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Newspaper Club
Topic Started: Apr 1 2017, 09:23 PM (438 Views)
Natsuya Ate
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About The Newspaper Club

The Newspaper Club is for students who wishes to contribute in keeping the community informed. As a member of this club, members will become reporters and able to experiment with journalism. And as a subscriber to the newspaper club, readers can stay in the know and better understand the community they are living in.

PresidentNatsuya Ate

Vice President


Lifestyle JournalistZamari Wells
Current Events ReporterNicole Ryuko
Entertainment JournalistXie Xiuya
FreelanceRoja D. YukiAme Hachiko
Mara Midori

Ms Kisaragi

Senki Academy Newsletter


The Club Room

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Located on the second floor of the Student Building.
The club room have a sofa for members to rest and be comfortable. The club also have a tatami mat in the middle for naps and enjoying tea.The room also have a small kitchen where members can heat up their lunch or fix something small.The club is very accommodating room and members are encouraged to hold their interviews here. The club have a bookshelf with old newspaper articles, copies of public records and dictionaries. Since members are expected to work elsewhere, there is only one work desk.


Threads involving the Newspaper Club will be titled with [SAN] (Senki Academy Newsletter)



Newspaper Club Application
Senki Academy’s Newsletter Inbox
Contact the President Interested in joining?

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I would like to join as a current event reporter
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I think I'd like to add Fran. She has some ideas of things to add.
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