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Topic Started: Feb 22 2017, 04:26 PM (319 Views)
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What's in a name anyways?




Xiuya. . !


Now is not the time to conk out, Xiuya!

The scenery faded in before him. A dark road, lit by row upon row of solitary lights. Asphalt swept by below him, the white lines blurring into one entity. Wind whipped against him, and he couldn't feel the ground below his feet. Instead, what he found below him was cool, vibrating at the touch. Instinctively, his fingers told him steel. But that wasn't all, a surreal pulsation drummed the air.

"Persistent thing, how can it keep up when it doesn't even have wings?"

Xiuya turned towards the voice.

"So you finally decided to join us, Xiuya? Had a good nap did you?" Clinging to his shoulder, the white creature spoke with the decidedly androgynous voice only children would have. Despite its words, its expression was one of abject terror.

Xiuya shook his head, before turning his eyes skyward.

A bulbous object hung overhead, over and beyond the arches of the golden bridge. The markings on its surface were an amalgamation of abstract eyes and faces, shifting in an rhythym of organic breaths. Or a heartbeat. And each time, it pounded the air, sending a wave of vertigo through Xiuya's mind.

"The Egg. . ."

"How obstinate, I suppose it is fitting, in a grotesque and tasteless sort of way."

". . . That Playwright. . . he's playing with us."

"Fear not, Xiuya. The Library of Prea Curatii stands with you!" the creature bravely announced. "Once I'm through with the Playwright's Egg, there won't even be enough to make an omelette!"

"If the Library of Prea Curatii was all its chalked up to be, we wouldn't be running away."

As if in support of the statement, the Crab below him bellowed, its joints creaking from the pressure exerted upon it. Though the Fiddler Crab's speed had put them ahead of the hovering omen, it was only a matter of time before they would lose this race. Before it reached them, they needed to reach the city. Turning forward, Xiuya weighed his options.

The Great Miyazaki was approximately two kilometers long. Thankfully, perhaps due to the hour, there was no other individual on the bridge; it was completely devoid of traffic, allowing the Fiddler Crab to reach and maintain its maximum velocity with little variation.

"Two minutes," was the answer Xiuya came to. He glanced back at the Egg of Decimation. Its wavelengths came in regular beats, but he was certain it was picking up tempo with every iteration. Even if it weren't the logical conclusion made him bite his lips.

"We don't have two minutes."

As if detecting his thoughts, a wicked grin flicked over the Egg's surface.

"What a tasteless smile. It looks like its about to do something perverted."

"You've been reading too many trashy novels," Xiuya rebuked, clenching his hands. "Its much worse." The humming within the air intensified, causing Xiuya to cup both of his ears in an attempt to drown out the noise. But then, it happened; the boundary broke.

The black flower is just the song with its shattered eye.
Xiuya lost his footing.

No, that wasn't quite right; the Fiddler Crab beneath him lost its ground. Suddenly, the steel that made up its legs crumpled, as if gripped by invisible hands. Distortions bursts throughout its hull, erupting a conflagration of heat and flames. The crab teetered forward, collapsing into dust and nothingness. Too much disturbances, the rhythm undulated from the egg was enough to tear apart the song.

And so he fell, the connection between his perceptions and reality severing. As if submerged in water, his consciousness drowned.

"Hey, get up. Getting eaten by a creepy egg is not the best way to do an intro thread or a plot starter!"
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What's in a name anyways?
You are already dead.

ch. 0
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