, "You seem calm, which pisses me off! Let us taste the flavor of your rage. You cannot resist..."

It stares at the amorphous creature, intending to make her angry. He seems to be struggling.
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"C-c-c-c-calm!?" Ellis stuttered taking a step or two back "I think I'm in panic! W-What's wrong with you!? Can't we be friends? Oh! Wait, how can rage be tasted?"

There, somehow Ellis managed to get lost in thought!

"If rage had a taste it would probably be chily! Meh, chily is not so great. I like chocolate more! If rage is chily, chocolate is happiness, no doubt! I think you definitely need some chocolate."
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((OoC: Sorry about the late reply))

"What are you DOING, Ellis? I think you're making him angrier! He's gonna crush you!"

It was all Fukumen could do, call out from under the wrecked car, unable to see anything. The beast looked down, perplexed at Ellis, and was starting to shrink.

"I'll destroy you for this, insipid wretch," He promises the absentminded girl, lashing out with horn and hoof, "I'll crush you and everyone else out of this miserable world!"
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"I-I-I I'm not doing anything!" Ellis complained "Listen I don't want to...ack!"

Ellis was literally pierced from side to side by the horn of the monstrous raccoon. The horn pierced the girl's chest and was thrown away by the hoof that hit in the lower torso.

The gooey creature was slammed violently against the car Fukumen was hiding under and fell limp, sprawled on the floor

Ellis colors faded into a faint purplish shade.
"This...was...gaah!" the purple girl exaled one last breath from the mouth, twitched a little before stopping entirely.
Then, the girl's shape was slowly fading and it began to resemble something melting.

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Wanatabe cowered as he heard Ellis's protest and what seemed to be a sort of plea for mercy. He rocked himself slightly, pinching to make sure this wasn't just a really, really long bad dream. Well, at least he could pinch himself in this hell, compared to the last one.

A sickening, wet sound followed his brunch-mate's last words, stopping his breath in his throat. He felt the sickening crunch atop the vehicle, and saw the ooze-like viscera splash before him on the tar in a large puddle. His throat and face started to itch as he tried to back away.

"I wanted to do that anyway, but why'd you MAKE me do it,
huh? Huh? Now you're all over the place, flimsy human! Doesn't that piss you off, spaceman? Take that lump off 'yer head and come out here so I can crush you, too!"

Fukumen couldn't answer. His nerve was completely shot as he struggled to get free from the crushed section of car. He began to slide backwards, his rage completely stymied by animal fear. His stomach lurched with the car as he practically felt the monster get on top of it.

Teapot screamed in terror as the bottom of the car began to crush him slowly, "W- wh- WHAAUUUUUGHHHH!"

"There's nothing I HATE more than cowards. You're really boilin' my blood, so come out of here and let me put you out of your misery!"
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That, that was painful!
"U-uuh" when the goo regained consciousness, it was shapeless on the ground. It was an horrible sensation, like it was cut-off from a while.

That stupid red thing! It was about to squash Teapot!
Ellis slid on the asphalt, reaching the closest car behind the monster. The goo split and a part rose up, sliding along the car's bodywork. Just a part, thin enough to rebuild the girl's shape right against the vehicle.

The rest of Ellis began to move sideways under the cars, to approach Fukumen.

"Hey, big, red, stupid...uh, thing!" The part overlapping the car began to shout. "I think your horn malfunctioned! You can't even hurt a little girl!"
The girl then proceeded to blow a raspberry and making faces.
"Duffer! Stupid! Inept!" Ellis moved a finger to pull down the right lower eyelid "Bleeeeeeh!"

The plan was simple: provoke it into ramming his stupid head inside the car, pull Teapot out and run away!
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The squeaking stopped. Fuku thought he could hear a voice- the voice of the girl he'd just watched wash away in front of him. That was impossible- wasn't it?

The beast's voice was slightly higher, tinnier sounding than before,"What. Tha' hell? Are you talkin' to me, car? Didn't ya see what just happened to the last person who messed with me?!"

The creature whirled on her, now not much bigger than a goat and with a reduced antler size to boot. Still, it charged.

"Up yours, car!"

Fukumen looked around in the commotion for anything he could use to escape, instead seeing the goop head towards him. Initially surprised, he was able to put two and two together and pointed to his leg frantically.

"If you can make my leg slick, I might be able to get out," He pleaded.
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"Teheheheh, bleeeh!" Ellis blew one more raspberry as the shrinking raccoon like monster charged head on. The part left behind by the gooey creature slid back along the car, avoiding any incoming damage.

As for the rest of Ellis, it finally reached Fukumen. "Ok, Teapot! Let's get away from here!"
Ellis slid up to Fukumen's stuck leg: another small part separated from the main body and drenched the boy's leg.
"Go, quick!" the shapeless goo whispered.
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The rapidly shrinking, screeching raccoon beast was indeed stuck, yelling after them in a now very squeaky voice, "I'm not done with you yet!
You make me sooooo mad, that-"

And it promptly fell from the hole it had made onto its back.

Wanatabe turns his helmet to be back the right way and buffs out a ding slightly from the inside, resting against the bridge's guardrail.

"I heard brunch is unhealthy, but this is ridiculous. Thank you for saving me, I'm... I'm just glad I'm not street pizza, and neither are you."

His eyes wandered to the monster, who was trotting towards the riot and flashed back a mean-looking smile. Fuku didn't even care anymore, and decided to just let it happen.

"Well, all of that was pretty much for nothing. On the other hand, I can tell you to stop calling me Teapot."
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The red animal thing fell into Ellis's trap and was now stuck, shouting its frustration as it shrinked like a deflating balloon.
The gooey creature smiled, at least until Fukumen asked her to stop to address him as 'Teapot'.

"Well...all right...uhm...Stove Head? I'm sorry, I don't remember your name!" Ellis scratched the back of its probably empty head.
"Can we discuss about it some other time? We'd better cross the bridge now. I don't want to be killed by that red whatever it is."
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