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I just wanted to buy some food...; Edie and Tengyoku
Topic Started: Nov 17 2016, 04:34 AM (262 Views)
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mahou girl
"The Farmer's Market underneath the bridge... it smells like fish... Oh wait, that's probably the fish over there." Tomomi Said to herself as she wandered underneath the bridge and to where the Farmer's Market, or should it be called the Fish Market, was.

She noticed nothing but rows and rows of fish lined up on each side of the brick walls facing each other. She also noted that there were a few stalls that contained vegetables and not fish in them.

She thought that there would be more things to buy, but she decided that they were probably farther ahead of her.
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A fox-eared girl down there kept a small fireball between her thumb, index and middle fingers... Her eyes on a bait conveniently held by a string, as fishes moved underneath it. In a moment, she saw a fish jump out of the water and assault the bait. As she had been concentrating for long, it was not too hard for her to catch the fish.

The fireball coated her hand, as she held the freshly captured fish. It was relatively small, so it cooked within a few moments without escaping her grip. Licking her lips, she took a brief sniff before... She dug her teeth in, eating it with wild pleasure.
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mahou girl
Ah... all this fish... I just want some... Tomomi thought to herself as she looked at all the fish.

The fish looked very fresh. It also looked pretty slimy, probably because it had just been caught earlier that day. And then she looked to her right and saw several fish hung up on a string, and somehow being grilled even though they weren't on a grill, which was weird. But she didn't care about that last bit. She went over to where the fish on the string were.
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